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🆘 Relatives informed us about a group stranded on an islet on #Evros river. The position they sent shows the people on #Greek territory. On the phone, the border guard station of #Soufli promised a quick rescue. We have no direct contact with the group & hope help is on its way! Image
The officer on duty of the border guard station in #Soufli told us on the phone that they have sent a team to the location but could not find the people. In the past, this line was used to cover up #pushbacks. We are worried - where are these people?
The people called us directly today & appear to be on the Greek bank of #Evros river. They report they are ~40 people incl. 10 children & 16 women, many with serious medical conditions. They say that 2 persons went missing during a #pushback & a woman could give birth any moment.
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🧵CW: violence
Another #pushback case in Greece, this time with a difference. Ezrat, an Afghan man with refugee status who lives in Thessaloniki was kidnapped, beaten and pushed back to Turkey at #Evros. 1/
In 08/2021 he & 3 friends went to a house at the village of Kimmeria nr Xanthi to pay ransom for his nephew, held by a smuggling network. 2 police officers arrived, beat Ezrat & his friends, handcuffed them & drove them to a detention site nr Xanthi in a car with 🇧🇬 plates. 2/
They were stripped and detained for two days. Then the police took them to the border near Soufli, beat them again, took a video of them (interesting – why?) and threw them in the river handcuffed. 3/
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Migration Minister @nmitarakis says the Supreme Court has launched an investigation & is blaming "international media" for basing their reporting about the fate of the Syrian girl in #Evros "only on testimonies". Seriously now? 1/11
2/11 First, his and the gov's whole "fake news" rhetoric is a direct & undue influence on an ongoing judicial investigation.

“New evidence clearly challenges the lie about a dead child"

Where & under what authority he got this evidence remains unclear
3/11 Mr Mitarachi is not a lawyer himself, but someone from his staff could have informed him that testimonies, which reporters routinely use, are crucial evidence in any criminal proceeding under Article 178 of the Greek Criminal Code…
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Maria’s body has now been buried on the islet in the #Evros. She was killed not by a scorpion sting, but by Greek and EU border enforcement. Some initial (and unfinished) reflections on this horrible case and its wider significance. 1/9
Greek #pushbacks have clearly become systematic in the regions of the #Evros and the #Aegean. The group on the islet is among tens of thousands who have experienced these cruel practices over the past years, which include acts of abduction, torture and killing. 2/9
Despite overwhelming evidence of #pushbacks & #Frontex involvement, the EU Commission is largely silent. Unsurprising: von der Leyen even encouraged Greece to be Europe’s anti-migrant ‘shield’. Compared to the previous Commission, the current one clearly shifted to the right. 3/9
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Οι πρόσφυγες και ο #εβρος
μία ανακεφαλαίωση για όσους καλοπροαίρετα ρωτάνε γιατί χάθηκαν στις αντικρουόμενες ειδήσεις

Μία ομάδα Σύριων προσφύγων έχει εγκλωβιστεί σε μία νησίδα στον Έβρο στα σύνορα Ελλάδας - Τουρκίας.
Είναι μέρες εκεί και προσπαθούν να περάσουν με ασφάλεια στην
ενδοχώρα και να ζητήσουν άσυλο.
Αυτές τις ημέρες έχουν επικοινωνήσει με δημοσιογράφους και έχουν στείλει υλικό που αποδεικνύει τις συντεταγμένες τους
ζητώντας την διάσωσή τους

Σύμφωνα με τις πληροφορίες είναι περίπου 40 άτομα και ανάμεσά τους είναι γυναίκες με παιδιά.
Στο ταξίδι αυτό μέχρι στιγμής έχουν πεθάνει 4 άνθρωποι. 3 ενήλικες και 1 ανήλικο παιδί.
Η ανήλικη πέθανε από τσίμπημα σκορπιού
και για αυτό υπάρχουν φωτογραφίες ντοκουμέντα που μπορεί να τις βρει όποιος τις αναζητήσει.

