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❗️Thread: At 10am this morning one Syrian man was severely hurting himself in front gate of #Moriacamp — cutting with a knife in his wrists and chest. People were reporting that he tried to commit suicide. Police took him to medical station inside camp. /1 ⬇️
17,036 #refugeesgr are currently stuck in camp of #Moria, that is only made for 2,800 residents — while the rest of islanders are free to move, ppl have been left there in lock-town without sufficient medical care or legal assistance, no schools, no security. /2
The constant stress + structural violence creates a severe mental health crisis for all residents, even ppl who weren’t traumatized before, will be after one week here, residents report. Recognized refugees are fearing to be evicted in next week with no where to go to. /3
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❗️The Asylum office was closed for 2 months on #Lesvos — with its first day on 18th May it issued 1,4000 rejection decisions to applicants of international protection. #refugeesgr have now 10 days to appeal, but no legal aid for drafting relevant case file. /1
Police has imposed fines of 150€ on inhabitants of #Moria who went to #Mytilini to turn to free legal aid organizations after they received the news. /2
This means an asylum seeker gets a rejection on his/her request. He/she is not allowed to leave the camp because of #Covid_19 movement restrictions for #refugeesgr in camps. He/she has only 10 days to appeal, wants to seek help from a lawyer, but all she gets is a 150€ fine. /3
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Kλειστή δομή στην θέση Κλειδί - η επιτομή της απάνθρωπης, ρατσιστικής μεταναστευτικής κρατικής "πολιτικής"

Πέταξαν άνδρες γυναίκες και παιδιά σε μία τοποθεσία που όπως λέει και ο κοινοτάρχης της περιοχής:
«Σε σκηνές χωρίς θέρμανση με μηδενικές θερμοκρασίες το βράδυ, χωρίς ζεστό νερό, έχουν φέρει πρόσφυγες και μετανάστες, ανάμεσά τους 50 παιδιά από βρέφη ενός μήνα έως 14χρονα παιδιά, και ασυνόδευτα.
Είναι δύο χιλιόμετρα από το χωριό μας, σ’ ένα σημείο που δεν βάζουμε ούτε τα ζώα μας. Σε μια ρεματιά. Δε μπορεί να ζήσει άνθρωπος εκεί.
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Weil einige jetzt das kürzlich ergangene Urteil des #EGMR zu #Melilla anführen, um die Zurückweisung von #RefugeesGr zu rechtfertigen: Der EGMR hat keinen Blankoscheck für #Pushbacks ausgestellt. Das Vorgehen von #Griechenland ist evident rechtswidrig. 1/5
2/5 Der EGMR hat sich nur mit dem Verbot der #Kollektivausweisung beschäftigt. Aus dem Verbot unmenschlicher und erniedrigender Behandlung und der Garantie effektiven Rechtsschutzes ergibt sich weiterhin ein Anspruch auf Zugang zum #Asylverfahren.
3/5 Auch das Verbot der Kollektivausweisung greift – selbst nach der problematischen Auslegung des EGMR! Denn der EGMR hat die Ausnahme im Fall #ndandntvsspain (irrtümlich) darauf gestützt, dass legale Zugänge bestehen. Die gibt es in #Griechenland (momentan) nicht.
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THREAD on current #Refugeesgr situation: When I talk about Greece, and the EU as a whole, coming close to breaching international law in regards to refugees it is not to say that Turkey is blameless, or that they have crossed that line into officially contravening 1/
There is at its core a conflict between EU asylum policies and international law. Despite EU conventions stating that States are required to abide by the refugee convention et al, the practicality is somewhat different when put into perspective of its own regulations. 2/
The EU's primary goal is that of exclusion. There is nothing legally untoward about that in and of itself. A State is recognised as having a right to "protect" its own borders. It is the manner of that protection which is the issue here though. 3/
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Thread 1.| Protests and strikes today in #Lesvos, #Chios, #Samos, #Leros, #Kos against the presence of #hotspots and the plans for new closed reception and detention centers. All the trade associations and local authorities call for the protest. #OpentTheIslands #Refugeesgr
2. The main tone is that the local population is angry with the situation and the negligence of the government. In ##Chios & in Lesvos a lot of people participated in the protests. The officials' speeches were pointing the need to stop the new centers and this inhuman situation
3. The general atmosphere from the published texts seems to be mainly against #refugees, strengthening #racism and #xenophobia, although there are also voices with a #humanitarian approach like the union of Chios Psychiatrists…
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Two days ago the Greek government published the new law plan on international protection (asylum) open to public debate. Human rights organisations critisised the limited time they were given to comment on the law due to its length and are asking for an extension. #RefugeesGR
A thread will follow on the main points of reference which have been summarised by @Refugees_Gr and others.
Commentary will follow throughout the day/week 2/
@Refugees_Gr 'Eleven new aspects/concepts have been introduced.

