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I'm reading Extreme Programming Explained from @KentBeck again and I thought to create some visuals to explain its concepts.

Hope you'll find it useful!

This first thread is about Extreme Programming Values

#agile #xp #extremeprogramming
@KentBeck Communication
@KentBeck Simplicity
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Présentation d'une pépite trouvée par l'équipe de @CryptoRusk0f & @TheDiggers_io (que je vous invite à suivre)

Ce n'est autre que le projet @genopets

J'ai donc pris le temps de lire le whitepaper et voici les éléments importants à retenirs
Le projet sera donc le mélange d'un #FreeToPlay et d'un #MoveToEarn ce qui nous donne un #MoveToEarn qui sera déployé sur la blockchain @solana

Son but est de tracker votre activité (via une montre connectée par exemple) afin de faire évoluer la créature qui VOUS ressemble.
Vous pourrez trĂšs prochainement #mint votre premier #Genopet gratuitement selon votre caractĂšre.

Selon les choix que vous allez faire, votre Genopet aura un aspect et des skills différents afin qu'il VOUS ressemble.

Voici une petite démo pour tester :
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#baratavoa. ELITE BRASILEIRA ADOTA SUA PRÓPRIA QUARENTENA. Primeiro foi um empresário atendido no hospital #AlbertEinstein . Depois um funcionário ou executivo da #XP, a corretora mais rica e bilionária do Brasil. Os 2 pegaram coronavírus na Itália e trouxeram ao Brasil. O fio.
Era natural que o coronavĂ­rus chegasse primeiro a quem pode viajar pelo mundo. Mas enquanto o MinistĂ©rio da SaĂșde recomenda que todos levem sua vida normalmente atĂ© apresentarem sintomas reais causados pelo vĂ­rus, a elite brasileira estĂĄ adotando sua prĂłpria quarentena.
Quer ver? Alguns chefes da #ErnstYoung (EY), uma auditoria e consultoria internacional, estĂŁo recomendando a seus subordinados que trabalhem de casa. A empresa espalhou ĂĄlcool gel por todo o lugar, segundo nos contou uma fonte. Por quĂȘ? Por quĂȘ? Por quĂȘ, Tixa?
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Getting started with Want to succeed with #TDD ? Stop writing tests! @BurkHufnagel #TDD #DevNexus

We work with software that's way more complex than a simple shape like this. Reasonable people may see the same thing in different ways, based on their perspective! @BurkHufnagel #TDD #DevNexus
You have a goal that you share with me: you want delivering better code faster
... not *writing* code more quickly! @BurkHufnagel #TDD #DevNexus
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You surely know this. Just to make sure we are all aligned.

An agile transformation without working on the foundations, i.e. instituting technical excellence and introducing #XP practices, is just a pure waste of time, energy and truckloads of money 💰.

When not working on the technical practices, you will just do agile. Not be agile.
In the end you are just introducing a new process on top of cruft bringing no improvement whatsoever to the end result.
You won't deliver better value sooner.
You won't have more engaged employees.
I once explained an agile coach I didn't really work on the process level but that I concentrate more on the technical foundations required for being agile.
He didn't really like I associated process with agile coaching 😁.
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I'm only halfway through Bertrand Meyer's 2014 book, "Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly", but it's already proven its worth as a lucid, unrestrained appraisal of #Agile principles and methodologies. Here are a few passages that resonated with me...
"#XP's insistence that [pair programming] should be the absolute rule [...] makes little sense conceptually, as it neglects the role of programmer personality (some excellent developers like to concentrate alone and will resent having to be paired) [...]"
"Starting any significant software project (anything beyond a couple of months and a couple of developers) without taking the time to write some basic document defining core requirements is professional malpractice."
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