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हिंदी में।

क्या आप बीजेपी की B टीम है?
क्या ये "छुपे हुए संघी" हैं जो भारत को हिंदू राष्ट्र में बदल देंगे?
क्या CAA-NRC विरोध प्रदर्शन, JNU- जामिया और दिल्ली में दंगे के दौरान केजरीवाल चुप थे?
या यह कांग्रेस द्वारा अस्तित्व में रहने के लिए अंतिम हताश प्रयास है?
यह थ्रेड पढ़िए।
क्या AAP कांग्रेस द्वारा बीजेपी की बी-टीम कहे जाने वाली एकमात्र पार्टी है?

जाहिर है, नहीं!

जो भी पार्टी राजनीतिक रूप से कांग्रेस के लिए खतरा बनती दिखती है, कांग्रेस उसे बीजेपी की बी-टीम का नाम दे देती है।
लेकिन यह काफी नहीं है, है ना?

AAP पर कई गंभीर आरोप हैं, कुछ लोग सवाल उठाते हैं कि उन्होंने ऐसा क्यों किया क्या किया।
तो चलिए उनके जवाब देते हैं, एक-एक करके:
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Is AAP the "B-Team" of BJP?

Are they "Closet Sanghis" who'll turn India into a Hindu Rashtra?

Was Kejriwal SILENT during CAA-NRC protests, JNU-Jamia & Delhi Riots?

Or is it the Last DESPERATE attempt by Congress for their SURVIVAL?

A THREAD decoding the Politics behind this:
For starters, is AAP the only party accused of being the B-Team of BJP by the Congress party?
Apparently, NO!

Everyone who is a Threat to Congress politically, is labelled as the B-Team of BJP.

Right of the mark, all Credibility goes for a toss!
But this isn't enough, right?

There are serious accusations against AAP and some really raise questions as to why they did what they did.
So let's answer them, one by one:
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Two incidents happened today;
a) Wasim Bari, BJP leader brut@lly k!lled today
b) #VikasDubey, the Gangster who k!illed 8 policeman

One was a Muslim and other was a Hindu.

Let see how some people reacted to it.
#VikashDubeyArrested #WasimBari

1) Rana Ayyub This so called eminent Journalist has not uttered a single word for #WasimBari who though being Muslim was k!illed in #kashmir.

On the contrary on she wrote an article on WA Post claiming that CRPF had k!illed Bashir Ahmed last week in Kashmir
She wrote articles on releasing #safoorazargar, wrote against Section 370, wrote for Anti- CAA, wrote articles on destruction of Indian Judicial independence

If she is so concerend abt #Kashmir WHY cant she write about #WasimBari ?WHY?

Because he was a BJP leader.
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Young Educated Muslim boys and girls have always been pain in the eyes of the HindutwaRashtra regime.
Be it any political party, they have always designed and supported draconian laws to contain muslims in the name of law and order.

The government on a regular basis carried out planned #Genocide of Muslims which was never reported to the outside world.
After the #BabriMasjid martyrdom Muslims started questioning the political parties who pretended to be the messiah of Muslims.
That created a panic.

Laws like TADA,POTA,MCOCA were brought to picture.
Young Muslim men from #Kashmir and other parts of the country were picked up under false charges only to be found innocent decades after rotting in jail.
Many Muslim men were encountered to fuel the anti-muslim narrative

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Yes, Indian Muslims gave up Eid & Friday Namaz...and all religious gathering in the wake of pandemic but you did Jagannath rath Yatra.

After Continous Blamed by TV Media & RW, we Tableeghi Jamat still donated Plasma & helped Govt.
Muslims are on forefront in distributing Raashan door to door in this Lockdown irrespective of any religion.

Our Masjid was burned in Delhi riot but we still save all the Mandirs during Pogrom. Proud ✌️

Our Universities JMI/AMU Vandalised by RW but we never retaliate.
Gopal fired on us at Jamia infront of me still we not retaliate & handover him to DP

Our ancestor & Ulemas died while fighting against britishers still we called as traitor

