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Sidney Powell reportedly “recruited the firm that employs the data forensics experts, SullivanStrickler, to copy software & data from Dominion… machines that [Coffee County, GA] used.” They had NO AUTHORITY. Where is ⁦@TheJusticeDept⁩?! 9/6/22 1/…
The 1/7/21 breach of Coffee County, GA was confirmed. Sidney Powell reportedly recruited the people who did it. Why have Powell and her associates not been indicted? What am I missing? @TheJusticeDept 2/… Image
WaPo has done many reports about the Coffee County, GA breach. It’s confirmed. Why have
there been no indictments for this seemingly clear cut crime???? 3/ @FaniforDA @TheJusticeDept…
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Rick: I would argue Doug Mastriano, running for Gov of PA, is the worst of anyone running for any office
Jennifer Cohn: I think he has some close competition with DeSantis & the person running in Arizona, but he's up there.
@jennycohn1 #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes
Jennifer Cohn: I'm not convinced Mastriano's version of Christian nationalism allows for any tolerance of Judaism.
@jennycohn1 #HandMarkedPaperBallots #ProtectOurVotes
Jennifer Cohn: On abortion access, he wants to ban it even if the mother is going to die without an abortion. Women with ectopic pregnancies can lose liters of blood while docs don't do abortions for fear of going to jail, even though the fetus isn't viable.
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Finally! Some legal accountability in the Florida GOP’s ghost candidate operation. h/t @gal_suburban #FlaPol #GOPElectionFraud #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ “Jestine Iannotti, one of three ‘ghost’ candidates who ran as independents for Florida Senate seats in 2020, has been arrested on several criminal charges, alongside a political consultant involved in launching her campaign and Seminole County’s Republican Party chairman.”
3/ “The office of Seminole-Brevard State Attorney Phil Archer announced the charges against Iannotti, James ‘Eric’ Foglesong and Benjamin Paris on Tuesday, which the agency said stemmed from an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”
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GOP election fraud (forged signatures) recently marred the #PA01 primary, as reported by @BucksCoBeacon & @levittownnow. I spoke w/ @cmychalejko of the Beacon, who told me that the local GOP has yet to comment & that @CourierTimes & @Intelligencer have yet to cover it. 1/
"From a party that's beating the drums of so-called 'election integrity,' we're seeing right now that they [the GOP] have none." - @cmychalejko, editor of
@BucksCoBeacon #GOPElectionFraud #DashaPruett #PA01 2/
3/ Dasha Pruett, a MAGA Republican who hoped to unseat Brian Fitzpatrick (also a Republican), is the one who received the fraudulent petition signatures. She dropped when the fraud was revealed. The local DA has not followed up. 3/
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“When you see alliances across international borders between religious right organizations and these authoritarian relationships. … I think the consequences are enormous for all of us. It’s more than just the story of the Fellowship. It’s the story of our democracy.”- Jesse Moss
Here’s an old thread by @kenklippenstein. His reporting covers some of those international alliances mentioned in the quote above.

