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वोट केल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद 🙏🏻
सर्व वोट एकत्र केल्यावर जास्तीत जास्त लोकांना डिजिटल मार्केटिंग बद्दल अधिक माहिती घ्यायला आवडेल असे दिसून आले.
म्हणूनच आम्ही या विषयाबद्दल जास्तीत जास्त माहिती मराठी लेख आणि उपलब्ध कोर्सेस मधून व्हॉट्स ॲप, टेलिग्राम वर या आठवड्या मध्ये पोस्ट करणार आहोत. ImageImageImage
सोबतच यामध्ये काही सर्टिफिकेशन कोर्सेस 🏆
देखील तुम्हाला मिळतील ज्याचा फायदा तुम्हाला करियर च्या दृष्टीने नक्कीच होईल.

💫 यामध्ये कोणते विषय असतील.
1. डिजिटल मार्केटिंग ची ओळख
2. SEO सर्च इंजिन ऑप्टिमिझेशन महत्त्व आणि वापर.
3. सोशल मीडिया मार्केटिंग
4. कंटेंट मार्केटिंग आणि ब्लॉगींग
5. ईमेल मार्केटिंग आणि ईमेल ऑटोमेशन
6. ऑनलाईन जाहिराती आणि अनालीटिक्स मधून व्यवसायाला पूरक निर्णय क्षमता.

सोबतच या विषयावरील इतर उपलब्ध साहित्य - पुस्तके / सामग्री आम्ही इथे देण्याचा नक्कीच प्रयत्न करू
💫ग्रुप लिंक साठी पोस्ट RT करा
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🧵 Passionné d'automatisation depuis 2 ans, j'ai réussi à passer de 500€ à 10K/an en vente de liens sponsorisés via @NextLevelLink, @linksgarden, Ereferer, @RocketLinks_net, etc. Prêt à savoir comment ? Suivez ce thread en 13 étapes 👇
1. J'ai commencé par exploiter les noms de domaine expirés et potentiellement intéressants que j'ai récupérés sur Expired Domains et des .com sur le point d'expirer à 10-12€ grâce à une astuce sur Drop Catch 🔗
2. Ma stratégie a été de tester différentes "combinaisons" sur @WordPress via plusieurs thèmes, plugins, etc... jusqu'à ce que je trouve les plus vendeuses sur ces plateformes, avec les meilleures optimisations SEO/Performances 💻 Image
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📚 Want to Learn SEO? 🚀

✨ Start your Learning journey, I am sharing some amazing resources that have been helping me master the art of search engine optimization. 🤓🔍

I will share the complete thread here.

A Complete Thread 🧵

#DigitalMarketing #LearningSEO
📖 Resource 1: "The Beginner's Guide to SEO" by @Moz

🔗 Link: Beginner's Guide to SEO…
📖 Resource 2: "Backlinko's SEO Blog" by @backlinko

🔗 Link: Backlinko's SEO Blog
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🎉 Exciting news, Shopify merchants!

We're launching a comprehensive Shopify GA4 Course – your ultimate guide to mastering Google Analytics 4.

Buckle up for the journey! (1/7) #Shopify #GA4 #Ecommerce
🔧 Integration:

- Google Analytics 4 Ecommerce Events & Data
- Detailed overviews of integration solutions


Seamless GA4 integration with your store. (2/7) #ShopifyAnalytics #DataAnalytics
📈 Migration:

- Creating standard UA reports in GA4
- Importing audiences and goals

Outcome? A smooth transition from UA to GA4. (3/7) #GoogleAnalytics #Migration
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Here’s a #thread on the #1 most important skillset you can learn when it comes to creating advertising copy (along with step-by-step instructions and a FREE downloadable guide). #thread 🧵
Features tell. Benefits sell. Learning to take features and articulate their benefits is the most impactful skill a marketer can have. It sounds simple enough, but in practice can be exceedingly difficult (as evidenced by how many people fail at it).
Features are technical descriptions or functionalities of a product. Benefits show how the product can solve customers' problems or meet their needs. Nobody buys a drill, they buy a hole.
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Google just announced an AI-driven, conversational chat experience within Google Ads meant to help advertisers build campaigns. Here’s what we know so far. 

#thread 🧵
The process starts with your landing page. Once provided, Google crawls the page, summarizes the content and intent, and then “will generate relevant and effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other assets for your campaign.”
Once generated, you have the opportunity to review and edit all of the suggestions. In addition, you can “ask Google AI for ideas, just like you might ask a colleague.” This gives you the opportunity to chat back and forth with Google as you iterate.
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The location of your ads matter (obviously). Here’s how you can measure and optimize your ad location in Google Ads.

