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#Greece’s lawmakers should withdraw a draft surveillance law, debated in parliament today, that lacks effective privacy & human rights safeguards.

If the government won’t press pause on this risky bill, parliament should.

More on the bill from @hrw here:… Image
@hrw The bill is a flawed attempt to respond to a spyware scandal described as the "Greek Watergate" that has shaken Greek politics as it was revealed by investigative media outlets that dozens prominent figures were targeted by secret services and spyware.… Image
@hrw The surveillance scandal began with revelations in November 2021 that Greece’s intelligence service, EYP, had wiretapped the phone of @Malichudis, a freelance reporter.

Here's a @we_are_solomon explaining what happened:…
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What do 🇨🇴Colombia, 🇬🇷Greece, and 🇬🇧the United Kingdom have in common?
They’re 3 of 9 countries with low taxes you’d never expect.
Let’s help you go where you’re treated best:….
#lowtax #taxfree #WealthManagement
🇬🇧In the #UK, if your taxable income is over £150,000, you’ll have to pay 45% income tax.

But your foreign-sourced income may be tax-exempt if you are a non-domiciled resident in the UK. You will have remittance of paying taxes during the first 15 years (soon will be 5)
🇮🇪#Ireland's tax system is based on residence, so there is no tax on worldwide income for nonresidents (if you decide you don’t want to live in Ireland during your residence). However, getting permanent residence in Ireland means you will be taxed on Irish-sourced income
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#Earthquake (#σεισμός) possibly felt 20 sec ago in #Greece. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon!
👉#Irákleion (τοπική ώρα 01:25:50). Ένιωσες τον σεισμό στην περιοχή πριν από? Μοιράσου την εμπειρία σου στο:

Οι παρατηρήσεις σου είναι σημαντικές στο να καταλάβουμε τις επιδράσεις της Γης.🙏
⚠Preliminary info: #earthquake (#σεισμός) about 80 km NE of #Siteía (#Greece) 2 min ago (local time 01:25:01)❗MAGNITUDE NOT AVAILABLE YET❗Updates at:
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#Earthquake (#σεισμός) possibly felt 37 sec ago in #Greece. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon! Image
👉#Pýrgos (τοπική ώρα 15:32:22). Ένιωσες τον σεισμό στην περιοχή πριν από? Μοιράσου την εμπειρία σου στο:

Οι παρατηρήσεις σου είναι σημαντικές στο να καταλάβουμε τις επιδράσεις της Γης.🙏
⚠Preliminary info: #earthquake (#σεισμός) about 20 km NW of #Amaliáda (#Greece) 2 min ago (local time 15:31:20)❗MAGNITUDE NOT AVAILABLE YET❗Updates at:
🖥 Image
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#part 3
جسم فروشی کا کاروبار (Business of Prostitution)
600 سال قبلِ مسیح
 "جسم فروشی" کا آغاز کب اورکہاں سےھوا اور یہ ایک منظم کاروبار کیسےبنا؟
یہ آج کل یاغریب ممالک کا ایجاد کردہ ڈھکا چھپا بزنس نہیں بلکہ زمانہ قدیم کےقوانین وضوابط کیساتھ ایک مکمل کاروبارتھا اور
یونان اسکا Pioneer ھے۔
یونانی شاعر،قانون دان اورسٹیٹس مین سولن (Solon, 630 BC- 569 BC)ہی وہ پہلاشخص تھاجس نےجسم فروشی کاپہلا"چٹکلہ" (طرب آب)قائم کیا۔ یونان میں ان عورتوں کو "پورنائی" کہاجاتاتھا۔
تمام موءرخین اس پرمتفق ہیں کہ سولن نےاسےایک منافع بخش کاروباراور روزگارکاوسیلہ بنایا۔
شروع میں یونان کے مختلف شہروں میں جسم فروشی کے اڈے کھولے گئےاور مذہبی عورتوں کو عصمت دری کیلئے رکھا گیا۔
اڈوں کا مالک قبیلہ یا قبیلے کاحاکم ہی ھوتا تھا۔ لوگوں کی بڑی تعداد نےاس طرف رجوع کیا جو زیادہ تر غریب تھی۔ان عورتوں کی عموماً40سال کی عمر تک وفات و جاتی تو انکی اولادیں یہ جگہ
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BREAKING: #BNNGreece Reports.

