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4 ways to beat Procrastination and start working on your #startup idea 💡

Procrastination has become an unavoidable element of modern living.

But, if you try to understand the science behind procrastination, you can save yourself.
#Procrastination #DoItBetter #Mondaymorning

Procrastination is the urge to delay doing something that should be done.

There's a saying - "Take action today for a better tomorrow."

But many aspiring entrepreneurs just don't start. Why?

#Motivation #Action #PositiveVibesOnly
Let’s start with understanding the four major reasons behind procrastinating in taking action on a business idea, followed by what should be done:
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MA businesses + companies #discover & #SAVEMONEY with Brian Plain's 25 ways Marlborough & Boston MA area business can save money + #reducecosts & corporate expenditures:

1. Embrace cost reduction strategies to optimize your business operations. #ReduceCosts #BusinessOptimization
2. Focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers while minimizing expenses. #ServiceExcellence #CostReduction

3. Cultivate an agile workforce that can adapt to changing market demands and drive cost savings. #AgileWorkforce #ReduceCosts
4. Invest in team development to enhance skills and productivity, leading to efficient cost management. #TeamDevelopment #CostManagement

5. Implement streamlined systems and processes to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. #Systems #ProcessImprovement #CostReduction
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#Copywriting for E-commerce: Tips for #Writing #Product #Descriptions That #Sell Image
1. One of the most important aspects of e-commerce is writing compelling product descriptions that sell. In this thread, we’ll share tips and tricks for creating effective product descriptions.
2. Start by understanding your target audience. Who are they? What are their pain points? What benefits do they seek? Knowing this information will help you tailor your descriptions to meet their needs.
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1/ 👋 Hello world! We are the #Bitcoin Product Community.

Our vision is to create a space for product-oriented individuals to collaborate and drive forward high-impact FOSS & commercial projects within the bitcoin ecosystem.

Read more:
👇👇👇… Image
2/Back in June of 2022, @pavlenex and @ConorOkus created a discord to provide a space for bitcoin #product managers to come together. Since then, the small rag-tag group of Bitcoin PM’s has evolved into a diverse community of passionate bitcoiners from various disciplines.
3/At the start of 2023, we began holding biweekly meetings to brainstorm and vision-cast what the community could be. Today, we’re finally excited to share with you what we have planned.
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One year ago I started my PM career with a post on Twitter. Today I share with you my biggest learnings throughout the year. #givingback #product management
1/ Building trust is key when starting out as a PM. Don’t try to do everything at once like talking to more users, being more data-driven etc. First you need to excel with what already exists and only then you can start to uncover new growth levers for the team.
2/ Soft skills trump everything else and being able to manage your emotions is the most important skill of all. Meditation is the most powerful tool for this as it will help you to be in touch with what you're feeling and why.
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Build only what needs to be built

This is one of the most common mistakes people seem to make when jumping into Tana (or other similarly powerful tools)

You don't need to start with a fully built out, high-modernist, top-down system. Start small! 🧵
I've been using Tana every day for over 90 days now – and I'm still building my systems.

Sure, you could take that and say "see, Tana isn't for getting work done – it's a hobby for people who like to fiddle with their systems!"

But that's not the case. At all.
Instead, I've opted from the get-go to only build the minimum of systems that I need _right that moment_.

Just the bare necessities to get the job done I'm working on right now.

Nothing more.
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#ZeroToOne by is a must-read for anyone looking to build a successful business. Here are ten key takeaways from the book:

The concept of "#monopoly" - It's not about being the biggest player in the market, it's about creating a new market and being the only player in it.
The power of "definite #optimism" - Instead of shooting for incremental improvements, aim for a 10x increase in value. #peterthiel
The importance of "#secrets" - The most valuable businesses are built on secrets that are hidden from the #competition.
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Retention is the most important metric for a new feature or a new app. Focusing on acquisition or monetisation can seem like a more exciting problems to solve but solving for retention is most critical.

