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Hello new followers. I periodically write threads where I try and disseminate resources on riot control. I'll put those resources in the replies, but for now here is a crash course on riot control. Know your enemy. #seattleprotests #BlackLivesMatter #ACAB (1/25) Image
Front Line Officers carry batons and/or shields, and their role is to keep the integrity of the police formation, and push protesters in the direction the police want them to go. (2/25)
FLOs are supported by Gas Officers. Gas Officers are primarily responsible for deploying OC, but are responsible for all riot control weapons. They will support arrests, or deploy weapons against any protester strongpoint that threatens the integrity of the frontline. (3/25)
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SEATTLE, WA: Antifa Militants partook in an Anti-Police demonstration where they advanced down the street vandalizing multiple businesses.

@SeattlePD made 11 arrests. #SeattleProtests
Here are a few photos released by @SeattlePD documenting the vandalization and weapons they recovered. #seattleprotests
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Thread: @BLMSeattleKC isn't affiliated w/ the global org. Isn't an official chapter & is taking consistent action is support of police. The bail fund has stopped & secret meetings w Durkan have continued. They were not responsible for No New Youth Jail. #seattleprotest
They retracted their support of KCEN.
They backed Carmen Best when Best was gassing the City & criminalizing Black Youth.
They are attacking the Council using the BLM name while siding w Durkan who vetoes efforts for police accountability. #blm #seattleprotests
This is concerning bc hundreds of thousands were donated. I shared their page. Promoted them. Worked on the census project w/ them. Worked on getting visits done for the ppl they were supporting on bail. As of 7/13, there was no more bail support. #blm #seattleprotests
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You mean:"As armed police, engaged in unlawful arrests, in clear violation of 1A, attempted to kidnap community, com attemtped to flee. Some may have tried to exercise their right to self defense but likely not. We continue to violate community trust & terrorize" #seattleprotests
This is what your government is doing to community members protesting. They start mauling people. They escalate. They threaten. They harm. THEY ARE VIOLENT. #seattleprotests #DefundSPD #blacklivesmatter
I cut off the first part 🙄.

#seattleprotests #blacklivesmatter #abolition #defundspd
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HAPPENING NOW: @SeattlePD rushes through barricade of Antifa Militants and BLM protesters outside of Seattle Police Officers Guild. Multiple protesters get arrested. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
The aftermath after @SeattlePD rushed through the Antifa barricade made of umbrellas. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
Antifa Militant under arrest getting treated by Antifa Medics. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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So this happened. Idiots in Everett, Washington tonight tried to block traffic and JUMPED ON THE HOOD OF THE CAR, and then whine about a vehicle "trying to drive into a group of 50 protesters" - this is absolute insanity #Seattleprotests
By the way, this guy was running for congress. He also was transporting supplies down to the Portland rioters. #Seattleprotests
Stunning and brave. #Seattle
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JUST IN: Washington State Patrol arrests every single criminal BLM driver for illegally protesting on the NB- I5 freeway.

Great work, @wastatepatrol! #seattleriots #seattleprotests
These arrests come after the “Seattle Morning March” shutting down Highway 99 yesterday. Image
BLACK LIVES MATTER illegally blocking traffic and protesting on NB-I5 Freeway.

Moments later they get arrested by @wastatepatrol and cry victim. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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Someone asked me what the “protest goal” of the #shelterhouse was. There was no ulterior motive. People weren’t feeding people to try to incite police retaliation. They were just feeding people. THREAD
#SeattleProtests #SeattleProtest
The idea that “leftist” programs of mutual aid and community support must be a front for some sinister plot can be traced to the “logical death traps” (Bevins, 2019) of FBI director J Edgar Hoover, even before widespread McCarthyism.
As Hoover told Congress is 1947, “the American progress which all good citizens seek, such as old-age security, houses for veterans, child assistance, and a host of others, is being deployed as window dressing by the communists to conceal their true aims...”
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CJ TV is traveling the country with Momma Bird, who doxxed a Black leader in Seattle and is suspected to be working with the police.

