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Thousands of tools for content creation are out there, but this one... 🤯

This is the best content creation tool ever. And let me tell you why!

@writesparkle, an AI-Driven Brilliance, does the job of the entire content creators team. Image
@writesparkle Discover how it optimizes your workflows ->
@writesparkle Creators create content twice as fast with higher quality.

How does it work?

Writesparkle PDF Chat utilizes advanced technology to analyze PDF files and create a semantic index

1. Chat with your #PDFs
2. Create #content with #AI
3. Automated #Workflows
4. Semantic Search Image
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1/ Exciting news in the AI world! Runway Research has unveiled Gen-2, their new AI model that's set to revolutionize video generation. It offers an innovative way to create videos using text, images, or video clips. Video made by AND with @runwayml
#AI #Gen2 #Video #texttovideo
2/ 🎬 Gen-2 marks a leap towards the next frontier of #GenerativeAI: text-to-video synthesis. This groundbreaking feature transforms your words into video, painting motion pictures from your imagination! #AI #TextToVideo #Innovation
3/ 🎨 But that's not all! Gen-2 comes packed with multiple modes offering diverse capabilities. You can stylize, storyboard, mask, render, and even customize videos for high-fidelity results. The possibilities are limitless!
#AI #VideoEditing #Creativity #GenerativeAI
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People are asking LLMs to write stories like a waking mind does, then declaring their own supremacy as creators when tools structured to work like the dreaming mind spit out what have always been described by the engineers as dreams rather than coherent waking-state narratives.
The extra funny part is people thinking that in an era perhaps most accurately characterized as a collective psychedelic experience, the waking-mind economy is somehow going to maintain its tide wall against this tsunami of unconscious material.

Bad trip recipe, that.
It's like the foolishness of expecting kids to think like adults. These are distinctly different modes of cognition that exist together in an ecology of strategies adapted for different purposes. Exploration-tuned systems are vital complements to exploitation-tuned systems.
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Hey folks! got something exciting to share today. believe me, you'd want to stay tuned till the end because the best point is waiting there for you! now, let's talk about creating better AI art - sounds cool, doesn't it? let's dig in! 🤖👇
1. First things first, AI art isn't as spooky as it sounds. it's just using computer algorithms to generate art. pretty neat, right? they can do everything from painting like Van Gogh to creating entirely original pieces. the future is here, friends! #aiart
2. But how can we make this AI art better? how can we, mere humans, teach machines to be more...artistic? well, it all starts with understanding that AI isn't creative on its own. it's a tool, not a mind. it's all about how we use it. #creativity
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#Copywriting for #Video: Tips for #Writing Engaging Video Scripts Image
1. When writing a video script, it's important to understand that you're not just writing words on a page. You're crafting a story that will captivate & engage your audience. #copywriting #videoscripting
2. Start your video script with a strong hook that grabs your viewer's attention from the very beginning. A good hook can make the difference between someone clicking away or sticking around to watch the whole thing. #hook #videoscripting
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I will try to answer this question about how psychology researchers assess #creativity. Two common methods are rating systems like Novelty + Usefulness, and divergent thinking tasks like the Alternative Uses Test. The study discussed in this WaPo article used both.
A thread...🧵
(I should explain at this point that I’m not one of the authors of the article – people wanting more information should contact them. Nor am I in a competing research group. I don't have beef with the researchers or their paper, I’m merely an Interested Party!)
The Novelty + Usefulness approach to rating creativity comes from the notion of innovation being something new (novel) but with potential value (useful). This might be of interest if you’re studying things that could facilitate, or interfere with, innovative problem-solving.
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Saviez-vous que le #mindmapping peut augmenter votre productivité jusqu'à 20 % ? 🧠💪 Cet outil aide à organiser vos pensées, stimule la créativité, favorise la mémorisation des informations #productivitytips #projectmanagement #Growth… #mindmappingdecision
Le #mindmapping est un outil idéal pour la résolution de problèmes ! En reliant les idées et les concepts, il permet de changer de regard, de détecter des #patterns, combler les trous d'informations. 🤔💭 #problemsolving #innovation #km…
Vous êtes un apprenant visuel ? Le #mindmapping est un outil parfait pour vous ! Des recherches ont montré que le canal visuel aide à mieux retenir les informations. Pour ancrer des concepts complexes, ça marche ! 📚👀 #studytips #visuallearning #learning…
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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1/ 🧵 Discover the Hidden Gems of ChatGPT-4 💎: A thread on lesser-known but valuable tasks that ChatGPT-4 can perform

Unleash the full potential of this powerful AI! #ChatGPT4 #AI
2/ 💡 Brainstorming Partner: Struggling with creative ideas?

