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A las 11:30 horas, volvemos en directo con la 50ª Jornada sobre sensibilización, difusión y prevención de los malos tratos y abusos a #PersonasMayores.

En directo👇

#Buentrato #streaming #prevención Image
Muchísimas gracias a Fernando Ónega, periodista y presidente del Diario @65ymuchomas por apoyar la 50ª Jornada sobre sensibilización, difusión y prevención de los malos tratos y abusos a #PersonasMayores
Saludo completo 👉

#Buentrato #MayoresUDP
Sonia Fraga Seara, Técnico Local Asamblea de @CruzRojaEsp a en A Mariña, nos explica ahora en qué consiste el proyecto "Buen Trato a las personas Mayores" que se lleva a cabo en Cruz Roja Española en Lugo.

En directo:

#MayoresUDP #Buentrato ImageImage
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It's after midnight, so I've got trashy x-rated movies queued up and I'm charging up with raunchy music.

Speaking of which, should I make it through this tight housing spot, who's interested in a mondo video vibe midnight show channel?

#TTRPG #streaming
It would be a variety channel with, well, a variety of programming.

The starting programming will focus on:
Surreal, b-movie, and "adult" games.
Occult streamers and discussions.

Room for guests & mini-series in the punk, grime, street, & after-hours sphere.
I've just found there are actually web-based streaming options that will work for me. And I feel we could use a little more subculture in our subculture. *I* want to see more content like that. And I find that I may be able to do that in coming months.
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#Tfacts n.31
In September of 2022, one step before MN4, #Theta Labs made the big surprise and announced that RJ Williams, CEO of @younghollywood, has joined Theta's Metachain Advisory Council.

$Theta is determined to conquer #Hollywood. 🧵⤵️

$theta #crypto #cryptocurrencies
RJ Williams is the founder of digital video platform Young Hollywood.

The company has partnered with #Yahoo, #Hulu, #Google, TVGuide, Blinkx,#Metacafe and #YouTube which selected @younghollywood to be their partner for their first ever live #streaming project.

#theta $theta
Also recent partnerships include #Apple, #Google, #Roku, #Amazon and #Microsoft. Williams also announced plans to launch Young Hollywood TV, a streaming celebrity focused digital network built for Millennials.

#theta $theta #crypto #binance #AppleTV #btc
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“I’ve never met with him. And I don’t think I will begin right now.” - Sec Yellen on SBF as NYT DealBook has kicked off. She later confirms it’s a “Lehman moment for crypto.”
Going in on antitrust with Sec Yellen. She’s talking about network effects then calls it a good thing if Apple is looking at what is available on its platform (in reference to Musk@Twitter outrage). Doesn’t touch on Google, Facebook, Amazon and the bills awaiting Sen Schumer.
Upon Ben Affleck being told Mark Zuckerberg will be interviewed later, Ben Affleck notes, “there are a lot of Justice Dept officials in here.” He may not know Zuckerberg along with Netanyahu, Zelensky and SBF are all to be interviewed remotely. Make of that what you will.
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Net debt = $36.8b
TTM free cash flow (FCF) = $1.1b

Net debt = $47.4b
TTM FCF = $1.6b
Merger completed April 2022, FCF includes pre-merger

Net debt = $7.8b
TTM FCF = 717m

h/t @nielsen for the graph

Net debt = $16.4b
TTM FCF = -$26.3b
(should be positive FCF next year)

Net cash = $101.6b
TTM FCF = $62.5b

80m YouTube Premium and Music subscribers after 7 years.


"Today I am ringing the bell: As of September 2022, YouTube surpassed 80 million Music and Premium subscribers globally, including those in trials.

This is a 30 million member increase from the 50 million we announced last year"…
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How to shill your bags properly
a thread 🧵
I've seen many wrong attempts on shilling bags recently. What is the best way to shill? What is the most efficient method? What are some game changers? 1/
First of all, many people shill their bags in the same telegram/discord they are in this is a big mistake as people inside are most likely invested already and your shill has 0 impact. 2/
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Hello hello London! 👋🏻 We’re at IET Savoy Place, London for DSS London 2022 by #YugaByteDB. It’s gonna be super interesting tech session starting at 2 pm today! Don’t miss my #Live #Tweets in this #thread! 🤩🧵
@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImageImage
Yes, the setup is going on for the grand presentation of the #Tech #Track. The master is teaching the student here! #JustKidding Say hi to Julie Wise and Dave Roberts from #YugaByteDB! 👋🏻

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImage
We’ve got our Social Media / Content Director @rachel_pescador from #YugaByteDB here, who’s busy at work and got some cool #swag! 🤩

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImage
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THREAD: Sign up for our FREE @NBCUAcademy Next Level Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 18th!…


Want success in the new media landscape? @thenewsoncnbc's Shepard Smith & top @NBCUniversal leaders share tips News & Entertainment in the Digital and Streaming Age. Our p

See how new tech jobs change how we deliver the news. @AlRoker, @SteveKornacki, @EmilieIkedaNBC & @PriscillaWT show off cutting-edge tech!

