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TOP GUN: MAVERICK esconde muchos detalles geniales que la hacen grande. Como los AVIONES.
Con los AVIONES se nos cuentan todos los subtextos, la redención del protagonista, el respeto al pasado y su confrontación con lo nuevo.... Todo. Vamos a ello. #TopGunMaverick #Cinemelodic
Ha sido un tremendo éxito y una de las películas que la gente más a repetido ver porque es muy entretenida, pero es que además es muy buena. Fijaos cómo se maneja el tema de los aviones, columna vertebral del film.
Empezamos en un hangar... #TopGunMaverick Image
En ese hangar nos presentan a nuestro protagonista, pero la clave está en el avión, un avión antiguo, P-51 Mustang, que está reparando. Vamos hacia el pasado viajando en avión. Lo veremos 2 veces #TopGunMaverick #Cinemelodic ImageImageImageImage
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J’avais trouvé que le dernier #TopGunMaverick mettait la barre haut en matière d’énergies fossiles gaspillées de façon éhontée mais alors #FastAndFurious c’est un truc que je n’aurais jamais pu concevoir si je ne l’avais pas vu de mes propres yeux.
J’ai adoré les couettes & les ongles vernis de Jason Momoa.
Je suis estomaquée (pour reprendre un mot à la mode) par le fait que Vin Diesel ait la même expression faciale pendant 2h20.
Charlize Theron est presque plus badass que Michele Rodriguez.
Helen Mirren a des yeux verts sublimes et Rita Moreno une silhouette sublime.
J’irais bien faire un tour au Portugal.
Je vais me faire toute la filmo d’Alan Ritchson, en tenue légère.
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Just a little update from @paramountplus' quarterly earnings call today... 1/7
.@paramountplus just added 4.1 MILLION subscriptions to reach 60 MILLION global subscriptions. But they don't want to pay a penny more in residuals for that global subscriber growth 2/7
This is despite the fact that they know exactly how much writers' content supports that growth 3/7
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#Oscars2023 LIVE updates 🔴

All eyes are on India's entry #RRR 🤩

Get the latest updates here 👇…

#Oscars #Oscars95 #RRRForOscars
The first #Oscar goes to Pinocchio movie for Best Animated Feature.

Get the latest updates here 👇

#PinocchioMovie #Oscars #Oscars2023
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The Ukrainian World Congress is calling on the Academy to reconsider Oscar nominations for #TopGunMaverick , starring #TomCruise , citing concerns over the film's alleged funding by a Russian oligarch.

#Oscars #Oscars2023…
The group also asked the academy to condemn “Russia’s war against Ukraine and any attempts to influence Hollywood and American society” during this Sunday’s #Oscars .
The letter from the Ukrainian World Congress comes two months after The Times reported on a breach of contract suit filed by Bradley Fischer, former president of New Republic Pictures.

#Oscars #TopGunMaverick…
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TOP GUN: MAVERICK ha sido un éxito de crítica y público. No sólo es ya una de las mejores secuelas de la historia, es uno de los grandes blockbuster de las últimas décadas, y de las pelis más taquilleras. Tom Cruise triunfando. Hilo de CURIOSIDADES. #TopGunMaverick #Cinemelodic
Es la duodécima película más taquillera de la historia. Todo un hito, ciertamente. #TopGunMaverick #Cinemelodic Image
“Top Gun: Maverick” tuvo sucesivos retrasos debido a la complejidad de su rodaje así como por los problemas con la pandemia del COVID-19. Paramount Pictures quiso estrenarla por streaming Paramount+ tras cerrarse las salas en 2020. #TopGunMaverick #Cinemelodic
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Apple Original Films Boards Skydance’s ‘The Gorge’ With Anya Taylor-Joy Set To Co-Star Opposite Miles Teller…
Scott Derrickson is on board to direct with Zach Dean penning the script, which he sold on spec to Skydance last year. In addition to starring, Teller will serve as executive producer on the film…
Plot details are being kept under wraps other then it being described as a high-action, genre-bending love story
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Tom Cruise is set to receive more than $100m from the global box office success of #TopGunMaverick, making him the highest-earning actor in Hollywood…
The action sequel has grossed about $1.2bn worldwide, with Cruise set to reap dividends from ticket sales and a future share of home entertainment and streaming revenue on top of his fees as producer and star
Cruise’s base salary is believed to be much lower than some other stars.