A picturesque Greek island is leading the way toward an eco-friendly community thanks to wind and solar energy as well as an 85 percent recycling rate. #Greece #Environment
Greece may be more recognized for its ancient civilization, but the Dodecanese archipelago's GR-eco project on a number of Greek islands is drawing attention as a sustainable model to emulate.
Locals and visitors have welcomed the environmental strategy, which has also been made feasible by significant funding from the European Union (EU).
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JUST IN: #BNNGreece Reports.

Police said on Thursday that, Greece did not found anything suspicious on an Emirates plane which was flying to New York from Greece. #Greece #Athens #Security #Emirates #NewYork
Following a security alert, The was made to return to Athens International Airport after a security alert, police said on Thursday. Police sources said that, the Greek authorities were tipped off by U.S. authorities about a "suspicious" passenger.
Following this, just after 2000 GMT the plane, escorted by two fighter jets, landed back at the Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens for detailed security checks. Police added, as part of an information inquiry, the plane was ordered to fly back to Athens.
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Bir gece ansızın gelebiliriz!
#Yunanistan #Greece #Türkiye #Drone #Army #İHA #SİHA #TİHA Image
Silahlı İnsansız Türk Deniz Araçları

Turkish Unmanned Combat Naval Vehicles
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Good Evening.
I wanted for a long time to write about our NATO ally and its stance on the #WWII.
Like today #Turkey's neutral stance over the #UkraineRussianWar is something that the Word "moral" is out from their vocabulary.
thread following. Image
Christmas 1942:
Greece, on its knees under the Nazi Occupation, is experiencing the worst famine since the time of Antiquity, with thousands dying of starvation in most major urban centers. Turkey since June 1941 had signed a "friendship pact" with Nazi Germany, and a year later
(June 1942) a commercial agreement to supply the Nazi forces with the metals necessary for the manufacture of weapons (especially chromium).
Those who follow the course of Turkey over time from the movement of the Young Turks (1908) until today, consider that all of Turkey's
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#THREAD Greek journalist Tasos @telloglou revealed that he & three more journalists (@e_triantafillou, @nasoskook, & @Chondrogiannos) investigating the spying scandal in 🇬🇷, were all under surveillance.


#PredatorGate Image
2️⃣ According to @telloglou, 🇬🇷 secret service agency was using mobile network antennas to track the movements of the journalists through their cell phones and find out who their sources were.

3️⃣ “In June a source from the intelligence service informed me that E. Triantafyllou, T. Chondrogiannos, T. Koukakis & I were ‘being linked’ with tens of possible sources based on the mobile network antennas, to check on ‘whether we are meeting’”. Image
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Short OSINT on #CCPChina MSS outpost or "Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station" in #Rotterdam located at Van der Sluysstraat 370 staffed by 'former' PLA & Chinese intelligence/security officers for surveillance, harassment, or even kidnapping of dual Chinese citizens: 🧵
2/ Report names Yanping Shu, and Jie Chen & Xiangrong Zhou as his seconds, all 3 are also on board of "Qingtian Nederland", another CCP front.

Registered to address also is "Biao Zhi Holding B.V." which was founded in 2014 & whose phone # match those in @SafeguardDefend report:
3/ Biao Zhi Holding B.V. (kvk#62040618) is listed variously as a "construction & repair" and a "financial holding" company of just "1 employee".

The address is an unremarkable & unmarked residential flat 75m²/3000m³ likely occupying 3 floors.
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I was on a study trip in #Greece last week, learning among other things about a human rights success story: how the violent, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group was toppled.

