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i've invested for ~20 yrs, met 1000's of founders, seen 1000's of decks, done 100's of deals -- yet it's still humbling how often i'm wrong or uncertain about what's going to happen. like Yogi Berra sez: "It's tough to make predictions... especially about the future". #sigh🤷
i read about a lot of other VCs bragging about their big investing wins (and how they had #CONVICTION about investing early), but i'll be honest it's rare that i'm sure things are going to go great... and again, often that i'm wrong when i feel that way.
now don't get me wrong, i've met some amazing founders and had the good fortune to write a check / not fuck it up, but i've also passed on amazing deals more often than i've said yes -- so i'm painfully aware my hitting % is at best only around .300 (maybe).
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Um, so @Facebook just "unpublished" my page for @ZuckerbergFiles that has existed since 2013: "It looks like recent activity on your Page doesn't follow the Facebook Page Policies regarding impersonation and pretending to be an individual or business." #sigh
And when I click on the "Disagree with this decision" you get this oh-so-helpful "we're busy and might not get to this message.
I've literally had members of Facebook's communications team contact me to make sure their internal archive of Zuckerberg's appearances matches mine.
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Lord Lucas: "In some places such as nightclubs, the Ladies can be a refuge from serious unwanted behaviour, and I do not think that any woman really wants to wash her bloody underwear when she has flooded during a period in front of men. So, altogether, what are we doing?"
"Why are we seeking to make women feel unsafe in the toilet provision we make for them—unsafe and uncomfortable? What is the justification for it? Who is gaining an advantage in this process?"

How many MPs and MSPs are willing to stand up in Parliament and answer this?
One by one, let's have each MP and each MSP stand up and answer this.

No, dodging the question by answering a different question, one not asked here, is not appropriate.

It's offensive to the electorate, that sort of behaviour politicians so adore
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Ok, I’ve begun my #GameOfThornes journey. So far, the only one who I want to root for is Sean Bean and Blonde Dragon Egg Lady. @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
2 in. Joffrey is a piece of shit and Arya is literally me. He doesn’t make it out of this, right? I look forward to that Ep. #GOT @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
I also *want* to like Sansa Jonas but she is so petulant I want to slap her. And the Lannisters are an incesty Lucius x Narcissa Malfoy. Convince me otherwise. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #GOT @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
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There are few things I love more than archive photos of the excavations of #Pompeii. These capture the 1950s excavations of the Via dell’Abbondanza. Brilliant contrast between the suited visitors and the workmen. And oh just look at the painted written signs & frescoes. Fabulous.
[Images taken from Varone & Stefani, 2009. Titulorum Pictorum Pompeianorum. CIL IV]
And of course I meant to write 1910s not 1950s. #sigh
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¡Sea! Puesto que todos ustedes lo han pedido, comienza la lectura de Memorias de Idhún: La Resistencia, tomo II: Revelación. Nos acompaña Cheap Jeep, el Barautobot.
Recuerde silenciar este hilo si no quiere spoilers de Memorias de IdhĂşn. O si no quiere ver este hilo, lo cual el muy comprensible.
Recordemos que al fin del libro anterior, la Resistencia estaba en muy mala forma: Shail habĂ­a quedado desintegrado, Alsan se habĂ­a hecho furro a tiempo parcial, y estaba Jack.
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Mau cerita sedikit soal Magic Leap.

Perusahaan yang ngakunya bergerak di Augmented Reality dan sama sekali belum pernah rilis produk TAPI sudah berhasil raise funding senilai lebih dari USD 2,3 billion.
Tahun 2014, seorang pebisnis yang baru saja berhasil menjual perusahaannya, "Mako Surgical" (Bergerak di bidang Robotics untuk surgery) bernama Rony Abovitz mengaku mendapatkan seed funding senilai USD 50 juta untuk perusahaan barunya:

"Magic Leap"
Melalui wawancara dengan South Florida Business Journal di Februari 2014, ia mengaku menciptakan term baru: "Cinematic Reality", karena konon menurutnya term Virtual Reality atau Augmented Reality itu sudah kuno DAN teknologi yg ia bangun berpuluh-puluh tahun lebih maju dari itu.
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It's time.
The inchoate, frothy sea of #Pisces is without differentiation
It needs the clarity & singularity of 1 instead of the duality of the fish.
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Had the great honour of talking to @pompeii_sites Director General, @MassimoOsanna, at the site of his new excavations: the first in 20 years to entirely dig through the 4 metres of ash and pumice stones from the AD 79 eruption.
Such an exciting project to watch unfold. #Pompeii
@pompeii_sites @MassimoOsanna A few more views of the incredibly exciting first glimpses of the tops of the walls emerging from the volcanic ash & amphorae nestled in the pumice in the new excavations in Region V, #Pompeii.
Latest photographs from the new excavations in Region V of #Pompeii. Painted wall plaster emerging from the pumice and a winged putto (cherub) sees daylight once more.

[images courtesy of @MassimoOsanna]
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