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#Greece #Pylos_massacre
[1/7]Shocking testimony by a Syrian survivor how #Hellenic_coast_guard are responsible of the #shipwreck
I translated and trancript what he said in this call about Greek CG
"The Greek Coast Guard arrived and said that he would take us to Italian waters Image
[2/7] "We agreed to follow them, although we did not know that it was true that we would be taken to Italy or Greece. After 30mins the boat's engine broke down,so we informed them and asked for their help.Then the #Greek_Coast_Guard came and tie our boat to there ship
[3/7] It was a warship. They were wearing black and they were masked. They tied our boat with one blue rope. After they tied us up, they set off quickly. While we were in the ship, we sensed that something was not right. Then, they started to go right and left.
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So, who really took this picture hours before the migrant boat capsized off #Pylos in #Greece?
A short #osint thread... 🧵 Image
@SARwatchMED shows below that the photo was taken from inside a P355GR coastal patrol vessel. Which is exactly the type of @HCoastGuard vessel ΛΣ-920. That vessel left from Crete on Tuesday and approached the migrant boat.

According to the initial timeline of events (published by @HCoastGuard ) the LS-920 remained at a distance & discreetly observed the migrant boat. But this photo is yet another proof of the close encounter the HCG had with the migrants. At night, using headlights & later a rope.
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#Earthquake (#σεισμός) confirmed by seismic data.⚠Preliminary info: M3.2 || 15 km N of #Livadeiá (#Greece) || 5 min ago (local time 22:28:38). Follow the thread for the updates👇 Image
Εγκαταστήστε δωρεάν το LastQuake για άμεση πληροφόρηση για σεισμους.Μοιραστείτε με άλλους την εμπειρία σας:
📱… Image
🔔#Earthquake (#σεισμός) M3.2 occurred 15 km N of #Livadeiá (#Greece) 28 min ago (local time 22:28:38). More info at:
🖥… Image
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1/3 @PDimitras is under a criminal investigation connected to his human rights work in #Greece. In January, he was banned from travel & from continuing his human rights activities. The authorities should formally notify him of the status of these restrictions @GreeceInGeneva
2/3  Media reports also suggest that Panayote is being investigated by the anti-money laundering authority. Panayote himself has received no notification of any such investigation, frustrating his access to remedy. Leaks of such investigations are commonly used to smear #HRDs.
3/3  An appeal hearing in a separate case brought against Panayote & his colleague at the Greek Helsinki Monitor is set for 16 June. I will be following the outcome of the case, which is connected to the defenders' work against hate speech.
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@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir A thread on neo-#Nazis in #Russia and #Ukraine:

The Rise and Fall of Far-Right and Neo-Nazi Movements in Ukraine and Russia since 1990: A Comparative Perspective

@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir Since USSR ended in 1991, the landscape of far-right & neo-Nazi movements in Russia & Ukraine has evolved in response to various political, social, & economic changes. Understanding this provides crucial insight into a broader resurgence of far-right movements across Europe.

@doritoeubanks @ItsArtoir In #Ukraine, the resurgence of far-right ideologies started to gain momentum in the late 2000s. The Svoboda party, originally known as the Social-National Party of Ukraine, emerged as a political force, winning seats in local governments and the national parliament.

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Αναζητώντας κανείς αν το κόμμα "Νίκη" αποτελεί πεδίο ρωσικής υβριδικής απειλής στις #εκλογες_2023 της #Greece μετά τον κατακερματισμό της ακροδεξιάς, αντισυστημικής ψήφου δεν γίνεται να μην πέσει πάνω στην ιστορία του ρωσικού #softpower στη Βόρειο Ελλάδα και δη στη θρησκεία.

🧵 Image
Η ιστορία ξεκινάει το 1993 με την ίδρυση του σταθμού "4ε" γνωστού και ως "καναλιού της Εκκλησίας" ή "καναλιού Μητρόπολης Θεσσαλονίκης" από τον π. Θεόφιλο Ζησόπουλο. Image
Ο Ζησόπουλος δραστηριοποιήθηκε εκτός Μητρόπολης Θεσσαλονίκης με αναφορές στην υπό ρωσική επιρροή μοναστική παράδοση του Αγίου Όρους (την γνωστή) διευθύνοντας την αδελφότητα "Λυδία", το ραδιόφωνο της οποίας άνοιξε τον δρόμο για τον τηλεοπτικό σταθμό που έδωσε βήμα στον Νατσιό Image
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🧵2 weeks ago I set off to #Turkey to see how its F4E Phantom IIs, which once ruled the skies but have now been outclassed by more advanced fighters, fit into its modern fight. It's clear that these nearly antique fighters are not hangar queens.. just yet…
2. The AE 2023 exercise involves training alongside partner nations to reduce the loss of inexperienced fighter pilots and their aircraft in potential real-world combat missions, as well as keeping up fighter crews' and GCI (Ground Control Intercept) radar operators' readiness.
3. Since its establishment in 2001, 43 AEs have been performed at the training center located at the 3rd Main Jet Base at Konya. A total of 15 NATO countries have participated in them, including France, Italy, Germany, the United States, and Spain.
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NEW: European Parliament's @EP_PegaInquiry
has issued their final report.

