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A thread on how to fix the #Eurozone (and the #EU).

With the #RecoveryFund , the #EU has arrived to a pivotal point. Accepting the Fund would take us into a federation, while declining would, very likely, lead to euro-exits.

So, which option to choose? 1/20
The #EU was established to end the wars and create political stability and prosperity across Europe.

Before the creation of the euro, it looked to accomplish just that. Europe started to grow together.

Unfortunately, euro has now reversed basically all that progress. 2/
After the Global Financial Crisis, the euro became, not the symbol of prosperity, but a symbol of poverty and human suffering.

Many member countries are now poorer than before the euro and some, like Finland, have never recovered from the GFC.

Moreover,... 3/
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A large number of #Greek warships are sailing towards the region around the island of #Kastelorizo in the southeastern Mediterranean, as a response to the mobilisation of the Turkish navy in the area following the issue of the #NAVTEX on Tuesday.

#Greece #Turkey #καστελοριζο
The Greek side has had reliable information in its possession for nearly a month about the gathering in the port of Aksaz of at least 22 surface Turkish ships, which were in fact tied in a row.
Sources add that along with the surface ships, it is estimated that a sufficient number of submarines, about 6 to 7, are on stand by for the past 10 days ago and had moved en masse south of Rhodes, resulting in an alarm for a few hours at the Greek Navy Headquarters.
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For a very long time, #Greece has been a "mecca" for rioters and looters who took advantage of the country's lax policies on demonstrations. Closure of Athens' centre, destruction of property and molotov cocktails have been almost a daily reality.

(Photos from yesterday's riots)
But it's not just the intensity (+violence) of riots springing from demonstrations. It's also their frequency. Anyone who lives, works, or has to commute in the city centre of Athens has to check *every day* if there is yet another protest going on before starting his or her day.
Daily protests mean that entire avenues could be closed, public transport could be halted, or even that your shop will be in danger by the ruckus that will ensue (either vandalized or looted). Low income service workers & small shop owners are always those most affected by this.
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Fethiye Mosque in #Athens #Greece now an expo hall

Tzisdaraki Mosque in Athens now ceramics museum

Hamza Bey #Mosque in Thessaloniki now a Movie theater

Alaca Imaret Mosque in #Thessaloniki now a museum

Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki minarets destroyed & now expo hall Greece etc
No rights for Muslim's in #Greece
Muslim's aren't recognised, nor are allowed to pray in their #Masjid Mosques, which were built for centuries in #Greece #Yunanistan

Dear 1.9 Billion Muslim's & 50 Muslim countries. Boycott Greece Greeks

#BoycottGreece #Greek #Athens #BDSGreece #MuslimLivesMatter #Islamophobia
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#Turkey is a terror state
#Qatar is a terror state

Qatar population is by 88% foreigners and only 300k are natives.

Qatar spends only 1% of her GDP for defence while she is depending on

❗USA military base(10k troops)-AUAB
❗Turkey's base(5k troops)

👇🇹🇷s mil. bases Image
#Qatar instead uses #AlJazeera as a weapon to deal with her enemies, constantly reporting against #Israel and #KSA
while there is no mention of #Qatar bloody actions.

Supporting #MB is a key element between open cooperation betweel #Qatar and #Turkey Image
Another "weapon" #Qatar uses is the @BrookingsInst think tank by supporting it financially(24 milllion $) by arguing for #MuslimBrotherhood

So by taking example of how #Qatar "works", keep in mind what @bellingcat does by using propaganda, they try to blame #Greece .
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Last week @RobinToal met @IndependentSAGE Chair and Founder, @Sir_David_King King to discuss the UK government response coronavirus pandemic and trust in science. With #PubsReopening in England, furthering the possibility of a #secondwave, we’re sharing the best bits. Thread ⬇️
What problems was @IndependentSage trying to solve?

The main point is that we put our advice into the government, as SAGE does, but we also put our advice into the public domain, and the object is to demonstrate how trust can be developed with the public.

#COVID19 #coronavirus
Producers know that if they approach members of government, including science advisors, they always get turned down. That's not the way to get the #trust of the public. If you want the public to behave in such a way that we manage the pandemic, you have to have their trust.
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#Athens #Greece: the Mayor (nephew of the current prime-minister with high political ambitions of his own) cut off a piece of a central artery and painted the road to claim he "created a bike-road".

That's how he will claim #EU money.

But did he?

#μεγαλος_περιγελος 1/
Cost of each white metal box: 550 euro. They are clearly beyond overpriced.

Monthly unemployment benefits 480 euro.

570 of these boxes were bought (313 k).

They are also dangerous for bikers & drivers, esp. due to sharp angles.

#Athens #Greece #EU #μεγαλος_περιγελος 2/
These circular "tubs" cost 1600 - 5000 euro. Again, it's just plain metal painted white, without even a plant watering mechanism or anything special.

It's not just the ridiculous expense, it's the complete disrespect to public funds.

#Athens #Greece #EU #μεγαλος_περιγελος 3/
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Thread: Wearing masks is our best defense against the #coronavirus.

@WhiteHouse press secretary said today that masks are no longer required in West Wing. Many tweets also advise against masks.

Result: Colossal failure of the US #COVID response.…

An example of anti-mask rhetoric can be seen in the video below by a Mr. Huff. I will explain why everything that he says here is scientifically incorrect and a danger to public health. (I do not know Mr. Huff or his motivations.)

