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THREAD on the occasion of revolutionary Tamil poet, Indian Nationalist, Hindu reformer #Bharathiyar's(#பாரதியார்) 138th birth anniversary.

#SubramaniaBharati was to Tamil as much as #RabindranathTagore was to Bengali Language. His literary works aided 🇮🇳 freedom movement.

#Bharathiyar's birth name was Subbaiah. He was born into a Tamil 🕉️ Brahmin family on 11th December 1882 in Ettayapuram village, Tirunelveli district, Madras presidency(Today village is part of Thoothukudi dist)

His parents were Chinnaswami Subramania Iyer, Lakshmi Ammal.

He started writing Tamil poetry at the age of 7. In his 11th year, he challenged eminent men in Ettayapuram Durbar.

Contested topic was "Education." He won that debate in presence of Rajah(ruler), came to be known as "Bharati"(the one blessed by Saraswati🕉️)


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Since the coming of #Islam to #Kashmir, since 1389 there have been 7 recorded exoduses of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Sikhs due to genocide and persecution at the hands of radical Islam.
The first exodus OF #Hindus from #Kashmir (AD 1389-1413) was under the Shah Mir Dynasty. Tourists may not notice that the iconic Dal Lake has a mass grave of Kashmiri Hindus known as "Bhatt Mazar" or "grave of Brahmins".
The second mass exodus (1506-1585) of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Buddhists was under Ali Shah Chak Dynasty, which made the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus a royal policy.

They boasted that they killed 900 Hindus daily for refusing to convert to Islam.
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Mandala is a sanskrit word meaning circle. It is an important spiritual symbol in Hinduism, jainism and buddhism. The origin, however, is from hinduism. This symbol is a representation of cosmos. Not only that, it represents the structure of life and death
These kind of patterns can be found in all over south and south east Asia. Physics, chemistry, geology, biology, psychology uses this symbol to understand the life propelling force in every cell and planet and mind.
In astronomy mandala represents the position of planets on regards to another planet. In #hinduism there are mandalas like surya mandala or Chandra mandala.
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#shiva lingam is important elliptical shape structure important in #Hinduism. Some people with a special agenda portrays this as a male organ.
At first glance, we see that there is a pillar & a disc shape below it. Below disc is a wide structure for support.
Shiva Purana & vedas describe this as a cosmic pillar. Purana state it as pillar of fire. The lingam is made up of three parts.
The top structure is the shiva called bramhanad (AUM), the base is known as bramha-pitha, the middle portion as Vishnu.
Sine wave is another way of observing the energies produced by it. How? The bottom part of is going deeper in the ground. Architecturally, any pillar (ordinary) which goes deeper in the ground, fetch tremendous energy. But the only difference is radiating it properly.
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Symbolism of Rama and His Three Brothers
The four brothers Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrughna represent the four states of the Antahakarana(Suble Body):
1.Thuriya(Transcendence) - Represented by Rama
2.Jagrith(Wakefulness) - Represented by Lakshmana
3.Swapna(Dream) - Represented by Bharatha
4.Sushupthi(Deep Sleep) - Represented by Shathrughna
These four states represent increasing distance from the realization of the Brahman(The Absolute).:
1. Thuriya is the state closest to the realization of the Brahman separated only
by the limitations of Buddhi(Discriminatory Mind).
2. Jagrith is separated from Thuriya by the limitations of the Ahamkara(Egoistic Mind - that leads to the sense of ‘I’).
3. Swapna is separated from Jagrith by the limitations of the Chitta(Impressionistic Mind).
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#THREAD to clear misconceptions that Lord Rama🕉️ is not worshipped much in South India:

We have 1000's of Rama temples in our South India..almost in every village, town of Telugu states.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

Don't fall for lies by Le-Lis, #Dumeels, Hinduphobes & doubt Lord Rama's worship in South.

I believe that Respected @SadhguruJV ji used these words accidentally.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

@SadhguruJV ji said "Maybe Rama is not such a big icon in the south."

That's false & only Anti-Hindu, Dravidian-#DMK gangs do such nonsense.
We South Hindus don't.