ChatGPT-4 can generate unique concepts for business names, marketing campaigns, product features, or story plots

Turn to this AI for inspiration! #Brainstorming #Creativity
3/ 📚 Summarizing Complexity: Need to grasp key points from lengthy documents quickly?

ChatGPT-4 can condense complex information into concise summaries, saving you time and effort #Summarization #TimeSaver
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एलोन मस्क यांनी एका मेलमध्ये सांगितले की ते आता ट्विटर साठी फक्त एक्सेप्शनल (अपवादात्मक) कर्मचारी निवडतील,आता हे एक्सेप्शनल कर्मचारी म्हणजे नक्की काय यांमध्ये आणि सामान्य कर्मचाऱ्यांमध्ये काय फरक आहे बरं...?
आणि त्यांच्यात अशी कोणती कौशल्य आहेत हे समजून घेऊ
#मराठी Read Elon Musk's complete email to employees below: Going fo
🚀 वाढीची मानसिकता:
अपवादात्मक कर्मचारी ते आहेत जे त्यांच्या शिकण्याच्या आणि वाढण्याच्या क्षमतेवर विश्वास ठेवतात आणि नवीन आव्हाने स्वीकारण्यास आणि त्यांच्या चुकांमधून शिकण्यास तयार असतात. सतत शिकत राहायचे पुढे जात राहायचे बस थांबायचं नाही !
🗣️ मजबूत संभाषण कौशल्ये:
अपवादात्मक कर्मचारी त्यांच्या कल्पना स्पष्टपणे आणि संक्षिप्तपणे मांडण्यास सक्षम असतात आणि ते सहकारी, ग्राहक आणि भागधारकांशी प्रभावीपणे संवाद साधू शकतात. आज कौशल्य कितीही असो पण संभाषण कौशल्य नसेल तर इतर त्यामागे झाकली जातात.
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#Vaalit. #Demarit @oikeuskansleri
#TaxFree palkkio #NATO -hakemuksesta $666 miljoonaa...
- Syytä juhlaan
#SannaMarin biletti taas: hieroi miestä ja rikkoi lasin
- Sanna joutui pian baariin saavuttua yleisen tuijotuksen kohteeksi töpeksiessään harmillisesti… Image
@oikeuskansleri #Demarit @Demarit on #CIA'n kontrolloima, puolueeksi naamioitu rikollisjärjestö ja heitä tulee kohdella ulkomailta ohjattuna rikollisjärjestönä Suomessa.
#Albanian #HeroinMafia Bought Martti #Ahtisaari For 42 #Million Euros
#Eduskuntavaalit2019 tulokset 3 vkoa etukäteen tiedossa | Berat Yilmaz | maaliskuu 23, 2019
- Suomen poliittinen eliitti yhdessä #EU: eliitin ja globaalin eliitin kanssa on päättänyt, että #SDP tulee 19. huhtikuuta, 2019, voittamaan 17.7% äänimäärällä.
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📢TEN TIPS to help you find your voice as a writer📢

1. Discovering your writing voice takes time and practice. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

#writingtips #WritingCommunity #creativity
2. Read widely and often to find inspiration for your own writing style. Never copy someone else's style, but learn from other writers to figure out what you like.

#amreading #writingvoice #writerslife
3. Tailor your voice to what you're writing. A contemporary thriller written as ancient Greek sophist probably won't work. But there are no rules and you never know until you try...

#writingcommunity #creativity #voice
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1. Write what you know. Reach into your past for inspiration. Use personal experiences and emotions to create relatable characters and compelling storylines.

#writingtips #ideas #creativity #WritingCommunity
2. Explore your passions and interests to find inspiration for your novel. Think badminton is run of the mill? Think again. Your local sports club might contain someone who inspires the hero or villain of your next book. #writingtips #creativity
3. Observe the world around you – read the news, trawl the Internet, pay attention to the stories unfolding before you. Scratch beneath the surface and try to figure out how and why things happen, and why people respond in certain ways. #writingtips #ideas
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Calling all #artistsontwitter ! Take on a new #challenge and complete one of these 3 semi-finished pieces. Show off your skills and #creativity . Tag your finished work with #ArtChallenge and let's see who can take it to the next level.

