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#Breaking: Crowd of around 4 thousand protesters gathered outside the parliament in #Athens in #Greece. Final vote on Macedonia is scheduled for tomorrow! Picture Credit: @imlavin
#Update: Some more picture in front of parliament building in #Athens in #Greece. Picture credit: @LSpyropoulou Riot police on stand-by.
#Update: Protestors still active in front of parliament building in #Athens in #Greece.
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Some fascist members of the extremists Greek "Golden Dawn" group beat up a journalist so hard on the head he started to bleed heavy from the riots today in #Athens in Greece. He was transported to the hospital.
#Update: Greek riot police also stood and take their ground on the steps of the Greek parliament building of in #Athens as Greek riots wanted to overtake the building for the #Macedonia name deal today.
#Update: Multiple riot police in #Athens were hurt by rocks been throw and had to be transported to the hospital today. As they were bombarded with paint and flour in their faces on the steps of the Greek parliament building.
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I'm starting a new thread on the naẓar amulet for protection against the Evil Eye. Now, the Evil Eye and the symbolism surrounding it is a widely acknowledged and historically relevant phenomenon across many cultures, so I'm just going to focus on the blue-eyed glass talismans.
Our journey starts in ancient #Mesopotamia, where 100s of votive figures were found in the excavation of the temple of Tell Brak. The most exclusive feature of these idols were their eyes. These amulets go back to 3300 BC and are the oldest eye amulets discovered.
The Evil Eye is a common term to refer to a specific curse being cast, intentional or unintentional, by the jealous looks of others towards the success of the one they envy. The ocular amulet is than in fact the charm meant to ward off the true Evil Eye.
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Ok i am going to expose the biggest NGO #IsraAID Keep looking at updates!
#IsraAID Has Social media accounts on #Facebook, #Twitter Their Headquarters is located at Tel Aviv in #Israel

#IsraAID Is being pertnered and donated by many Jewish foundations located in #Israel.
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"Psychotherapy in Europe": we at @HistHum are all very excited about publication of @SarahVMarks's special issue on #psychotherapy, which includes contributions on #Greece #Yugoslavia #Hungary #SovietUnion #Sweden #Britain #histpsych
Rachael Rosner (for "History of Psychology") & @SarahVMarks (for @HistHum) have published parallel issues on history of psychotherapy – Rachael's focusing on Americas, Sarah's on Europe. These mark the coming of age of the field "history of #psychotherapy"…
Here's Rachael Rosner's special issue on the history of #psychotherapy in the Americas… #histpsych
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1. A thread on Greece and how the Syriza government is facilitating vicious anarchists, convicted terrorists, indiscriminate violence and overall lawlessness in the country.

If you care about democracy and the rule of law in Europe, please read and share this.
2. Since getting elected in 2015, the Syriza-led government of PM Alexis Tsipras has actively turned Greece into a less safe country, directly attacking the foundations of democracy & rule of law, while diligently paving the way to dangerous phenomena of violence and lawlessness.
3. Shortly after getting in power in 2015, Syriza voted the infamous "Paraskevopoulos law" aimed at reducing overcrowding in Greece’s penitentiaries. Under this law, thousands of inmates were allowed to get out of jail early.…
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Thread: New Q design to go with a new heart.

Pictures will be sized for Twitter profiles.

First #Q heart will be for the #USA.

Hearts for other countries will be included in thread.

#WWG1WGA #Qanon #MAGA #Qarmy
2) New Q heart for Patriots in Australia. Sized for Twitter profiles.


#Australia #Qanon #MEGA #MAGA #UK
3) Q heart for #Austria is ready to share with #Patriots! It's sized for Twitter profiles.

