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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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I *love* the Santa Cruz River. I devote an obscene amount of time to this river that flows through the city I live and will die in. But geez do the complex water and management politics turn my hair gray overnight.
(a mini-thread)
Historically, the Santa Cruz River was a wildly dynamic desert river— through cycles of drought and flood, it meandered across a broad floodplain— but it had year-round water and lots of native aquatic species #Tucson…
But Spanish and Anglo settlers used up that water, pumped down the aquifer, and then built houses and business on that floodplain, and created a flood control channel to confine the usually-dry Santa Cruz River #Tucson
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I want to talk about migration, borders and jaguar huevos: This photo from 2012 shows the pelotas of a young El Jefe -- the famous jaguar that lived outside #Tucson, Ariz. 2012-2015. El Jefe moved north out of Mexico into Arizona to find new territory away from larger males. /1
El Jefe's huevos in this 2015 detection, just before he skipped town, are noticeable larger. There are only dispersing males in Ariz. The last female in the U.S. was killed in 1963. A breeding population of jaguars exists about 150 miles south of the border. So where'd he go? /2
We don't know where he went. But one thing is for sure. A handsome, mature jaguar like El Jefe would likely be looking for a mate, which means returning south. A border wall separating jaguars is a crime against the wild and a crime against wild love. /3
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I just want to make sure EVERYONE knows of the co #CEMEX - A worldwide company tied to #pedophilia, #childtrafficking #Hillary #Obama & so many more..

#CEMEX has a patent for using BLOOD IN CONCRETE mixtures.
Yes, I said BLOOD.
Here’s the patent👇🏼by #CharlesLaleman of Poissy France.

#CEMEX is owned by the #Bronfman + #Rothschild Dynasty…
Oddly, it’s a lifetime patent (is that even normal?), but JUST TODAY the application expired. 9/6/19. WEIRD🤔

Though it still says “Lifetime” next to its expiration.
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I am, once more, a guest of the Pima County Republican Club. Here to listen to @kelliwardaz speak today, coming back to #Tucson after cancelling an appearance a few weeks ago.
Today’s conversation - whether @kelliwardaz addresses it in her speech or during the question and answer session - is likely going to focus on Ward’s support to refer a sales tax increase to the ballot, letting the voters decide.
There is something new today here at the Pima County Republican Club’s official meeting space at the Sabbar Shrine Temple - they opened up an adjacent room to accommodate more people. It’s early, but there are easily 40 people here already to see @kelliwardaz.
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14,900 gun deaths in 2018.
334 mass shootings
646 babies shot dead.
27000 injured.
3024 Americans died 1975-2015 due to a foreign born terrorist (9/11 included)
Odd to be shot in the US: 1-11000
Odds to be killed by a refugee 1-3.64 Billion

We are shut down because of a wall?
I fohkn hate that I have to tweet death stats on a Sunday morning to make a point. I need a life
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You think these rare occurrences are a coincidence?
2018 will be the year that pedophiles are exposed!
The unrepentant knee will bend!
Eyes will be open!
If the knee doesn't bend then this will likely be the result for more exposed pedophiles to come.
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The NRA’s slogan is “Freedom’s Safest Place.” Is #LasVegas freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 1/21
Is #Alexandria freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 2/21
Is #Orlando freedom’s safest place, @NRA? 3/21
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