#Art #artchallenge #artistsupport
Art Piece #1
Art piece #2
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Thread - My columns on #innovation #creativity #entrepreneurship at the intersection of #culture for The New Indian Express. Just putting them all at one place.
1 - Design to Drive the return of #tourism post pandemic…

#travel #design
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Important lessons from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel

I have read this book so many times and will post my favorite quotes here … do read the book #thepsychologyofmoney
"The best way to think about money is to think about it as a tool for creating options."

When we have financial security, we have more choices and opportunities in life.
"The most important thing about #money is how you think about it."

Money is just a tool, but it can have a powerful influence on our thoughts and actions.
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment loved by our patron #JarvisCocker may soon be smashed apart and lost forever. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT Ron's Place patron #JarvisC...
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt #ArtBrut environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 2/4 The spectacular Lion Room d...
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 3/4 This artwork created by Iai...
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment may soon be lost forever, smashed apart and magnolia'd. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT The spectacular Lion Room dominated by a fearsome roaring li
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 2/3 Egyptian scenes and hieroglyphs adorn the hallway. The hall
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 3/4 This artwork created by Iain Jackson was inspired by motifs
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I designed the most incredible pack of potions with #AI (and nothing but AI - #StableDiffusion)

Mega-thread 🧵

Follow the exploration below, esp. if you're in the #gaming industry (Game dev, Game Artist, Creative Director, etc.) Content production is about to be transformed 🤯 ImageImage
The gaming industry always needs a lot of new content. 40% of their budget is in the art assets.

Take potions, a ubiquitous prop in RPG games.

Below are some of the “most popular” potion packs available on the Unity asset store (similar sets are on the Unreal marketplace). ImageImageImageImage
And these are some of the potions found on Artstation.

They look much more elaborate, and some designs are highly creative. However, there are only 740 results for the “potion” query, which seems limited. Image
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How can one be creative? Jiddu Krishnamurthi answers.
As long as the individual is attempting to be creative within the field of his conditioning, obviously he cannot be creative.
There is creativity only when the mind is completely understood, and then the mind does not depend on mere expression – the expression is of secondary importance.
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Creativity is the MOST important skill you can have.

If you were about to click away because you don’t vibe with the word creativity, hold up.

People THINK they aren’t creative, but they’re wrong. We all have it in us.

Here’s how to be more creative…
But first I want to start with a story, about a guy named Steve Jobs. You may have heard of him…

Returning to Apple after Pixar, Jobs knew that talking about tech features wasn’t the way to sell computers. That’s why his first computer, Lisa, failed so badly.

To succeed…
Apple had to come up with a totally new marketing strategy.

So Jobs hired a team that would do exactly that. They launched the #thinkdifferent campaign.

Jobs said yes to doing the opposite of what every other tech company was doing.

And it saved the company
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Bloom's Taxonomy describes the stages of the #learning process of a concept. How do these stages correspond to changes in a #PKM (Personal Knowledge Management)?
🧵 source for both images: htt...Image
The 1st stage is recall or root learning.
Eg the law of conservation of energy.
PKM: a single note, contents perhaps copy pasted from class or the internet
In the 2nd stage, there is some understanding: ability to paraphrase and relate to other concepts.
Eg. In mechanics the total of potential and kinetic energies remains constant. Energy conversion. Relations to mass, gravity, velocity etc.
PKM: more notes and links between them.🧵
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In Session 2, we focused on networks in #cultural and #creative industries: Building on the relations between UK #theatre workers, @ManfredideBern1 from @KingsCollegeLon showed the process of #CoProduction of #networks in space and time. (1/4)
Dominic Power analysed rural #female #artists’ work and #creativity in #Sweden. He found out that being in the #periphery does not automatically mean #isolation from the center or lesser #creative possibilities: Their networks go far beyond a classic #CorePeriphery model. (2/4)
Alice Bobée elaborated on the entanglement between #BusinessSchools’ cultural economic #geography and cities’ reputation: Facing reduced public #funding, #French business schools have set up campus in European cities, dissociationg themselves from their #national origins. (3/4)
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