@bcheungz also speaks w/ @NBCNews, @MSNBC, @CNBC & @TelemundoNews execs:…
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As you may have heard, @Disney officially has more subscribers than Netflix. 😎

We compared @netflix and Disney's most popular platform: @DisneyPlus. Who will win this battle of the brands? 🧵

#netflix #disneyplus #disney #videostreaming #movies #series #streaming #marketing
One thing is obvious here: on August 13th, 2022, #Netflix was mentioned far more than #DisneyPlus. But Disney+ was still mentioned in most countries worldwide. Image
The main languages detected in the mentions are pretty similar, but while Netflix had more Indonesian mentions, many Koreans were talking about Disney+. Image
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I had a brilliant epiphany about how to do multi-camera/multiscreen recording with a single instance of #OBS, doing postprocessing in #DaVinciResolve , and I'm really looking forward to trying the first experiment. #videoediting #streaming 1/12
Essentially the idea is thus: no one said that your screen recording format in OBS had to represent your actual screen. Or anything like an actual screen that could actually exist. 2/12
So my thought runs thus:

- Set up my recording resolution to be a multiple of width and/or height of my screen resolution. 3/12
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If you missed it, Mark Cuban (@mcuban) dropped some NFT knowledge bombs on the @fullsend #Podcast.

As someone who was one of the first to create #streaming online, his #wisdom on emerging tech ecosystems is extremely relevant.

🧵👇 Image
You can catch the snippet where he breaks down his perspective here:

Below I’ve captured a recap and my thoughts on how you can interpret and apply this knowledge 🧵
1️⃣ #NFTs are like the @Apple AppStore when it first launched.

Do you know what the highest ranking #paid app was in 2008?

🐠 Koi Pond - an app that showed you virtual fish on your screen.

🧵 (1/17) Image
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WEEKLY POLL RESULTS (Week Of 7/17/22): “Which Is Your Favorite Film With Aliens?” #NBPpolls #NopeMovie  #NopeFilm #SciFi #Movies #Film #Cinema #Streaming #FilmTwitter

Here are your top 20 results (Thread):
Dir. Dan Trachtenberg
(87 Votes)…
Dir. James Cameron
(99 Votes)
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You can add to the topics for tomorrow, of course. I always prefer your questions to my own rants anyway. Feel free to post questions as comments to this post. The stream is tomorrow at 8PM, Pacific. #streaming #Livestream #aboxlive #endpoplive Image
There are 45 of these left... What utility or access may come from collecting it? I'm not saying it here.

This is the best and simple explanation for NFTs and their existence for the serious collector of ART and MUSIC.

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#streaming #Netflix

Papiers à charge
1/ le @guardian

« Netflix est devenu le nvau câble. Son vrai problème est sa programmation. Le succès l’a rendu gros et terne, devenu la chose même qu’il dédaignait autrefois - juste un autre forfait TV coûteux.…
2/ Ds le @nytimes La chute de #Netflix devrait s’accentuer.

Netflix, avec 221,64 M abonnés, prévoit une perte de 2M a minima vu que la plateforme fait à un manque de contenus incontournables et que ses concurrents continuent de se développer.
3/ Dans @lesoir focus sur La plateforme Warner qui grandit.

#HBO Max compte 76,8 M d’abos. Pas encore disponible en Belgique ni France la plateforme a gagné 4,4 millions d’abonnés. Une croissance lente mais continue.

@AnneTestuzComm #streaming #netflix…
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FIFA+ launched recently, stirring reaction from the industry, media and fans from across the globe.
So what is it? What's it not? Why do it? What are some of the objectives? How will it be powered? How will it be funded?

Here's a thread with some of the details + thoughts: 🧵👇
What will be available:
- 40,000 live games per year
- 11,000 women's matches
- starting w/ 1400 live games streamed month 1.
- 2000 hours of archive content
- in 11 languages by year end
- an array of original content/ series
- data + news
from across the globe
- free to watch
- optional registration to aid personalisation
- haven't ruled out payment features for content in the future.
- aiming for over 200m+ (!) unique users by end of 2022
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Le dernier projet de l'Area 120, l'incubateur de #Google, s'appelle « #Aloud » et permet aux créateurs de #YouTube de doubler rapidement et facilement leurs vidéos 🎞️ en plusieurs langues.
Si le sous-titrage aide à combler la barrière de la langue pour augmenter la portée et
l'audience des vidéos des créateurs, il n'est pas la solution la plus adaptée sur les smartphones, en raison de la taille du format de l'écran qui occulte une gde partie de la #vidéo et demande de surcroit une attention plus soutenue
pour l'utilisateur,— sans compter que cela pose aussi des problèmes de visionnage et d'accessibilité pour les personnes souffrant de déficiences visuelles !
@Google s'attaque là, avec "Aloud"", à effacer ces points de frictions dans le but d'augmenter
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#Amazon a dévoilé mardi « Amp » @OnAmp_ sa plateforme #audio live, concurrente d'un #Clubhouse ou d'un @Spotify GreenRoom, mais plus orientée pour des animateurs DJ qui souhaiteraient créer leurs propres émissions de #radio. @amazon accélère encore ds l'audio après les #podcasts Image
ds son application de #AmazonMusic ou #Audible, le rachat de #Wondery, de #Twich... Amp permettra aux utilisateurs de lancer leur propre émission en direct, à laquelle des auditeurs pourront se joindre et prendre éventuellement la parole.
Les animateurs pourront intégrer et mixer de la musique en temps réel avec leur public, ainsi que planifier et programmer leurs propres émissions. Les programmateurs pourront choisir leurs titres musicaux parmi une bibliothèque de millions de chansons sous licence d'Amazon !
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Veteranos de guerra de Estados Unidos atienden la llamada de Ucrania Por @alandete
Cruz Roja alerta de que Mariúpol sufre un cerco «apocalíptico» para sus habitantes Por @alandete, enviado especial a Kiev
🔵 #DIRECTO El corredor humanitario de Sumy se ampliará para dar salida a refugiados ucranianos hasta Poltava
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As a term, the word 'Metaverse’ was coined over thirty years ago, but it is only now being brought to mass public awareness, due in no small part to #Facebook’s recent name change.