Read this thread and you will be convinced at the end of it.
1. Retention can in fact drive acquisition
For many products, retention has a double effect. More users you retain, more key actions are performed like sharing, inviting, word-of-mouth, or creating content and it sets off a self-reinforcing cycle that drives acquisition.
2. Retention accelerates breaking even on customer acquisition cost. Faster you solve for this, sooner you can start reinvesting in acquisition and fuel your growth.
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1) Herkese merhaba, bugün bir pazarlamacı olarak sizlere modern pazarlamanın kurucusu Philip Kotler'in #4P modelini yani Product (ürün), Promotion (Tutundurma), Place (Dağıtım), Price (Fiyat) modellemesini kullanarak #NTGAZ hissesinin temel analizini yapacağım. #BorsaBros
2) Daha önce sermaye piyasalarında uygulamasını görmediğim bu modelin, temel analizi basitleştirmek adına bir çerçeve olacağını düşünüyorum. #4P yani pazarlama karması, tüm şirketlerin pazarlama ve satış stratejilerini temel aldığı bir modeldir. #NTGAZ #BorsaBros
3) Örnek hisse olarak son dönemlerde enerji sektörünün gözde hisselerinden biri olan ve derinlemesine inceleyerek yatırım yaptığım #NTGAZ 'ı inceleyeceğim. Öncelikle uyarmak isterim ki bu bilgisel tamamen bilgi ve eğitim amaçlı olup, yatırım tavsiyesi içermemektedir. #BorsaBros
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A list of predictions for 2023 for the field of LLMs🧵
There will be an opensource Chinchilla-style LLM released this year at the level of text-davinci-*. Maybe not from the ones we expect🤔This will obliterate ChatGPT usage and enable various types of fine-tuning / soft-prompting and cost/speed improvements.
(as per above) ChatGPT will remain free until it dies out. Replaced by a paid-for equivalent based on (a) better model(s). The balance of the force will be restored at this stage. So it's not a so silly strategy to build a product for free on ChatGPT 🤔... dangerous game still.
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#Fundamental and #chart analysis of leader of #cement sector #ULTRATECH #cement #Limited which has delivered good profit growth of 21.9% CAGR over last 5 years ImageImage
#Chart analysis of #ULTRATECH CMP 6903
✅Reason 1
➡️#ULTRATECH was in downtrend with fall from 8269
➡️This fall had formed very strong and textbook Head & Shoulder Pattern which is getting negated with breakout of equally strong inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern. Image
✅Reason 2
➡️Downtrend of #ULTRATECH with fall from 8269 was over after hitting 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level
➡️Stock has regained price above 23.6% level and next is ATH level
✅Reason 3
➡️Stock is above all moving averages ImageImage
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How Open AI will change the product conception?

With crazy nuts real examples 🧵

#productdesign #product #ai #openai
New AI tech piece like (GPT3, DallE, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion) allow businesses to create products that are more intelligent and efficient.
Will allow businesses to tap into new markets and create products that are more personalised to customer needs.
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Master Thread on Product Management Skills & Interview Preparation.
Compilation of quality content discovered & created. 🧵🧵🧵 #productmanagement #product
1/ YouTube Product Management Playlist ▶️
Do check out this YT PM playlist I created. You'll find relevant solved cases & mock interview videos. I'll keep updating it.…
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Comment les jobs-to-be-done nous aident à prendre de meilleures décisions #Produit ? Quels impacts peuvent-ils générer au sein d’une organisation ? Et comment aident-ils au quotidien les équipes à innover ?

REX de CDiscount par Paul MICHEL

#productdesign #productmanagement
CDiscount, l’une des premières marketplaces en France.
Dans ce talk :
–JTBD, une definition
–Comment et pourquoi il est important de les identifier
–Comment ils peuvent aider à la prise de décision

#innovation #flowcon #product
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Damien Moyne vient de Bordeaux nous partager un REX de l’équipe #Data #ProductManagement chez Aramis, une entreprise très lean qui raisonne beaucoup en termes de flux. ImageImageImage
L’organisation #data dans le groupe européen Aramis, où l’on retrouve depuis 1,5 an l’équipe Pricing.

Il y l’analyse, la modélisation, le devops, etc. Image
La mission de l’équipe : trouver le meilleur prix d’achat/de vente pour un véhicule –enjeu stratégique pour l’entreprise.

Scraping de sites web externes et données propres (sites, stocks, acheteurs) les nourrissent.
Leur stack ⤵️ ImageImage
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À qui s'adresser, quel périmètre tester, comment s'y prendre pour injecter les retours user dans le backlog produit?

Les 4 écueils les + fréquents et quelques astuces pour maximiser l'adoption de votre #produit via les feedbacks users, avec @MarinaWiesel

#product #research
Erreur 1️⃣
Tester uniquement les maquettes

8 méthodes pour savoir si un élément est :
• facile à utiliser
• utile
• utilisé
mappées sur 2 axes, chacun impliquant des biais
Les tests d’UI à l’échelle, les questionnaires (attention à ne pas trop orienter les questions), les analytics pour détecter les failles du produit sont particulièrement utiles.

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Parcours carrière, objectifs, principes et diversités : comment construire une équipe #produit efficace et adaptée à vos défis ?

