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Worldwide implementation in different industries and daily usage give the financial market participants confidence to integrate and build their products around the strongest cryptocurrency #BTC, #ETH.
I am sure that this is coming to $TRAC, and here are facts why!
$TRAC is in forward to global company standard. Companies and international organization that build on #ODN are #BSI, #GS1, #Oracle, #SBB, #SCAN, #Homedepot, #SmartAgriHubs, #NGIAtlantic, #Walmart, #EVRYTHNG, #Halal
#ODN currently covering many use cases from different industry: food traceability, certifications, fashion, entreprise data interoperability, international trade, industrial data marketplaces, sustainable agriculture, financial flow, pharma industry....
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Listen to this story of #tuberculosis
Real, not fiction. Even though may sound like super fiction. Of a patient now admitted under me.

56 yr man. Prior #smoker No #alcohol use, no #DRUGS. Family guy. Starts havin cough. Nagging no sputum
Keeps him awake at night
He goes 2 a GP. Clinical examination and blood tests done. Says some chest infection. Puts him on antibiotics for a week. Asks for review. 1wk later some change in symptoms, but not fully ok. GP extends antibiotic course 7 more days. C, no fever and no signs of infection yet.
After 14d course, no change. Patient chucks the GP. Goes for a senior GP. Senior GP does clinical exam,blood tests AND chest X ray. X ray comes back as "not looking normal" 🙄 But no diagnosis. So he says. Let's try a short course of #antibiotics AND antifungal. Again 14 days
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A quickfire thread based on a book I read recently titled " 80/20 YOUR LIFE " .

Disclaimer : This is MY interpretation & the ratio (80/20) is variable..
The essence here is to identify what matters & weed out the inconsequential & thereby manage time accordingly.
The #Pareto principle - 80/20 Rule is pretty well known & discussed in context of work & business productivity.
But it can also be applied practically in our day to day life in all possible aspects to ensure smooth sailing.
How do we do that? 🤔
Pretty simple actually !
Our Top priority goal must be a S.M.A.R.T goal aka :

Time based goal .

Everything is #time based as time saved can be used constructively for other purposes or even wasted happily ! :))
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[#Vidéo] @ArnaudFontanet, le décryptage de l'épidémiologiste via @LeCnam #LaMethSci Image
.@ArnaudFontanet > on a vécu ce qu'on redoutait le +, cad la vague extrêmement brutale des 2 1ères semaines de mars. En sortie de confinement, les chosent se passent pour l'instant plutôt bien #LaMethSci
21/09 > Leçon inaugurale d'@ArnaudFontanet : "L'#épidémiologie, ou la science de l'estimation du risque en santé publique" via @franceculture #LaMethSci Image
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🎵 The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY (꿈의 장: ETERNITY)

⭐️ Photobook Starboard
✖️ Google Drive:

🎵 The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY (꿈의 장: ETERNITY)

⭐️ Photobook Starboard
➕ Pages 03, 05
🎵 The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY (꿈의 장: ETERNITY)

⭐️ Photobook Starboard
➕ Pages 06, 07 (#BEOMGYU #범규)
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Stop assuming n procastination. This can lead to death most especially in health relatd issues. Lots of African women ve been once unlucky when awareness was low. @cbngov_akin1 @Ayourb @Omojuwa @jeffphilips1 pls Rt my story for ur followers. #EctopicPregnancy

It's a #Thread
1. My wife had been worried. It was 4 months after we told ourselves "I DO" and families, friends and well wishers celebrated with us on that Tuesday morning, 16/4/19 at the Marriage Registry Magajin Gari, Kaduna. ImageImageImageImage
2. I told her she is primary to me, every other thing is secondary so there is no need for her to be pressured. Early September, she begin to notice some changes in her body system then reached out for a PT strip. It turned +ive. Joy all over her. We agreed for Anti-natal by ...
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