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Every candidate has flaws, Hillary has plenty. Every campaign makes mistakes, even those that win. And it's ridiculous to argue otherwise.

But that's not the point.

Let's talk about all the ways people talk about how Al Gore fucked up 2000 or John Kerry 2004.

People don't have those conversations because blame for the loss in 2000 was almost immediately shifted, and rightly so, to the Supreme Court, and, they Swift Boated Kerry, am I right? Oh, and Americans don't like to shift Administrative gears in the middle of a war.

There are very few conversations people have about why any Presidential candidate loses an election. Because in a contest of two there is always a loser. It's ok, therefore, for men to lose an election. They've been doing it for over 200 years.

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Listen, political relationships can be difficult. Jimmy Carter admires @HillaryClinton and the feeling is mutual.

In the late seventies Carter appointed Clinton to lead the Legal Services Corp, and under her leadership the agency flourished.

He knows her ability.

Over the last few years Carter has made some awkward comments about Clinton that he's had to clarify & even backtrack on. He is also in his mid 90s and recently survived brain cancer.

@ChrisMatthewsDJ was doing what he has always done (and the rest of the world with him).

And that is taking a moment, removing context, and then using that moment to define @HillaryClinton in the negative.

First, they were at a funeral. Decorum and respectfulness notwithstanding, such moments hardly lend themselves to open displays of conversation.

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How do you solve a problem like @Politico? Who, in tandem with its MSM cohorts from both old & new media, continue to engage in misogynistic propaganda intended to bend the narrative arc where they wish?


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?

We're here again?

Damn! It never happens that just before something major like, say important midterm elections for instance, that some media outlet will publish a piece about how awful @HillaryClinton is and much we @TheDemocrats hate her and wish she'd go away.

And I've never written a thread about how toxic and onvious that bullshit is and I've never had a bunch of bunny rabbit dumbasse fill my comments with sage pieces of advice about "moving on" and focusing on what matters."

No, this shit never happens.

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Not going to watch the self righteous mainstream media pistol whip @HillaryClinton AGAIN.

I refuse.

First of all, I absolutely agree in principle with almost everything she said.

And this abuse of power debate given the ridiculous excesses of men like Bush 2.0 who continue to walk around unchecked for far more actually consequential abuses of power is laughable to me.

Do I think what Bill reached a legally definable level of such a charge?


Do I think he used his stature to get a blowjob from, yes, sorry people, an actual adult woman who actually wanted to give him one already anyway?


Do I think he tried to push things in a direction that would save him from having to admit that to anyone?


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So, twice yesterday, and just now, for the second time today, a friend has written me about @HillaryClinton's intentions for 2020. Two have used the exact same phrasing in reference to it: "I want a rematch."

Another said, "She has to, she just does."

Run again that is...

She, by the way, had been a Sanders supporter who wasn't even sure she would support Clinton in the general until about three weeks before election day.

More importantly, and I believe all of them to be sincere, each of them has promised the same thing.

If she does "I'm going to take leave from work for (3,2,2) 3 months and volunteer for the campaign

I get questioned about what I think she will do almost everyday by one of you, and two of the people above are Twitter folk too, but the intensity and number are up recently.
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Conservatives can't let it go. They can't accept that they are wrong, and that they've always been wrong about @HillaryClinton.

Despite having been investigated several times by the most partisan and relentless individuals imaginable.


No thing.

No thing there.

And the people investigating her have wanted, often (it seemed) needed, to find SOMETHING.


Take one part speculation and two parts innuendo and top it off with a pile of manufactured anger and moral shock and you have the basic recipe for every Hillary "scandal."

If you think that Ken Starr, Trey Gowdy, and probably even James Comey wouldn't have given their life's blood to find that thing to bring her down then you are being wilfully ignorant to the obvious reality.

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They want her to go away:

"@HillaryClinton's High Profile Is Hurting the Democrats"
- @TheAtlantic
1 May 2018

"Hillary Clinton Needs to Move On."
- @politico
11 February 2018

They want her to shut up:

"Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Talking."
- The Daily Mail
12 May 2018

Almost everyday someone, somewhere, is wringing their hands about something the former Democratic nominee for President has done or said.

The amount of ink spilt concern trolling Hillary Clinton's every move since 9 November 2016 is nauseating on a real physical level.

The game being played, of course, presently, is one of futures. It began almost as soon as the immiediate dust settled in 2016. The loss was her's & her's alone they lectured, and if she keeps recklessly blaming Russia then Democrats will lose & continue to lose.

Except no.

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No matter how much evidence.

No matter how clear the evidence.

It's been the same story for twenty five years.

They accuse her of wildly ridiculous claims. Ask @therealroseanne to tell you about Pizzagate. She's a real laugh.

@HillaryClinton will never be given a break.

They simply make things up and pass them off as facts, l knowing that it's the accusations that matter, not the truth.

People want to believe that people are bad and do awful things, all of the time. It's a sickness, but this one has a name.

Clinton Derangement Syndrome
C.D.S is a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans, and is widely considered to be the most widespread political mental illness in contemporary history.

Symptoms include advanced stage misogyny, paranoia, ignorance, delusions, and overexposure to @FoxNews

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No Troll. No.

I am very consistent.
I am very loud.

Yes, I often tweet as I speak and live, in the superlative, but that does not mean I exaggerate.

Not about that, and never about her.


To be clear, yes, #ImStillWithHER and, yes that is a real act of #resistance. /1
Why? Have a look at my TL. It's filled with reasons. Thread after thread. Find them, read them. As I've said many times before Google and search are your friends, and I'm not your teacher.

But you are wrong. It is resistance. It is subversive. And I'm happy to explain why. 2/
In your entertaining "critique" of the #resistance movement (and your far too kind appraisal of me as a person) you used a lot of big words like propaganda, groupthink, and prerequisite and you used all of them wrong. You are often wrong I think.

Let's begin. 3/
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1/ The constant relitigation of a primary that Bernie Sanders never should have been allowed to run in is not endearing me the man.
2/ It's actually forcing me to question my ability to support a party that refuses to learn from it's own mistakes.

It's incomprehensible.
3/ That Democrats continue to allow an insurgent, non-affiliated white man control the narrative is frustrating and confusing.
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Try 1000x more.

Bernie, translated:

"Just because that woman @HillaryClinton worked for 30 yrs within the Democratic Party and...
over that time developed longstanding personal and professional relationships does not mean that she should be able to so greedily exploit
those relationships for precisely the reason that many such professional relationships are developed and maintained over years and decades.
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Replete w/ ridiculous hot takes by my new pal @JaredHuffman this new hit piece... 1/

Dems dread Hillary's book tour
by @IsaacDovere & @gdebenedetti for @politico is exactly what you'd expect before anything @HillaryClinton does.

So predictable. 2/
It's so predictable it's really almost boring.

The MSM will cheer this, of course, but let's go & thread this apart shall we?
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