@chrisparola on stage en amphi #flowcon
Le baromètre La Product Conf’ sur l’attractivité des entreprises françaises pour les talents Produit 🏆

Et pourtant, elles s’organisent toutes différemment, le job d’un•e PM d’une entreprise à l’autre est très différent

@Yousignfr est sur un marché très concurrencé. Comment se démarquer ? Le parti-pris : se différencier par une UX excellente.

Comment s’organiser pour relever le défi ?

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"You Build It You Run It" sounds great but it won’t work here

🎤 Opening Keynote by @SteveSmith_Tech #flowcon
"You Build It You Run It" is an operating model in which #product teams build, deploy, operate, and support their own #digital services.

Bethan Timmins & Steve Smith
They have written a playbook with tips and best practices, it’s available on the web, check it out ⤵️
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1/ If you are wondering, #AI in enterprise SaaS #product creation has gone past incubation era and through disruption phase and into scaled part of everyday product making. Three examples from #MSIgnite this week:
2/ Viva Topics is 18 months in market with 100's of updates. AI + humans working together to create a Wikipedia for your enterprise, in-the-flow of-work UX cards of experts & resources everywhere. Knowledge capture ready for prime time.…
3/ Microsoft Syntex will be the only way an org can keep up with insane growth of all the semi-structured content of invoices, RFPs, purchase orders, et centers. The diversity of model choices purpose fit to scenario is key. @OmarShahine explains it well:
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Here's a thread on PLG,🧵
1) What is Product Led Growth (PLG) & strategies?
2) Debunking some Myths of PLG?
3) why PLG is biggest Trend in SaaS?
4) Growth Tactics?
5) what can we do for PLG?

@Amplitude_HQ @mixpanel @Airmeet @WebEngage @Meesho_Official @gopracticeio @YourStoryCo
1) Product-led growth (PLG) is a business methodology in which user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention are all driven primarily by the product itself.

The product becomes a revenue & retention source of its own, driving deeper engagement with users.
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Week 2 contd.. in Insurjo'22 by @TheProductfolks

We had session by @wanderer08 on "Automating High Quality User Engagement".

Hosts: @MotwaniSuhas @adityamohanty_

#TheProductFolks #10DaysOfProdMan #Day6 #IAmTeamInsurjo #insurjo22 #product #productmanagement #Insurjodocs Image
1) What is User Engagement & How Product Growth & Marketing affect it?
2) What are Notifications? Types?
3) Methods of User Engagement with Automation.
4) Key Takeaways.

@Amplitude_HQ @mixpanel @Airmeet @WebEngage @Meesho_Official @gopracticeio @YourStoryCo
1) User engagement measures whether users find value in a product or service. It's measured by a variety or combination of activities such as downloads, clicks, shares.
- Product Marketing focus on creating pre-sale value.
- Growth marketing focus on post-sales value creation. ImageImage
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Week 2 Insurjo'22 at @TheProductfolks Kickstarted with session on Fireside Chat "Privacy on Internet" with @pdolanjski from @DuckDuckGo
Small thread🧵 on important thing.

#TheProductFolks #10DaysOfProdMan #Day5 #IAmTeamInsurjo #insurjo22 #product #productmanagement #Insurjodocs Image
1) How are online behaviour Monitored & Targeted?
2) How @DuckDuckGo operates on User privacy?
3) what are pseudo-anonymous & anonymous data?
4) How PM's maintain User privacy with products?

@Amplitude_HQ @mixpanel @Airmeet @WebEngage @Meesho_Official @gopracticeio @YourStoryCo
1) Behavioral Targeting is an online targeting technique that uses information collected about an individual’s web-browsing history, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display. Image
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Product Management 🧵 Thread on week 0.

From @lennysan's newsletter & his podcasts, @TheProductfolks Kicked off the sessions for Insurjo'22 with a bang - @MotwaniSuhas & @SmarthVasdev - Thanks for this.

#TheProductFolks #10DaysOfProdMan #Day1 #IAmTeamInsurjo #product #learning Image
what was it all about PM and why & How & who should get started these were some of the main things discussed during the session.

1) PM definition?
2) what is the core skill needed for bieng a PM ?
3) How to break into product management ?
4) PM thoughts by Lenny.
5) Takeaways.
- PM's definition according to @lennysan from his experience with @Airbnb is One who makes everything better & makes everyone's job easier. ImageImage
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A big learning I had in transitioning from an IC to a #product leader was that success looked like:

-consistency of execution
-delivering results
-ensuring stakeholders knew about and were happy with my work

It was less important that I had all the product knowledge out there.
In chats with senior product managers wanting to make the transition, I’ve found a misconception that if only they had *this one special skill* they could get promoted.
In actuality, Director of Product and above are vastly different jobs involving soft skills, helping shepherd through hard choices, and working well with executives.
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