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War crimes: UN, US demand Eritrean troops leave Ethiopia’s Tigray region

To rescue of the people suffering from hellish ordeal in the hands of Eritrean troops, the @UN and US have told the melancholic armies to leave #Tigray region.

#Thread 📌

The @UN on Friday said that it is "now abundantly clear to all" that Eritrean troops are operating throughout Ethiopia's northern #Tigray region and "well-corroborated" reports suggest they are responsible for atrocities. @amnesty too has been calling for #justice #freedom

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"Eritrean Defence Forces must leave Ethiopia, and they must not be enabled or permitted to continue their campaign of destruction before they do so," U.N. aid chief @MarkLowcock @UNReliefChief told the @UN Security Council.

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Thread 1) Are we witnessing a #genocidal campaign by #Eritrea’n forces in the #war in #Tigray #Ethiopia? The atrocities committed and the apparent intent may seem to point in that direction. In this thread I will outline the argument supporting such possible claim. #genocide
2) First, it is important to distinguish between #Eritrean & #Ethiopian forces, although #ENDF is also allegedly responsible for mass atrocities. But in #genocide the intent of the atrocities is also important to consider, which appears more ambiguous in relation to ENDF.
3) It has been documented widespread & systematic #massacers of civilians by #EDF throughout Tigray, targeted as #Tegaru. Many witnesses also claim that Eritrean troops have admitted to orders to kill #Tigrayan men & boys, so they shall not later revenge the atrocities.
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📌 Why #MaiKadra Massacre is so much neglected ⁉️

📌 Why @EthioHRC/@hrcoethio not yet released it's final report on #MaiKadra Massacre ⁉️

📌 Preliminary Report on November 24, 2020 - 95 days has elapsed ⁉️
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Over the last week, there has been a series of groundbreaking investigations into #Ethiopia’s #Tigray war.

They point towards three separate massacres, potential crimes against humanity and systematic ethnic cleansing in the region of 6m people.

A recap:
2/ First, @ZekuZelalem and @TelegraphWorld obtained and verified a video showing the aftermath of a massacre of roughly 40 men and boys at DEBRE ABAY.

It is the first evidence of what appears to be a war crime carried out by the Ethiopian army.…
3/ Next, @amnesty interviewed 41 survivors and witnesses to mass killings in November in the northern city of AXUM.

They found that Eritrean troops systematically killed hundreds of unarmed civilians.

The accounts of violence are truly sickening.…
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February 25, 2021

📌 Investigations on alleged crimes undertaken in #Tigray Regional State

It is to be recalled that, in response to the use of force and the aggression by the #TPLF clique, ...
... the Government of #Ethiopia had to undertake a law enforcement operation within the framework of a State of Emergency (#SoE). As part of this operation of the relevant authorities, including the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Police & Attorney General have been ...
... conducting investigations relating to the crimes committed and incidents that have occurred in the #Tigray Regional State. As such investigations progress these institutions have also released to the public their findings.
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FDR of #Ethiopia, Office of PM

Feb. 24, 2021

📌 Updates on #Tigray Region

The Federal Gov't of #Ethiopia is gravely concerned by unsubstantiated & politically motivated misinformation that is being extensively shared by several actors about the situation in #Tigray.
A call for much needed assistance to the people of #Tigray needs to be extricated from other political motivations and partisan support whose sole purpose is aimed at undermining the sovereign powers and responsibilities of the government.
The following updates provide an overview of developments in z region.

📌 Humanitarian Assistance:

Unlike the prevailing & inaccurate narrative that purport vast parts of the region are inaccessible, the Federal Gov't in partnership with int'l & local orgns. has made ...
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How is it possible that 80% of #Tigray population (6 mill.) are in need of humanitarian assis. despite #Ethiopia'n gov't & partner orgn.'s effort to reach out most of z needy people⁉️

