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Star Trek S1E02 "Who Mourns for Adonais?" #TOS #StarTrek… has interesting features 1) sexism tempered by female crew members' competence, (2) advancement of Ancient Aliens theory & 3) use of Pre-Modern anti-Muslim slur 4) appearance of Walter Koenig: Chekov
For the 1st time, Michelle Nichols as Uhura performs a technical task. In previous episodes, she basically was a receptionist or a switchboard operator.
After Scotty the Chief Engineer oogles Leslie Parrish as Lt. Carolyn Palamas on the bridge, Capt Kirk basically states that women won't go far in Star Fleet because they end their careers for marriage. She's part of the landing party where she & Kirk exchange these lines: Image
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* LINE公式へ私信でお願いします。

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- 宣伝告知(自己利益)でなく共有知な内容

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- 99字以下の短文

- 質問形アリ(gglks言われぬアホでないもの)

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→→ スマホでも可
suspended,temporary suspended なら
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BOTOX: A PRINCIPLE OF MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS & THERAPY? Several insidious medical disorders encompass similar pathophysiology seeming amenable to #Botox therapy: #Migraine, #TMJ, chronic neck pain (#cervicalgia), & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (#TOS).
The pathophysiology found within all these disorders is the phenomenon of “crossed muscle” syndromes. Dr. Victor Janda is possibly first to describe this curious syndrome, which is easily discovered by simple physical examinations.
When the body musculoskeletal tower is asymmetric (tilted) within the ambient gravitational field, muscle pairs symmetric from side to side or which oppose in individual body part functions, become dissimilar in dynamic action; one muscle stronger & hypertrophic. The other weak.
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#Reporte #COVID19 Hoy fue la semana en la que atendí a la mayor cantidad de casos (todos ambulatorios) y puedo compartir lo siguiente:
1.- El #cuadroclínico NO necesariamente es #respiratorio.
2.- Hay muchos casos que inician con mal estar gastrointestinal. 👇👇(va el hilo)
* No sólo es diarrea, puede terminar en un cuadro de abdomen agudo por #necrosis intestinal por #trombosis (@carrillo_jc1101)
3.- Los pacientes cursan con la #tos característica, la cual no necesariamente es productiva, es más #irritativa, aunque si expectoran.
4.- El malestar general se acompaña de dolor semejante al producido por #traumatismos musculares principalmente en #muslos y en piernas y pies similares a dolores #neuropáticos.
5.- Hay una #cefalea (dolor de cabeza) intensa que genera #fotofobia (la luz les irrita) y postración.
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Excellent anatomical discussion, but not completely on point as relates to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (see my references below).
Etiology of TOS lies within functional relationships of the major muscles of the shoulder hemi-girdles. Let me explain.
Major range of motion for each shoulder hemi-girdle is elevation & depression; (abduction & adduction).
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“Hip” is socket (acetabulum) where femur (upper leg bone) inserts into pelvis (ilium/ischium). If hip were to dislocate, person would have excruciating pain & be unable to stand/walk. Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is 17 cm square in area; vs. ilium & sacrum/coccyx (tail bone)....
SIJ commonly subluxes in pwHSD, generating painful ligament stretch interpreted as low back/hip pain in 13-30% pwLow Back Pain. When SIJ subluxes, Ilium rotates CW or CCW around a virtual transverse axis from Right to Left & through both mid-SIJs ....
Rotation of Ilium relative to Sacrum creates an oblique relationship of contours of the two bones. In a lean person, & depending on whether there is a CW or CCW rotation, the tail bone can appear to become stationed closer to the hip region on that side....
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#TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndome) commonly afflicts world class overhand pitchers. My studies of these players has revealed the etiology and rational cure. It is a most interesting bio-dynamic. Discussed in my tweet of 4/06/2019.
Analysis right hand overhand pitch: initially upper body winds clockwise (as seen from above). Next, left upper extremity thrown inferior-posterior; giving momentum to sudden upper body CCW torquing rotation & to counterforce (stabilize) right upper extremity overhead catapult.
Net effect of these initial motions is dynamic exercise of the left S. trapezius, which stabilizes left shoulder as left upper extremity is vigorously thrown inferior; leading to hypertrophy of this muscle. Same time, right upper extremity functions as passive overhead catapult.
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