Urges #EuropeanUnion towards stronger regulation. Calls out several abusers.

Good thread on highlights👇 Image
"strategic campaign to destroy media freedom" in 🇭🇺 #Hungary.

"a system for the surveillance of the opposition...designed to keep...the government in power" in 🇵🇱#Poland

The @EP_PegaInquiry PR is not mincing words about #Pegasus #spyware abuses in the 🇪🇺#EU Image
The @EP_PegaInquiry also raises serious questions about spyware abuses in 🇬🇷#Greece & 🇪🇸#Spain.

It's clear: spyware is a European problem. Image
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🔍Scouting Report of a very interesting Greek player who is eligible to play for both Greece & Ghana. A ST who is having an exceptional season with AE Kifisias in the 2nd division in Greece, fighting for their promotion.

🕵️Introducing: Andrews Tetteh ( 21 )

#scouting #Kifisia Image
ℹ️ Some personal information about the player to get to know him better.

#scouting Image
ℹ️ Some of this strengths

#scouting Image
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🔍5 U23 Strikers to watch out in the near future who are playing in Greece's 1st & 2nd division 🇬🇷

RTs & Likes always appreciated!

#scouting #Greece Image
🔍🇬🇷 l Stefanos Tzimas, 17 Years Old, 1, 84 m, PAOK, Contract Expires in 2025.

#scouting #PAOK Image
🔍🇬🇷 l Dimitrios Pinakas, 21 Years Old, 1,78 m, Olympiacos, Contract Expires in 2025

#scouting #Olympiacos Image
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Thursday 6 April 2023, which happens to be Day 407 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Aa always, all the news, all day, in one handy thread. Soon I'll have more on the breaking news in #Russia of violence in an insurgent southern region.

Missed y'day?
In the southern #Russia republic of #Ingushetia there's a shootout between police + rebels.

The region has a history of insurgency. The FSB says militants barricaded themselves inside a building in Malgobek

It's linked to an attack last week when 2 police officers were injured.
The IADAT Telegram Channel is reporting the deaths (unconfirmed) of multiple Russian troops/police in the #Ingushetia shootout.

They also report the shooting has now calmed.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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@JariTervo1 #Finland's #PresidentialElections 2018.
- #Niinistö with '#NorthKorea's' numbers, 62,7%, to victory. The matter seems clear, except the #result was #fake and known to the elite in advance.
The Myth of '#Esli' = 627, #GoldmanSachs #LuckyNumber.
@JariTervo1 #Finland's sc. '#PresidentialElections2018 and the #GoldmanSachs #HolyGrail
- QAnon published the correct final presidential election results in Finland, 22 days BEFORE the '#elections'.
#GoldmanSachs #LuckyNumber: 627 #ESLI
Some Samples: #ColdwellBanker
@JariTervo1 #ParliamentaryElections2019 were held in #Finland on 14 April 2019.
- QAnon released the exact correct results: on March 23, 2019, three (3) weeks before this #criminal TV farce.
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Noncommunicable diseases cause 74% of all global deaths.

It's time for a change! 💪 Cities worldwide 🌐 are taking action to reduce deaths from to heart disease, cancers, diabetes, respiratory disease & injury. Swipe to see some inspiring transformations! #Cities4Health
Athens, #Greece 🇬🇷 has increased access to life-saving drugs to help prevent overdose through community-based organizations & healthcare professionals. Image
Bengaluru, #India 🇮🇳 is strengthening their efforts in reducing smoking in public places and improving compliance with smoking bans! 🚭 #NoTobacco 🔗 Image
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Mar. 1:
1/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

#Dutch seismologist, #FrankHougerbits, who predicted the #Earthquake in #Turkey & #Syria,🔸#Warned of a large-scale #Earthquake that could occur in Mar. 2023.🔸..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
2/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

A report released by the #SSGEOS (#SolarSystemGeometrySurvey) scientific institute, where #Hougerbits works, says the approach of the #Planets on Mar. 2 & 5 can..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
3/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

..can lead to 🔸very large #Seismic #Activity in the period from Mar. 3 to 7.🔸

So, according to scientists, #Tremors are likely in 12 points of the #Planet ..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
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"Out of NATO, Out of the U.S. bases! " ✊🚩