Η μητέρα ελπίζοντας ότι θα περάσει απέναντι και θα μπορέσει
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@hellenicpolice issued a statement that they have attempted from day 1 to spot the 40 Syrians on the #Evros islet but no human presence was ever detected.

I can confirm this has been the official line - both orally and in police reports I have seen 1/…
2/ That's ofc odd, given the vast amounts of proof of the group's presence on the islet, incl. metadata, live locations, Greek witnesses' recordings of the refugees' screams, videos showing Greek security officers and a live TV broadcast by @lindseyhilsum. This is all public.
3/ Either the much advertised border surveillance systems are not advanced enough to detect 40 people on an islet or the geography of the islet provides an invisibility cloak. Any other explanation welcome.
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An update on the case of the Syrian refugees trapped on the #Evros islet, based on all the information available to me at this moment🧵1/9
2/9 Three high-ranking GR officials w/ direct knowledge have confirmed to me the coordinates in the Interim Measures by the @ECHR_CEDH, mandating their rescue by Greece and non-removal from GR territory, lie within Turkish territory.
3/9 This is based on classified Army mapping, upon request by @hellenicpolice. I have seen no evidence from Turkey contradicting this, apart from leaks from the Turkish side the island is of mixed sovereignty. Also GR dismisses publicly available sources that the islet is Greek
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On August 13th 2022 the HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL PROJECT are celebrating one year after our first successful intervention to stop #Pushbacks in #Samos.
This is a small thread of how a small number of people can stop the illegalities of the government:
In April 2020 the Greek Government began its systematic and brutal pushbacks against refugees.
For a year, due to the pandemic restrictions, their actions went almost unnoticed.
@ABoatReport was trying to reveal what was happening but no one on the ground could do anything.
We were witnessing his posts feeling incapable of intervening: to protect both #AsylumSeekers and the #RuleOfLaw and #HumanRights.
On the 21st April 2021 another pushback took place in Marathokampos, Sámos. 4 days later one Palestinian woman with her three kids came to our
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3/ Confidential police sources and documents, as well as OSINT analysis allowed us to confirm the use of "slaves" -police call them & other migrants "beers"- in at least three border police stations in the Evros area: Tychero, Neo Cheimonio and Isaakio.
4/ Reporters also visited border towns and villages. "Migrants are not seen on this stretch of the Evros", said a local resident"; "Except for those who work for the police." One local shopkeeper said "police helpers" often come to his shop for supplies.
5/ Migrants working for the police have their own "masters" handling the forced labourers. One of them used by police is described as a violent, shady Syrian character with a long family history of smuggling and other criminal activity. Pictured here in Neo Cheimonio station Image
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New #turkish provocations - #Greek armed forces are on full alert

#Greece is watching every step #Turkey takes and is ready to respond. Whether it operates in #Kastellorizo, the central #Aegean, or #Evros, a similar response will be received from the Air Force, Navy and Army Image
After the harassment in nautical geo-research, Turkey set out with its own Bilim-2 research route to the area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo. On Friday, the Antalya station published a new challenging NAVTEX for carrying out oceanographic and climatic surveys of the research
vessel “Bilim-2” between Rhodes and Kastelorizo ​​and east of Crete within the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone and the station is under the responsibility of Heraklion for the NAVTEX output.
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A container outside the morgue's entrance at the University Hospital of #Alexandroupolis is used for the preservation of unidentified bodies, which, if not identified in a period usually of between 3 to 6 months, will be buried in the #cemetery of Sidiro village.
As of June 2021, 25 unidentified bodies were in the container, most of them young men of Pakistani origin.

📸 @IPapangeli
The main cause of #death for people attempting to cross the land border between #Greece and #Turkey through the #Evros River (Meriç in Turkish) is drowning, while others die from hypothermia during the winter, or from pathological causes.
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🧵 #Borders #Aegean #Turkey #EU #NGO @Frontex

Taking a walk around twitter, I came across an interesting tweet and decided to follow the leads.