Protestors in other cities should be wary of these two.
#seattleprotest #seattleprotests #seattleprotestcomms
Momma Bird has been problematic in the Seattle protest community for a while now, for being close to the police and doxxing Black leaders
#seattleprotest #seattleprotests #seattleprotestcomms
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Some real talk, plz read.

I haven't been blasting facts and screaming at the police for no reason.

We have to decry white supremacy, we have to use our voices. They have known white supremacy has been the real threat the whole time. PPB will 100% let people fucking kill us. /1
After I was ran over by a truck, the feds targeted me. Their security guards knew my name and explicitly said I was ran over because the driver feared for his life. I was standing in front of him at a red light- a whole other lane to go around me, asking streamers to capture- /2
Video of his truck because he hit protesters a couple weeks back.

Teens were murdered in the CHOP because of a police/gang set up. The CHOP was on a major known gang road. The police abandoned the East precinct in an attempt to let the neighborhood be overran with crime-/3
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Quick thread on No Charges Filed (NCF). The majority of ppl arrested since the beginning of the uprising have not had charges filed. A VERY important thing to remember is that these charges(or others) CAN be filed in the future.
#BLM #JailSupport #seattleprotests
In our 5+ year history we've seen the state not file charges on protest related cases, and then bring those charges back 1 to 1.5 years later. The KC/City Attorney offices are under no legal obligation to not prosecute charges in the future, regardless of what they say today.
Risk assessment is about having all the info to make informed decisions. We ask that you keep these future charges in mind while engaging with the movement. We would never tell people to be more quiet or take less risks-just to keep things in mind and be prepared for the future…
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Currently in #Seattle, the march of destruction has begun
Hey, that's not where the protest is #Seattle
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This is a direct statement from one of my friends who was brutalized by SPD in Cal Anderson just now. Twitter won’t let me add alt text to a voice note. So I will thread the transcript. #seattleprotests #defundSPD
“I haven’t read y’all’s messages, but all I can tell y’all, is that *I* was the one getting kicked on the fucking ground. Next to the Black homie who was helping me." (2/x) #seattleprotests
"There was NO assaulted officer. The female officer pushed me *first* and then, the most that happened to them was that they got dirt thrown at them as they were kicking me in the ribs, kicking dirt in my face, and pepper spraying my homie & me." (3/x) #seattleprotests
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🎥🔊📣 #BackTheBlue @SeattlePD #SeattleProtests @FBISeattle @carmenbest #MAGA2020 @DHS_Wolf




GET THIS TO #LawEnforcement!


Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
@SeattlePD @FBISeattle @carmenbest @DHS_Wolf Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
@SeattlePD @FBISeattle @carmenbest @DHS_Wolf Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
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Also, you got doxxed but still refuse to Bloc up? Why, are you afraid you won’t get the credit if people don’t know who you are? Is being the face of a movement you have no business leading so important to you that you’re willing to put each other in danger?
The community is now having to pay for these ignorant organizer’s safety because they have no security culture and refuse to learn how to protect themselves. That money could have gone to someone who is actually house less or to needed supplies.
The EDM serves two purposes. To control and soften the protests so electoral politics look worthwhile and people refrain from radical actions that get the goods, and as a source of clout and for the organizers. You can tell by talking to these kids they don’t know shit.
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I’m a victim of police brutality. Everyone who protected me tonight is there listening to and supporting me every night. Why are organizers in the city using the same tired rhetoric as the media? Why are you so pessimistic that you don’t believe we’re here to support you.
The identity politics need to stop. The peace policing needs to stop. We have white people who are willing to burn this fucking city down for us. That is not a bad thing, and demonizing people who are willing to do things you might be punished more harshly for is backwards af.
You don’t get to manipulate and mistreat people because you’re a black woman. Especially if you’ve had your turn to speak and are constantly speaking over people who are far more educated and seasoned than you are.
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Austere Peaceful Rioters vs @SeattlePD.

There can only be one champion.

