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#YEMEN:The Ministry of Human Rights has released its sixth official report on the violations and crimes of the #US-#Saudi-#Emirati aggression, entitled “Aggression against Yemen is war crimes and international complicity.”


#6YearsOfWarOnYemen #NationalResilienceDay
In a press conference held yesterday, Wednesday, in #sanaa, the Ministry of Human Rights stated that the coalition of aggression deliberately starved civilians, as 16.2 million people became food insecure, and it caused the deprivation of more
than 1.25 million employees of their salaries, as well as the poverty rate, rose to 85% and the unemployment rate to more than 65%.


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Former UN envoy to #Yemen and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jamal Benomar, has reiterated that the war that was declared by the US-Saudi coalition on Yemen in March 2015, came “at a time when the
parties had already reached a consensus on the form of the executive and legislative powers, security arrangements, and the schedule of the transition process.”

“The agreement was on the table,” Benomar said.

In an article published on the Newsweek magazine, Jamal Benomar
confirmed that Security Council Resolution 2216 provided a cover for the atrocities that followed, noting that it was a resolution drafted by the Saudis, and quickly carried by the United States, Great #Britain and #France to a council that is supposed to be concerned with
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#YEMEN:The Executive Mine Action Center revealed that many large areas in #Yemen have been turned into a minefield due to the huge number of cluster bombs that dropped by the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on populated areas for the past six years.
The Executive Mine Action
Center revealed that many large areas in #Yemen have been turned into a minefield due to the huge number of cluster bombs that dropped by the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on populated areas for the past six years.
A commander of the team at the center,Hussein Al-Adhrai,
told al- Masirah TV that the center is working hard to clear the areas of the remnants of cluster bombs, destructive and other bombs, to protect the citizens from their dangers.

Al-Adhrai pointed out that the areas that were targeted by cluster and destructive bombs are
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Arabia Saudí y sus aliados han lanzado ataques aéreos contra las granjas y huertos, depósitos de agua, así como tiendas, fábricas, empresas, puertos y carreteras de #Yemen. Estos bombardeos no se consideran
sino fueron bombardeos a sabiendas que hundieron al pueblo #yemení en el hambre para quebrar su voluntad.

Desde el inicio de la guerra en marzo de 2015, Arabia Saudí y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos han lanzado más de 680 bombardeos contra tierras agrícolas.
Al menos 153 de esos ataques han sido efectuados contra las granjas de Al-Hudaida, dejando 400 víctimas civiles entre muertos y heridos, y así han interrumpido las cadenas de suministro de alimentos en #Yemen.


#DayofAction4Yemen #WorldSaysNo #YEMEN
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The Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, continues to employ R2 (a firm of Erik Prince) to deploy foreign mercenaries in Yemen, reporting directly to him.… @JustinTrudeau @KingSalman
@JoeBiden #uspoli
#YemenCantWait #yemen #DayofAction4Yemen
This operation stinks of Operation Carwash. Prince had no authority to Train troops for R2 (Just like he did illegally in Canada during Harper's term) and the guys sent in were from Colombia.…
Erik Prince privitized police & mercenaries, was a distributor of weapons & crisis supplies. Erik Prince & US investors crafted the profits of wars, climate disasters & social discord. They banked on it. Climate denial = $. All in this book.
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Depleted uranium bombs dropped on #Yemen do not help #leukemia

The Pediatric Leukemia Treatment Center in #Sanaa revealed an increase in cases of leukemia patients among children from 300 to 700 cases, as a result of the US-#Saudi use of internationally prohibited weapons,
1/2 Image
including the airstrikes in Attan and Naqum.

The airstrikes resulted in the injury of a thousand children in the rest of the governorates as well.


#YemenCantWait #YEMEN #YemenCantBreathe
The center’s director, Dr. Abd Al-Rahman al-Hadi, said that since its opening in 2014, the center has received about “1000” cases, 400 cases are frequently in the center, stressing that 30% of the cases died as a result of their delay in treatment and also as a result of the
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YCHR: First coalition attack violates #Yemen children rights

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights (YCHR) said that all rights of the Yemen children have been violated in the first attack carried out by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen in March 2015.

The YCHR affirmed in a statement that the coalition still continued to commit crimes and violations against #children, which included murders, maiming, targeting schools and hospitals, and hindering access to humanitarian aid to the country, as well as dozens of crimes of
of rape and kidnapping.

