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#TIL agricultural workers in South India, who typically spent 4-5 hours in the open with >30% of their skin exposed were found to be deficient in Vitamin D!

doi: 10.1093/ajcn/85.4.1062

Since no other factors seem to be at play, I presume timing of sunlight exposure is to blame.
The same study (from 2007) on around 1200 individuals found >80% rural and >90% urban people had deficient/insufficient Vitamin D. I suppose the situation is even more alarming now, especially in urban India

This is truly scary as Vitamin D not only promotes calcium absorption..
..and keeps bones healthy but has "been linked to improving immunity, tiredness and muscle weakness, bone pain, depression...[and has] also been said to help stave off cancer and the consequences of ageing," diabetes, cholesterol and now, even anaemia…
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A random selection of what I've watched on YouTube tonight. People complain that it's all trash but I just don't get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Altai throat singing. Bai Terek

One of these guys is an MMA fighter. 😲…

"Ka Ipo Lei Manu" by Sean Na'auao, a Native Hawaiian Slack Key guitarist & vocalist.…

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#Til #எள்ளு Black sesame seeds have the powers to absorb negative energies that are present both in the atmosphere and inside the body. Therefore, black sesame seeds are used for cleansing the surroundings during tarpanam and Sradham. By using the kala til or black sesame seeds
people invoke their dead ancestors who wander in the Pitru Loka, a zone between earth and heaven. People offer black sesame seeds with water to the Pitrus while chanting specific mantras. These mantras (sounds) have certain energies that, in turn, activate the sesame seeds to
start attracting the dead relatives to earth for accepting the Pinda daanam or our offerings. The ritual is done to relieve the ancestors from the vicious cycle of birth and death and also help them in getting liberated from worldly desires that keep troubling their souls. A
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#TIL that Shammi Kapoor was one of the first users of the Internet in India

He was the founder & chairman of the Internet Users Club of India. I can't wrap my head around how someone like Shammi Kapoor was in the thick of the internet movement in India?

I did some digging 👇
I found this dead website on the Internet Archive. It was one of the first domains with a "" TLD.

It was owned by this guy: Miheer Mafatlal and it hosted the IUCI webpage. As tech people stereotypes go, he sure does look the part.
This is how one of India's first independent and private websites looked like.

It couldn't have a more 90s internet aesthetic if it tried. Love it!
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How much time will you spend in meetings in your work time?

- 20% to 40% says
- It will be 4 years in a person's whole life

There is 4P Method to help you master your meetings.

✓Personal Benefit
From their research, they found a few interesting percentages.
- Believes meeting are #1 waste of time (49%)
- Admits to deliberately missing meetings (96%)
- Daydreams in meetings (91%)
- Does other work (73%)
- Sleeps in meetings (39%)
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Haven’t we had enough planning scandals?…
‘It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the amendments are being rushed through to avoid controversy, negative media coverage, and the requirement to actually explain what is at issue.”
- @Mickcliff

- Me
“On Thurs. evening opposition politicians were given details of 48 pages to be added to a 20-page planning bill.
2.5 hours have been set aside on Wednesday to debate these along with amendments from the original bill. It will be impossible for proper Dáil scrutiny to be applied.’
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#TIL that there's a 22-mile long race in Wales called “Man v Horse” that, as its name suggests, has both humans and equine participants (well, with riders). And sometimes, albeit rarely, a (non-rider) human wins, like this year.…
Me, I'm waiting for the “Man v Sloth” race so I can finally have a chance to compete with like mammals.
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Salah satu fragmen sejarah Majapahit, Prasasti Balawi, berangka tahun 1227 Śaka (24 Mei 1305 M.) dikeluarkan raja Majapahit yang pertama, Çrĩ Kṛtarãjasa Jayawarddhana, tentang pengukuhan tanah di Balawi sebagai sima swatantra dengan tinaṇḍa pãlaga triçũlamukha Image
Status tanah perdikan Balawi sebenarnya telah diberikan oleh Çri Harśawijaya ketika menjadi penguasa bhūmi Janggala, tetapi baru dikukuhkan dengan tamra prasasti oleh anaknya, Narāryya Sanggramawijaya, melalui permohonan warga kepada sang wirapati pu kapat #TIL
Prasasti Balawi terdiri dari 6 lempeng (I, II, IV, VI, VII, VIII) sayangnya lempeng yang cukup penting (V) tidak ada, padahal lempeng ini bisa jadi menceritakan awal penetapan status perdikan Balawi oleh Çri Harśawijaya.

