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When The Hill tries to cover the Seattle Mayoral race from DC, I don't have high expectations. But this was even worse than I expected.…
The central premise is that Seattle progressives are uncompromising and have gone too far somehow.
The evidence is muddled. I guess Durkan deciding to retire reflects poorly on progressives or something: "Now Durkan is retiring after just a single term in office, a remarkably swift end to what had appeared to be a promising political career."
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Is it just us or is the Court Monitor much more interested in throwing money at SPD and blocking the #DefundSPD movement than ensuring accountability for police brutality? #SeattleProtests
Nearly a decade in, Seattle's federal Consent Decree is starting to feel hopelessly off the rails, with the federal oversight just another part of the institution shielding SPD from deeper accountability. #SeattleProtests #DefundSPD…
Monitor Antonio Oftelie's questions seem to betray no awareness that this crisis could be of SPD's own making. Afterall, the police guild president sees this an all out culture war. #FascistCoup #DefundSPD…
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#SPD was made aware today that at least two officers were reportedly in DC on Wednesday. The incident has been forwarded to the OPA for full review of any SPD employee activities at the Capitol.…


#seattleprotestcomms #seattleprotests #defundspd
Chief Diaz wrote in the SPD Blotter post: “If any SPD officers were directly involved in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, I will immediately terminate them. While OPA investigates, these officers have been placed on administrative leave.”

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D7's Budget town hall is happening this evening but I haven't seen the D4 on yet so...I'm gonna tweet it out right now!

#AceReporting on what is sure to be interesting. Let's see what priorities CM Pedersen has.

#SeattleProtests #SeaBudget2021
*skips all the intros*
Reverend Aaron Williams joined as the Co-Chair of the Community Police Commission. CM Pedersen asking him about his thoughts related to this moment.

Rev. Williams states the (SPD) contract negotiations have started as well as create a state agenda for the leg this year.
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Hello and welcome to #AceReporting on today's Seattle City Council Meeting! As always, tips are appreciated-

venmo: houstonace
CashApp: $Archstar

if you do not know already, the 2020 budget veto override is happening TOMORROW (Tues) so get ready for that.

Today we have a # of items including a slate of commission appointments. Other notable items:

- Agreement with Seattle Arena Company, LLC related to transit plans around CLIMATE PLEDGE ARENA

- The carbon note I wrote about in The Urbanist

- Property transfer to Byrd Barr Place
- Establishment of an Equitable Development Initiative Oversight Board
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Thread: @BLMSeattleKC isn't affiliated w/ the global org. Isn't an official chapter & is taking consistent action is support of police. The bail fund has stopped & secret meetings w Durkan have continued. They were not responsible for No New Youth Jail. #seattleprotest
They retracted their support of KCEN.
They backed Carmen Best when Best was gassing the City & criminalizing Black Youth.
They are attacking the Council using the BLM name while siding w Durkan who vetoes efforts for police accountability. #blm #seattleprotests
This is concerning bc hundreds of thousands were donated. I shared their page. Promoted them. Worked on the census project w/ them. Worked on getting visits done for the ppl they were supporting on bail. As of 7/13, there was no more bail support. #blm #seattleprotests
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You mean:"As armed police, engaged in unlawful arrests, in clear violation of 1A, attempted to kidnap community, com attemtped to flee. Some may have tried to exercise their right to self defense but likely not. We continue to violate community trust & terrorize" #seattleprotests
This is what your government is doing to community members protesting. They start mauling people. They escalate. They threaten. They harm. THEY ARE VIOLENT. #seattleprotests #DefundSPD #blacklivesmatter
I cut off the first part 🙄.

#seattleprotests #blacklivesmatter #abolition #defundspd
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So @carmenbest and @MayorJenny are telling us #defundSPD would lead to layoffs of young diverse officers because of union seniority rules

Last night I went down a SPOG contract rabbit hole to see if this is true or if our Mayor and Chief are making threats.... let’s examine 1/
By way of qualifications I’ve worked in labor for 13 years, read 1000’s of contracts, helped bargained contracts that cover 25,000+ workers, etc. I’m also a lawyer but not practicing 2/
First of all, oddly enough the SPOG contract is SILENT on layoffs. Let’s stop right here and say this is weird. Most contracts have this language and this is an example of how much the city and SPOG assumed they would have an ever expanding budget

So where’s the language? 3/
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Today is a down-payment on community investments and an ongoing commitment to transform how we deliver community-supported public safety services across the city. /2
Our collective commitments now, plant the seeds and provide a blueprint for massive divestment from our militarized police force and reinvestment in community-based public safety #solutions. Phase 2 of this work begins in just 7 weeks. /3
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So clearly today is not the day we get to have a life. Catching up now, but 11th & Pine (once again) is a major friction point between protesters and police. We've seen flash bangs, pepper spray and blast balls all used in the last few minutes.