#Greece 🇬🇷 |The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) and the Communist Party of Greece's youth wing (KNE) protested in front of the American embassy in Athens against U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to Greece. Image
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Today during the new phase of #UkraineRussiaWar, I'll talk about why Nordic, Eastern Europeans and Central Asians want #Russia to be disintegrated, and how pro-Russian supporters seek to undermine these narratives. Thread. 🧵 Image
The map of Russia is very big. Including the Kaliningrad exclave, Russia borders 13 countries on land and one country at the sea. However, Tsarist and Soviet conquests also led to Russia having some sort of influence beyond the border. Image
Being an inland empire, Russia expanded via land, a different compared to typical Western maritime empires. And Russia has, for a long time, treated its colonies in a brutal, repressive manner. ImageImageImageImage
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🇧🇬🇬🇷⚡️A Bulgarian citizen was detained in Greece on charges of selling microchips and other high-tech components to Russia from 2014 to 2018, bypassing US export restrictions.
#bulgaria #greece #usa #microchips #chips
The man is accused of "fraud against the government" and "laundering proceeds from crime" and could face a long prison sentence.
The chips sold are suspected to have been used for spacecraft and rockets, but sources suggest they were likely used for the Moscow metro.
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1/ #Russia planning a "coup" in #Moldova, including direct attacks on gov buildings / hostage-taking /killing (list like early on in Kyiv when noboby believed it) by RU spec ops & men with mil training background working under the guise of “opposition protesters.”
2/ The president added that the security forces of #Moldova are preparing to prevent these provocations (& you can be sure even if no ones talked abt it, but in conjunction with all western intel agencies ally) and are keeping the situation under control.
So as crazy as it sounds
3/ (it's actually both craycray & makes a lot of sense, let me explain)
so for Russia, it is obvious (& we do have actually lots of intel regarding their activities in #Moldova) that they r planning things like that for a long time:
reminder (one of many)…
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Little "side track" this morning as there is a major catastrophe in #Turkey #TurkeyEarthquake
SÉISME EN #Turquie - Scène de désolations à #Kahramanmaraş en #Turquie où mult immeubles se sont effondrés, tuant un nb record de personnes. #seisme
2/ Apparently #Gaziantep in #Turkey is also partly destroyed

A destructive Magnitude up to 7.8 earthquake just struck southern Turkey near Gaziantep that has caused extensive destructions
3/ le fameux chateau (reconstruit) de #Gazantiep aurait vraiment subit des dommages considérables
j'aimerais bien insérer une petite remarque sur l'orgueil & le Karma etc.. mais bon, je vais me retenir qq jours surtout si ce drame à fait pas mal de victimes...
#TurkeyEarthquake ImageImage
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1/ yep! i've read it could even goes down as much as 8% so it seems "reasonable" to me. Also Natalia's analysis has been made with only verified datas/giures/trends and legit forecast.
so... sounds good to me.
3/ everybody should start to really implement the sanctions now...
hello #Greece !
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#Earthquake (#σεισμός) confirmed by seismic data.⚠Preliminary info: M4.1 || 24 km S of #Pýlos (#Greece) || 4 min ago (local time 14:44:14). Follow the thread for the updates👇 Image
Εγκαταστήστε δωρεάν το LastQuake για άμεση πληροφόρηση για σεισμους.Μοιραστείτε με άλλους την εμπειρία σας:
📱… Image
🔔#Earthquake (#σεισμός) M4.1 occurred 23 km S of #Pýlos (#Greece) 9 min ago (local time 14:44:14). More info at:
🖥… Image
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Day 342 of the illegal war #Russia is waging on #Ukraine

This is the start of Tuesday's daily thread with all the news that matters around the conflict and wider society.

For a check back on Monday's developments, click and scroll here:


It continues to be reasonably quiet compared to the worst days of the war, but many people are still dying at the front on both sides.

#Russia continues to make ground, and according to Britain's military intelligence, will continue to do so, but without a major breaktthrough
The Wagner deserter who trekked across snowy wastelands to seek asylum in #Noway, has told CNN those who didn't want to fight were ruthlessly executed in front on new recruits.

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🇧🇪🇪🇺⚡️On the joys of being a Member State of the European Union

The European Commission has issued three new formal notices to Belgium in a new wave of infringement proceedings.
#belgium #eu #europeanunion #belgique #belgië #belgien Image
The notices concern the reception of asylum seekers, the fight against terrorist publications online, and the lack of recourse for data protection authority officials.
The Commission has also issued formal notices to #Greece, #Spain, #France, and #Portugal for incorrect transposition of certain provisions of the directive on the reception of asylum seekers, …
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All the threes. Day 333 of this dreadful war in #Ukraine

But there are not 3 sides. Succinctly you're against #Russia killing civilians, or you're in favour.

Being "neutral" is just allowing war crimes and worse these countries likely profit from the genocide, just as in WWII.
So this is the daily thread for Sunday 22 January.

If you had a busy Saturday and main stream media didn't tell you what you need to know, I can help! Scroll though yesterday's thread right here:

#SaveUkraine #StopRussia

#Russia still losing above average numbers of troops every single day even though today's figure is lower than of late.

600 more estimated (by #Ukraine) to have been killed in the last 24 hours

5,470 Russian militia have died in the last week.
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