It seems that there's something wrong with the report of #EU Foreign Affairs Council debriefed.
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Thread 1
A lesson to the barbaric #UnityForEthiopia club.
These are same people whose churches & mosques you desecrated, raped, murdered, looted. Yet, when #Tegaru capture mostly naive, child soldiers you sent to do these things, #Tegaru see them as what they are. Human beings.
Thread 2
These young people, have been driven to war for your fascistic goal & unquenchable thirst to rule over others. You forced them to kill their brothers, rape their sisters, desecrate their churches & mosques. You made them POW in their own country.
Thread 3
As you see in these clips, no matter how much your crimes are unspeakably fascistic and barbaric in #Tigray, your barbarism is not being paid in kind. Learn from these civilized folks you intend to destroy! #Ethiopia
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1. The IC has failed the people of #Tigray where civilian killing has been normalized. The death toll, specially in rural areas is heart breaking.
On January 29th; the #Ethiopian & #Eritrean troops have massacred countless civilians in villages surrounding Hawzen
2. On this particular day; people were at Sakba St.Mary Church celebrating a religious holiday “Astereyo Mariam” only for the service to be interrupted by the arrival of the savages
Luckily; someone alerted the mass and most of them fled to the nearest mountain

3. Unfortunately; there were 8 senior citizens who couldn’t flee the church and were all killed on the spot. The savages ransacked the church, took whatever they can carry and continued to the nearby villages where they killed a number of civilians

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On VAW and rape in #Tigray:

A thread on how and why rape rises during conflict.

#StopWarOnTigray #WeaponizedRape

We have endless examples of the impact of conflict on women and girls, & marginalized groups. It is already known that women and girls are at risk of violence and discrimination even during “peace” time. 1/18

When VAW occurs women that have nowhere to go, no access to justice or protection from community are the most at risk. And that is often the majority of women. But some structures attempt to protect women at least from the most obvious attacks. 2/18

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On the humanitarian Situation in TIGRAY. What we know so far, why the Fed government is impeding access and what needs to be done.

A thread —

Ever since the Abiy Ahmed led government declared war in Tigray on Nov 3 - precious human lives have been lost, Tigray terrorized and infrastructure looted and destroyed. The impact has been devastating.
The humanitarian crisis in tigray has been discussed by many outside of Ethiopia but the federal government has remained silent and actively obstructed access. Starving the very people it claimed to be “saving” through this cruel war.

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Collective trauma of the #WarOnTigray on Tigrayan children:
The #WarOnTigray is perhaps one of the most under-reported and the bloodiest events in Africa in recent decades. Over 52,000 civilians have reportedly been killed as of last week,…
more than 60k crossed the border to Sudan for safety, over 4.5 million face starvation as their harvests are looted & destroyed by Ethiopian & Eritrean armies.
But, what is most distressing is the trauma that the war is leaving Tigrayan children with. As towns and villages across Tigray have constantly been bombed for the last 3 months, children have seen so much that will remain with them forever.
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1/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, keep your #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
2/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
#Tigray is part & parcel of sovereign Ethiopia
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
3/10 #HornOfAfrica-TV Editorial: #US & #EU, #HandsOffEritrea—Give #Peace A Chance!
What are the FACTS on the ground in #Tigray?
#Eritrea #Ethiopia #Somalia #Sudan #SouthSudan #Kenya #Djibouti #Africa
To listen to the editorial in its entirety, go to:
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#GPE has been closely monitoring the unfolding situation in #Ethiopia.

