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1/ When I find myself #disappointed or frustrated with a student or trainee, I always go back to was I explicit in my #expectations?

Was I clear about my standard for pt care?

Particularly, to not make assumptions about pt’s health #literacy or understanding of their plan?
2/ Was I not clear about my expectation about their medical knowledge

And if they don’t know something, its okay

But to take a stab at looking it up themselves if they have time since that will stick a lot more #MedEd
3/ Was I clear about closed loop #communication with the interdisciplinary team

And not make assumptions that #orders does not = that it’s happening for the patient or others understand the reasoning or its importance
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THREAD: I’ve seen this anti-diversity piece floating around (…), and it warrants careful critique.

TL;DR: Kronman’s diversity critique artificially severs identity and experience, strawmans diversity, relies on flawed notions of merit, and overlooks optics.
First, we can’t discuss “diversity” until we define it. Kronman notes two types of academic diversity: (1) having a range of beliefs, values, and experiences on campus; and (2) having a range of races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations on campus.
Let’s call diversity #1 (beliefs, values and experiences) “experience diversity” and diversity #2 (race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation) “identity diversity”. Kronman’s thesis is simple: experience diversity is good, and identity diversity is bad.
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War on #Iran has been a priority for Trump’s admin since the transition.

Why the delay?

Only Internal division between Bannon isolationists and neocons prevented this inevitable“#Iraq Debacle, Part II” scenario — until the chaotic purges.


Now the #Iraq Debacle’s sequel is nearing its release date:

“Infinite War #Iran” — featuring a familiar, returning all-star cast of characters, including Judith Miller and John Bolton.


The night before Trump’s inauguration, I received a hysterical phone call from a friend inside the D.C. political establishment.

Why the hysteria?

This friend is Iranian-American... with lots of interesting info on Iran War plans among the administration-to-be.
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1/ Ok I think I sort of get it now. Thanks @nicksdjohnson for bearing with me. A longish thread. #eipsarentgovernance #eipsaretechnicalstandards
2/ EIPs are not “change requests.” They may born out of the desire to promote a change or implement a feature, but they are actually a proposal to standardize “something” in Ethereum. A process, a property, a feature, or a class of changes.
3/ Just like ERC-20 is a token standard, EIP-XXX is an Ethereum protocol standard. The EIP process is a technical standardization process. We call the EIPs the are subject to this process “Standard Track EIPs.”
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Who lives, who dies, when you tell your stories?

Or: How I think about dead parents, lovers & friends, both in backstory and in the course of the action. #Meta #Craft


If you’re not familiar with the concept of Fridging, please go here:…
I try really hard to never fridge. I don’t kill named characters for other character’s emotional development.
A death, be it in action or backstory, has to be plausible, and while the characters REACT to it, it’s not to cause reaction.
I don’t kill when they become inconvenient.
(Well, except one time, there’s this one character I killed because I was tired of their bullshit & I wanted them dead. I had to make it worth it, despite the mess.
Killing them was inconvenient for me, as writer, but I hated that character, so it was totally worth it.)
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I'm so freaking tired of trying to figure out whether I'm interacting with real people or not.

So freaking tired.
As a funny aside, I'm interested in writing about this and messaged someone on FB this morning about it.

But because I can't message from my professional account, only my personal account, he suspected me of being a troll and angrily blocked me.

I'm going to assuage myself by taking in the lovely view out my window right now.

#gotcha 🤪
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This thread is about archaeological artifacts and how we think about them. Heck the first step is to even figure out what to name them. I’m gonna pull out two examples: Athenian ceramic vessels and Paleolithic stone tools to think about “what’s in a name?”
Archaeologists have to deal with all kinds of artifacts. Usually they’re even just fragments of an artifact.

To be honest, a lot of times we can’t really identify these artifacts or how they were used. But, we’ve gotta call them something
Sometimes it seems easy. Take a look at the ceramic objects in the image below. What would you call these objects? And unless you’re already familiar with Greek ceramics, I bet there’s one that you aren’t sure what to call it.
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