1. Single text containing everything concerning recognition, reception, examination procedure, judicial protection.' 3/
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Περιττό να πω πως ο φασιστικός εσμός στη Λέσβο έχει λυσσάξει με την άφιξή τους.
#refugeesGr #lesvos #antifa #antinaziGr
Ομάδα κατοίκων του νησιού, καταγόμενοι οι περισσότεροι από τα γειτονικά χωριά Πέτρα και Mόλυβος, εμπόδισαν σήμερα το απόγευμα το πλοίο OPEN ARMS της οργάνωσης «Proactiva» να προσεγγίσει το λιμάνι της Σκάλας Συκαμιάς.…
#refugeesGr #lesvos #antifa #antinaziGr
Στο σημείο έσπευσε η αστυνομία καθώς και δυνάμεις της Frontex, χωρίς ωστόσο μέχρι τώρα να έχει ανακοινωθεί κάποια σύλληψη ή προσαγωγή κάποιου εκ των δραστών που πετούσαν πέτρες
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Just watched @PrimeministerGR interview with @NYTimesCohen. Some remarks: 1⃣@kmitsotakis is a mission-driven CEO -I'd love to work with him-, funny, well-spoken but has no idea of politics that benefit, us, the real everyday folks. He understands politics in his very own way.
@PrimeministerGR @NYTimesCohen @kmitsotakis 2⃣He is a big believer in Democracy but he confuses democracy with capitalism. And in this misconception is exactly where the spine of his neo-liberal agenda lays.
@PrimeministerGR @NYTimesCohen @kmitsotakis 3⃣@kmitsotakis criticized publically @EmmanuelMacron on #AthensDemocracyForum for imposing a luxury tax on the rich French because "it's a political tax", while he boasted for horizontal taxation that's coming in #Greece. You see why we can't achieve 4% growth rates, right?
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Μαρτυρία ενός πρόσφυγα, για τις συνθήκες που μεταφέρουν τους ανθρώπους από τις καταλήψεις αλλά και τη Μόρια, διαφημίζοντάς τις ως "αξιοπρεπείς και ανθρώπινες"
"Νέα και φωτογραφίες από το στρατόπεδο της Κορίνθου, όπου μεταφέρθηκαν οι πρόσφυγες από την εκκένωση του 5ου στην Αθήνα
Αυτά είναι τα ψυγεία. Τα βλέπω από την ημέρα που ήρθαμε εδώ [πριν από 3 εβδομάδες.] Είναι στο ίδιο σημείο από τότε, χωρίς να έχουν ανοιχτεί, στη συσκευασία τους.
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Latest info from Moria from the NGO worker's assembly also a #thread will follow: 2 fires broke out on Sunday afternoon: one outside which was soon put put and one inside the hotspot for unknown reasons but certainly not because of fights among #refugeesGR. 1/
The second fire started near or inside a container, it spread quickly and it burnt 8 containers completely and 12 in total. 1 #refugeesGR woman and a child are confirm dead but it's highly possible there are more. 2/
#RefugeesGR tried to put out the fire and the police responded with teargas during the time one fire brigade vehicle was entering the camp. This infuriated people who then attacked the vehicle. Confrontariom among rhe poloce and refugees followed. 3/
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5 year old #refugeesGR child dead in Moria after truck hit a cardboard box he was playing in.…
Moria is not a place for people. It is overcrowded and doesn't have proper infrastructure. How many children will have to die for #Greece and the #EU to realise that neither the #EUTurkeyDeal works nor the hotspot approach?
I've been reporting on #refugeesGR since Jan 2015 - a little less than 5 years and we've reached to a point, 5 years later that we're still talking about the same things. The conditions in Moria, the winterisation of the camps in the mainland. The lack of capacity in the country.
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Πογκρόμ 22/4/18:

Καμμια 200αρα ατομα, μαλλον με ενισχυσεις απο Αθηνα, την πεφτουν συνεχομενα στους μεταναστες και διαφορους αλληλεγγυους με καπνογονα, καδρονια και πετρες.
#Refugeesgr #lesvos #antifa #sappho_sq
Πογκρόμ 22/4/18:

Οι μπατσοι εκαναν κατι μικρες απωθητικες κινησεις με ψεκασματα και δακρυγονα που ουσιαστικα τα φαγανε οι μεταναστες.
#Refugeesgr #lesvos #antifa #sappho_sq
Πογκρόμ 22/4/18:
Στο αεροπλανο που εφευγε χτες απο Μυτιλήνη ήταν μέσα Καρατζαφέρης και Μίχος.
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