Hayo, siapa yang sedang menguasai fragmen sejarah ini?!
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how to grow a community on twitter
pick a theme and state it directly or indirectly in your bio. mine is, startups & vc for first-time founders
post consistently. there’s a difference sweet spot for everyone depending on where you’re located, but generally it’s 11am. post daily.
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“Josh Allen listening? Can people get this message to him? Vi-a-gra. Take a viagra before the game, baby.”
— Bart Scott

Added: “A lot of NFL players, at least in my day, took viagra.”

Mark this all under #TIL
Everyone’s reactions to this entire Bart Scott / viagra aside were hysterical. Damien Woody was LOSING it 😂😂😂

And it kind of made me view everything Louis Riddick said afterward in a goofy, double entendre, “that’s what she said” way too.
This seems like it might be about to go off a little bit... plus there's rarely a bad time to try to plug @LAvsAllYall.

So, you know, check it out, hit subscribe, etc. 🙏🙏…
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#TIL about OSINT (open source intelligence, the process of gathering information utilizing public resources) & I’m like wait a min, I’ve been doing this for FUN since I was a kid and there’s whole methodologies and techniques? It’s never too late to learn and expand your skillset
I always thought I was weird bc I’ll just randomly go on deep dives and find more information about a person or case. I’ll have barely one or 2 clues or pieces of information about something & investigate. That’s what I did for a lot of missing person cases for instance.
Infosec is so fire y’all. Deadass.
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#TIL that engineers had issues with the honeycomb insulation on the #SaturnV second stage, so they ended up hiring local surfers from #SealBeach CA, who had experience in working with the material, to apply it to the vehicle 🚀🏄 @NASAhistory
The challenging area was the Stage Two (S-II) common bulkhead on #SaturnV, where the LH2 and LO2 tanks shared a common interface (see center of image)
In #SaturnV's early days, #NorthAmericanAviation engineers attempted to adhere the insulation to the LH2 tanks in large vacuum chambers, so the insulation would be sucked down onto the adhesive coated metal. However, the team had problems with the insulation popping off the tank.
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Terima panggilan kecemasan dari Emak di kampung.

🚔 Pegawai Special Branch datang ke rumah untuk soal siasat adik aku yang kibar 🏴



Ada macai pergi buat report ke Balai Polis Tronoh. Pegawai datang tapi NFA.

Macai tak puas hati, report ke IPD Batu Gajah. Terus SB datang melawat ke rumah pula.


Rupanya adik aku kibar panji Rasulullah kat rumah.

Tapi sebab kaler hitam/putih, terus ada macai PN menggelupur.

Nasib baik polis Tronoh dan SB Batu Gajah YG datang tu kawan dia. Kes settle, dinasihat untuk turunkan bendera supaya macai PN puas hati.

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#TIL Syed Jaafar Albar, a Malay Ultra, came from Makassar just like Najib Razak's ancestors. He came to Singapore as an immigrant when he was 14.
The Malay Ultras of 1960s:
1) Dr Mahathir Mohamed - Indian descent
2) Syed Jaafar Albar - Indonesian descent
3) Syed Nasir bin Syed Ismail - Yemeni descent
4) Musa Hitam - Javanese and Chinese descent.
Not really sure about the family of Syed Nasir but the rest of the Ultras and their families ended up extremely Rich including many in billionaires' list.
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"There are 3 kinds of truths in our world today.
1. Objective truth
2. Personal truth
3. Political truth "

Neil deGrasse Tyson
American astrophysicist

1. Objective truth
This is what is proved by science. Whether you believe it or not it is scientific fact. It has faced numerous testing, experiments & has been proved to be true by multiple people across the world using different methods & materials yet coming to same result.
Government policies should ONLY be made as per objective truths. No place for pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo. We go where the science takes us. Where the evidence takes us.
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With one day for the dust to settle, here are my thoughts on some of the #ASCO21 #melanoma data.
1) It is interesting to me that no adj PD-1 melanoma study has yet shown OS benefit vs comparator arm (CM238 - nivo vs ipi, S1404 - pembro vs HDI or ipi, KN054- pembro vs placebo).
Is this because more time in f/u is needed to see diffs emerge? Or does it suggest that PD-1 is equally effective regardless of disease setting (adj vs metastatic) and that enough pts with metastatic melanoma have durable long-term control on PD-1 to explain lack of OS benefit?
I suspect that PD-1 does cure some melanoma pts in the adjuvant setting. But are these the same pts that would have been cured in the metastatic setting? Not easy to answer but longer f/u of these three pivotal studies will be very important.
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28 April 1945.

#OnThisDay 76 years ago, Fascist Dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini along with his mistress Clara Petacci were lynched by Communist partisans.