Babri Masjid was demolished infront of all still we welcomed SC decision for peace & brotherhood
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Col Purohit was arrested without evidence, labelled terrorist and tortured in jail for 9 years. Whole nation knows Chitambaram, Dugvijay and Madame coined saffron terror narrative to malign the Hindus.
We are the ONLY country in the world which says our own countrymen are responsible for the blasts in our country. Have you heard Col Purohit's wife speak abt the trauma her family went thru all these years? And Sadhvi Pragya? Jailed for 9rs without even a chargesheet? Tortured.
It fills every Indian with anger and utter indignation for those responsible for framing them. We were appalled to know that in all probability, Col would have been handed over to Pakistan.😡
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#Safoora_Zargar a pregnant a Student activist leader of Jamia Millia Islamia, best known for her role in the Citizenship Amendment Act protests. She was booked under UAPA for inciting riots and was denied bail earlier.
Her die heart supporters were angry and felt judiciary has failed because law denied bail to a pregnant woman. The question arises why were they only protesting for #Safoora_Zargar. Is she the only pregnant lady in the HISTORY of INDIA to be JAILED?
#Safoora_Zargar was arrested on April 2020 on conspiracy charges over the riots that broke out in February during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and under an anti-terror law in a case related to the Delhi violence.
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Hearing on Safoora Zargar's bail plea begins before the Delhi HC.

Nitya Ramakrishnan will be appearing for Safoora while SG Tushar Mehta and ASG Aman Lekhi will be appearing for the state

SG Tushar Mehta submits that the state agrees, on humanitarian ground, to release Safoora on regular bail subject to certain conditions

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Delhi High Court begins hearing Safoora Zargar's bail plea.

Justice Rajiv Shakdher takes up the matter.

#SafooraZargar #DelhiRiots
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta says he has the instructions.

It is something in favour of the petitioner: SG Mehta

Without conceding to the assertions made by the Petitioner and without setting any precedents, the Prosecution will not object to Zargar being released on regular bail. This is only on humanitarian grounds : SG Mehta

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Solicitor General Tushar Mehta and Additional Solicitor General Aman Lekhi seek adjournment till tomorrow in #SafooraZargar bail plea before Delhi High Court.

Mehta, Lekhi state adjourning the case till tomorrow may help summarily decide issue in the case.

Advocate Nitya Ramkishanan says Safoora is in a delicate state of health as she is pregnant.

Solicitor General Mehta says they are cognizant of that fact.

Rahul Mehra, Standing Counsel, Delhi Govt objects to the appearance of SG Mehta and ASG Lekhi.

Mehra claims that no approval was granted to them to represent Delhi Police in this matter. He further points out that even the status report was not routed through his office.
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#Thread 🧵

As India’s #COVID19 tally inches towards the 3 lakh mark, here is a thread of IMPORTANT CRUCIAL THINGS THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN DOING RECENTLY to tackle the crisis:
The government has planned a 100-feet high bronze statue of #Bengaluru founder Kempegowda that will be erected near the city's airport at Devanahalli at a cost of Rs 66 crore.…
Ironically, the BJP is not starved of funds and the party is not shying away from splurging on LED TV sets and virtual rallies even when hunger, death and disease stalk the country.…
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A thread.
A new article written by Rana Ayub in favour and support of her HERO STUDENT ACTIVISTS Safoora Zargar which she compares to the innocent elephant killed in Kerala that had ACCIDENTALLY consumed a pineapple with firecrackers in it.
#safoorazargar #Safoora

First of all the elephant did not ACCIDENTALLY eat the pineapple but the reports says the COCONUT was stuffed with fire crackers was deliberately fed to her by Riyazuddin and Abdul Kareem (absconding) and Wilson (arrested) to her
Anyways lets move ahead with something more.

@RanaAyyub pounces on Ratan Tataji for pouring his shock and anger on social media over the death of a pregnant animal and claims he kept silent on Safoora?
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#safoorazargar is not the only pregnant woman in jail.Thr are many woman convicts who are in jail.Jail manual says women prisoners who are pregnant: Proper pre-natal, ante-natal care shud be provided as per the advice of qualified medical officer.
@NidarNaari @aakuraj
In 2006 the SC laid down certain guidelines as regards pregnant woman.
a. Before sending a woman who is pregnant to a Jail, the concerned authorities must ensure that jail in question has the basic minimum facilities for child delivery as well...
as for providing pre-
natal and post-natal care for both, the mother and the child.
b. When a woman prisoner is found or suspected
to be pregnant at the time of her admission or at
any time thereafter, the lady Medical Officer
shall report the fact to ....
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The reasoning in the order is absolutely muddled. Still an attempt to break it down :

1. Court says there is prima facie case of conspiracy for road blockade as part of CAA protests. That's at max an IPC offence, which is bailable.

2. From that the judge jumps to UAPA. Basis? Says attempt to bring a city to its knees and govt to grinding halt is "unlawful activity" under UAPA.

That itself is a sweeping statement, with no legal basis. Anyhow what is the evidence that she did that? Road blocakde it seems.
3. Next says she is part of conspiracy. But no evidence.Judge says acts of co-conspirators will operate against her. But what are the acts of co-conspirators. No discussion at all.
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