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They all produce video analysis for #Newsbud: Prof. Filip Kovacevic (covering Russia-Balkans-EU), Peter Lee. (China & Koreas & SE Asia), Nation’s Top Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead (Police State USA), Pye Ian (One Of the world’s top Econ/financial analysts), Kurt Nimmo...
Starting Next Week You’ll Find me There ( With several videos podcast shows on #Turkey, Mid East, Central Asia-Caucasus Reports & Analyses. For members only (we have an amazing community there making Ad-Free, Foundation/NGO-Free, independence Possible)
In addition to that I will provide Culture-Food-Travel segments from #Turkey (All over the country), #Greece, #Lebanon, #Italy, #Iran, #Spain ... Fun, Informative ... a kind of mix not found elsewhere.
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Only results of a #Referendum can nullify the results of previous #referendum.
Name of a #Country voted 1991 with 1.080.000 votes, can't be changed in the parliament with a #referendum that FAILED on the census rule.
The decision from 1991 still stands, #Republic of #Macedonia ✔️
When #Бојкотирам coalition comes to power, there will be no need to change the #Constitution, we will only declare #invalid all decisions, all interventions to the #Constitution made by @Zoran_Zaev's government @VladaMK.
This is a warning to #Greece and our "strategic partners"
We have a strong #International case in this.
Inquiries have been made, the day that #Бојкотирам coalition gains power, all involved in ilegal #namechange will be arrested and put to trial.
All their criminal, unconstitutional decisions will be ERASED, like they never were.
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THREAD on #Russia/n Orthodox Church (ROC) breaking off “eucharistic communion" w/ #Constantinople Patriarchate.
1.CAVEAT: I don’t claim to be an expert in church relations but being Orthodox Christian & working on #Russia-related politics/policies I feel entitled to share few of my own observations esp in the face of mounting ignorance or propaganda from some of the usual "Russia watchers"
2. Within next days you will hear 3 dominating narratives on what came to be called "the new schism":
A.Patriarch Kirill is KGB (somewhat true).
B. ROC is a tool of #Kremlin (true).
C. Conflict emerged as aftermath of “#Russia trying to make #Ukraine submissive” (yes & no)
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I’m carefully reading analyses of all the things that went wrong during the Greek crisis by the exact same group of EU officials, analysts, journalists and opinion-makers that pushed for them in the first place. And not even a hint of self-criticism or “mea culpa.” #Greece
I’ll never forget any of those pseudo-intellectual “objective” analysts / journalists that supported and excused Tsipras, Varoufakis, Konstantopoulou et al. in 2015 - the most vile and damaging political gang to ever rule #Greece - paving the way to the country’s premature death.
#Greece could have been saved in the end of 2014. It would not have been a perfect exit, but it would have worked. We were so close. The economy was rebounding, and it would further benefit from QE. And then came Tsipras. And four lost years that brought the country back to 1989.
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Sea arrivals in #Spain are increasing.
But the closure of a #migration route doesn't mean that automatically migrants just move to a different one. There is little evidence of a 'route replacement' trend.
This is an important reminder that 'immigration policies' can affect migration flows but are hardly the only factor at play. The drivers of #migration are multiple and can't be reduce to the political will 'at destination'.
There is an overall and significant decrease in sea arrivals, which should be a warning for everyone still using the word 'migration crisis', but this is not the case, see… #Salvini #Italy
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50 dead in Greece from the deadly fires. I am absolutely devastated by this.
A Greek official has said that the death toll will most likely double to at least 100. One victim was a 6 month old baby. 25 died at once in the same field as they were fleeing to the closest beach.
As always, the Serbs are first to offer aid when Greece faces devastating fires.…
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#Greece expels #Russia/n diplomats, accuses Moscow of interference in domestic affairs concerning anti-Macedonia protests & civil unrest; bribing Greek officials and Orthodox Church priests:…
#Russia was trying to stir up opposition to a deal between #Greece and #Macedonia that will pave the way for #Macedonia’s #NATO membership, weakening Russian influence in the western Balkans. H/T @Otpor17…
#Russia blasts #Greece over diplomats explusion, and threatens reprisals and cyber attacks. #Greece #Russia HT @CostasKantouris @Menhad
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THREAD: The US @StateDept released its annual #ReligiousFreedom report today. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, here's where #LGBT issues come up in this year's reports.
#LGBT issues feature in this year's reports on Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, the Maldives, Mauritania, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sudan, Syria & Turkey. (And I probably missed others.)
The report on #Australia stays pretty neutral in its discussion of the legalization of same-sex marriage and subsequent push for religious exemptions under Australian law.…
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BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
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Terrible, terrible, terrible news from Greece. An unbelievable blow to the quality and independence of an exceptional independent watchdog of the Greek economy and state finances.
The Greek Parliamentary Budget Office, since its establishment in 2010, has been a provider of high-quality, independent, in-depth and hard-hitting reports on the Greek economy, government revenues and public sector finances - irrespective of the governing party in place.
With a small team, and largely thanks to the leadership of Prof. Panagiotis Liargovas, the PBO gradually became a trusted, transparent and rich source of information about Greece - for investors, public officials & academics alike. Everyone reads their quarterly/annual reports.
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