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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
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Welcome back to #Fuck12Friday!! It’s 1pm (CP time) and we hope everybody is hype for the Black, Indigenous Solidarity Rally today at Buckingham Founta!…
Wondering what Black, Indigenous solidarity has to do with the police? We got you...follow this thread! #Fuck12Friday
From the moment the colonizers set foot on the shores of Turtle Island, the struggles of Black and Native people have been linked. #Fuck12Friday
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In Palestine, israeli settlers will spray paint the star of David on our homes to harass or mark the building to be stolen. It's wild to see it happen to a business in Toronto, foodbenders, that voiced support for Palestine & against racism.
Foodbenders has been under attack by toronto zionists for months. Recently attacks have escalated. Just like settlers in Palestine, this blonde woman felt comfortable vandalizing the restaurant in broad daylight -- knowing police won't do shit. Yes her license plate is known.
The restaurant posted this video of alt-right Zionist white supremacists outside. Watch here:

Foodbenders has stayed strong & refused to bow to the attacks. Check out their window display - from #FreePalestine to #AbolishPolice. Support them Toronto!
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starting soon!
A large group marched from the contemporary museum, now were having a show case and projecting a documentary
Black lives matter, #AbolishPolice
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Wer aus #BlackLivesMatter und #AbolishPolice wegen einer "PolizeiGewalt ist Trash"-Persiflage

- die "Menschwürde" der Polizei ist unantastbar macht
- und die eigene Kolumnist_in öffentlich zum Abschuss freigibt

hat mehr als ein Solidaritätsproblem..
Früher hätte man bei den nächsten Toten durch Polizeigewalt übrigens gesagt "Springer hat mitgeschossen"

Jetzt muss man leider sagen, die "liberale" TAZ versucht aus Opportunismus einen notwendigen Diskurs zu erstickten und scheut dafür dafür keine Niederträchtigkeiten
Die Polizei abzuschaffen würde schlussendlich heißen Kapitalisismus abzuschaffen. Es würde heiße Grenzregime und Nationalstaaten abzuschaffen. Es würde heißen postkoloniale Ausbeutungsverhältnisse, von denen die Bevölkerung hier profitiert, zu beenden.
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Mal paar Gedanken zu #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #Polizeiabschaffen
Ein wahrscheinlich länger werdender Thread 1/x
Wäre es nicht eigentlich gut, wenn jede Organisation, die sich mit Problemen der Gesellschaft beschäftigt, also auch die Polizei, ihrer grundsätzlichen Funktionslogik nach (letztlich wohl sisyphoshaft) auf ihre eigene Überflüssigkeit hinarbeiten würde?
Was ich stattdessen sehe: Obwohl die Kriminalität sinkt und unsere Gesellschaft insgesamt immer sicherer wird, rüstet die Polizei materiell (Panzer, Maschinenpistolen etc), juristisch (Polizeigesetze) & verbal ('noch nie dagewesene Gewalt gegen Polizei pipapo') immer weiter auf.
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Update: Entire Buffalo police department emergency response team (57 officers) resigns to support the two officers fired for shoving this 75-year-old to the ground & leaving him bleeding from the head.

A sickening defence of police brutality.…
Again, we see that the problem with US policing is not “a few bad apples”; it is a culture of systemic viciousness & impunity: cops are quick to use violence, especially (but not exclusively) against Black Americans, and cops know the system let’s them get away with murder.
So, it’s really no wonder that so many Americans are now saying #DefundPolice & #AbolishPolice instead of calling for bits-and-pieces reforms that will not do enough to stop systemic police brutality.

Here’s a long thread on the current discussion:
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1.) All cops should be uniformed with badge numbers at all times
2.) All police shootings should be investigated from outside agencies
3.) Tear gas, mace, and rubber bullets should be illegal
4.) Cops who turn off their body cams should be prosecuted without exception
5.) Policing should be decentralized and community based. No cop should patrol a community they're not part of
6.) Bail should be abolished
7.) Police shouldn't be able to lie
8.) No cops in schools
9.) Racial bias in policing should be prosecuted without proving intent
10.) Prison labor should be paid minimum wage or abolished.
11.) Solitary confinement should be abolished
12.) All convicts should be able to vote
13.) Unscientific forensic evidence should be abolished & cases that used it reexamined
14.) Reparations should be paid by police
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Welcome to the S&P 30 Days Challenge #TowardAbolition! Take 2 actions every day until July 4 in solidarity with communities everywhere resisting fascism, state violence, gender-based violence and racial capitalism! Use #TowardAbolition to let us know you're participating.
DAY 1 Action 1 #TowardAbolition

Support @supporthosechi #FreeLeLe campaign! In honor of #PRIDE and #IWD2020, let’s get #AlishaWalker free. "LeLe" is a Black sex worker who was criminalized for self-defense against sexual violence.

Toolkit w/ directions:
Like many, Alisha Walker is being punished, criminalized for surviving. There are countless others just like her.

Use: for numbers, sample tweets, scripts & call/email/fax/bombard @GovPritzker to demand he #FreeLeLe #FreeThemAll!

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Welcome new followers! #SurvivedandPunished is a prison abolition organization. We believe that prisons, detention centers, all forms of law enforcement, and punitive prosecution are rooted in systems of violence, including racial, anti-trans/queer, sexual & domestic violence. 1/
Our work focuses on criminalized survivors and the integrated relationship between systems of punishment + the pervasiveness of gender violence. We aim to #FreeAllSurvivors via mass defense projects, which would require the abolition of prisons and other systems of punishment. 2/
Our collective est. 2016 when freedom campaigns for 2 BIPOC criminalized survivors, @freemarissanow and @standwithnanhui joined hands, along w/ the Chicago Alliance to #FreeMarissaAlexander (now @LoveProtectOrg) and @c_c_w_p to come up w/ a national strategy to #FreeThemAll. 3/
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What cops are doing to Black people in #NewYork, they’re doing all over.

#COVIDー19 is no excuse for #PoliceBrutality. This is why communities want to police themselves.

We know Republicans don’t care. But where are the Lefty ‘allies’?

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter

Where’s the outrage?
AmeriKKKa ImageImage
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