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If You are Trading Tightness by just looking at 3 or 4 Tight days. You are giving very less chance to yourself of getting those 8-10 R+ Trades. You need some good R gains to which will make up for your all small losses.

what you should focus to get those high R trades ⬇️
Another way to learn Tight Stop Loss Trading is to study all trades by @iManasArora . Look at his Entries , try nd find out reason for his Entries nd Exits..when you Master one set up, yes you can trade with 1% or smaller SL.
STUDY Past Big Winners nd check how stock moves:
Focus on bigger picture , look for the uptrending stock which are coming out of from the BASE or look for the stock which are consolidating near Breakout area.
Stock which are giving Tight days near 10 or 20 EMA.

Here are some examples for better understanding :
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एक गांव में एक पंडित जी को एक गाय चाहिये थी और उन्हीं के एक पड़ोसी को भी गाय चाहिये थी लेकिन पंडित जी किसी भी दाम पर गाय लेने के लिये तैयार थे जबकि उनके पड़ोसी नहीं । (पड़ोसी बहुत बुद्धिमान था)

तो पड़ोसी ने एक योजना बनाई और अपने चार लोग सेट किये की गाय को कैसे सस्ते रेट पर लेना है ।

पंडित जी दूर गाँव से गाय को दस हजार रुपये में लेकर आ रहे थे तो पड़ोसी का पहला आदमी जो कि पहले से फिक्स था कि उसको क्या बोलना है तो पहले आदमी ने बोला

कि पंडित जी आप क्या लेकर आ रहे हैं तो पंडित जी ने जबाब दिया कि भाई गाय लाया हूँ तो उस पहले आदमी ने बोला गाय तो नहीं लग रही आपने गलत सौदा तो नहीं कर लिया ?? लेकिन पंडित जी मुस्कुराकर आंगे बढ़ गये ।

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i've invested for ~20 yrs, met 1000's of founders, seen 1000's of decks, done 100's of deals -- yet it's still humbling how often i'm wrong or uncertain about what's going to happen. like Yogi Berra sez: "It's tough to make predictions... especially about the future". #sigh🤷
i read about a lot of other VCs bragging about their big investing wins (and how they had #CONVICTION about investing early), but i'll be honest it's rare that i'm sure things are going to go great... and again, often that i'm wrong when i feel that way.
now don't get me wrong, i've met some amazing founders and had the good fortune to write a check / not fuck it up, but i've also passed on amazing deals more often than i've said yes -- so i'm painfully aware my hitting % is at best only around .300 (maybe).
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Look, if they want to impeach Trump there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop fretting over it. Let them go ahead and waste time and impanel committees and come up with articles of impeachment and discuss it and debate it while the country barely notices the anticlimax.
Under the rules of the Constitution if House Democrats want to impeach the president based on the color of his hair so long as they have a majority such will be done. It is a political process that has nothing to do with law or reason and is not subject to judicial review.
The sole focus of their thunder has been in the lead up to #Impeachment. Notice what I said: the lead up. What America will not be able to sustain or focus on or remain awake over is the actual process that will grind interminably nor will they be able to withstand the rebuttal.
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What do you do when you disagree with someone ? ... How do you handle a different perspective? ... I check we are talking about the same thing... consider the logic and evidence and finally stress test their conclusions...
I did that and I disagreed with @CarolineLucas my leader
First off @CarolineLucas is #spectacularly bright, #hardworking and a #visionary who pulled me into @TheGreenParty orbit. There are very few... perhaps no other UK politicians with a more determined record of standing up for our collective #environmental #rights #newgreenpolitics
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Gallup Pakistan National Public Opinion #Poll: Majority Pakistanis (58%) support the NAB Court decision in #Avenfield Reference Case against #NawazSharif, very few say they have changed their #Voting decision as a result of the decision.
How many have heard or read about #Avenfield Reference Case: 59% Pakistanis say they have heard or read about the Avenfield Judgement
Conspiracy or actually guilty? Majority feel #NawazSharif was actually guilty and there is no conspiracy against him
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