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THREAD: 1) Xi throws #Okinawa into East Asia geopolitical cocktail

Xi speaks of Ryukyu's history, with emphasis on ties with #China

Xi's message is clear: That 600 years back, Okinawa was under the sway of the Chinese world order.…
2) Xi said that 36 Clans of the Min-People went over to the Ryukyus & settled, a reference to the movement of people during Ming Dynasty China in the 14th century. He emphasized the need to collect and sort such historic documents to inherit and develop Chinese civilization well. Image
3) In the past, the Global Times, a newspaper affiliated with the People's Daily, said in an editorial that China should support Okinawa's independence from Japan within the framework of international law. Image
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The U.S. Tenth Army invaded Okinawa in the Ryukyus Islands, which the Japanese considered home territory. The U.S. Tenth Army, commanded by LT Gen Simon B. Buckner Jr., included the Army XXIV Corps and Marine III Amphibious Corps.
The campaign began on 26 Mar 1945 when the 77th Inf Division landed on the small Kerama Islands near Okinawa, after which the U.S. established forward bases to support the next phase of the campaign.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #MilitaryHistory #WWIIPacific #Okinawa #77thID
Operation ICEBERG, the amphibious assault on Okinawa itself, took place on 1 April when with the Army's 7th and 96th Inf DVNs, and the 1st and 6th Marine DVNs landed on Okinawa. The 27th ID followed ashore on 9 April.
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Before I explain to the #AusAirForce 🇦🇺 comms ppl, please appreciate that their P-8A Poseidon fleet broadcasts its own location to anyone who will listen, using ADS-B. That signal will geolocate them from orbit. On patrol, their locations are the least secret thing over the SCS.
This tweet, that has all the words in it you'd need to find it, gives you the tail numbers and ICAO Mode-S hexes of the whole #AusAirForce 🇦🇺 P-8A Poseidon fleet. You can follow them pretty much any day with the link that's included in the quoted tweet.

On 2023-02-09 #AusAirForce 🇦🇺 P-8A Poseidon A47-011 arrived at #KadenaAB 🇺🇸 on #Okinawa 🇯🇵as call sign #ASY150.,7…
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In a live news show, @YaleEconomics AP #YusukeNarita asserted that the “only solution” to resolve the aging population issue in Japan is to “let elderlies commit mass suicide before they become a harm to society.”
I ask you. @Yale, is this acceptable?
@Yale Assistant Prof. Narita later said in an interview that he was only being “metaphorical,” that he meant for the elderlies to ‘depart’ on its own to make ways to their privileged position. But that’s NOT how you use the term #集団自決 (mass suicide).…
The term he used “集団自決” was commonly used during wartime for forced mass suicide by the Japanese Imperial Army, especially in #Okinawa. In other words, it is NOT a self-initiated suicide but one that is forced upon from those in power.…
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Un día como hoy, hace 50 años, #Okinawa dejaba de ser administración de EEUU 🇺🇸 para "regresar" a la soberanía de Japón 🇯🇵.

-¿Cuál el rol de la isla en la conflictividad regional con China?
-¿Por qué NO es un día festivo en Okinawa?
-¿Qué relación tiene con Argentina?

1) #Okinawa es la actual provincia más meridional de Japón.
Por su "ubicación estratégica", fue elegida por EEUU como la base militar principal en la Guerra Fría, para la contención del avance comunista de la China de Mao y la URSS.

Fuente mapa:
2) EEUU está en la isla desde abril de 1945, cuando comienza la cruenta "batalla de #Okinawa".
En junio de 1947, el comandante MacArthur declaró que Japón no correría riesgo de una invasión si Okinawa se transformaba en un bastión militar de la Guerra Fría.
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"All my friends are dying.",
I realized as I lay on the floor contemplating how to live to 100.

I am dramatic
and obsessed with longevity.
Dramatically obsessed with #healthspan
not #lifespan.

I'm on a quest to live well for a century.

Here's the problem:
The problem:
I have no idea what health actually means.

Do we eat meat or not?
Does dairy actually cause cancer?
What about mercury in fish?
Is coffee good or bad?

There's too much conflicting information,
too many buzzwords
and @instagram was making it worse.

Frustrated, I decided to look at the places where people DID live to 100.
At least I could begin there. These places are called @BlueZones.

Dan Buettner's work studies the world's longest-lived populations and finds best practices.

Turns out, there are only 5 blue zones:
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🚨The exciting part of the year for Japanese politics is rapidly approaching: with the race for the leadership of the LDP upon us, the general election for the Lower House is getting closer and closer.📆

Reports say that it could take place by Mid-October! Thus, this project:➕ Image
I would like to make a rundown on the 289 Single-Member Districts that compose part of the Lower House of the Japanese Diet.

Let's see the conditions of each district, the candidates & how the Japanese media & history see the race. Join me and follow along! In for a long ride🎢
Yes. I'm THAT crazy. LOL

All in with the 289 districts. Let's do it for fun and in order to learn more (myself included) about JP politics.

Please don't hesitate to add info, point out mistakes or anything you want! #JapanPolitics
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#MauritiusOilDisaster 🇲🇺🇯🇵9/4 Japan’s @asahi & @kyodo_english reports the #MauritiusReefs remain ‘healthy’ despite the widespread #Wakashio oil spill. However, their reports contradict one another 💯 % in one critical aspect; the effects on the mangroves.Thread⤵️
Asahi reported this: "Eleven mangrove forests in the southeastern part of the island have been found to be CONTAMINATED by drifted oil. OIL-COATED SEAWEED REMAINS at the base of the mangroves." (via DeepL translation+edit. Emphasis added)…
Kyodo reported this: "NO ENTRY OF OIL has been confirmed in mangroves, and NO OIL COATING on their roots has been observed either (in the wetlands)," said Noriaki Sakaguchi, a deputy team leader and an ecosystem conservation expert" at JICA.…
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ICYMI back on Feb. 7, 2020, I published: "A Harvester of Sorrow – First Wave of the SARS 2.0 Novel Coronavirus" / #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS… Image
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS…
#COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2ndWave no kidding, use summer as a time to prep just in case, no matter what anyone says, bc a virus is much smarter than any of you...
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An activist organization with ties to Korea suddenly entered a public elementary school in Ginowan, Okinawa for political activism. It was a weekday & the children had classes. The organization didn't have an appointment with the school.
They came to the school without an appointment and asked to see the school's shelter. Unfortunately the school let them in & allowed the group to make political statements at the school.
It was the vice principal who led them around.
The school claimed they tried to shield the students from the activist group but there has been massive amounts of criticism by Japanese people towards the public school and the Korean activists.
#japan #japannews #korea #activism #okinawa #ginowan
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