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Hem BEDEN sahibidir Image
Bu haliyle
Eşrefi Mahlukat
(ŞEREFLİ) olarak
Halife secilme
ONUR'una LAYIK görülmüştür

O ŞEREFi taşimak
ATA yadigarina layik olmak
ADEM BABA'nin mirasina sahip cikmak
Tabiki insanin iradesine birakilmis..

iradeden dolayi
MAYMUNLUK da yapabilir.. Image
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The #Vedic #PurushSukta is dedicated to the Cosmic Being from whom Creation manifests & serves as the source of Puranic accounts of Lord #Vishnu as the #Cosmic Purush. I have earlier mentioned His 3 Purush #Avatars so sharing some details in this thread, do read till the end 1/5
According to the #Satvata #Tantra the first form is known as #Karanodakshayi #Vishnu, #MahaVishnu or #Narayan who is the cause or 'Kaaran' of our #multiverse. #DeviBhagwat #Puran states that it is impossible to measure how many #Universes emerge from His body pores..2/5
The 2nd form is of #Garbhodakshayi (Garbha = Womb) #Vishnu who permeates each Brahmand & from whom emerges #Brahma to begin the process of #Creation.

According to #Devi #Bhagwat there exist countless #Brahma, Vishnu & #Shiva forms to cater to the billions of Universes...3/5
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Do you genuinely want to learn Tantra? Seeking spiritual growth & not power? Are you focused on spirituality as a life-long pursuit? My workshop "Meditation & Tantra" is an introduction to tantra, covers basics only as not everyone is ready for divine wisdom.
#meditation #Tantra Image
I invite you to attend these meditation sessions irrespective of the fact that you may have a guru currently. But if you want to pursue tantrism then you must unlearn everything, leave the ego behind.
#meditation #Tantra ImageImage
Through multiple sessions I shall look for & find just 5 genuine disciples whom I shall initiate with proper deekhsha. The spiritual growth of these 5 then shall be my responsibility as per Guru Shishya Parampara.
#meditation #Tantra Image
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How old is the Kamakhya Temple?

Tribal worship of the Goddess at the site of Kamakhya has been going on since prehistoric ancient times. When the kingdom of Kamarupa was founded around 350 C.E., the worship of Kamakhya was already fully established and renowned.
Original worship at Kamakhya was not in a temple, but worship of Yoni made of natural stone - this is still the primary worship to this day. Archaeological investigation of the site has found there was a massive temple at Kamakhya in 700s C.E. Earlier than that, we do not know.
In 1498, Sultan Ala-ud-din Husain Shah invaded the Hindu kingdom of Kamata and destroyed the Kamakhya Temple, smashing it apart and leaving its ruins scattered about.
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From The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Introduction

TANTRA and Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans
#Tantra Image

According to Tantra, the Ultimate Reality is Chit, or Consciousness, which is identical with Sat, or Being, and with Ananda, or Bliss. This Ultimate Reality, Satchidananda, Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute, is identical with the Reality preached in the Vedas. Image
Man is one with this Reality; influenced by maya(illusion), he forgets his true nature. Apparent world of subject & object is real for him; this error is the cause of his bondage & suffering. Goal of spiritual discipline is rediscovery of his true identity with divine Reality. Image
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One thought that pervades modern society is: Everyday life and Spirituality are two separate compartments. They are like two parallel tracks that don't have a meeting point.
#meditation Image
There is huge stress on health & fitness, new fads & trends emerge everyday, Yoga stays as the most popular. Most people don't know that Yoga is essentially a Spiritual System, thus don't approach it from that point of view.
#yoga Image
That's how warped ideas like Kundalini Awakening through public camps etc emerge and take root. If you tell people that Kundalini Awakening implies a long struggle, they dismiss you as an ignorant fool.
#Kundalini Image
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Kundalini, Chakras. Bodies:

Ajna Chakra:The center of command The word ajna comes from the Sanskrit root which means 'to know, to obey or to follow'. Literally, ajna means 'command' or 'the monitoring center'.
In astrology ajna is center of Jupiter, which symbolizes the guru or preceptor. Amongst deities, Jupiter is represented by Brihaspati, the guru of the devas & preceptor of the gods. Therefore, this center is also known as 'the guru chakra'.
Ajna is the bridge which links guru with his disciples. It represents the level at which it is possible for direct mind to mind communication to take place between two people. It is in this chakra that communication with the external guru, the teacher or preceptor takes place.
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What is the essence of tantra, alchemy, siddhi, black magic, and occult practices?

