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0/ Reasons why you should be #Bullish on @BandProtocol

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to needed middleware like #oracles. Smart contracts can't access real-world data and APIs, and oracles like solve this problem Image
1/ Chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space having the first-mover advantage. was founded in 2017, on the market since late 2019 with now around 2.6% of chainlinks market cap.
So the question is how big can grow and capture value relative to ? Image
2/ If we look at other spaces eg smart contracts, & are around 10-15% of 's market cap

Exchange token show a better ratio with at 40% of value while and are around 10%

If does a similar ratio of ~15% of - that puts it already at ~$25
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🥇 I've successfully cleared @Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate exam.

Acclaim Badge:…

@OracleCloud is an enterprise cloud delivering powerful compute & networking performance with a wide range of cloud services. THREAD
🌈 Skills gained & validated:
- Cloud Concepts
- Core OCI Services
- OCI Pricing, Security, Support & Compliance

💡 Tips:
- Focus more on OCI Regions, AD, Databases, Storage & Network.
- You can easily pass with the passing score being 68%, 19 questions can be incorrect.
🔖 Exam Resources:
- Oracle University Course:
- Free Full Course:
- Study Guide:
- Presentations:
- Practice Exam:
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Software Stocks Monthly Charts
Sonata 233.25
Sasken 465.35
Mphasis 919.15
Nuclues 273.30
Majesco 360.05
L&T Tech 1411.70
L&T Infotech 2109.65
Tata Elxsi 928.50
Which could Top the List 2 years from now on Investing Returns?
11July20 7:33
#Software #Stocks Monthly Charts
#Mastek 384.20
#Hinduja Global 676.95
#Intellect Design 110.95
#Kellton 15.00
#Cyient 250.30
#TakeSolutions 43.95
#Zensar Tech 126.80
#Ducon Infratechnologies 4.00
Stocks to avoid totally.
Which could they be?
11July20 7:44
Software Stocks Monthly Chart
#TCS 2222.35
#HCL Tech 582.25
#NIIT Tech 1592.90
#Wipro 222.10
#Oracle #OFSS 2769.00
#MindTree 1007.95
#TechMah 569.00
#Infosys 781.85
Which stock could fall back behind in the Race?
11July20 7:51
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Who are you Dr.Spencer?
How come there is no solid information as to who you really are!
We heard of you in 2014 W/your #ebola #Plandemic story !!! & now, w/cov!d .But, we still have no idea who you really are!! Who are you Dr?
What's your story? #qanon #QANONWORLDWIDE @POTUS
Did you take this photos in africa ?
Were you there?
Just curious what is your Board certification license # ..and why were you really in africa at the same time that Prince William was ! Were you in the same event?🙄

#WWG1GWA Image
Do you know anything about this?
Why are there armed militia in the pic!

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1/9 Much appreciation to @ChainlinkWizrd's comparison between $LINK and $BAND.

⚠️ Let me say it out loud: there's no need to be afraid that $BAND will take $LINK market share! ⚠️

Why? Because we aren't competing for a static pie. Let me explain. 👇
2/9 Smart contracts has gained popularity by @VitalikButerin's initial release of @Ethereum in July 2015.

Since then smart people in tech've been hacking and experimenting with new token economy. We ended up w/ ICO, DAO, TCR, and a bunch of papers calling for #crypto revolution.
3/9 Nevertheless, the adoption of smart contracts in real businesses is almost non existent. Why?

Often time the smart contract techs are driven by tech-focused group of researchers. They're solving the #crypto dilemma from a technical standpoint.
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Analysis: #NYSE $ORCL

Case 125 #Oracle Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#ORCL 1/3
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Edging up slowly and steadily into light #resistance at 57.30 and somewhat stronger into 58.60/90. A new all time high above 63.15 is expected but first price needs to hold above 61.45. The longer term target is 66.20.

