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We've updated our DIY Handheld Light Graffiti tutorial to be more helpful, syched it with a GitHub repo w/.sgv files and printed waterproof QR codes to more easily share the info. #protests2020 #JUNETEENTH2020 #portlandprotests #opensourcehardware
Flashy vid:
#GitHub repo (I'll be adding a BOM soon, but the readme is essentially a BOM now):…
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I have been asked from multiple people about the #stevenbaca video, here is the full video in the highest format that twitter will allow me. It's in 7 parts (1of7)
#Albuquerque #AlbuquerqueShooter #AlbuquerqueShooting #protests2020 #NewMexico #abq #JuandeOnate #BTC #NM
Part (2of7) of the #Stevenbaca Video - it ends right before the whistle part starts (to conform to twitter clip limits) #Albuquerque #AlbuquerqueShooter #AlbuquerqueShooting #protests2020 #NewMexico #abq #JuandeOnate #BTC #NM
Part (3of7) of the #Stevenbaca Video - This is the main video everyone has seen - Trigger Warning: Blood/shooting #Albuquerque #AlbuquerqueShooter #AlbuquerqueShooting #protests2020 #NewMexico #abq #JuandeOnate #BTC #NM
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#Breaking: Video from New Mexico captures the audio of the moments a shooting occurs as protesters attempt to take down a statue of Juan de Oñate.#protests2020
More video from the scene in #NewMexico following the shooting.

Video from the incident shows the arrest of all New Mexico Civil Guard members on scene as well as one other person. All weapons were said to be taken from them.

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Thumper Alert!!

Mayor Bob O'Dekirk of Joliet, IL

Who is this you may ask?
Spoiler: He is a potentially corrupt mayor and formerly abusive cop!!!

Make this go viral! #Joliet #PoliceReform #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #protests2020

[a thread]
Mayor Bob O'Dekirk said he was suspended a "couple of times" yet there is no record of his suspensions to be found in his personnel file according to Deputy Police Darrell Gavin
Same Deputy Darrell Gavin who was a police officer with Robert "Bob" O'Dekirk when he a police officer??…
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From a college-town correspondent:

"Veteran university research doc told me this morning that after being told for weeks that it's too dangerous to come in for work, staff was summoned to work last week and specifically told to wear scrubs/lab coats... for protest attendance.">
"The campus paper intrepidly reported, of course, that the brave research teams spontaneously tore themselves away from their service in the Temple of Science - still clad in their priestly vestments - to join the peaceful, apolitical protests." >
"This researcher, in fact, is a Soviet emigre. He came to America for political and academic freedom... and now he has to participate in high-end Bolshevik street theater.

"As he told me this, he was frothing at the mouth." <>

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Copied : Be careful healthy people, shared from a friend:

My daughter. 19 yrs old. Healthy. Frontline worker at a huge grocery store chain. Started feeling sick about two weeks ago. Side and back pain. Nausea.. Chest pain. Primary doc sent her for chest..
.. x-ray.. Something "lit up" on right side. Sent for MRI. Cat scan. Ultra sound of back and abdomen areas..NOTHING.. While at work was unable to breathe. Chest pain. Rushed to e.r. quarantined. Tested for covid. Young. By herself because no one can be with..
..her. Turns out its pleurisy.. An inflection of the outside of the lining of the lungs. They basically tell her.. It's because she has been wearing a mask for over 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Breathing in her own bacteria. Carbon dioxide.. Caused an...
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The subject of #GeorgeFloyd 's heinous death is highjacked by #ANTIFA & violent #protests2020 & riots...#BLM/#BlackLivesMatter don't speak up or out against black police being shot & beaten to death or black business owners having their lively hood destroyed by looting..... only shows that the #BLM /#BlackLivesMatter movement only is worried about specific lives. They aren't in Chicago trying to stop or help prevent gang violence, they aren't even mentioning #DavidDorn who was left on the sidewalk to bleed out & was filmed..... instead they would rather stand in the face of black armed forces & tell them they aren't shit & their daddy tells them when they can come after them, would rather encourage rioting & looting & say it's for a cause. Well bull shit...if it mattered so much to them...
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There are a lot of protests happening without much advance notice, and I doubt that all of them have standard medic tents and medic presence.

