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Deutsche Bank employees charged with spotting ILLEGAL activity *repeatedly* encountered transactions suspicious of MONEY LAUNDERING by @realDonaldTrump, his kids, and Kushner.🧐

Bank executives *never* filed reports, as required by law.🤬

A longtime anti-money laundering specialist at Deutsche Bank found money moving from Kushner Co to #Russians🇷🇺and recommended reporting the transactions (they weren’t).

Deutsche Bank has laundered BILLIONS of dollars for Russians.🙄
One Deutsche Bank employee was FIRED for trying to report Trump and Kush’s shady transactions with #Russians🇷🇺to the government.🤬

“They attempted to try to silence me,” she said. “I’m at peace because I know that I did the right thing.”

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🤣 records from 1985-1994 reveal that @realDonaldTrump “appears to have lost more money than nearly *any other* individual American taxpayer.”

No wonder the mob owns Donnie Two Scoops.🙄

🔥By 1991, @realDonaldTrump’s losses “had grown to nearly $418 million, accounting for fully ***1% of ALL the losses*** that the I.R.S. reported had been declared by individual taxpayers that year.”

EPIC fail!🤣…
Trump reported $460,566 in interest income in 1986, $5.5 million in 1987, and $11.8 million in 1988. Then came 1989: a whopping $52.9 million.🤨

Trump would’ve had to own ~$378 million in bonds generating 14% a year to earn $52.9 million in interest.

ZERO chance of that.🧐
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@AriMelber That's bullshit...
1) since when is ignorance of the law an excuse;
2) the FACT that they went to such extremes to 1st hide it & then deny it & then make excuses for it, & EVERYBODY LIED ABOUT IT, PROVES they were NOT ignorant of the law! And;
3) the value or lack thereof of...
@AriMelber the information being offered, or whether there ever even was any information at all DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!!
What matters is:
They hid the meeting, their intent was to accept help from Putin ("love it"), they lied about & they tried to conspire with Putin/Russia...
@AriMelber against the USA!!!

Point of fact: due to family & then medical issues, I have not yet completed my BA!
Just an average American...paying attention to what has been/is happening! I am also 1 of those voters that the majority...
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1/ My Personal Thank You to Donald J. Trump...

Human beings are tribal.

We define ourselves relative to our affiliations, our social networks, our tribes.

Our nationality. Our religion. Our ethnicity. Our school. Our political affiliation. Our profession. Our sports teams...
2/ The neighborhood we were born in. The city we were born in. All are tribes of one sort or another.

With our tribal behavior comes certain prejudices, certain judgements that we render against those of a different tribe.

I've had them my whole life. ..
3/ We all have them, to one degree or another, whether or not we admit it to ourselves.

It's in recognition of that fact that I have to personally thank Donald J. Trump for freeing me of those prejudices, those judgements...
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#MuellerReport in so let's look back
1-Why did Putin need a "Trump?"
US & EU Sanctions are crippling Russian economy
Sanctions have stopped Investments
Very low global prices for its' OIL
Putin's personal finances are down
In 1987, why did a formerly a-political Trump suddenly start commenting on politics?
Trump's financial history was littered with connections to Mafia & illegal payoffs, Tax fraud & failing to pay his contractors & by 1991 he filed for the 1/ 5 bankruptcies…
In 1995, Trump declares a $916M loss on his income tax returns & not only is he cash poor but NO US Banks will lend him a penny
Putin steps in & with Russian banks & Deutsche bank-all of a sudden he's paying CASH for everything
Why is Putin so helpful?…
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Mueller has overseen the take down of quite a few criminal enterprises. In this tweet thread I name a few. He oversaw the investigation of the Lockerbie bombing, the prosecution of Manuel Noriega, the take down of the Gambino family & more. Thread below. #Mueller #TrumpRussia
1) Mueller joined the U.S. Department of Justice in 1989 to spearhead the prosecution of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. #Mueller #TrumpRussia
2) Mueller took charge of the DOJ's criminal division in 1990, where he oversaw the Lockerbie bombing case & formed the agency's first cyber-dedicated unit. He is the one who created the first cyber crime investigative unit! #Mueller #TrumpRussia
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@renato_mariotti⁩ ⁦@waltshaub⁩ does this look as suspicious to you as it does me?

“Trump said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs+that he pocketed some of the $$ saying that under terms of policy didn’t have to reinvest it.”…
“NY State regulators have issued an expansive subpoena to the Trump Organization’s longtime insurance broker, the first step in an investigation of insurance policies & claims involving Trump’s family business.”…
Trump and his entire family and his #TrumpCrimeSyndicate & all those in leadership positions aiding and abetting him & covering for him look to be in big trouble on multiple fronts.

@senatemajldr how long will you lead the @GOP as accomplices to Trump corruption & treason?
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After Jared Kushner submitted his SF86 national security clearance form FOUR times and was DENIED clearance, Trump ordered his then-chief of staff to grant Kush top-secret security clearance.🤬

It is a #felony to LIE or omit details on an SF86‼️…
Kushner’s first SF86 disclosed *zero* contacts with foreigners, which Kush claimed was a “clerical error.”🤥

Even after updating his SF86 *3 additional times*, Kush still couldn’t get clearance. Then again, we don’t give security clearance to #traitors.😉
Perhaps Kush’s and Misha🇷🇺Flynn’s attempts to arrange a secret backchannel with #Russia🇷🇺was one of the MANY reasons Kush was DENIED clearance.😉

Plus the fact that he committed FELONIES in his repeated attempts to cover up his shady business deals.🙄

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Per a recent Washington Post - ABC News Poll, half of Americans are skeptical that the #MuellerReport will be fair.