ORCL 2/3
Chart 2
Weekly Chart: The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$ORCL 3/3
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So, my thread on how to choose databases for your web apps starts in 20 minutes time. Hope y'all are ready ?However, this time i would love it to be an interactive session where we can learn from each other about database preferences for specific web apps and the use case
This is what we want to talk about today. Take a really good look at the image below. Study it well. Also notice the words at the 3 vertexes of the triangle. CONSISTENCY, AVAILABILITY & PARTITION-TOLERANCE (Big English - but fear not, we shall demystify all and it'll all be easy)
If we also look at the image in the previous tweet on this thread we can see some popular databases placed at certain sides of the triangle. It is important to note also the positioning of some of a particular point on each side. We shall discuss this in more detail soon. #thread
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The wise, one alone, unwilling and willing to be spoken of only by the name of #Zeus, the name of Life.

- #Heraclitus 113

[Kahn 1979, pp. 267-271]
“With deliberate antimony #Heraclitus here presents his positive conception of the divine ... The #aphorism is unusually dense and puzzling, full of conflicting forces mysteriously under control.”

- Kahn, ‘Art and Thought of #Heraclitus,’ 1979, pp. 267
“... for #Heraclitus as for Aeschylus ‘#etymology’ must be taken literally: an ‘etymos #logos’ is a ‘true statement’ hidden in the form of a name ... the name ‘Zēnos’ affirms that the supreme #deity is also a principle of life, like the ‘everliving fire’ ...”

- Kahn 1979 p. 270
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A leader in #Igbo land must be very careful. They recognise that the line between sanity & insanity is very thin. Once one starts chorusing ijọm instead of ijọ́m, s/he is on his or her own. Like the said madman casting nothing over the bridge shouting, "13,13, 13..." The bridge
having hung over a deep turbulent river, people gathered to wonder what 13th bawl it could've been. So, a more inquisitive one went closer to see. At once, the madman scooped, plunged him over and began to sing, "14, 14..."

The Igbos know fleeing away, isn't cowardice in any way
Onye Igbo maara na ọhịa a hụrụ ozu nza abụọ na ihe na-egbu nwa nza, nọ na ya.

Kama ihe ga-ata isi ya, ya kpuru okwu ya. #Igbo
He doesn't sit out with insanity. He doesn't take counsel of psychopaths. Once a sound mind, crosses over to the other side of reasoning, the rest
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Have you heard about Zero-Downtime Upgrades (ZDU) for your #Database with #Oracle RHP ?
Hear of all about it here !
As part of the #Oracle RHP framework, ZDU provides an automated work flow that takes care of the upgrade process on your behalf.
ZDU automates 5 steps: Cloning, Switch Over, Upgrade, Sync Up & Switch Back.
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Clinton’s State Department overlooked human rights abuses and corruption while keeping a lucrative flow of contracts moving to U.S. security firms working in Mexico #GE #Honeywell #IBM @BenKTallmadge @bengals2761 @CarrollQuigley1 @SpiceOfOurLife…
Ironically these same companies have been in collusion with our Silicon Valley. It never slowed moved to Russia #Skolkovo
See for yourself:…
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0/ Fun fact: plenty of non-#bitcoincashfork-related news went on today!

Here, a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto-related happenings from the past ~24hrs. Granted, not as entertaining as watching the hash wars play out in real-time, but it deserves your attention nonetheless.
1/ 🍭 #Bitcoin rewards rebate app @TryLolli raised an oversubscribed $2.25M seed round. Investors included @BainCapVC, @VersionOneVC, @ForerunnerVC, @SVAngel, @FJLabs and @DCGco.

Congrats @AlexAdelman, @MattSenter and team! Keen to see #Lolli progress.…
2/ 📢 Aware of the community's increasing level of demand for greater transparency from the @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ], the I.F. issued a detailed write-up addressing their oft lacklustre performance re comms.

Worth reading for those interested in #ICON.…
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The inaugural @OracleCodeOne conference is over.

Now’s the oppty to watch recorded sessions by members of the @Java Platform Team @Oracle. Learn how #Oracle is continuing to keep #Java vibrant.

Without further ado, here’s my replay suggestions (re-tweets welcomed)...
Let’s get started with the opening @Java keynote given by @gsaab and @mreinhold as they cover how the "Future of Java is Today"

#JDK #OpenJDK #Java

“The Future of Java SE” by @aureliog

#JDK #OpenJDK #Java

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