Will Smith was reportedly paid $35m for his latest film, #Emancipation, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt will be earning $30m for forthcoming productions
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You don’t come here for the movie reviews but humor me. #TopGunMaverick was perfect. Seriously. During the 25 minutes of the secret mission, I may have stopped breathing. A son told me I yelled at one stage. It was magnificent, thrilling. 1/
Despite my better judgment, Tom Cruise still got it. I really don’t want to admit this but he does. And Jennifer Connelly is so age appropriate hot that it all worked and she’s got it too. I digress. 2/
It has no ultra nationalism, no long speeches about the American way. There is an enemy. A threat. A mission. That’s all. Not too deep. Enjoy the ride. “Don’t think too much” to quote the recurring theme. And so don’t. 3/
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Cashback rewards are a type of promotion that's often seen in online casinos, and they're essentially a special type of bonus that's earned in a different way than most. Instead of depositing and having your bonus based on a percentage of your deposit, the value #TopGunMaverick… of a cashback bonus is frequently determined by the amount you play or net losses over a given time. There are a few different ways that this type of promotion can be offered, and the following breaks down the possibilities to make it easier for… players to know what to expect.
What's probably the most popular type of cashback reward is one based on net loss during a period of time. For example, if a player has a net loss of $200 with a 15 percent cashback offer, that would equate to a bonus
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I have a theory about what’s really going on in #TopGunMaverick. It’s full of #spoilers so reader please beware. If you’ve already seen the film and you feel the need, click through and read this thread. Image
The theory can be summed up easily enough: Maverick is dead and what we’re seeing is some sort of purgatory or last vision before death. But, how can that be? It’s simple. Maverick did not survive the hypersonic test flight crash. Image
Unless I am mistaken, no one can bail out at Mach 10+ and survive. And even if he did get out, Darkstar violently broke up and burned as it came down. The aerodynamic forces, let alone the heat and wreckage, would have instantly killed him. Yes, even Maverick. Image
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So #TopGunMaverick is a fantastic sequel. It strikes the right balance of nostalgia/membaberries with a story that doesn't simply re-hash the first movie & develops legacy & new characters in a fun and emotional way.

This & Ghostbusters Afterlife got it right.
I think my only complaint is that the central mission of the story is basically a real life version of the Death Star trench run, but it's so good I don't really care. The ariel fights in this film are next-level awesome.
I can't help but wonder what #StarWars would be like if it treated it's material and characters with the same level of respect and care as #TopGun did. It could have been something really special instead of the dumpster fire we got with the new sequels.
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So, it had been such a depressing couple of days that I went to see #TopGunMaverick tonight


1. It was VERY fun...the fighter scenes were unbelievably good...yes, at times silly and improbable (to say the least) but really FUN
2. The main plot owes royalties to Star Wars and the different movies that covered the Doolittle Raid (WW2)
3. Yes, they paid homage to the most homoerotic scene in the history of hetero military movies (which is really saying something)...If you have seen the original #TopGun you know what I am referring to
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As William and Kate prepared to meet Tom Cruise at the UK premiere of the Top Gun sequel, one question remained: how exactly was the star of the movie planning on turning up? #TopGunMaverick…
🔺 Update: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Leicester Square in London to be welcomed by the Hollywood megastar
The other day, during an event celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, he spoke fondly of his desire to land a helicopter in Trafalgar Square — inspired, it turned out, by the Duke of Edinburgh once telling him how he got the first helicopter into Buckingham Palace 🚁
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#TopGunMaverick 10 or 20 players on the leaderboard, but some tournaments offer even more impressive rewards.

However, do not focus on the size of the prize pool alone because there are other things to consider and one of them is whether a particular tourney is run at a single… online casino or shared between several sites.Needless to say, the fewer players can participate, the better your chances to grab a prize and vice versa. By the way, the number of participants can also be limited, therefore make sure to register well in… REBUYS AND ADD-ONS
Borrowed from poker, rebuys and add-ons have made a smooth transition into spinning contests. These advantageous features are not always available in regular
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Optimism is in the air in Hollywood as the summer movie season kicks off this weekend with the release of #DoctorStrange2. The @AP is here to guide you through what’s coming to the big, and small, screens this summer.
After two down years because of the pandemic, analysts say summer profits could approach 2019 levels. Pre-pandemic, the summer movie season regularly accounted for around 40% of the year’s grosses.
Expectations are high for #TopGunMaverick, which sees Tom Cruise reprising one of his most iconic roles, has waited in the wings for two years for the right moment to fly into theaters. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says he never wavered in wanting to release it in theaters.
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Theatrical Releases During 2022
1. #Sing2
Bigger adventure and slightly better sequel to get us teary-eyed and smiling at certain moments. Garth Jennings dig deeper on some main characters' personal journeys until "out-of-this-world" show in the end. You'll be sing along with them if you know those songs.
3.5/5 Image
2. #HappyNewYear
Enchanting homage to love in luxury hotel's holiday season. Kwak Jae-young got typical 'K-drama' romance with expected sentimental moments. At least famous cast delivered good performances and very easy on the eye to create warm and fuzzy feel in our hearts
3.5/5 Image
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Abro Hilo de las pelis/series que vaya viendo en el #2022
#1 The Night House, primera peli de este año y obvio tenía que ser de esta categoría, buena peli, buen suspenso, me llevé varios sustos y la trama muy original, recomendada 8.5/10 Image
#2 El canto del cisne, buen drama fantasía, lo deja a uno pensando que haría en esas situaciones tan drásticas, recomendada 8/10 Image
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An ongoing thread of movies/TV shows/documentaries I've watched in 2022🍿🧵
#1 Don't Look Up(2021) | @NetflixIndia
A hilarious satire that sums up the world we live in(for now)
DiCaprio's 🔥🔥🔥 monologue is exactly everything wrong with us today and it hits so hard💥 ImageImage
#2 Kadaseela Biriyani(2021) | @NetflixIndia
Probably one of the most unique, wonderfully shot Tamil films of the recent past?
Another film that gives Tamil Cinema a an original new cinematic voice in the form of Nishanth Kalidindi💥 Image
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I edited myself into the trailer for Top Gun. Now I want to be in the movie.
Consider this my audition. Your move Hollywood. #TopGun #TopGunMaverick
“I’m doing my best back here.”

-Omar Jimenez
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