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Whoa. “Arizona students stage hunger strike to urge Sinema to support voting reform” cc: ⁦@SenatorSinema⁩ 😥 1/…
“College students say they will be striking indefinitely until Arizona senator agrees to support Freedom to Vote Act” 2/
3/ “Since Monday, a group of 20 college students from the University of Arizona & AZ State have been on hunger strike in an effort to pressure … Kyrsten Sinema, to take action on the passage of crucial voting reform legislation.”
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Fascinating how Team Trump expressed concern about ES&S behind closed doors but conspicuously mentioned them hardly at all publicly (even when they did mention ES&S, they tried to falsely equate them w/ Dominion). Why might this be? Who told them to go easy on ES&S? 1/
ES&S is the biggest vendor “fish” and more obviously corrupt than the other vendors. But they chanted “Dominion, Dominion, Dominion” to the public, giving ES&S a mostly free ride. Why? 2/…
3/ More from my article on ES&S.
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🧵So sick the MINORITY Senate that represents 24% of the American people 'voted' to NOT allow a debate to take place to protect our voting rights. They 'voted' against allowing the Senate being able to DEBATE on a bill for our Constitutional RIGHT to Vote!
They used the very thing they're taking away from the majority of the country, our right to have our votes heard & counted!
Pay attention, this is how [d]emocracy's die...our Republic will end, they're already setting it up to overrule in 9 states as of now,
to replace a democrat win with GOP electors, they've put in laws to allow legislators to decide who wins, even if the count is different. Basically what TFG tried to pull off in 2020& couldn't,now he can 'legally' do it, see what's happening?
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California Recall Election Software Could be Vulnerable [thanks to a MAGA clerk who leaked the software used in 60% of CA to Mike Lindell & others].” ⁦@CASOSvote⁩ has thus far rejected expert advice to plan in advance 4 a thorough manual audit. 1/…
As it stands, @CASOSvote plans to conduct its standard weak (per experts) 1 percent manual audit only of ballots received by Election Day. Many mail ballots in CA arrive after Election Day and are counted electronically (as all ballots are) but not audited. 2/
This pathetic not even 1 % partial election audit is unacceptable, especially given the MAGA software leak. MAGAs (who have lined up behind Larry Elder) could either cheat or falsely claim that cheating occurred. 3/
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.@TheDemocrats must try to ensure that Rs don’t cheat in 2022. I suggest a standalone election security bill (robust manual audits & #handmarkedpaperballots) AND a national ballot image audit campaign, including a DOJ investigation into Florida’s ballot image destruction. 1/
We are unlikely to get the election security bill, but Ds must try anyway. Ballot images are created by scanners automatically, but too many jurisdictions in Florida and presumably elsewhere destroy them. @TheDemocrats shld demand that officials preserve & produce the images. 2/
Ds shld challenge tech developers across the US to develop software to analyze the images. We need lots of eyes on the images so that we aren’t just relying on one vendor to tell us whether the image supports the result. My friend Ray Lutz has already developed such a program. 3/
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Eek. Chris Anderson, the supervisor of elections in Seminole County, Florida (appointed by Ron DeSantis) is very close to Joel Greenberg of Matt Gaetz/underage girl/Roger Stone infamy. Greenberg once gave Anderson an $85k contract. What cld go wrong? Thread. #ProtectOurVotes
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Once upon a time in a country called America, a power-hungry political party called the GOP enjoyed about fifteen years of poll-defying victories after ensuring that America’s election system made it impossible to prove fraud. 1/
2/ They got away w/ it bc Democrats almost always conceded without a fight and because anyone who suspected fraud was called “tin foil” since they couldn’t prove it.
3/ America’s 2020 election flipped this situation on its head.
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Dear @julianbarnes: I am concerned that the "most secure election ever" narrative has eclipsed your crucial reporting from Oct. 2020. If Russians got inside our election system again, that is NOT secure. Even if they did not pull the trigger this time, what about 2022 & 2024?! 1/
An update to your story wld be really important. Because of the Big Lie, everyone, including the Ds, has gone to sleep on election security. They have not even reintroduced the #SAFEAct to require robust manual election audits of ALL federal races, not just what Rs choose. 2/
Thank you for your important work. #ProtectOurVotes #SAFEAct 3/
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Told ya. One outcome of the disinformation campaign will be to give America’s largest election vendor, ES&S, even more corrupt control than it already has. But ES&S is the company that had the real election-security scandal in 2020. It just happened behind closed doors. 1/
My new piece for @whowhatwhy. ES&S conducts its own hash testing. This is a big problem bc hash testing is the crucial process that customers are supposed to use to confirm that ES&S has provided them w/ certified software as opposed to God Knows What. 2/…
Not only that. ES&S has used an uncertified method to install software in up to 19 states. Software installed w/ this method failed hash testing. When Texas examiners started asking questions, ES&S misrepresented the situation. 3/
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Sometimes I feel invisible, especially when I post something that I worked really hard on and that people should pay attention to but instead ignore. Making videos helps. 1/ #ProtectOurVotes
2/ My new investigative piece for @whowhatwhy.…
3/ If certain others won’t give me a platform or amplify what I have to say, I’ll do it myself :-)
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🚨PSA re: America’s largest voting-machine vendor has been conducting its own hash-validation testing. I’m calling on @EACgov to find out what states have allowed this and for how long and to put a stop to it before the midterm elections.
For more information on this issue, please read my new investigative piece for @whowhatwhy. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes.…
2022 midterm elections! (Not 2020). $&&&&&@#####***++==
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.@AZGOP: Will u audit ES&S voting machines in AZ too? Cuz the “expert” that @MaricopaGOP wants to sic on Dominion (debunked “expert”Russ Ramsland) says that ES&S voting machines steal votes but that GOP leaders won’t look at ES&S. @KenPaxton (14:28) 1/
2/ To be clear. I am NOT saying Ramsland is credible. He is the guy who switched “Michigan” stats with MInnesota stats to make it look like Dominion engaged in fraud in Michigan. But the GOP’s deference to ES&S is objectively bizarre.
3/ Why rely on Ramsland to go after Dominion but ignore him about ES&S?
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Dear @HouseDemocrats:

