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Both DEMS & media need to stop describing individuals as "alleged", "self-styled" or other challenging term re: #whistleblower status.

They meet definition of being #WBer.…
2/If individuals made protected disclosure to supervisor in employee’s direct chain of command, an OIG or appropriate congressional committee or its members, they are protected #whistleblowers.

Doesn't mean they are credible or accurate, but attacking status undermines system.
3/I served as co-counsel to IC #whistleblowers whose complaint led to Trump's 1st impeachment (not our objective). Cong. Jordan was hypocritically a key attacker of WBer's lawful & legitimate status. It was wrong then, it is wrong now.…
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1/Where is rest of #January6thReport?

Trump & his fellow insurrectionist leaders deserved condemnation & criminal referral for their actions/inactions that led to #January6th riots.

But we expected this Committee to evaluate everything that contributed to that undemocratic day.
2/@January6thCmte had daunting task. Attacked relentlessly bc of politics. @HouseGOP declined involvement to its discredit. Two @GOP Members @RepLizCheney @RepKinzinger served to their credit & political downfall (short-term at least).

Entire effort should have been nonpartisan.
3/But we - Americans - deserved to also learn abt federal govt shortcomings & why we were not better prepared for events like #January6th. This was weak link in armor & democracy is only as strong as weakest link.

Where does blame lie all around?
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1/Now this is interesting.

First, I regularly represent #whistleblowers regardless of political ideology, incl at @FBI. Not one #FBI #WBer has approached us or @wbaidlaw, a non-profit I co-founded to provide pro bono legal assistance. And that's fine, we don't own "market".
2/I've never heard of #KurtSiuzdak & that means nothing. He practices in CT. He may be best attny in CT in fact. His firm's practice areas are interestingly ... diverse.

* Family Matters & Divorce Law
* Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
* FBI Whistleblower litigation
3/What I don't understand & feel compelled to raise is this statement on his website:

"there only a few lawyers with experience in the Department of Justice's whisteblower court."

What @TheJusticeDept "whistleblower court"?
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If you listen to my #NationalWhistleblowerDay speech or read my @washingtonian interview you'll learn I protect lawful #WBs, regardless of political affiliation.

That's why I believe @January6thCmte must remove #DavidBuckley, who retaliated against #WBer, as its staff dir.
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The Warden of ICDC is a LaSalle Corrections employee named David Paulk. We have some questions for Warden Paulk:

1. What did you know about allegations of medical abuse by Dr. Amin prior to the @ProjectSouth #WBer report?

2. When did you know it?

3. $ Conflict of interests?
Think very carefully about your answers before providing them, Warden Paulk.
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As lawful #whistleblower, #BrianMurphy wishes to provide appropriate oversight authorities in both Legislative & Executive Branches with classified information pertaining to his disclosures regarding senior officials.…
2/Murphy is highest ranking #WBer in decades, perhaps ever, and faces potential retaliation. Effective legal representation is crucial to protecting lawful #whistleblowers & everyone, to incl USGOVT, should support this premise.
3/It is a simple matter for @DHSgov to allow legal counsel to participate in classified proceedings, even on limited basis. I have had it happen in past cases, so one must question why DHS is obstructing a #whistleblower from revealing alleged misconduct of its top officials.
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8 Days.

Still no answer.

It's a straightforward question: How many women at Irwin underwent surgical procedures performed or ordered by Dr. Amin or his business entities since 2017?

The fact that they won't tell you IS the story.

They're still deporting victims/witnesses.
Quick Catch-up
1. 9/15 - @ProjectSouth @GovAcctProj #WBer allegations of forced hysterectomies en masse spark international outrage.

2. 9/17 Multiple women come forward, on the record, with the medical documentation available to them, saying doc performed unwanted procedures.
3. Spox for Dr., ICE, hospital say only two women "referred for" hysterectomies.


What, exactly, is the reason they can't do that, after all that's happened?
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ICE/Doc are still engaged in a transparent disinformation campaign.

Q: how many women did Dr. Amin see who were at ICDC?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: How many surgeries ?
A: 2 hysterectomies
Q: How many cystectomies?
A: 2 hysterectomies.

We'll see who falls for this.
Q: How much did he bill ICE for operations on women?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: How much did his company bill ICE for hospital services?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: How many transvaginal ultrasounds did he perform without consent?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: How many women complained that they did not want to undergo forced sterilization?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: How many witnesses has ICE deported since @ProjectSouth's #WBer report?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
Q: Is he still set to see women?
A: He did 2 hysterectomies.
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UPDATE on @DHSgov #whistleblower #BrianMurphy

1/Today, we have again requested that #DHS permit our client to review relevant classified info that pertains to and/or supports his protected #WBer complaint. We have asked that his review be authorized for Monday, Sept 21st.
2/We hoped that #BrianMurphy would appear before #HPSCI on 9/21/20 for classified deposition but @DHSgov has not granted legal team's access to classified info. Our access cannot be processed until DHS allows Murphy access to classified docs.

@RepAdamSchiff @DevinNunes
3/We have been fully cooperative & will continue to be so, while simultaneously protecting interests of our #whistleblower client. It remains his desire & intent to provide further protected, lawful whistleblower disclosures to Congress & Offices of Inspectors General.
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I'm fine believing this lawyer isn't providing legal services for free w/o political reasons. Same with me when I rep #whistleblowers against an Administration.

But given alt-right attacked me every day for rep'ing IC #WBer, I'd like to see some of them call BS here. They won't.
BTW, you won't discover that I donated even one shiny dime to a political campaign of either party.

$55,000 to Trump. Hmmmmm.
I used too many double negatives. To be clear, I am willing to give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt his statement is truthful. But I call #hypocrisy on the alt-right because they will also believe him without question.
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1/News reports are #PresidentTrump refuses to bring in war room & handles #impeachment matters himself. But I have identified WHO has been giving him (& #RandPaul) their strategic advice to attack #whistleblower. Follow evidentiary logic through this thread & you'll clearly see.
2/Watch typical #Trump tactic against #WBer. Ask a question. Suggest he doesn't know answer. Then encourage a negative answer.

3/#Trump's latest surrogate is Sen @RandPaul, who is threatening to reveal name of #whistleblower. Many GOP colleagues fortunately disagree with his view but will that stop him? What is Senator's latest strategy?…
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1/Our legal team offered GOP direct opportunity to ask written questions of #whistleblower.

Recent GOP messaging, led by President Trump (incl this morning), has been to highlight original #WBer & demand disclosure of identity.
2/Despite long standing policy of HPSCI to protect #whistleblowers, especially anonymity (btw, this was consistent with my efforts w/GOP on #Benghazi), GOP has sought to expose our client's identity which could jeopardize their safety, as well as that of their family.
3/We have directly engaged GOP as to the irrelevance of the whistleblower's information and identity (including addressing any issue of bias), but with little effect in halting the attacks. Btw, countless OIG complaints are filed anonymously & full of hearsay. It's common.
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1/In my more than 20 years of rep'ing #natsec #whistleblowers, & 15 years since @ODNIgov was created, I have never known nor observed policy that #WBer must have first-hand information to file complaint.
@ODNIgov 2/My experiences have always been that WBer must provide evidence that can be substantiated, whether through documents or identification of witnesses. No whistleblower law I know of has any personal knowledge requirement.
@ODNIgov /END I fully support and endorse the information set forth in @ODNIgov IG press release that accurately explains the law & policy as the experts know it to be. Any assertion to the contrary, as argued by @FDRLST, is blatantly pure disinformation.…
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