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My association with schools brings me many invitations to attend their annual social events. (Annual gathering - Oldspeak)

Since last 15-20 years a constant theme of these events is Pollution, Waste management, Environment Protection
and not cutting trees.

From Kindergarten to Senior schools, children do same orchestrated dramas for adult audience that is only interested in clicking best possible snap of their lovely child.
There is no change in BEHAVIOUR of most children. They leave lights on, waste food and paper, constantly demand more and new stuff, fancy holidays and throw their trash everywhere.
Ideally school should not need sweepers if our children were actually well behaved.
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Nur noch 5 Jahre Zeit bis die Erde für die zukünftige Menschheit für immer gebrandmarkt ist. In der Zeit muss die aktuelle Politik aktiv umgekrempelt werden. Aktuell versuchen Parteien wir die @CDU aktiv den Lebensraum von Milliarden bis Billionen Lebewesen zu schädigen. 1/9
Die Generation aus dem 21. Jahrhundert versucht aktiv ihre Zukunft zu retten, während die, die ja mehr Follower (@HHirte) und mehr Ahnung haben (@CDU), denen, die versuchen die Lebensgrundlage für die Spezies Mensch zu sichern (@FridayForFuture, @Ende__Gelaende etc.),... 2/9
... in Zusammenarbeit mit @RWE_AG und anderen, durch Anwendung von polizeilicher Gewalt, äußern von Beleidigungen, diffamieren und diskreditieren, mit allen, ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden, Mitteln versuchen,... 3/9
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Patientin 78J, mit stärkster Luftnot im akuten Asthmaanfall. Ihr Asthmaspray ist leer, sie konnte sich kein neues leisten weil die Zuzahlung von ihrer Mini-Rente nicht zu stemmen ist.
Hier läuft so vieles schief.
Ein Thread:
#GlobuliTöten #Altersarmut #Rant
Globuli werden teilweise von den KK bezahlt, genauso wie Heilpraktikerbesuche.
Das Geld fehlt woanders und muss deshalb z.B. durch Zuzahlungen unter anderem für lebensnotwendige, lebensrettende Medikamente kompensiert werden.
Das bisschen Seelen-Wellness beim Hobbyscharlatan (der hört so gut zu! Der hat Zeit! Der hat sich meine Iris genau angeguckt und die Leber gefühlt 🙄) gefährdet Menschenleben.
Dunning-Kruger-Effekt, keine Ahnung, aber die ganz großen Ansagen machen.
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Morning! Time for an angry tweet thread about this article on training surgeons. As a surgical educator, I am appalled by the assertions put forth here. Let me tell you why.

The article starts off with, “Medical schools are noticing a decline in students’ dexterity…” I am a on the surgical faculty at one of the country’s best medical schools. I have not noticed this, nor has there been discussion of this around me.

I am also the co-chair of the Surgical Education Research Group for the Association for Surgical Education. Not once has this issue been brought up. You might wonder whether an article was written about this, inspiring this article in the NYTimes. No, there has not.

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anybody interested in a #rant on the #earnings of #freelance #journalism? if so, let me first brew some coffee and you can fasten your seat belt.
only @brunchik? see, you folks don't even give a shit.
okay i'm ranting anyway, even though you don't care. #earnings #freelance #journalism
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Today I had the displeasure to learn that some "patriots" re-edited my "Where is Huber" thread and posted the video to Youtube without giving me any credit.


(2) The video is MONETIZED, and LOOK how they credit me down in the information area: "links to tweet on this"
NOT COOL. The tweets are original material they used without permission and did not credit me for the original content you are monetizing.
"Patriot Hour" -Yeah, right.
(3) I'm NOT gonna poke to see how many (if any) other thread of mine they may have poached. Good Lord.
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Today I'm going to #rant about #haskell libraries. I'm a Haskell supporter, I think it's a great language, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have problems. Some of them are surprising and I want to talk about them.
At the end of the rant I will have tips for developers using Haskell and for libraries developers (in any language, some rules are universal) so bear with me. It's a long rant but there is a good ending ;).
A preamble first: one of the reasons why I decided to study haskell is because haskell had a good way to deal with errors and invalid inputs/states.
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Pues ya vi el trailer de #Godzilla King of the Monsters y la verdad... como que no me prendió tanto como esperaba. Entre los kaiju que se identifican fácilmente están #Rodan, #Mothra, #KingGhidora y, obvio, Godzilla #ゴジラ #ゴジラキング・オブ・ザ・モンスターズ
Me gustó que al fin vamos a ver más monstruos del universo Toho en una adaptación de Hollywood... no me gustó la excusa chafa del trailer de los titanes, es una explicación que no necesitamos...
Además de que cada monstruo ya tiene un origen i.e. #KingGhidora es extraterrestre; #Mothra es la fuerza protectora de la naturaleza... etc. Dato curioso, #Rodan es una metáfora de la amenaza soviética y #Godzilla de la amenaza nuclear #ゴジラ #ラドン #モスラ #キングギドラ
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A Paid Gacha is going on in Fate Grand/Order for their Anniversary. Let me briefly and aimlessly #rant about whaling🐋 or freemium currency in games, mostly Love Live and FGO. Don't expect this to be very insightful or deep. Feel free to ignore me. #FGO #FateGrandOrder #LLSIF
Now In-app purchases are actually great for devs and consumer's alike. Apple kicked this off on the Apple store with Newstands. Games going free has allowed for greater market penetration. However it's a little scary when most of their money comes from a very tiny % of users.
I don't actively play Love Live School Idol Festival anymore. Yet I still login for my daily bonuses a couple times a week, and that's about it. It's still a fun rhythm game so I keep it installed for when I am in the mood for such a thing, which is once every few months. #LLSIF
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Y'all, I am so fucking sick and tired of Black people saying other Black people "act/talk white." #Rant #Thread
My anger about this today comes from a comment a Black woman made to me about how annoyed she is that the Obama girls "act white."
Full disclosure: this type of comment really bothers me because I've been told for most of my life that I "act/talk white."
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