The bodies were later hung upside down in a square at Milan. Image
Adolf Hitler was so disturbed at the news of how his friend met his end, made sure he would be spared this indignity after death.

Just 2 days later, Soviet troops had surrounded the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin.

Hitler committed suicide and gave orders for his body to be burnt.
#Mussolini came to power in 1922. Within 6 years, he had turned Italy into a one-party Fascist state.

Mussolini was a bumbling fool with a talent for oratory. But Italy had a slavish media that turned his every failure(Invasion of France and Greece) into a MASTERSTROKE! Image
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Amul chocolates should be spoken about more. They have a really good range at crazy prices. And don't get me started on their beautiful packaging!

@Amul_Coop why this kolaveri di?
Check those beauty here. Thanks @beastoftraal for showing the whole range. It's been quite a fun trying them out since this past.
Finally found some more cool stuff from Amul website.…

#TIL there span over 6 subcategories.
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Why is @justice_sisters participating in a forum with a credibly accused perpetrator?
Full disclosure: I told Thilaga about the situation with Surendra Ananth last year. They say they have always maintained that there needed to be some sort of investigation, and that their actions centred around me getting access to justice. Not sure how this applies.
Thilaga also told me that Surendra had approached her earlier to talk shit about me + imply I was crazy/a jilted ex. They said that they don't take statements like these from men seriously.
I sincerely hope being part of this forum is just an oversight on @justice_sisters part.
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#TIL que la miel turca Centauri, que se recolecta una vez por año en una alejada cueva de un montaña, es reconocida como la más cara del mundo. Un kilogramo de este manjar cuesta unos 10 mil euros
La cueva esta ubicada a una altitud de 2,5 km sobre el nivel del mar, lejos de ciudades y pueblos en una zona ecológicamente limpia. Las abejas locales viven aisladas y no se mezclan con otras colonias de abejas.
Según la empresa que vende miel, tiene un color oscuro, un sabor amargo único y es rica en magnesio, potasio, fenoles, flavonoides y antioxidantes. Estas sustancias entran en la miel a partir de hierbas que crecen alrededor de la cueva.
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Interesting observation about a manuscript that may have been written in ~1850

#AbhinavaBharataSaraSangraha #RaSathyanarayana #MummaDiChikkaBhupala #Sippegowda Image
Remember some podcast where doubts were cast about Kautalya's authorship of #Arthashastra, because of the "Kautalya says" quotes in there.
But that is the way of Samskrta/Bharatiya/Indian texts till much later. Here is a text from ~1650, of #MummaDiChikkaBhupala of such self-ref Image
Every king, big and small has been compared to #BhojaRaja when they were supporting artists/poets. Here is the #Birudavali of #ImmadiChikkabhupala, aka #ChikkappagGowda , chieftain of Madhugiri, Karnataka ~1600CE Image
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#OnThisDay in 1915, American physicist Robert Hofstadter was born!
Hofstadter was awarded half of the 1961 @NobelPrize in Physics for his contributions towards our understanding of electron scattering as well as the structure of protons and neutrons. #TIL #WorldCancerDay
He is also known for his accurate prediction of two types of meson, which are subatomic particles consisting of one quark and one antiquark: the omega-meson and the rho-meson.
Hofstadter contributed to the development of nuclear medicine, specifically the use of gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques such as positron emission tomography. These medical imaging techniques are used for the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer as well as neurological conditions.
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#TIL Apartheid, Nazism & genocides is somehow equivalent to Indian govt passing farm laws in the parliament.
Only PUN/HAR farmers have problems still Govt has done 14 rounds of talks. 300+ Cops were attacked on the Republic day & still no force was used. Bilkul same hai nahi?🤷🏻‍♀️
*are somehow*
I am actually pissed with this government for letting them do all this. Brute force should have been used after what happened on the Republic day. Injuring 300+ cops is not a joke. Imagine the morale of the police personnel.. getting assaulted by these hooligans &
Govt thinking about its image. I mean no matter what you do these ppl are gonna call you fascists. We can’t sacrifice our ppl to handle their antics.

Hitler & South African Racists would have felt bad today after seeing getting compared with our image conscious government. ugh🤢
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Today we celebrate Mohammad Abdus Salam’s birthday! He was one of the most influential theoretical physicists of the 20th century and the first Pakistani Nobel laureate in science. #TIL
Salam’s doctoral thesis on theory in quantum fields earned him international fame for its comprehensive and fundamental exploration of quantum electrodynamics.
This fed into his work in the 1960s when he devised the electroweak theory on unifying two of the four known forces of nature: electromagnetic force and weak nuclear force.
He hypothesized that weak force was transmitted by carrier particles — charged W and neutral Z bosons.
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