The question of accountability for crimes committed is being posed not just by #Ethiopia/ns but also the world and with time, the truth will be revealed.
#GPE also believes sexual violence against women(1/E)
must be unequivocally opposed by all #Ethiopia/ns.
Local authorities and administration at all levels must take measures to immediately stop all forms of violence against women in #Tigray. Any suffering inflicted upon women and children is no indication of victory but rather(2/E)
of a country’s fall.
Protection of civilians must be a top priority as long as there is believed to be an active threat to their safety.
#Ethiopia has become a place where female students are kidnapped from their schools and murdered. Even now, under the cover of war, (3/E)
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We have received the report back from our Taskforce team on the ground in the Tigray region, they have unfortunately established rape has taken place conclusively and without a doubt. #Ethiopia 1/6
As the Taskforce included a team from the Attorney General’s office, which are currently processing the data in terms of numbers, we await the investigation of these horrible crimes and hopefully see when the perpetrators are brought to justice. #Ethiopia 2/6
The Ethiopian government is not only committed, but rather champions the rule of law and does not tolerate any violence against women, especially one involving rape. #Ethiopia 3/6
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@jaketapper, yes there was a law enforcement operation in #Tigrayprovince of #Ethiopia, which was finalised in 3 weeks.We all feared TPLF would fight for a long period, but was shorter than anyone imagined. It seems the govt is rebuilding the region & good reports are coming out.
I am happy you highlighted the problems in #Tigray region; however, please be aware of the massive misinformation campaign by the former Ethiopian dictatorial regime (TPLF) that was hiding in Tigray region. The defeated TPLF is doing all it can to revive itself. #Ethiopia
The strategy of TPLF at the moment is to exaggerate the problems in Tigray & use humanitarian aid to finance arm struggle. TPLF has used this exact strategy in the 1980s. It would be great if your reporting includes some context about the problem. This problem didn't just appear.
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"Doctors at Mekele’s main hospital say rape survivors are turning up injured and in tears. More women are seeking counseling, testing for sexually transmitted infections, emergency contraception and abortions. Girls as young as 12 are among those attacked, researchers say." 💔
"...armed groups have looted and ransacked medical facilities across Tigray, making it difficult for survivors of rape and other crimes to access emergency care" Lucy Kassa…
Lucy Kassa was targeted by the Ethiopian regime's security agents for writing the harrowing story of rape victims of the #WarOnTigray.
#TigrayGenocide is being carried out in the dark.

War crimes in #Tigray must be independently investigated. #100DaysOfGenocide
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@jaketapper Here is a bit of context for you to see how rap was rampant in TPLF governed Tigray state

@jaketapper Additional evidence from published scientific article about prevalence of rap in 🇪🇹 in general and #Tigray in particular
@jaketapper In conclusion #TPLFisTheCause #Tigray was engulfed with an epidemic of sexual violence long before the current conflict. The breakdown in law and order as well as massive release of criminals by retreating #TPLF exacerbated the problem. Context matters @jaketapper @NeaminZeleke
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#GPE Demands Accountability.

We are deeply troubled by the statements made by the Benishangul-Gumuz (BSG) division of #Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party (PP) on the morning of February 10, 2021. In the wake of the upcoming election this year (2021), PP of BSG released a statement(1/E)
“apologizing” for the ethnic cleansing and displacement of 400,000 civilians of ethnic #Amhara, #Agaw and #Shinasha background in the Metekel Zone. While the targeted killings against ethnic #Amhara and #Agaw has had a long history in Metekel, it is widely known that it has(2/E)
gotten progressively worse in the last two years. As a result, most of #Metekel today has been abandoned. There are reports of homes being burned, families massacred, children left orphaned and crops destroyed.
While we encourage any and all efforts made to restore (3/E)
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Thread 1: Farmaajo from HERO to ZERO.
A government on no Agenda, no direction.
In 2016 #Farmaajo ran a populist campaign jam-packed with Somalia nationalism & anti #Ethiopia rhetoric. Today he has become a darling of the Ethiopians whereby he is using the same Ethiopian forces to achieve his selfish political ambitions.

What changed❓
In his first attempt to consolidate power, Farmaajo assembled a team of his inner circle, relatives & friends who were unqualified and who had questionable character. They were appointed to some of the most important and critical positions in govt.
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Please look into the developments that have been made so far in #Tigray Region of #Ethiopia.
The National Disaster Risk Management Commission (#NDRMC) said adequate preparations have been made to assist 2.5 million citizens.
Gov’t providing assistance for over 2.5m people in #Tigray.
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Thank you @SecBlinken for your genuine support for the reform & election. Concerning #Tigray, #Ethiopia'n gov't is doing a great effort to improve the situation that #TPLF Junta aggravates the situation by committing war crimes in various ways. Hope you will be satisfied later.
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⚠ People are finding access to healthcare difficult in Tigray, #Ethiopia.

A thread ⬇
From mid-December, we started supporting key hospitals in big towns of #Tigray, such as in Adigrat, Axum and Adwa.

Upon our arrival, most of the facilities were barely functional, had been looted and were lacking medicines and most of the health staff had gone.
We've started to support the most essential medical departments, such as the OT, the maternity or the emergency room, and to refer critical cases.

In recent weeks we also started visiting areas on the outskirts of cities with mobile teams and are reopening some health centers.
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