Here’s a Protestor’s Guide to First Aid for everybody who has a first aid kit but no clue what to do with it. 1/?
This is not a replacement for proper medic or street medic training. This is not for street medics. This is for people who are in dire straits and cannot find a medic. At the end, I’ll include a list of organizations that provide training and some links to other threads. 2/?
Step 1: Stay Calm & Clear-Headed

You are likely dealing with people who are in serious medical trouble in an already stressful situation. They require a calm, steady presence, so take a deep breath and stay calm. Make sure YOU are safe and calm, and then you can help others. 3/?
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Let’s just be real clear on why systemic #racism was invented in the 1st place after our ancestors enslavement. Remember: Black Americans lived thru the most horrific enslavement in all of history. #BlackPower cannot be denied. #thread 1/8
We are so powerful that even when our only way of moving thru life is a motorized chair we lead. Shoutout to #RollinRay #protests2020
Even in the midst of a pandemic we create and innovate a language without words. Shoutout to all the #Krumpers #protests2020
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A Statement from @PeakGooners:

The Pikes Peak Gooners is a football fan group. We share a love of football, a love of our club, and of the family around it.


That in no way removes us from the responsibility of social and racial justice work. /1
Colorado Springs and the PPR is a politically mixed area, and there is a long history of racial conflict and oppression here. That truth is vitally important to recognize. ( /2
It's also one of the top cities in the country for millennials, small businesses and startups. It is changing rapidly. ( /3
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Some #protests2020 advice from me, a former action medic:
- pepper spray binds to fats, not water. Full-fat milk followed by water is an eyewash and baby oil helps get it off your skin.
- tear gas is acidic. Alkaseltzer dissolved in water, not too strong, makes a good eyewash.
- cover any exposed parts that you can. Masks, goggles, long sleeve shirts and pants, cover your hair. Shower ASAP after being exposed to chemical agents.
- if you are white, recognize that you can use your body as a shield to protect nonwhite folks. Be an ally.
- worry about violence but also worry about low blood sugar, dehydration, and hypothermia, I have seen all these take people out while protesting. Getting wet is a quick way to get hypothermia, avoid it. Carry water, nut butter (slow calories), and frosting (quick calories).
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Why my conservative friends should be alarmed about what happened in DC last night:

1. The POTUS, in a pre-planned action, had the police tear gas and clear the private property of a church 25 minutes before the declared curfew. #StJohnsChurch #Protests2020 1/10
During this clearing, several pastors who were running an aid station to extend hospitality in the name of Jesus were expelled against their will from church property. 2/10
2. Minutes after the expulsion, the POTUS arrived in front of the church. He was given a Bible, which he admitted was not his, which he raised like some sort of idol to be worshipped instead of the Word of God. He didn’t open it, or read from it, or pray. It was a prop. 3/10
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@shaunking flat out lying again today. Give me about 10 minutes I've got a thread coming for all you beuatiful people:

#BlackOutTuesday #BlackLivesMatter
Today Shaun is asking for people to volunteer their time and money for the @grassroots_law project, a project organized by @TheActionPAC
Shaun's best friend and a member of Shaun's "completely independent and unbiased" financial review panel @MeritLaw is the treasurer of @TheActionPAC. A troubling hire considering he is not an accountant by his own admission:
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#thread #BlackLivesMattter #GeorgeFloyd #protests2020

My Observation:

Institutions that are in place to protect and serve the community have allowed individuals under their purview to terrorize and kill with impunity. (1/10)
The reaction when there has been a clear violation of a Black American’s civil rights or a blatant miscarriage of justice = “let’s wait and see.” (2/10)
And often as we wait, it happens again. And when it’s finally time for justice to be served, nothing happens. No one is accountable. Violators are able to go about their life, after callously taking someone else’s away. (3/10)
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Ok. Guys. As someone who has researched #AmericanExceptionalism a lot, I have A THREAD. #protests2020
First, what is #AmericanExceptionalism? It is helpful to view it as a national identity or narrative (which says that the US is inherently morally superior to other nations, and therefore will rise but not fall like previous great powers, and therefore should lead others).
I write about how this narrative has influenced US foreign policy through history in this book:…
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Curfews are giving the police MORE license to do the same shit that spurred the protests. There is no excuse for a homeowner like Rahul (bless him) to need to offer refuge to people like a scene from The Purge. Free the protestors! #savejenny #dchouseraid
Literally posted earlier my comments from Sunday on #RolandMartinUnfiltered that the curfews don't change the police's violent behavior. As I said, rather than curfews, these mayors & governors need to be addressing the police abuse of power. #protests2020
#RahulDubey is a hero for protecting protestors who were being hunted by the police by providing them shelter. The experience was undoubtedly terrifying and traumatic for the protestors, but thanks to Rahul they left after curfew with no arrrets. #savejenny #SwannStreet
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⚠️//TW BLOOD// ⚠️
link to his gofundme!!
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Just spoke to 1 of the more than 40 people seeking refuge inside of a strangers house on 15th & swann. He says he @DCPoliceDept chased the group w tear gas. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to go 🏠. @wusa9 #blacklivesmatter @DMVBlackLives #MartialLaw #amplifymelanatedvoices
Here are pictures he sent me from inside the house he is trapped in. @wusa9 @DMVBlackLives #AllLivesMatter
. @MekaFromThe703 told me that protesters are on gathered inside three floors in this house. @wusa9 #AllLivesMatter #protests2020
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ode 2 George Soros👇

World War Z
& Anti fascists
Who are really
Fascist maggots
In Black hats & masks
We’ve had it!
Breaking glass
& getting at it
Hitler youth
Sporting boots
4 jacking, frens

#protests2020 #WakeUp
Paid by kings
& puppet masters
Pulling strings
On all disasters
Is gonna shatter
& minds will splatter
When they find
Out what does matter
$ signs
& how they make them
all those kids
& how they take them
Oh the kids
The kids the kids
When they find out
What they did
they will NOT
safely, frens
EVER walk
The streets again
Soros, Georgy
We do see you
This is not your orgy
Fuck you
Move aside
A Q is coming
Better hide
Or get to running
Only makes
it “Funner” for ‘em
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Fourth protest in Fort Worth for #GeorgeFloyd. Last night, protesters were tear gassed by police. Right now we’re in front of city hall. Couple hundred people here. #protests2020
“George Floyd!” “I can’t breathe!” Protesters chant as they march down Taylor Street.
The mayor issued an 8 pm curfew for tonight. Protesters have two hours and then police wouls presumably begin arrests.
Protest leaders said they plan to be done by 7:30 to abide by the curfew.

They encouraged people to leave the bridge last night before police launched tear gas, said they didn’t want anyone hurt
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1/ Digital Security Tips: A Thread
This is for you if you are:
- Activist
- Protestor
- Journalist
- Family Member/Friend of an attendee
#safetytips #security #30DaysofThreads #protests2020
2/ Select a secure communication channel you and your group/team and support will use to coordinate and communicate.
Recommended apps: Signal or Wire
**Please see pinned thread for details on secure communications
3/ Set a strong screen lock code. Remove fingerprint and facial recognition unlock capabilities in case you are arrested, detained or your phone is taken.
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Philly police attempt to disperse crowd after hundreds mased/gassed on Parkway. This was @ 5:30 as curfew nears. Dude w/ white shirt provokes scuffle, shoves baton into civilian’s throat. #phillyprotest #blacklivesmatter #GeorgeFloydprotests #protests2020
Watch white Philly officer in slow motion, goes directly for the jugular in middle of peaceful protest.
#phillyprotest #blacklivesmatter #philadelphiaprotest
@CBSPhilly @jpegjoshua @PhillyWeekly @PhillyInquirer @NBCPhiladelphia
UPDATE: The individual arrested in video above was released from custody Wednesday after his lawyer discovered this video and another on YouTube. Thanks to all who shared. Full story from @wbender99:…
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.@realDonaldTrump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises. Don’t try to tell governors what to do. Instead of calling for calm & for the nation to unite, you were sequestered in the White House basement & silent. Governors and mayors, on the other hand, were actively (1/5)
engaged in trying to bring order to their cities and towns. The #NationalGuard has been deployed across the country and most of the demonstrations were largely peaceful. While you only seem to feel the need for the use of more force, local elected leaders tried to (2/5)
control things in a way that will allow them to build for the future. While you just want to condemn people, real leaders are acknowledging the very real racial issues we are facing. In times like this, real leaders step up, and deal with the immediate problems while (3/5)
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