But what exactly is the #Metaverse, how did we get here, and why does it matter? 👇

Simply speaking, the #Metaverse is an online realm in which you can interact with people or products using your digital identity, better known as your #avatar. In the Metaverse, you will be able to shop, use #streaming services, play games, hang out with friends, and more.

But what's so new about this? The difference that the #Metaverse is bringing lies in how we access this digital realm. Currently, that’s through a #Web2 interface. This means that we have to use multiple access points (usually email addresses) to access different services.

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1/ Thread: $SPOT Deep Dive

80 pg. slide deck here 👉🏼

In this thread I'll walk you through my assumptions for the bear, base and bull case for Spotify.

The deck has seven chapters, starting with "SPOT AT A GLANCE".

With 172m paid subs and 381m MAUs $SPOT is the clear leader in music streaming (35% ms). SPOT is 2x the size of its nearest competitor $AAPL in terms of paid subs and has 2x the user engagement.

But so far SPOT never turned a full year profit + the stock dropped sharply TTM.

In music, $SPOT has to pay out ~2/3 of rev to rightsholders, its supplier base is highly concentrated (top 4 labels account for 78% of all streams).

To loosen the labels’ grip on economics, SPOT pushes into podcast adverts with 45-50% gross margin potential vs. 30% in music.
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Notre étude sur l'écoute de la musique en #StreamingAudio est en ligne ! Au programme :

🔍 Analyse comparative #radio/#streaming
🎧 #Playlist : composition et influence sur l’écoute des utilisateurs
🎼 #Algorithmes et recommandations selon le genre/la langue
Etude #StreamingAudio

La langue française est très présente dans les écoutes des services de streaming. La consommation importante de rap écouté en 🇫🇷 explique à priori cette situation.

Analyse menée sur les titres les plus écoutés🔽 Le rap est principalement écouté en Français sur les serv
Etude #StreamingAudio

Les écoutes sur les services de streaming sont moins marquées d'une diversité de genres, de titres et d'artistes qu'en radio.

Analyse menée sur les titres les plus écoutés 🔽
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🟢#Spotify qui avait annoncé en mai dernier la mise en place sur le marché US (et en fin d'année sur les autres) de la transcription audio #Voice2Text sur ses émissions #audio #podcasts (Exclusives et Originales) vient d'étendre cette fonction sur les apps mobiles🇫🇷 à l'exception
d'un ou 2 programmes ! Cependant on découvre que le #podcast d'actus #SurLeFil de l'@afpfr bénéficie aussi de cette transcription dynamique alors que le programme ne s'inscrit pas « à proprement parler » ds un partenariat exclusif avec la plateforme #audio de streaming #Spotify,
puisque présent aussi sur #AmazonMusic et #ApplePodcasts mais fait néanmoins partie intégrante de la playlist #Spotify « Mon Daily » .
Pour rappel, cette nouvelle fonctionnalité permet de positionner l'écoute directement sur la partie du texte sélectionnée par l'auditeur dans
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Des documents internes d'#Amazon révèlent ( comme de nbreux acteurs l'avaient déjà identifié ! ) que si les enceintes #audio #Echo pilotées par l'#IA #Alexa sont les plus achetées, leurs usages restent essentiellement cantonnés à 2 ou 3 fonctions :
1-L'#audio (flux/délinéarisé) Image
#music, #radio, #podcasts, #meteo, #InfoTrafic ...
2-La domotique (éclairages, caméras, minuteur, stores, prises...)
3- Alarmes
Ainsi les principales préoccupations des responsables de la division #Alexa (10K personnes !) restent l'engagement et la rétention des auditeurs.
A ce stade le #smartdisplay (enceinte-écran tactile-#Alexa, gamme Echo Show) serait le device le + polyvalent et celui à même de dépasser les points de frictions inhérents à la gamme d'enceintes purement vocales !
En effet l'interaction tactile avec l'écran permet de contourner Image
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