🧵 Image
I’d read about Golden Dawn before, so I was aware of how they’d emerged to capitalize on rising hatred in Greece, exacerbated by intolerant political rhetoric and hostile government policies scapegoating unpopular and powerless groups, like migrants.…
And I knew about their winning seats in parliament and the trial that sunk them in a historic decision in 2020.…
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1/16 So where are centralised and decentralised networks used?
2/16 We will not talk about the pizzeria on the corner, of course, but about much more important everyday activities.
When we log into our bank account we enter a centralized network completely controlled by the bank.
3/16 If the bank wants to tomorrow morning it can deny us access to it.
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 852,789 signatures
Previous: 616,389 signatures.
Difference: 236,400 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #GTTO
1) #UnitedKingdom 842,029 (+232,982)
2) #France 2,298 (+660)
3) #Spain 1,285 (+361)
4) #UnitedStates 840 (+283)
5) #Germany 798 (+279)
6) #Australia 773 (+262)
7) #Netherlands 423 (+133)
8) #Canada 402 (+138)
9) #Ireland 387 (+130)
10) #Switzerland 320 (+110)
11) #NewZealand 306 (+113)
12) #Italy 233 (+79)
13) #Belgium 209 (+64)
14) #Portugal 206 (+71)
15) #Sweden 192 (+70)
16) #Denmark 131 (+47)
17) #Japan 113 (+34)
18) #Greece 106 (+33)
19) #Norway 104 (+33)
20) #IsleofMan 97 (+33)
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So what are the pros and cons of each form of network?
I'll start with the Centralized Networks (CN). The pros for the end user you: 1) Free interaction. 2) No need to have technical/computational knowledge . 3) Speed of command execution. 4) Ability to correct errors.
On the negatives: 1) data security 2) network stability 3) network accessibility
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#Thread: Grigoris Dimitriadis won the “SLAPP Politician of the Year” award from @CASECoalition, an 🇪🇺 initiative against abusive lawsuits.

❗The award concerns the #lawsuit filed against #ReportersUnited, @EFSYNTAKTON & @nasoskook, with which #Dimitriadis claims > €500.000. Image
2⃣ In August, 2022, an investigation by #ReportersUnited & #Efsyn exposes connections starting from #Dimitriadis’ dealings & reaching Felix Bitzios, former deputy administrator of #Intellexa, the company trading the #Predator spyware.

3⃣ After the revelations & the disclosure of the surveillance of N. #Androulakis, head of #PASOK party, #Dimitriadis stepped down from his position as Secretary General of the Prime Minister.

❗On the same day, he filed a lawsuit against the journalists behind the investigation.
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 616,389 signatures
Previous: 606,921 signatures.
Difference: 9,468 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
It is sad that a time like this a poll like this doesn't get millions of signatures 🙁
1) #UnitedKingdom 609,047 (+9,327)
2) #France 1,638 (+25)
3) #Spain 924 (+24)
4) #UnitedStates 557 (+7)
5) #Australia 519 (+8)
6) #Germany 511 (+10)
7) #Ireland 290 (+5)
8) #Canada 264 (+3)
9) #Netherlands 257 (+11)
10) #Switzerland 210 (+2)
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With this article,#Greece interprets that Türkiye has renounced its rights over the other islands in the #Aegean.

1-The discussions on Article 16 until it took its final form at the Lausanne Conference show that this is not the case. Image
2- Had Türkiye renounced its rights on the islands, islets and rocks left by the Ottoman in the #Aegean, the said lands would not have remained in #Greece and its sovereignty would have been uncertain.

Because even the name of #Greece is not mentioned in Article 16! Image
For this reason, it's tragicomic for #Greece to argue that it is the owner of the islands by citing Article 16 of Lausanne.
The only thing that is certain in this article is that no other islands,islets or rocks have been ceded to Greece,except those that have been ceded by name! Image
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 15th October 2022

Current: 606,921 signatures
Previous: 570,208 signatures.
Difference: 36,713 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
Parliament will debate this petition on 17 October 2022.

