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Best example I can give you is of two school streets in Brent. Car central borough. 5 months after the school street was introduced we saw a modal shift of 6%. From car use to walking and bus. Peope literally stopped driving.
At one school, this cancelled out their previous year’s school expansion and consequent transport issues. School streets and low traffic neighbourhoods work. The point is, we have to roll them out hard and fast in one go. Not in patches.
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Many are already saying kashi mathur kya...thande baste mein? Yaar kitne negative ho. A day is near after 500 yrs. If our ancestors before us had thought the same abd forgotten, we couldn't have gotten here. Ek din to khush ho lo
Some are angry about a Faiz or Dalit nyay etc etc. Saloon (yes I am getting abusive here coz I am disgusted) is your joy of Shilanyas less because of these optics?? Then perhaps you didn't want it enough. I am happy and I will mute all naysayers during this time
When scholarships were given to certain demography, you still didn't think 370 will go, you still didn't think this decision will come and not only the decision, we will construct the temple on 'danke ki chot'. Did your so called gurus and kattarwaadis bring this day? No!
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So, rundown of my weekend working at a Fred Meyer store, an @kroger owned company. Crowded stores, mask wearing required in Oregon. No one way aisles, no hand sanitizer at door for customers. FM playing same PA generic "thanking employees" for their dedication every 20 mins /1
that played when the pandemic began, lockdown happened. The difference was that @kroger was following other retail chains and paying $2/hr more to employees then. They had the balls to call us heroes. They marketed the hell out of their heroic employees, then took it away /2
So the risk is the same, maybe higher for retail employees but apparently we are no longer heroes. So a message to @kroger - you thank me in my paycheck, the PSA's are marketing for customers. You hurt my earning power while making record profits. Hard to respect. /3
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A plea from all users of @TPP_SystmOne. This pop up is extremely annoying and irritating and serves no useful purpose as it spams *EVERYBODY* logged into SystmOne even though they may not be the person cancelling an Electronic prescription. When you click "Yes" it doesn't 1/n
take you to the offending task directly just your own task list. Suggestions
1) Ditch it completely as a pop up & task. The person who cancelled the prescription knows they cancelled it and has (hopefully) informed the patient & pharmacy as needed
2) Cancel the pop up & leave 2/n
the task going ONLY to the person who did the cancellation. To make all of our lives easier.

There's been some fantastic work during COVID with the system suppliers and this highly irritating niggle could be fixed! I think whn I questioned it previously was told this was a 3/n
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These ideas have a long history.
Not a technology 'fad', but from 2015 I've been trying to get funding for some ideas around this (I'm sure others also have done so for years), incorporating principles for multimedia learning (e.g. see…)
Oh even 2014 for a Wellcome Trust Science Learning+ call. After that Leverhulme, EU, Nuffield. Sure, it could have been the case that the proposal wasn't as well written as others, but I'm still annoyed that the ideas seemingly didn't even get a look in.
Remember, this was six years ago, so maybe there is more movement now, but then it wasn't. The Wellcome call was about different themes, including engagement in STEM and equity.... see… - also check the projects that were funded.
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Are evangelicals are “low information Christians?” We’ve known for years, based on data, that youth ministry is a complete failure & that sustained faith in children is correlated with students’ relationship with their FATHER—yet, we’re still trying improve youth ministry?
Here’s me in the back of room of the church who thinks it needs a youth pastor. “Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers...
The data doesn’t lie even though *you* have an outlier/anecdotal story of youth ministry being helpful for kid X or you personally. So what? The exception doesn’t disprove the data-driven rule. Fathers are more important to a student’s faith than youth pastors ever will be.
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A Thread on having to give up using #Libre sensors. I have been Type 1 Diabetic since I was 14, nearly 30 years ago. My control has been the best it has ever been since I started to use #Libre sensors but the #NHS in my area don't allow me to get them on prescription so I have to
pay nearly £50 a sensor. This is not a cost me or my family can afford so I will not be able to continue using the best individual tool I have ever used for managing my #diabetes This is a real shame as maintaining great control with the sensors would prevent, or certainly delay,
complications such as retinopathy & neuropathy and would save the #NHS a lot of money in the long run. As much as I have tried over nearly 30 years I have never been able to get my long term Hba1c levels down to where they should be...that is until I started using #Libre sensors.
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“My ummah will split into seventy-three sects, all of whom will be in Hell except one group.” They said: Who are they, O Messenger of Allaah? He said: “(Those who follow) that which I and my companions follow.” {Tirmidhi}

A lot of us think we’re saved because we claim to be...
upon what the salaf were. Wallahi the label ‘ahlul sunnah wal jama’ah’ or ‘Salafi’ is not enough to make you among those that are saved. Anyone can claim to be upon the sunnah. But how many of us ACTUALLY DO follow that which our beloved prophet صل الله عليه وسلم came with?...
How many of us implement every sunnah we come across just like the Sahaabah did? How many of us avoid everything that we know is impermissible or not from the sunnah??
May Allah humble us and make us from those that will be saved. Allahumma ameen

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This crap really infuriates me. As a Gen-Xer (which by definition means we're the hardest working generation since WW2), we know the value of saving ... but save what? The prices of property have simply soared completely out of reach for most Gen-Xers /2…
who consequently have no choice but to forgo their savings purely to put a roof over their heads. It's all very well to waggle a finger at us and tell us we should save our pennies, but until there's a serious plan that considers the long-term strategies for the economy, then /3
it's my generation that's inevitably doomed to bear the punishment in future, because our politicians failed to act. Fuck this shit. It's times like this that I wish I could strangle the political class of this country with my own bare hands.
They haven't just failed us /4
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My Snotty Opinions About Church Music (which you should not take personally because I promise they are not about YOU) - a thread (Alternate title: Why I Hate Both Organ Music and Praise Bands
When I am in a worship service with a huge pipe organ, I note how impressive it sounds - how regal and important. I also note how I feel like it is basically bullying me the whole time.
It feels like the organ is what is musically most important and if the congregation wants to sing along, they can, but they are not needed. Plus, we can't hear each other anyhow because the organ sonically takes up the entire room.
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Y'all, I am so fucking sick and tired of Black people saying other Black people "act/talk white." #Rant #Thread
My anger about this today comes from a comment a Black woman made to me about how annoyed she is that the Obama girls "act white."
Full disclosure: this type of comment really bothers me because I've been told for most of my life that I "act/talk white."
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