#thread 🧵
Search top impression rate = Impr. (Top) % = the % of your ad impressions shown anywhere above the organic search results

Search absolute top impression rate = Impr. (Abs. Top) % = the % of your ad impressions shown as the very first ad above the organic search results
NOTE: Don’t get either of these metrics confused with "average position" which compares your ads to the order of other ads.
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Everyone hates bidding on their brand traffic. 

Why pay for traffic you may have (organically) gotten otherwise? 

Because your competitor can always steal your traffic. Which means, you could have gotten MORE.
We’re not talking about a new strategy here. Any decent agency or PPC manager knows that the #1 reason why you should bid on your brand is to protect it from being poached.
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Hier in diesem Thread ein paar lustige, informative & erhellende Fakten zur KI und ChatGPT in der digitalen Marketingwelt präsentieren!

Seid gespannt! #DigitalMarketing #Thread
Fakt 1: KI & ChatGPT können die Erstellung von Inhalten enorm beschleunigen.

Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Copywriter wie Detlef Schreibtisch stundenlang über einer Überschrift brüteten. 😅

Heute erstellt KI knackige Headlines in Sekundenschnelle! ⏱️ #Copywriting #KI
Pro: Schnellere und effizientere Erstellung von Inhalten.

Con: Potentielle Entmenschlichung der Kommunikation.

Unsere charmante Detlef Schreibtisch muss seine Kreativität in anderen Bereichen entfalten. 🎨 #Inhalte #Kreativität
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#SEO is evolving, and you need to catch up! ⚡️

SEO isn't what it used to be, just adding a few header tags and stuffing keywords into content isn't enough to rank you highly, nor drive traffic. As the experience of users online has developed SEO has too!
SEO is not just writing a couple blogs and making a URL pretty.

- Page Speed
- Crawl Optimisation
- Content Optimisation
- Keyword Research
- Conversion Rate Optimisation
- Quality Copywriting
- Competitor Analysis
- User Experience
- Digital PR
- Social Media
- Link Building
A plethora of different marketing disciplines come together to create a holistic SEO campaign.

No-one said SEO was easy, but if you can push through the hardships - of which there can be many - results will be your friend.
Theres only 10 spots on the first page, work for them!
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The First-Time #Marketing Playbook (5 Lessons)

Read this if you want to expand your audience, grow your online community, and future-proof your ability to grow.
Lesson 1: Always prioritize your target audience's needs and preferences.

Make your marketing efforts more effective by considering the problems people are facing right now, and how you can solve it for them

#digitalmarketing #targetaudience
Lesson 2: Data-driven decision making is crucial for successful campaigns.

Collect and analyze data to make informed choices at the outset of any new campaign #digitalmarketing #datadriven
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🧵Video Marketing: Captivate Your Audience with Visuals🎥

Video content has become a powerful marketing tool, offering engaging and accessible ways to tell your brand's story. Let's explore the potential of video marketing with examples and best practices.🌟👇

1️⃣ 🚀Product Demos & Tutorials: Show, Don't Tell📚

Demonstrate how your product or service works, providing value and addressing common pain points.

Example: @Apple's product launch events showcase new features, designs, and use cases for their devices.
2️⃣ 🎬Brand Videos: Share Your Vision & Values🌈

Create compelling narratives that showcase your brand's mission, values, and personality.

Example: @Nike's "Just Do It" campaign uses powerful storytelling to inspire and motivate viewers.

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🧵Content Marketing: Fueling Engagement & Brand Growth🌱

Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant & consistent content to attract and retain your audience. Let's dive into some powerful examples & best practices!✨

1️⃣ 📝Blogging: Inform, Educate, Inspire📚
Blogs are a cornerstone of content marketing, providing in-depth information on topics relevant to your audience.

Example: @Buffer's blog offers actionable advice on social media, marketing & productivity.

#Blogging #DigitalMarketing
2️⃣ 🎥Video Content: Engaging Visual Storytelling📹

Videos can convey complex ideas in a relatable & engaging format, from tutorials to product demos.

Example: @Moz's Whiteboard Friday series simplifies SEO concepts with concise explanations & visuals.