I am not comparing the US to the several dozen countries that have mostly controlled this epidemic, e.g., #Taiwan, #Iceland, #SouthKorea, #Japan, #Thailand, #NewZealand, #Australia, #Austria, #Switzerland, #Greece, #Norway, etc. Some of them never even had to lock down.

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Music accompanied nearly all aspects of Ancient Greek life: religion, funerals, the harvest, military marches & of course poetry! Today’s #MuseumsUnlocked #thread highlights archaeological evidence for Greek #music & an excellent regional museum!
#archaeology #greece #art
The study of Ancient Greek music is a large field on its own, with scholars focusing on everything from musical theory to notation and everything in between!

Songs are preserved in texts and inscriptions like these from Sounion, Vrasna, & Volos, each with its own notation style!
What were the instruments of Ancient Greek music? There’s an excellent exhibition of artifacts and reconstructions at the Archaeological Museum of Arta in Western Greece, which give us the opportunity to see what the most common instruments looked like. Let’s do a quick review!
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Interesting (not peer-reviewed) paper on #Greece's tourism re-opening plan, which concludes that the current policy is largely economically rational (with few exceptions), but speculates the country may not be ready to handle the resulting infection load.…
"Data from @eody_gr show that in the 10-day period from May 24 to June 2, 36% of 69 new confirmed cases were related to foreign travel. [...] It's obvious, therefore, that the #COVID19 infection load in #Greece will increase
because of tourism."
"Although #Germany has a better epidemiological profile (infections per M) than #France or #Italy, the relative infection load of Germany is likely to be higher than the infection load of either France or Italy because Germany was responsible for 2.6x as many arrivals in 2019."
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In the past months we have seen Turkish cargo vessels reaching Libya loaded with military equipment. Shipments that should have violated the UN mandated embargo on weapons deliveries to #Libya.
#Turkey #IRINI #Italy #Greece #OSINT

In the last voyage of the Ro-Ro vessel CIRKIN we have also read reports of operation #IRINI vessels not being able to enforce the UN dispositions, with CIRKIN simply refusing to be inspected and apparently EU forces powerless after such refusal.

It is natural to question how this could happen and why, with many questioning the actual will behind operation IRINI.

After some research, here some relevant facts:

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The main issue in the East-Mediterranean is the fair distribution of the natural/energy sources...
The origin of the problem is the unjust intention of Greece & SCGA +++

to create a maritime zone thereby excluding Turkey and its interests & overriding the rights of other East-Mediterranean riparian countries. By doing so,the 2 countries are violating the rules of international law.
Below, you find the unrealistic claims of Greece & SCGA
1982 United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) gives the coastal states the right to announce an exclusive economic zone for their territorial waters, but it could be extended further according to region specifics (max 200 sea miles).
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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“Taking on All the Pseudo-Constitutionalist!” Watch Full Segment Here:
Welcoming, and thanking Carl H. & Joel S. To my #CommonSense Community at #Patreon. Join me on Patreon!
This is the voice of “One World Gov”, #NWO. There is this thing called sovereignty. And within this sovereignty no one has voted and elected you to inject your order here, #UN. We address it as we deem right, ourselves. Get lost now.- - -… #
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I’ll be recording an in-depth analysis (and forecast) segment on Post-Covid #EU, mainly #Greece #Spain & #Italy, including: The coming designed riots there & steps 2 take ahead of #NWO strike. The full program will be available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Stay Tuned...
My segment will include steps to get ahead of the coming “Designed” riots in these countries. #Soros Not done with #Hungary. #NWO Covid game includes riots in “target” #EU nations for the intended Domino Effect. Join my #CommonSense communities at Newsbud or Patreon, and tune in.
To those of you DM’ing me on whether this coming analysis will include #Turkey: The short answer “No”. Too late for any steps there. Unfortunately, with the majority’s participation there, the design destiny has been carved in Stone. Sad: yes. Real: Yes.
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Will the EU ever intervene in these illegal actions of #pushbacks? - UPDATE

Almost 90 people of different nationalities were pushed back this weekend - young men, families, kids, pregnant women. Many were taken from different camps in #Greece. (1/5)
A group of 30 reported being taken from camps near Thessaloniki with the promise to receive new documents. Police then forced them on a refrigerated truck (!) that took them to a strange, dirty place to stay for 2 days with 30 more people and then ... (2/5)
... onto boats on #Evros river, driven by Pakistanis and Afghanis collaborating with GR police.

As usually, they had their belongings stolen and many were beaten - ... (3/5)
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“The Odds of the “1/3” USA Winning Against the NWO” Watch the full video here:
What we’re seeing with these riots here in #USA will be replicated around the world: On Unemployment, Hunger, Ethnicity, Race ... Watch #Spain #Greece #Turkey ... All by design. #Covid curfew replaced by #riot curfew. Flu interchanged with poverty ... All preplannec by NWO strike
The coup is in effect: Not the time to hide in lockdown under your blankets. Pls watch this video and dial the numbers per my discussion. We need to quickly establish the network with the 1/3. Tune in and join our action alert.
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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1523 yılında Sadrazam Pargalı İbrahim Paşa'nın Kiliseden Camiye çevirdiği Selanik Küçük Ayasofya Cami-i Şerifi.
15 Mayıs 1913 Image
Ayasofya Cami-i Şerifi Sultan Mihrabı
📅15 Mayıs 1913
📍#Selanik #Thessaloniki #Greece Image
Ayasofya Cami-i Şerifi İç Mekan
📅15 Mayıs 1913
📍#Selanik #Thessaloniki #Greece ImageImageImageImage
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