This article provides an overview & details for each person listed. 1/4
#TrumpCrimeSyndicate #TrumpRussia
We NEED to remind people who aren't paying as much attention as we are about Mueller's background & qualifications.

🔸Awarded Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry & 2 Navy Commendation Medals for service in Vietnam
🔸 Oversaw prosecutions of Noriega & Gotti
🔸Led the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
🔸After 9/11, helped transform FBI into an agency focused on national security as well as law enforcement
🔸Appointed as #FBI Director by George W. Bush
#RuleOfLaw 3/4
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Will you join me in a BOYCOTT of #Starbucks if Starbucks billionaire
.@HowardSchultz runs for #POTUS as an Independent?

#Resist Spoilers who help Trump.
Plz vote in this Poll So #Starbucks Sees the Percentage of Business Revenue Losses that Starbucks can expect from a #BOYCOTT.

Do the Math
.@HowardSchultz .@Starbucks.
Can you Afford a National Boycott, just to boost a Billionaire ego?
#Resisters #UniteBlue
.@starbucksprtnrs @Starbucks

It looks like Starbucks can expect a 93% DROP In Reoccurring CUSTOMER REVENUES if .@HowardSchultz runs for President.
#Resist Billionaire egos
#VoteBlue2020 #VoteGOPOut

#ReSisters #ReMisters MATTER
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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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Want to know which Democrat I will support?
The FIRST one with the guts to stand on the floor of Congress
THEY ARE ALL #GOPTRAITORS loyal to Russia not US
Who will it be?
Let's look at individual #GOPTraitors starting of with the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
We see that every person INDICTED to date has either been a Russian or Republican
Clearly there is no longer any difference
GOP=Government of Putin
Name one patriotic @GOP that has out Country first?
As @GOPLeader said, there are 2 GOPers paid by Putin
@realDonaldTrump @DanaRohrabacher but do not leave out @senatemajldr @PRyan who funneled 10s of millions of illegal foreign $$$ into GOP PACs
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We DON'T give in to schoolyard BULLYING!
@realDonaldTrump & the @gop are actually using this MANUFACTURED crisis to HIDE behind for SEVERAL reasons.
1. ALL the CRIMINAL actions coming out about @DonaldJTrumpJr, @IvankaTrump, @SenMajLdr, @EricTrump, Jarod Trump, @everyone in his..
He's holding 800,000 ➕ AMERICANS hostage. He's STOPPING help for the AMERICANS involved in the CA Wildfires. Yes @realDonaldTrump & @GOP can CONTINUE to hurt AMERICANS! He can stop this, that, but we DON'T give in to schoolyard BULLYING! EVER!
Look America is the land of the FREE! Not a dictatorship!
58% of AMERICANS say no WALL!
@realDonaldTrump's promise WAS Mexico pays for the wall. This deal, not yet approved, will NOT EVER show Mexico is paying for it!
We DON'T give in to schoolyard BULLYING!
So u better find...
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(1/21) The 2017-18 @HouseGOP had plenty of indictments, #GOPCorruption, and ethical breaches (see my 21-tweet-thread: ). Now meet House GOP freshmen being sworn in on 1/3/19. With their baggage, they'll fit right in.

#CultureOfCorruption #GOPComplicit
(2/21) Ross Spano @RossSpano #FL15
In a clear violation of @FEC campaign finance regs, Spano funded his campaign with large, unreported loans from personal friends. Given the amt & his relatively narrow win margin, it's shocking he is even being seated. (…)
(3/21) Anthony Gonzalez @anthonygonzalez #OH16
In another flouting of @FEC regulations, Gonzalez faced scrutiny for apparently (and illegally) colluding with a supportive Super PAC that was funded solely by - wait for it - Gonzalez's father! (…)
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A friend asked me how I knew this in 2016, during the campaign, before the election, how did I know to raise red flags about #TrumpRussia #TrumpLies #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #PenceKnew #Manafort 1/
She went on: you’re busy, you’re just a normal civilian person, you run a small business, you’re focused on working, your family, how did you figure out and know what was wrong with Trump, Russia, the GOP, why the election was different? 2/
First, let’s acknowledge lots of people knew, too. I don’t just mean the intelligence community, or the co-conspirators and accomplices to treason and illegal activities, I mean lots of other regular people like me. There are some common qualities and habits we share 3/
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It is just not right that @PressSec used her government twitter account to cause this small business problems. Protestors threw shit at the building, hurled insults, and trashed up their @Yelp site. The right talks about civility, what a joke.
SHS never should have named the restuarant. She is a government employee this should never have happened.

But wait, she must think it's ok since trump does this all the time- Amazon, Harley-Davidson & others. This can not continue.
This regime can not be the arbiter of who stays in buiness. This kind of attack must stop. Private businesses should not be harrassed by the government. We should all be angry!

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