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Revamp your Facebook ads strategy today! 🔃

Avoid these 10 common mistakes to boost 🚀your ROI and leave your competition in the dust:

Mini thread 👇

#DigitalMarketing #Advertising #socialmediamarketing
1. Don't segregate your account structure

2. Always have a hypothesis behind your ad tests 🧠

3. Invest in strong whitelisting efforts

4. Test your landing pages

5. Don't let underperforming ads linger for too long
6. Test a diverse range of ads every week

7. Utilize post-purchase data to test new ad angles

8. Always A/B test your headlines and thumbnails

9. Test out both broad and interest-based targeting

10. Don't forget about the post-purchase journey to increase retention rate.
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🚀Ready to take your agency to the next level? Look no further than these top tools. From social media to SEO, these are the must-haves for success in the digital age. #AgencyTools #DigitalMarketing
📊Analytics are key to understanding your audience and measuring your success. Check out @googleanalytics for detailed insights into your website's performance. #Analytics #SEO
👩‍💻Need help managing your social media? Look into @hootsuite for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Make sure your content is reaching the right people at the right time. #SocialMediaManagement #ContentMarketing
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Entrepreneurs, are you tired of paying hefty taxes?

Don't worry! We got you covered!

Check out these top tax-saving tips that can benefit your business and your bottom line. (1/n)

#entrepreneurs #taxes #taxsavings #taxtips
#1 Hire Family Members & Relatives:

You can reduce your tax liability by paying salaries to family members, which are tax-deductible. Their income may also be below the taxable threshold. (2/n)

#tax #taxexemption #taxliability
#2 Deduct Business Expenses for Travel & Accommodation:

Business travel expenses such as tickets and accommodation can be deducted from your taxable income, thus reducing your tax liability.

#taxliability #businessexpenses #deductions
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"Grammatical error VS Digital Making"
( ⚠ Warning! - This is an Interesting Read)

Just like you wondered what that subject was all about, the same way prospective clients find it hard to understand your #Sales content when you make typographical and grammatical blunders while..
crafting your #content. Without further ado, let's dig into the impact of grammatical errors on digital marketing.
These errors can have a significant impact on the #success of #digitalmarketing efforts. Hence, attention to detail is more important than ever before.

Consumers expect professional, high-quality content that engages and informs. Therefore, errors can quickly turn them off.
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Thread🧵- How I Got 2.6 Million Pageviews Yesterday By Using Google Trends and Google Top Stories

#NicheSite #SEO #onlinemarketing #WebsiteTraffic #SEOExpert #digitalmarketing #LinkBuilding #Backlinks #Link #Outreach Image
1/ Attention all #contentcreators and #digitalmarketers! Do you want to skyrocket your website's traffic and get more #pageviews? I've got just the trick for you.
2/ By using #GoogleTrends and Google #TopStories, you can tap into the power of search engines and put your content in front of millions of people. Are you ready to learn how I did it?
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1. ChatGPT for Google

It displays ChatGPT response alongside search engine results This is an open-source extension that shows the response from ChatGPT alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines Image
2. Summarize

With the Summarize extension, you can get the main ideas of any page in just one click, without leaving the page. Whether you're reading news, articles, blogs, or research reports, Summarize have you covered. Image
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Want to create videos for your YouTube channel in 2023 ? Lack of ideas?
Check below list.

#seo #youtube #youtuber #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #growth
1⃣ "SEO Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your Website's Visibility"

#seo #youtube #youtuber #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #growth
2⃣ "Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy"

#seo #youtube #youtuber #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #growth
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Finally wrote my 200th blog post. Sure it may seem small but it's been a battle and perseverance has been my only soldier. Here's my blogging story:
In 2016, I took up blogging, back then it was simply a "make money through affiliate marketing" scheme. I struggled to write and wrote anything that came to mind, I was an avid researcher and my niche was wide. I was doing fashion, health, tech, and more.
As time went by I switched a lot, there was a time my sole focus was tech then another on fashion. Eventually, I started to lose steam.

I had written 30 articles and wondered why I wasn't making money. I spent a whole year not writing anything until I got paid.
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10 Best marketing tips for newly opened bar, cafe, restaurants

A thread to read! 🧵


#seo #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #digitalmarketing
1⃣ Create a strong online presence by setting up social media accounts and building a website.

#seo #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #digitalmarketing
2⃣ Offer special promotions and discounts to attract new customers.

#seo #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #digitalmarketing
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1⃣ Optimize your profile: Make sure your LinkedIn profile includes keywords relevant to your industry and includes a link to your website.

#seo #LinkedIn #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer
2⃣ Share high-quality content: Share valuable and informative content on your LinkedIn profile, including blog posts and articles from your website. This will help drive traffic back to your site.

#seo #LinkedIn #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer
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