#RamMandir #AyodhyaCase
#AyodhyaHearing #राममंदिर_निर्माण #JaiShriRam #SriRamaJayam

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@lobonkha 1/n Excellent Thread @lobonkha ,with further inputs,from @From_Himalaya
Just have a few queries/concern & thought of raising them here,hope collectively,we can find some answers.
The atrocities against Hindus,genocide,is well documented, however,not wide reached,as I see,as for
@lobonkha @From_Himalaya many,these gory barbaric details, would be unknown,so thanks for bringing them out.
1.)Why haven't these details & more such so,not reached to every Hindu,who could read,so far. What's #Viraat_Hindu_NationaList party doing to include them in History text books?
2)What happened to
@lobonkha @From_Himalaya those Jihadis,who were behind such acts & their descendants. Any fight for justice for Hindus massacred,so far?
3.)Why hasn't #Kaandi been charged for genocide enablement against Hindus,
for #Crimes_Against_Humanity?
Rather #BJP doing #Kaandi_Bhajan?
Many suggested,such & other
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I am a Proud Hindu🕉️ from South India.

#Bhogi, #Pongal, #Kanuma #Ugadi/#Yugadi, #Puthandhu, #Vishu, #Bonalu, #Onam, #Bathukamma, #Atlatadde/#Atlataddi, #KarthigaiDeepam etc are Hindu🕉️ festivals & they're based on our Hindu calenders only.

DO NOT "Secularize" them bcoz

you Le-Lis want to further your North-South divide by tying us to some fake regional pride.

Non-Hindus can celebrate Hindu🕉️ festivals in our way if they want but don't try to appropriate & disrespect our Hindu festivals-traditions.

DO NOT take our tolerance for granted.

To stop @narendramodi, #Hindutva; many Anti-Hindu groups are destroying, demeaning South's Hindu culture.

E.g. Xtian missionaries are appropriating #Bathukamma🕉️ festival

While Islamist @asadowaisi mocking our #Bathukamma🕉️

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2 days later on Oct-13 its a full moon. #SharadPoornima 🌓 On this day #Hindus r supposed to fast n stay awake at night to get d “blessings” of dark matter in d universe. Then 14 days later v’ll celebrate #Diwali as moon wld hv completed its phase—AMAWASYA/new moon. 1/n
2/n #Hinduism doesnt associate darkness with evils. Its a western concept! This is y we celebrate #Diwali which falls on AMAWASYA (new moon). It is believed that every new moon is the beginning of a new manifestation cycle. Sharad poornima is associated with health n wealth.
3/n So on this #SharadPoornima manifest good health for urself. Yeah u will hv to fast too, so that ur body detoxifies itself n prepares for the winter. 😃 Sharad poornima is associated with Laxmi Devi. Interestingly, so is #Diwali.
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Divya Dwivedi (@Aloft_Incumbent, a deracinated HINO & Le-Li Hinduphobe) is saying that #Hinduism/Sanatana Hindu Dharma was "invented" in 20th century?

I am OBC Telugu & a Proud 🕉️ Hindu like my ancestors & I am aware of my ancient 🕉️ heritage.

You're wrong on many levels "deracinated"@Aloft_Incumbent:


You're spewing hateful-colonial construct also used by Radical Christian missionaries, Hinduphobic Left-DMK to deride us Hindus🕉️ by saying that we don't have any identity, existence before 20th Century.

Tell us @Aloft_Incumbent, What is our religious or dharmic identity before 20th century?

Who were our Kings? like #SriKrishnadevaraya, #Shivaji etc.

Which are our New year festivals?like #GudiPadwa, #Ugadi, #Vaisakhi, #Puthandu, #Vishu etc based on 🕉️ Dharmic calender.

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Someone asked me: Why do I care how old Hinduism is?

I'm so glad you asked. This is relevant to my research... short #THREAD #Hinduism
I work primarily on premodern India, pre-18th century. I work, among other things, on Hindu-Muslim interactions... Or do I? 16th-century "Hindus" didn't call themselves "Hindus" usually. So should I? That depends, in part, on whether they were part of coherent, larger tradition.
I also read premodern sources that talk about "Hindus" but the meaning is different.