Thousands of years ago a great awakened Guru was sharing the knowledge of awakening with his disciples in the Holy Himalayan region.
Guru ji said:

This world you see around is just an illusion. Nothing here is real. Its just like a dream world, which seems real when you are in it, but it is not real.
Everything is temporary. Even your own body is temporary. You can only suffer if you are attached to something or someone. No attachment, no suffering. Enjoy each moment as if you are watching a drama.
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According to the tradition of the Kashmir Shaivism, Shiva established 64 systems, of philosophies, some of them monist, others dualist and few of them monist-dualist.
#Spirituality #Tantra
As some of these systems were lost, Shiva asked the Sage Durvaasa to reinvigorate the knowledge. The sons of Durvaasa, born through the force of the mind were thus designed to transmit the systems as follows:
#Spirituality #Tantra
Tryambaks - the monist, Amardaka - the dualist and Shrikantha - the monist-dualist. Thus, at a certain point, it is said that Tryambaks laid the foundations of the Kashmir Shaivism philosophy and practice.
#Spirituality #Tantra
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Tantra is about using something in the 3 dimensional world to invoke a transcendental inner experience.
#Spirituality #yoga #tantra
Anything that makes you feel something can work. To begin I would pick something you love like your teacher, a person, a cat, or a favorite activity, food or drink can work as well.
#Spirituality #yoga #tantra
So look at the thing, and just be as open, receptive, & mentally calm as you can. As soon as you feel something move in you with regard to your object of meditation, let go of everything & place your attention on the feeling.
#Spirituality #yoga #tantra
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Me estoy asustando con los anuncios que me salen últimamente en @Facebook. A simple vista, cosas curiosas. Si nos fijamos: #magia, #esoterismo, #pseudoterapias, #sectas... Recomiendo pedir ayuda a @InfoRIES, @Infosectas, @redunecontacto u otros. [ABRO HILO]
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, Deusto Salud (empresa que juega engañosamente con el buen nombre de @deusto sin tener nada que ver) ofrece "formación" (#StopBulos) sobre "Programación Neurolingüística"... con el aval de @UCAM! Aquí @Psyciencia explica lo que es:…
#StopPseudociencias Image
Aquí, otro centro con nombre rimbombante... ofrece la misma pseudoterapia: PNL. Aquí, con un supuesto aval de la @UEMC. Y si se sigue el enlace aparecen @Nebrija y hasta el Gobierno: @justiciagob! He alertado, y silencio por respuesta:
#StopPseudociencias ImageImage
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Tips para masajear un pene🙌🏼🍆
Basados en #Tantra

Abro hilo
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1-Today is #Thursday – the day of #Jupiter.

#Jupiter is all about expansion,

..#Relationships, the #soul or the #Jeeva and #family and #Ayurveda. (1/25)
2-So, what does #Ayurveda say about man and woman coming together, producing children?

What are the healthy ways to do it?

In that spirit, we will discuss some bit of #Astrology as well as some bit of #Ayurveda. (2/25)
3-This also adds to #गर्भाधान and #Conception threads

..and the role #Astrology and #Ayurveda play in it

..what @shashankupadhy_ has been talking about (3/25)
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If we are to look for the origins of the #Yoginis, it appears that we must turn to the simple village cult & to the #GramaDevatas/ #GramaDevatis, the local village #gods & #goddesses. In villages of #India they are the favoured #deities
- Vidya Dehejia

#Bhubaneswar #Odisha 64 (Chausathi) Jogini Temple, Hirapur, Odisha
List of 64 #Yoginis at #Chausathi #Jogini #Temple (#Hirapur), near #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
1) Maya - standing on a corpse lying straight
2) Tara - mounted on a corpse in bent knee pose
3) Narmada - standing on an elephant
4) Yamuna - standing on a tortoise
#Tantra #Tantric #Yogini 1. Maya/ Bahurupa/ Chandika2. Tara3. Narmada4. Yamuna
5) Shanti - standing on a full blown lotus
6) Varuni - standing on waves
7) Ajita - standing on an alligator
8) Indrani - mounted on an elephant
#Chausathi #Yogini #Jogini #Hirapur #Bhubaneswar #Odisha #Tantra #Tantric
@punarutthana @LostTemple7 @ReclaimTemples @SaveTemplesBH 5. Shanti/ Kanti/ Laxmi/ Manada6. Vriddhi/ Kriya/ Varuni7. Ajita/ Gauri/ Ksemankari8. Aindri/ Indrani
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#Yoga is outgoing energy; #Tantra is energy moving inwards.

In modern psychological terms that, Yoga is #extrovert and Tantra is #introvert.
For those who possess #Masculine psychology i.e. aggressive, violent, extrovert - #Yoga is the path. The path of #Will

For those who possess #Feminine psychology - receptive, passive, non-violent - #Tantra is the path. The path of #Surrender
On the path of #will, #ego is not the concern, the #self is.

On the path of #surrender, even the #self is not the concern.

The #yogi is trying to be #aware and the #bhakta is trying to be totally #lost.
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