Police are now trying shoot pepper spray through the front line umbrella brigade.

We've heard repeated reports that flashbangs have lobbed into the crowds and that media have been targeted by both pepper spray and rubber bullets.

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(A thread) Read our latest Black Joy Newsletter:…

"It is critical—particularly now—to properly engage with anti-Black racism to upend the current permanent racial caste system.

So, how can you do that?

First, become reacquainted with “racial realism."
"Racial realism" is the understanding that with current legal and societal structures, Black folx will never reach full equality in America. Said differently: the moral arc of the universe does NOT bend toward justice...
...and there is no magical moment in the future where whites and Blacks converge—as evidenced across many metrics, most notably the immutability of the wealth gap...
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ICYMI: Takeaways from the 7/15 @DecrimSeattle & @KCEquityNow budget meeting with @SeattleCouncil (a thread)

For the full detail, check out the 13-page blueprint here:… #DefundSPD
"This is about broadening the number of tools that we offer to community and investing upstream…to protect our community as well as investing in their health.” @CMTMosqueda
Calling for cuts to the 2020 SPD budget beyond the $20M already identified. 50% cut will be taken from the remaining Summer/Fall SPD budget and will be phased in over time. Redistributing 2020 budget now will empower the community to fully re-envision 2021 budget.
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1/10 Here's what I took away from the incredibly informative #DefundSPD Teach In hosted by @DecrimSeattle earlier today (a thread).
2/10 Important dates for 2020 budget:
Week of 7/20 the City Council will introduce amendments
Week of 8/3 the City Council will vote

We have 3 weeks to email, call, tweet our council members to ensure they uphold support and vote to #DefundSPD by 50% @CMTammyMorales
3/10 Contrary to what @MayorJenny and @carmenbest want you to believe, the proposal isn’t calling for an immediate 50% cut of the entire SPD budget. If passed in August, the reduction for SPD's 2020 budget will be 50% of whatever’s left from then until December 31.
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Conservatives are always going off about teachers' unions...

Imagine if teachers started at $83k and after 4.5 yrs made a guaranteed six-figures *regardless of performance*.

#seattleprotests #DefundSPD #DefundPolice Image
Avg. total cost for a patrol officer = ~$150k incl. benefits

Benefits = 31%

Avg salary = $103.5k

Seattle median *household* income = $93.5

Not even factoring in overtime (which can equal $10k-100k), a single officer makes 11% more than avg household in the city
(2/3) Image

A teacher:
Bachelor's degree or higher + cert + experience

A cop:
High school diploma/GED + run 1.5 miles in under 16 minutes & do 20 push-ups

Something's wrong with this picture.

(3/3) Image
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Why is Seattle spending so much on patrol?


The Defund SPD movement aims to cut the police budget by at least 50%.

A good place to start: Patrol

This division accounts for ~25% of the SPD budget (2/16)
Last year, a patrolman topped the list of the highest-paid SPD officers, with $414k (incl. overtime)

For the same cost, the city could hire 6.7 human services counselors. ($33/hr.) SOURCE: Openpayrolls

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I was just denied access and threatened with arrest again by #seattlepolice for not having ID while trying to get to my home in #CapitolHill. They claim they were given new orders this morning.

#seattleprotests #seattleprotest #CHOP #seattleCHOP #defundSPD #seattle
I went to a different entrance and the #seattlepolice there told another story - ID was not required. However they claim that they never received the initial orders to stop IDing 🤔

#seattleprotests #CHOP #SeattleCHOP #defundSPD #CapitolHill #seattle #seattleprotests
For context, here is the Deputy Mayor telling me on a conference call that ID will no longer be required as of 7:00PM on July 1st

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I wrote in @Crosscut about why defunding the police is about Seattle ending its centuries-long battle with its own form of Jim Crow.