You'll be able to watch online on the #UK #Parliament #YouTube channel

Need the petition to be at least 1 million signatures by then.
1) #UnitedKingdom 599,720 (+36,255)
2) #France 1,613 (+88)
3) #Spain 900 (+45)
4) #UnitedStates 550 (+43)
5) #Australia 511 (+24)
6) #Germany 501 (+36)
7) #Ireland 285 (+23)
8) #Canada 261 (+28)
9) #Netherlands 246 (+16)
10) #Switzerland 208 (+16)
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JUST IN: #BNNTurkey Reports.

Even though tensions between Greece and Turkey were rising, the Greek-owned shipping company, Levante Ferries, connected the ports of...
Thessaloniki and İzmir by “Smyrna di Levante,” a vessel that is 160 meters in length and 23 meters in width. #Greece #Turkey #Thessaloniki #SmyrnaDiLevante #Politics
The ferry, with a capacity of 300 vehicles and 948 passengers, departed from the Greek port with a total of 119 passengers, five vehicles, two lorries, and a motorcycle.
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 9th October 2022

Current: 570,208 signatures
Previous: 555,757 signatures.
Difference: 14,451 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
1) #UnitedKingdom 563465 (+14286)
2) #France 1525 (+36)
3) #Spain 855 (+14)
4) #UnitedStates 507 (+17)
5) #Australia 487 (+15)
6) #Germany 465 (+13)
7) #Ireland 262 (+6)
8) #Netherlands 233 (+7)
9) #Canada 230 (+5)
10) #Switzerland 192 (+5)
11) #NewZealand 177 (+4)
12) #Italy 143 (+4)
13) #Portugal 132 (+5)
14) #Belgium 125 (+1)
15) #Sweden 107 (+3)
16) #Denmark 79 (+1)
17) #IsleofMan 72 (+3)
18) #Norway 67 (+1)
19) #Greece 66 (+1)
20) #Austria 58 (0)
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You've found the start of daily thread number 2⃣2⃣7⃣

All the news and a few views of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine in one handy place.

Just 6 days remain to help our #Ukraine fundraiser.
We're at £4,500. Can you help us reach £5k today?…
If you need a recap on Friday's news and events, here's the start of the thread:

#RussiansGoHome #SlavaUkraini

An important point made by the British MOD today.

The criticism from some about #Russia's war effort is very much controlled and serves a purpose.
For a start everything Kadyrov does is for Putin - his father was a traitor who switched sides in the Chechen wars.
#StopRussia Image
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#Turkey distorting a 100 year old treaty to once again make empty threats of war against #Greece is in the finest tradition of #Putin (and before him #Goebbels). A quick primer and debunking of #Erdogan's inane claims about the #Lausanne treaty 1/13
Context: at the end of the #Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, the Greek army, abandoned by its Western Allies and with the #Soviet #Russians openly aiding Turkey, left #Anatolia and retreated to the Greek islands of the Northern Aegean 2/13
The treaty of #Lausanne of 1923 settled matters between the belligerents. The Greek state gave up territories and populations that had been Greek for thousands of years in Asia Minor, #EasternThrace, and #Constantinople, in return for lasting peace and reconstruction 3/13
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1/10 A high-level Turkish delegation travelled to #Tripoli yesterday and signed a series of MoUs with the #GNU.
This latest development introduces a new episode to the Libyan crisis that will have repercussions on national, regional, and international levels. 🧵
2/10 The MoUs were kept secret, with only #Turkey & Dabaiba’s inner circle aware of the agreements. Many ministers within the GNU found out last minute without having access to the text itself.
Dabaiba’s foreign allies such as the UAE have also been kept in the dark.
3/10 Dabaiba, like his predecessor Sarraj, signed the agreements out of despair to ensure Turkey’s role as a strategic ally to stay in power.

For him, the deal is essential as he thinks only Turkish can help him contain and manage his alliance of armed groups in Tripoli.
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