Most commonly, I'm reading a Persian text and they mean "Indian" by the word "Hindu." To catch this and not misunderstand, I need to be thinking about the history of the term "Hindu".
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Someone asked me today: How can you talk about Hinduism when you're not Hindu?

I love talking about authority to comment on religion, insider / outsider issues, so let's do this. (for my original thread on Hinduism: ) #THREAD #Hinduism #religion
So, should you listen to anything I, a non-Hindu, says about Hinduism?

Well, it kinda depends on what you want to know and what you consider to be relevant markers of authority.
If you're looking for spiritual guidance, and you want that to come from a Hindu, then I'm not your person.
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1/n My thread on Y d 12 #Jyotirlingas in India hv bn positioned in a progressive spiral.If u draw a line over d Jyotirlinga temples on map then d final result is d shape of a conch shell or d #Fibonacci pattern. They say, this pattern is nature's secret code.Pic credit: Unknown
@DetheEshaSen @Defence_360 @meghdootindia @megirish2001 @CantstopulovinM @sanjeevsanyal @LostTemple7 @ToTheePoint @iamshinerk @davidfrawleyved 2/n So wat r Fibonacci numbers? A series of numbers in which each number is d sum of d two preceding number--1,1,2,3,5,8...Next number in d series will b 5+8 and so on. U cn continue adding number in this series till infinity. This mathematical pattern is represented as a spiral.
@DetheEshaSen @Defence_360 @meghdootindia @megirish2001 @CantstopulovinM @sanjeevsanyal @LostTemple7 @ToTheePoint @iamshinerk @davidfrawleyved 3/n In nature Fibonacci series r found everywhere. In the arrangement of sunflower seeds, pine cones,web of spider and also in d shape of conch shell. This is Aloe vera (original pic credit: shutterstock)
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Someone asked me: How old is Hinduism?

This is a common question. You might think it would be straightforward, the age of a religion, but you'd be wrong. The answer really depends on definitions and what you want to know. #Hinduism #THREAD
If you want to know: How long have people been using the word "Hinduism"? The answer is: With spelling variants, a few hundred years, max. It's a Western idea.
If you want to loosen up on precise vocabulary and ask: How long have people been using the world "Hindu"? The answer is: A thousand years, maybe a tad more. It's a Perso-Arabic invention. Also, the Perso-Arabic "Hindu" sometimes meant Indian, more geographic than religious.
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Orthodoxy made #Hindu Samaj non-inclusive and created deep faultlines for others to exploit. For orthodoxy, the 'mlechchh' is as much a non-Hindu as a Scheduled Caste person. #Orthodoxy never strengthens society or faith. Reject orthodoxy like Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar did. 1/n
Laughable that you can't accept food delivered by a non-Hindu because it is #Shravan. Does the food come certified that it has been cooked and packed by Hindus? A true #orthodox would cook his food, wash his utensils, carry his water. You are not even true to orthodoxy. 2/n
History tells us orthodoxy has inflicted incalculable harm to #Hinduism and #Hindu Samaj. Orthodoxy defended sati, child marriage, putrid casteism, purdah. #Orthodoxy opposed Hindu Code, women's education, equal rights, temple entry. Examples abound. 3/n
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@Aabhas24 This Myth of thousand year old Dalits n Lower Castes Oppression by upper castes has to be debunked now.This is a colonial myth now propagated by Marxists.The word “caste” carries poisonous history. The word “caste” is derived from the Portuguese “casta” — meaning lineage, breed,
@Aabhas24 or race. As such, there is no exact equivalent for“caste” in Indian society, but what exists is the dual concept of varna and jāti. Sacred texts describe varna not as four rigid, societal classes, but as a metaphysical framework detailing four distinctive qualities which are
@Aabhas24 manifest, in varying degrees, in all individuals. Jāti refers to the occupation-based, social units with which people actually identified. Jatis have had ups and downs in the vicissitudes of history; the past does not define the future. The same purusha पुरुष or ईश्वर resides
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Let us see what #Hinduism n #Hindus gave to the world.

A #Thread about #Hindus contribution to form this world better.

