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Vishing call frauds have costed Indians INR 1,500 Cr 🤯

My own aunt lost over INR 3,94,500 in 2020🥵

Let us be aware and teach our not so tech savvy relatives

Everything about Vishing frauds & how to avoid traps🧵👇
1/ An example

A person in disguise of a bank employee, called Mrs. Sharma a 40 yr old housewife

He told her that she has been selected as a lucky winner for a trip to Thailand by bank

and to process it he needs an OTP,

Excited to hear this, Mrs. Sharma shared her OTP with him
2/ What happens next❓

Within next 2 mins INR 2,00,000 were out from her A/c

Have you ever faced or heard about such a fraud❓

As per RBI data, India saw 229 banking frauds per day in financial year 2020-21🥵

Read again, not 229 frauds, 229 frauds PER DAY🤯
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Gurugram-based Ambience Mall owner Raj Singh Gehlot argues through Sr Adv @vikaspahwasradv, who opposes Enforcement directorate custody in a bank fraud case. Gehlot was arrested earlier today.
. @vikaspahwasradv: There are no proceeds of crime as mandated in a money laundering case.
Judge Dharmender Rana: The allegation is of conspiring to procure the amount.
. @vikaspahwasradv: I have cooperated with the agency. Assisted the ED with the best of my ability, unless they say he is possession of some information and we will take him into custody, custody can't be granted. #bankfraud
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🔥Manhattan's DA has convened a special grand jury to decide whether to INDICT Donald Trump, his kids + other Trump Org execs &/or the firm with CRIMINAL charges.

Justice is coming—and a federal #pardon won’t save them from NY State charges.😎

The move indicates that DA Vance’s investigation of Trump and Trump “has reached an advanced stage” after >2 years—and suggests that Vance “believes he has found evidence of a CRIME” — by Trump and/or someone close to him or Trump Org.💥

DA Vance’s broad probe includes whether Trump Org LIED about the value of its real estate properties to defraud banks (#BankFraud) and insurance companies (#InsuranceFraud), and if any tax benefits were gotten illegally (#TaxFraud).

Al Capone got nailed for tax fraud.😉
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🔥NY State prosecutors—who are investigating Trump and Trump Org—are focusing on the long-serving CFO Allen Weisselberg, asking witnesses questions about his dealings at the company in an effort to FLIP HIM.😎

#TrumpCrimeFamily #TaxFraud…
Prosecutors are examining, among other alleged CRIMES, whether Trump and Trump Org falsely manipulated property values to obtain loans and tax benefits—#BankFraud and #TaxFraud are serious FELONIES.
Michael Cohen testified under oath to Congress that Trump manipulated property values to evade taxes, collect larger loans, and scam insurance companies.

These are all alleged FELONIES:,
#TaxFraud, #BankFraud, and #InsuranceFraud.
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🔥The NY AG is investigating @realDonaldTrump’s business for allegedly misleading lenders by inflating the value of its assets & asks the judge to compel the Trump Org to provide financial records AND a #subpoena seeking an interview with Eric Trump.…
Eric Trump had been scheduled to be interviewed in late July, but abruptly canceled. Eric is now refusing an interview, with his lawyers saying “we cannot allow the requested interview to go forward…pursuant to those rights afforded to every individual under the Constitution.”🧐
Michael Cohen, who is COOPERATING, testified under oath that Trump and his spawn committed #TaxFraud, #BankFraud, and #InsuranceFraud.

Now, the NY AG is investigating the Trumps for their alleged crimes.

Tick tock, Donald.😎

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1. Among the things that @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump and @DeutscheBankAG are likely trying to hide is that the destroyed tax returns were part of massive conspiracy to approve bad loans. Fake numbers to make Trump appear creditworthy. #BankFraud. I think it can get 20 years.
2. In my view, once the proof becomes public, Tump will live in a world where the Civil #RICO cases will start not being dismissed. Plus federal statute of limitaions for financial institution fraud is ten years.
3. Even if DB shredded the returns, there may still be enough evidence for FBI or other forensic accountants to reconstruct the proof of the fraud. But if as I have suspected the DB is acting as an agent for a pool of lenders, they won’t be able to conceal the
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1/10 There is a false choice being presented whether the Mueller Report means we must proceed with impeachment or that impeachment is off the table.… #muellerreport #impeachment #trump
2/10 For starters, the Mueller Report covers only a portion of Trump's malfeasance (and excludes a dozen matters that were referred elsewhere for potential prosecution).… #muellerreport #trump
3/10 The Mueller Report only investigated whether Trump conspired with Russia re the 2016 election. There is still a question of Trump's financial entanglements with Russia and whether he is compromised by it.… #trump #MuellerReport #russia
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Never forget @TheRevAl blamed his “tax scrutinity” on his support of Obama yet somehow he went years without paying his taxes has/had 🤷🏼‍♀️ over $4 million in liens but guess what he’s never faced? Criminal charges or jail time #Manafort…
Willie Nelson had THIRTY TWO MILLION in unpaid taxes, the government slashed it and let him make an album to pay back. #Manafort
Triggered left out of their f**king minds attacking Judge Ellis instead of listening to what he said, 10-20 years is bat shit crazy. Here’s a similar case in Democrat heaven: bank fraud & tax evasion, sentence 36 months. #manafort…
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Paul Manafort is TOAST‼️

OK, that's not really "breaking news," but the fact that the EDVA judge just granted #immunity to FIVE witnesses in exchange for their testimony is REALLY bad news for Paulie Walnuts, whose (first) trial starts July 25.😎

As for the identity of these **FIVE witnesses** who got #immunity deals (meaning: they likely had legal culpability, but avoid being prosecuted), here are my best guesses:

1) Jeffrey Yohai
2) Steven Calk
3) Tony Podesta
4) Vin Weber
5) ?

Details here👇🏼
My best guess for Witnessl #5 is former Obama WH counsel, Gregory Craig, who wrote the Tymoshenko report that Vin Weber & Tony Podesta used to lobby US lawmakers to justify the unjust IMPRISONMENT of anti-#Russia🇷🇺Tymoshenko by the Ukraine govt.🤔

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Mueller asked the EDVA judge to give **#immunity to 5 potential witnesses** who will testify at Manafort’s bank-#fraud trial starting July 25, but ONLY if they get immunity‼️ 1/

Mueller didn’t identify the FIVE witnesses who ROLLED on Manafort👉🏼have NOT been charged and would plead the Fifth & remain silent unless granted #immunity (they got a VERY good deal). Their names will be made public only if they are called to testify.🤔 2/

These 5 witnesses who got a deal have ties to the BANK-FRAUD and other charges against Manafort. So who are they⁉️

It's NOT Rick Gates (he was CHARGED & pleaded GUILTY). These five witnesses have NOT been charged.🤔 3/

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