HR 1 requires that the voter “have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand.”

Pls add the following for clarity: “For jurisdictions w/ in person voting, this option shall be provided to the voter at the polling place.” @RepTedLieu @katieporteroc 1/
Without this clarifying language, jurisdictions cld still force all in person voters to use risky touchscreen voting machines called ballot marking devices (BMDs), as long as vote by mail is also an option. That won’t suffice to protect election integrity & faith in elections. 2/
Unlike #HandMarkedPaperBallots (pen and paper), BMDs are vulnerable to electronic failure, screen freezes, miscalibration, disproportionate distribution (causing bottlenecks & long lines in suppressed areas), and hacking. 3/
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😳ES&S’s ExpressVote voting system reportedly has an integrated zebra technologies barcode reader whose “operation can be modified by scanning configuration barcodes,” which can “reconfigure which types of barcodes the scanner reads,” & “how it reads...&..processes them.” 1/
2/ “They could cause the barcode scanner to stop tabulating ExpressVote barcodes or to tabulate them incorrectly. They can even be used to allow sending unintended data & keyboard commands to the voting system.”
3/ “A set of carefully constructed keyboard commands could be used to manipulate the voting system software.”
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Georgia! Despite the GOP screaming that the general election was rigged against them, it was the GOP that did much better than GA exit polls predicted. With so much at stake, pls help provide oversight. Pls sign up w/ @ProtectVotes
to photograph precinct results in the runoff 1/
Precinct results are posted outside polling places after polls close. Our volunteers photograph them & @ProtectVotes then compares them to reported totals for those precincts. They shld match. If they don’t, that’s a problem we will report. Our project is called #PhotoFinish 2/
You can sign up for #PhotoFinish here. When you do, you will receive a welcome email with instructions and an invitation to our Georgia slack room. 3/…
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The Federal Hearing for Handmarked Paper Ballots on Zoom was just HACKED! An ISIS music video popped-up with threats.

More proof that every electronic system can be corrupted. Voting should never be done on computers!

Handmarked Paper Ballots can’t be hacked. @GaSecofState Image
The plaintiffs (@CoalitionGoodGv) were just getting testimony from @dominionvoting’s systems expert who said:

“I don’t understand what you mean by insuring every vote is counted.”

It’s also 9/11 so I have to wonder if there’s an extra layer of intention to the hacking.
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📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬
@SenSchumer visited my hometown post office this week in Corning, NY--part of his #USPS fact-finding tour across NYS.

I spoke for affected #veterans. My msg: @VetsWall is ready to support postal workers & #ProtectOurVotes. Image
📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬

My remarks at the end of @SenSchumer's press conference on interference with #USPS operations.

#ProtectOurVotes ImageImage
📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬

I'm proud to help build a wall of our own ... #WallOfVets Image
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We need a NATIONAL MOVEMENT, people.

If you live in a state that offers #EarlyVoting, PLEASE spread the word and consider VOTING IN-PERSON as soon as your state allows (observing all #COVID safety precautions, of course).

(THREAD) #ProtectOurVotes👇🗳️

1) The more people who #VoteInPerson and eradicate Trump AT THE POLLS, the less chance he will have to challenge absentee and mail-in ballots (which may also face postmark fuckery courtesy of #PostMonsterGeneral, Louis DeJoy)

#ProtectOurVotes #EarlyVoting
2) It is incumbent upon EVERYONE WHO IS *SAFELY* ABLE to #VoteInPerson to do so -- in order to preserve the mail-in option for those who truly need it.

This is ALSO a good time for EVERYONE to confirm their voter registration status:…

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