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En estos cuatro años la protección contra inundaciones fue una prioridad del Gobierno Nacional. Iniciamos 95 obras en todo el país para proteger 100 centros urbanos y 3 millones de hectáreas productivas. Hilo 👉🏻. #PlandelAgua
En 2016 reactivamos el Plan Maestro del Río Salado, la obra contra inundaciones más grande del país que beneficia a 1.000.000 de hectáreas productivas y a 5 provincias.
En el #RíoSalado hoy hay trabajando 8 dragas en forma simultánea por primera vez en la historia sobre más de 200 kilómetros de río. Se han dragado ya más de 10 millones de metros cúbicos para mejorar el cauce del río y mitigar el efecto de las inundaciones.
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#ElMono Lorenzetti, Baldomenico, Ricardo Luis #MONTONERO 💣💣💣

Nombre de Guerra: #Mono
Organización Terrorista Político Militar: #Montoneros
Grado en la Organización: #Teniente
PADRE: Aldo Nelson Lorenzetti
MADRE: Norma Baldomenico
HERMANA: Susana Lorenzetti Baldomenico
CASADO 2 veces: Primeras nupcias con Analia Cortassa, con quien tuvo 3 hijos: Pablo . Lucia Franco
Casado en segundas nupcias con Mara Beatriz Perren.
Esto es una recopilación de información de distintas fuentes que permiten reconstruir aproximadamente el accionar del #Mono Lorenzetti dentro de la OPM Terrorista #Montoneros.
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14,900 gun deaths in 2018.
334 mass shootings
646 babies shot dead.
27000 injured.
3024 Americans died 1975-2015 due to a foreign born terrorist (9/11 included)
Odd to be shot in the US: 1-11000
Odds to be killed by a refugee 1-3.64 Billion

We are shut down because of a wall?
I fohkn hate that I have to tweet death stats on a Sunday morning to make a point. I need a life
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141. A la hora del montoneo fashionista jashtaguero, resulta que todos son fulanita o fulanito; hasta el perro son. Pero cuando toca revisar el nivel de responsabilidad personal en el crimen de la #PederastiaEclesiástica, no hay quien se apunte con el #TodosSomosCómplices
143. #Bergoglio da consejos de qué hacer con un hijo homosexual; sin embargo este "Padre espiritual" está atiborrado de hijos espirituales homosexuales -curas-, a los que les solapa sus abusos en contra de seminaristas:

Todo está claro en el enlace del tuit 135 de este hilo.
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This is the definitive summary of the school safety meeting hosted by @BetsyDeVosED.
In addition to the comments included here I said: Despite the optimism shared by some of the panelist, I don’t feel we have made any progress on this issue in the 19 years since Columbine. When Mr. Eid related the failure at Columbine, it was as if he talking about Parkland.
The truth is we know how to prevent the vast majority of these schools shootings. That we don’t take the appropriate steps to keep our kids and teachers safe is a tragedy beyond words.
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If the United States government actually surveilled the communications & social media of white boys & men like they do everybody else - they'd see thousands of warning signs that these mass shootings were going to happen.

The #SantaFe shooter was a public white Neo-Nazi gun nut
The #SantaFe shooter was a literal terrorist. In addition to an arsenal of guns & ammo, he had a cache of bombs planted in multiple locations.

The warning signs were not hidden. He publicly embraced hate & violence.

It sincerely got a pass because he was white. That's it.
This much is clear to me.

The United States government is not going to confront the crisis of guns or of white supremacy/bigotry.

In fact, Trump has emboldened this ugly nexus.

Whatever is going to get done, we must do it ourselves.
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1-Sanate school didn't have the landline/signal 2 call 911
2-NY Times wrote an article about Santafe shooting YESTERDAY
3-Valerie Jarrett as I promised U, started 2 beat the gun ban drum
#IamTheNRA #NRA #2ndAmendment
#HumanTrafficking #SaveTheChildren #NRA #MKULTRA
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I'm so tired. So heartbroken. More kids. Another school shooter. This is our normal now. We don't have to accept it, though. When I was 17 & reeling after the Columbine shooting, no adults told us that it would be ok, that someone would stop the madness. 1/
We stumbled around, feeling blindly for the edges of our grief. Personally, I thought it was a one-time thing. I thought it was an isolated horror. I thought Littleton must have been a special town, & that we were special in our sadness, terror, & anger. 2/
I was wrong. Littleton, CO is the same as Newtown, CT, Parkland, FL, and Santa Fe, TX. My community was the same as theirs. Our shooters just happened to do it sooner. Even the pictures of survivors & parents crying are the same. Same emotions... different faces. 3/
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