The night is still young!

#seattleprotests #seattleriots
Independent Filmmaker gets assaulted and harassed by Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter protesters. Their umbrella crew prevents him from filming. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
Black Seattlite kicks over the barricade that Antifa Militants and BLM protesters set up and yells, “All Lives Matter. Fu*k Black Lives Matter.” #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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It’s not losing focus to treat this as a revolt. This country was built by exploiting Black people and to exploit Black people. People of all races coming together against the USA is not co-opting BLM. It is supporting Black lives in a more honest way than we’re familiar with.
Everything about this country — From before seeking independence from Britain and onward, has relied on the exploitation of Black and Indigenous peoples. This country, like the police, cannot be reformed. The USA was formed in bad faith and as a concept it must be destroyed.
This uprising was started as a call to protect Black lives and that at its core it detrimental to the USA’s existence. That’s why all these white radicals are coming out of the woodwork. People are finally inspecting Amerikkka’s foundation and it’s sketchy af...
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I saw a sign yesterday at the #Seattleprotest that I've been mulling over, and I've decided I need to talk about it. This might get long and might be vaguely disorganized, and please bear with me - it's important. 1/22
“Empathy is not allyship.”

One more time for emphasis: Empathy is NOT allyship. 2/22
Bluntly - it doesn’t matter if you feel bad about events or feel pity for the people involved *if you aren’t willing to actively do something about it*. It doesn’t matter. “Feeling bad” about events happening is irrelevant. Feeling bad is the embarrassingly bare minimum. 3/22
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Like I said, the calm before the storm. Here we go again, pushing backwards on Pine toward Broadway. #Q13FOX #seattleprotests
Seattle Police said they’ve made at least 25 arrests today since the department declared this a riot. This may be # 26 #Q13FOX #seattleprotests
Paramedics are here to treat a guy Seattle Police have under arrest. Police say he collapsed after running a long way away to avoid arrest. An officer told me they pursued him for repeatedly shining a green laser in officers’ eyes. #Q13FOX #SeattleProtests
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LOTS of blast balls being used to move back protesters here near Cal Anderson Park #Q13FOX #SeattleProtests
And now pepper balls too.
This seems to be the dance right now. Police push protesters way back on Pine, then retreat space back to the protesters. Objects thrown back and forth. #Q13FOX
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So clearly today is not the day we get to have a life. Catching up now, but 11th & Pine (once again) is a major friction point between protesters and police. We've seen flash bangs, pepper spray and blast balls all used in the last few minutes.

Police are now trying shoot pepper spray through the front line umbrella brigade.

We've heard repeated reports that flashbangs have lobbed into the crowds and that media have been targeted by both pepper spray and rubber bullets.

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🚔 Seattle, Washington 🚔
4:20pm 7/25/20
Known Account 👇🐸

"Antifa & Rioters set fire to construction vehicles outside of the Youth Jail. They tipped over porta potties and set fire to them as well. Scene is chaotic."
#seattleriots #seattleprotests

🚔 Seattle, Washington 🚔
4:30pm 7/25/20
Known Account 👇🐸

"The Construction Site where the new Seattle Youth Jail is being built has been set on fire. Here you can see the trailers burning."
#seattleriots #seattleprotests

Earlier 👇 preparing for today's march.

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BREAKING: Judge Robart has granted temporary restraining order request by @TheJusticeDept that should block #Seattle crowd control weapon ban from taking effect and maintain status quo which maintains previous TRO blocking @SeattlePD use of CCW. Awaiting written order @KIRORadio
I believe the net result of this allows SPD more wiggle room to use crowd control weapons if Chief Best authorizes under specific conditions, which was allowed under the TRO-turned injunction issued by a different judge.
Important note :Judge Robart stressed TRO was to be very "temporary" as he wants to stay on track to get report on impact of @SeattleCouncil CCW ord. from accountability partners on 8/15 & hear more on impact to consent decree/SPD policy 1 wk after. @KIRORadio #seattleprotests
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