Let me show you. This is the one.
So who is TopologicalA? Image
It turns out TopologicalA is an other NGO of course interested in borders, migration and of course borders surveillance. ImageImage
As they inform themselves, they are funded by three parts:

Europe itself
Goldsmiths University
( CRA is actually part of Goldsmiths University)

Is that public money? 💰 ImageImageImage
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#Breaking: The French aircraft carrier the "Charles de Gaulle" is to set sail on September the 5th, to the eastern Mediterranean sea, ahead of French president @EmmanuelMacron visit to #Greece on the 10th, reports says that it will carry the 18 French Rafala fighter jets 1/
#Update: to Greece to be joined in the Hellenic airforce, also on September the 10th @EmmanuelMacron, will meet Greek Prime minster @kmitsotakis, to sign a #greece/#France joint defence bill to combat any provocations in the eastern Mediterranean sea with #Turkey and others. 2/
#Update: Also rumours speculate that the " joint defence bill" with #France will be sending French troops along the Greek border with #Turkey in the #Evros region, to conduct multiple joint military exercises with its Greek allied forces.
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Will the EU ever intervene in these illegal actions of #pushbacks? - UPDATE

Almost 90 people of different nationalities were pushed back this weekend - young men, families, kids, pregnant women. Many were taken from different camps in #Greece. (1/5)
A group of 30 reported being taken from camps near Thessaloniki with the promise to receive new documents. Police then forced them on a refrigerated truck (!) that took them to a strange, dirty place to stay for 2 days with 30 more people and then ... (2/5)
... onto boats on #Evros river, driven by Pakistanis and Afghanis collaborating with GR police.

As usually, they had their belongings stolen and many were beaten - ... (3/5)
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#BREAKING: Video shows Algerians protesting #Turkish government in Sabiha Gokcen Airport of #Istanbul over being unable to return #Algeria this afternoon! #Erdogan brought 2,500 Algerians to #Turkey in-order to send them illegally to #Greece as refugees. Now they want go home.
There are also hundreds of tourists among them who are stuck in #Istanbul airport for over ten days without water, food & their luggage because of the decision of #Turkish government for banning all flights to #Algeria. They all were forced out of the terminal by police.
They are human beings, but #Turkey is throwing them away like garbage. After 10 days being stuck in the Terminal, #Turkish Police viciously attacked them & forced them out. They even have their luggage confiscated for 10 days! No change of clothes, shower & hygiene tools
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(1/8) In November 2019, we interviewed people who had been held and mistreated in an obscure detention centre near the village of Poros, #Evros, Greece, before being forcefully and illegally pushed back to Turkey.
(2/8) Recently, @nytimes reported on the presence of this centre, bringing a relatively unknown detention facility to international attention:
(3/8) Our methods helped witnesses reconstruct the facility from memory. The process aided their recollection and helped corroborate their testimonies. The models produced from witness memory matched the one we built from satellite images and photos taken on the ground.
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#Iran & #Syria refugees shown here being forced off a bus to join the wave at the #Greece borders.
A #Turkey security contractor pulls a gun & threatens reluctant refugees to disembark. 'Everyone off the bus or ull be beaten. There's no going back... No questions' 1/3
The refugees, following social media and news reports on their way to the borders, are feeling reluctant to step off the bus and join the fray at the borders.
There are concerns among activists that what started as a voluntary action, may now be turning into something else 2/3
Similarly here, #Syria refugees ask to be dropped off or returned, to no avail. They warn others not to make the trip.
'They're not letting us turn back, or stop to be dropped off. They want to take us to the river [#Evros]. Do not come to the river. Do not come at all'. 3/3
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Another heart-wrenching push-back story. #Greece #Evros #AsylumSeekers
A Turkish journo says they were beaten and pushed back by masked men at Turkish-Greek border on Friday evening.
Reporting from Greek-Turkish border: There are several more push-back reports in the region. Several groups of Turkish asylum seekers were reportedly beaten by masked men and pushed back to Turkey where they have been arrested.
8 people including Gul family reached Thourio, a Greek border town on April 28 at 5.30 am, according to witnesses. While sitting at a coffee house, they were detained by Greek police at around 9.40 a.m. They were taken to a police station and the group wanted to apply for asylum.
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