When the fight for "reform" takes place in literally every generation, the only way forward is some version of abolition.…
Seattle, 1865: A week after Lincoln signs off on the 13th Amendment, Seattle's first City Council bans Indigenous people from appearing in Seattle city limits. The Seattle Police Department is founded in 1869, but doesn't hire a Black officer until 1890.…
Seattle, 1901: Seattle PD arrests Black journalist Horace Cayton Sr. because he has the temerity to report on police corruption. Cayton's son (a cop) later writes of a police culture of suspicion and condescension towards Black Seattleites in the 1930s.…
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So here's something folks may not know about. The Seattle Police Foundation bought the SPD a pony last year.

They had a naming contest among elementary students who named it Lil' Sebastian after the pony in Parks & Rec.


#seattleprotests #DefundSPD #DivestSPD Image
Why does the SPD need a pony?

They'd rather have the city's children and their parents associate the police with the image on the left than the one on the right.

#seattleprotests #DefundSPD #DivestSPD ImageImage
It's also a fundraising tool for the foundation. They want donors to think their money is going to K9 dogs and ponies for the kids--not military-grade equipment used to violently suppress protesters

#seattleprotests #DefundSPD #DivestSPD ImageImage
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Budget committee is digging into @SeattlePD's budget for the second straight week, and several @SeattleCouncil members are expressing frustration they aren't getting straight answers, even to requests for how long it will take to get answers. #DefundSPD
Here's what we learned at last week SPD budget hearing. #DefundSPD #DefundThePolice…
.@CMTMosqueda objected to SPD's use of "less than lethal" as a name for crowd control tactics like chokeholds and chemical weapons that really do take lives, particularly amid a pandemic that targets the lungs. (Hence the ban.) #DefundThePolice…
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The KCEN Coalition is partnering with @DecrimSeattle to create a participatory budget for the 2021 Budget Cycle.

This comes at the heels of Mayor Durkan's mere 5% proposed cut in SPD's budget during a time of *severe* budget shortfalls.

Read more here:
Participatory budgeting is a ground-up, democratic process where community members decide how to spend part of a public budget. The joint participatory budgeting process we partnered to create will inform and guide Seattle’s spending on the City’s “public safety” agencies . . .
. . . with a focus on SPD, the City's law department (City Prosecutors), Municipal Court, and reinvestments into the community that could generate real safety.
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7:29PM - We're checking in on the CHOP ZONE for the nightly march down to the West Precinct. Follow along live!

We're still waiting for things to get started.


Thread 👇
8:05PM - The march is prepping to leave, they are working their way through Cal Anderson park collecting additional marchers.

The group is chanting "off of your ass, and into the march."
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Before the attention goes away remember that occupation & sustained demonstration is v much a part of Seattle's civil rights tradition which—whether #CHOP #CHAZ knows it—they've inherited. So a brief & incomplete list of occupations that shaped the city if you're new or forgot:
1963: The Central District Youth Club held the first sit-in in the city, occupying the mayor's office for 24 hrs. This led to the formation of @HumanRights206. They occupied again later for equitable rep & Seattle's first open housing ordinance banning housing discrimination 2/n
1967: Former King County Councilmember, then a leader of @UWSeattleBSU Larry Gossett occupied the UW President's office on the 100-yr anniversary with the governor in attendance with 5 demands, among them being the formation of the Af-Am Studies Dept. All demands were met. 3/x
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Let me breakdown #CHAZ/#CHOP and the drama between Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan & Police Chief Carmen Best in what I like to call—
"Jenny Durkan has a reelection to win next year and Carmen Best DGAF."…
Jenny Durkan allowed SPD to "protect" the East Precinct against protestors using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bombs. For over a week SPD & Durkan were on the same page—destroy the protesting by any means necessary.…
Up until that point Durkan was able to hide behind the "good protestor vs. bad protestor" narrative—labeling activists at the East Precinct as an example of "bad protestors." Her tactic was to intimidate the protestors to the point of surrender.
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Here's a searchable database of Seattle Police Department salaries from 2018 #DefundThePolice #DefundSPD… Image
at the top of the heap is Lt Kebba, who in 2008 "initially decided to dismiss witnesses' claims [that another officer kicked a suspect in the head for no reason] because an officer knows better whether he is in danger than even two civilian witnesses."… Image
#2 is James Danielson who appears to work a desk job in the Office of Professional Accountability and makes ~40% of his $328,000 salary in overtime/bonuses. Idk about your place of work, but if HR is working that much overtime, something is fundamentally broken.
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