Hindu's contribution in any subject is more than any other religion in this world.

1)Let's talk about #Mathematics 1st
i)"0" :- one of the most important inventions of all time. Aryabhata invited the "0" 1st.The concept of zero and its integration into the place-value system also enabled one to write numbers, no matter how large, by using only ten symbols.
2)ii) Decimal System:- Hindus gave Decimal system. This system made the uses of arithmetic in practical inventions much faster and easier.

iii)Numerical Notation:-
As early as 500 BCE, had devised a system of different symbols for every number from one to nine.
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#Thread Bashing this aunties lies about Rig Veda.

Does offering of beef was common in Rig Veda times ?

Please RT this mass.
1) Her 1st lie, Tribals and Bengals of Tripura doesnt eat Beef.


Even Muslims of Tripura eat pork.
Pork is a stable meat after chicken here

Added two SS of swiggy.
When I mentioned Beef they suggested me veg dish. 🤣
2)Commie news papers claims that During Rig veda people used to offer Beef !!

This is completely false. There is no mention or no proof of their claims.

Killing cows doesnt even mention in the chronicles of ancient travellers too.
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#Thread Congress is enemy of Hindu.

Those Hindus who are questioning #SadhviPragyaSinghThakur and still supporting Congress is spineless.

I'm not saying this bcz I'm a BJP supporter. I will give all proof, next is your choice.
(2/n) Let's talk about 26/11 attack.
A guy clean shaved guy wearing sacred thread came along sea path to attack.
Now a simple question, do you ever saw a M guy wearing bhagwa thread ?? Isnt it haram acc to islim ? Ever saw a M jiladu clean shave??
(3/n) Now lemme tell u plot of Diggy raja's "RSS ki sazzis was written many months ago 26/11.
And they were fully planned to blame Hindus like other attacks.
We Hindus owe Tukaram Omble many thing. Thank god he caught them alive.

Each n every guy was clean shaved.
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📌 #Thread about dressing of Ancient India. #Hinduism

No sir. They didnt even wore bikinis that time. Actually India and Hinduism started many years before birth of "Mother Marry" herself 😌🚩

That time Women used to stay in bare chest.
2) I had to delete my 2nd post bcz ppl told me that sita used 2 wear clothes.I did my best 2 knw abt the real facts.
In 1 verse Ravana describd hr a breast full of jewels.
In other its written she was wearing silk clothes maybeshe was wearing clothes in lower part of her body.
(3/n) In many art of vedic era and ancient hindu temple. We can clearly see the statues of Indian goddess in bare chest with jewellery covering their breast.
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#Thread Many young peeps have confusion about KUMARI PUJA lets clear their fact. #Hindu #History #Hinduism

(1/n) In Bengal Kumari pooja was started by Swami Vivekananda 1 year after starting Ram Krishna Mission.
Goddess Durga is worship in various form during her 3 day stay.
2/n) Here we worship as her in "Kumari" form.

The actual word "Kumari" is a sanskrit word, hindi word of "Kumari" is कुँआरी which means अविवाहिताकन्या ।" {U can Google 😌}
When the word itself suggest Kumari, here we can't worship a married/un-virgin girl.
(3/n) •A girl aged between 1 to 16 year, symbolizing the Kumari form of Devi **NO MENTION OF NON MENSTRUAL GIRL**

[Generally girls get their 1st period in the age of 9-11]

• The Kumari form of the Goddess was empathised as the most dynamic form of her ALL forms.
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Religious #Thread.

(1/n) I noticed many time, some news papers and some Muslim scholar like Zakir Nayak claim that #Hinduism allows us to kill Cow.
But they never tell about the specific verse and Book.
(2/n) Those newspapers Article mislead many young people.
And many Muslim argue with us with those Articles without reading actual vedas.

Its absolutely not their false. They are learning what Medias are showing.

#Hinduism #NoBeef
(3.1) Claim made by lefties: Rigveda 10/85/13 ,“On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
Fact: The mantra states tht in winter, the rays of sun get weak n then get strong again in spring. The word used fr sun-rays in ‘Go’ which also means cow.
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