The statement stressed the need for serious work to protect the rights of children wherever they are and in various circumstances.

“Despite of the celebration of countries on the International Day of the Child and his rights, which were adopted by
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Do you want to know what #Saudi did in #Yemen backed by #US & #UK for 5 years? thread:
-Yemen is now the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.
-People are facing the world’s largest food security crisis.
-7 Million people do not know where their next meal will come from!
-More than 8M people lack access to safe drinking water &sanitation.
-Risk of disease outbreaks, such as cholera, dengue ,scabies &Coronavirus.
-Economic and institutional collapse.
-Two thirds of the population now need humanitarian assistance or protection in order to survive.
-2 million people are internally displaced, Many have taken refuge in schools with limited access to essential services.
-Stocks of medical supplies are dangerously low and many doctors and nurses are working for free.
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Joint Statement: World Says No to War on #Yemen

People and organisations from the #US, #UK, #Australia, #Canada, #France, #Germany, #India, #Italy, #Poland, #Spain, and #across the world, are coming together to call for an end to the war in #Yemen
and solidarity with the people of #Yemen. We demand that right now our governments:

--> Stop foreign aggression on Yemen.
--> Stop weapons and war support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
--> Lift the blockade on #Yemen and open all land and sea ports.
--> Restore and expand humanitarian aid for the people of #Yemen.
We call on people around the world to protest the war on January 25, 2021, just days after the U.S. presidential inauguration and the day before Saudi Arabia’s 'Davos in the Desert’ Future Investment Initiative.
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For many in Yemen, there is little reason for optimism entering what feels like the third phase of the war against their country as Israel ostensibly enters the fray.
by @AlhouthiAhmed…
A medic checks a malnourished newborn inside an incubator at Al-Sabeen hospital in Sanaa, June 27, 2020. Photo by Hani Mohammed | AP #Yemen #YemenCantBreathe Image
Often a flashpoint for tensions between international rivals and a major chokepoint for much of the world’s maritime transit, the waters surrounding #Yemen have become a much-vaunted prize for regional intelligence services.
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #SaudiArabia
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The Yemeni Communications Ministry has released a distress call to the international community & the UN, warning that Telecommunication services may be shut down due to the lack of oil derivatives as a result of the Saudi-American Blockade.

#YemenCantBreathe ImageImage
"- We warn of a total or partial imminent interruption of communication networks and the Internet in the Republic of Yemen due to the lack of oil derivatives.
- We hold the countries of aggression and all supporting parties responsible for isolating more than 27 million Yemeni citizens from the world as a result of the interruption of Internet and communications services.
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On this day exactly 100 years ago, a total of 3 thousand barefooted Yemeni pilgrims were slaughtered in the Tanomah Valley in Saudi Arabia, as they were on their way to perform the compulsory Islamic Hajj. Image
Rogue wahhabists in the hills and on horseback opened fire with British-supplied weaponry. They cut off the heads of those that survived the initial shootout, and chased after the pilgrims that were fleeing the massacre.
The Tanomah massacre of 1920 is one of the darkest chapters of the history between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The Saudis have never treated the Yemeni people right. What is happening right now can be traced back to the Tanomah valley massacre 100 years ago.

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Special Report
"Now, following over five years of all-out #war against its southern neighbor, #SaudiArabia is scrambling to secure rights over #Yemen’s potentially bountiful reserves of oil."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #oil #YemeniLivesMatter #YemenCrisis
#Protesters hoisted large #Yemeni flags and held banners declaring, “Our steadfastness continues,” and, “No to #occupation by #SaudiArabia, Yes to national sovereignty.”
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #YemeniLivesMatter #YemenCantBreathe #oil
The Saudis hope to secure control of #Yemen’s substantial #oil reserves for themselves.
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #YemeniLivesMatter #SaudiArabia
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The YSC conducted a short interview with a few of our voluntary members operating in Yemen regarding our assumption of USAID and its ulterior motives.

Truth be told, a lot of them agreed that USAID is a front for espionage and propaganda.
One of our members, who shall remain anonymous, told us during an online meeting how one of his friends were offered money, in exchange for confidential information that could tarnish Yemen's political stability and defensive preparedness.

They are hiring spies for cheap.
The USAID branch in Yemen is tied to the American Embassy in the country. Even though the embassy has been closed for 5 years due to the war, the Embassy continues to conduct so-called "workshops" with the intent to spread its ideology and worldview to young Yemeni people.
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