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I had a brilliant epiphany about how to do multi-camera/multiscreen recording with a single instance of #OBS, doing postprocessing in #DaVinciResolve , and I'm really looking forward to trying the first experiment. #videoediting #streaming 1/12
Essentially the idea is thus: no one said that your screen recording format in OBS had to represent your actual screen. Or anything like an actual screen that could actually exist. 2/12
So my thought runs thus:

- Set up my recording resolution to be a multiple of width and/or height of my screen resolution. 3/12
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நாம இந்த பதிவில Android Play store உள்ள ஒரு சில சிறந்த Video Editing Application பற்றி தெரிந்து கொள்வோம்.இப்ப எல்லாரும் Mobile அதிகம் Edit பண்ண விரும்புறாங்க அவங்களுக்கு இந்த Application எல்லாம் பயனுள்ளதா இருக்கும்.

இது தான் Mobile Editing பண்றவங்க பெரும்பாலான நபர்கள் பயன்படுத்தும் ஒரு application இதுல Green Screen, Voice Over, Custom Graphics அதோட 4K நம்ம Video Export பண்ணிக்கலாம்.…
இந்த Application Reels Create பண்றவங்க இடையில ரொம்ப famous இதுல இதை எல்லாரும் Prefer பண்றதுக்கு ஒரு முக்கிய காரணம் இதுல functions எல்லாமே Simple இருக்கும், Beginners இந்த Application நல்ல helpfulla இருக்கும்.…
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Registration is open for the August 17 LumaTouch Academy workshops. There are two sessions of LumaFusion Basics taught by Caroline Scott and Glen Mulcahy along with two specialized courses. See workshop descriptions below.

#LumaFusion #LumaTouchAcademy Image
LumaFusion Basics:
Designed for beginning editors or those new to LumaFusion, this course will teach you the foundations of video editing. @CScottVideo @GlenBMulcahy

Caroline Scott:…

Glen Mulcahy:…

#VideoEditing #Beginner Image
Workflow Best Practices for Social:
Staying on top of the ever changing social media landscape can be nerve wracking. Learn to plan, produce, and publish a variety of content for different platforms using LumaFusion. @CScottVideo…

#Workflow #SocialMedia Image
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Anyone who tells you Mobile Journalism, or Mojo, is a trend hasn’t been paying attention. Today, the majority of technical and financial barriers between you becoming a professional journalist have been largely swept away. What you need is dedication and knowledge. @GlenBMulcahy
Glen Mulcahy, sometimes referred to as the father of Mojo, is ready to share his years of knowledge with you.

Glen is the founder of Mojofest and the former head of innovation with RTÉ, Ireland’s national public broadcaster.

Glen’s been at the forefront of Mojo before it was even called Mojo. If you have a passion for Mobile Journalism, then the LumaFusion for Mobile Journalists course will set you on a path to success.

#LumaFusion #Mojo
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We entrust a few with great power, our power, to change the world. Petty despots, pencil pushers, toxic saviors, and wannabe dictators alike have the ability to play god in their corner of the world.
It won't be god doing the smiting one day.
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In the past 4 days, 3 #deepfake videos appeared about Vice President Biden.

A "deep fake" is a video edited to change content or context, or replacing a person with another person's likeness.

Can you spot the deepfake in this article?

On Aug. 30th, Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted a doctored video of activist Ady Barkan's interview with Biden.

Words were added, and some were excluded, changing the context & meaning.

Twitter flagged the video as manipulated, and eventually removed it.

A video shared on Aug. 31st by White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino replaced Harry Belafonte's face with Biden's to make it look like Biden fell asleep during an interview. #disinformation

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Did someone say video effects online???

YEA BABY, VEED.IO is the FIRST (that we know of) online video editor that lets you add effects to videos in real-time.

#VHSeffect #VideoEffects #VideoEditing
We got VHS, Glitch, Old School and would love to add more! Let us know what other effects you want!
Try it out now at no account needed!

@threadreaderapp unroll
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Note to all registered attendees for the YPF Skill Acquisition program 2.0 starting from Monday 10th to Saturday 15th September, 2018

1. All participants must come with an evidence of Registration either in hard or soft copies.
2.Participants are allowed to attend training classes for just one skill.
3. Lateness is strictly prohibited. All participants shall be at the training hall on or before 9am throughout the training period.

Are you ready?
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