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#URGENT: Explosion rocks Sayed Abad Mosque in Afghan #Kunduz city, according to Al-Arabiya sources
MORE: Reports suggest that dozens of people have been killed by the blast in Shiite Mosque

At least 50 dead in #Afghanistan's Kunduz mosque blast - AFP citing hospital sources
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Aug 9, 2021: Global Prevalence of #Depressive & #Anxiety Symptoms in #Children & Adolescents During COVID-19"

"findings to prepandemic estimates suggests that youth #mentalhealth difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic has likely doubled."…
"In addition, #schools are often a primary location for receiving #psychological services, with 80% of children relying on school-based services to address their #mentalhealth needs. For many #children, these services were rendered unavailable owing to school closures."
"this meta-analysis supports an #urgent need for intervention & recovery efforts aimed at improving #child & #adolescent well-being...

Research on the long-term effect of the #COVID19 pandemic on #mentalhealth, including studies w/ pre– to post–COVID19 measurement, is needed..."
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⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: Massive fire reported at St. John’s Hospital in New York City

#Queens l #NY
Fire personnel report the fire appears to have originated on the rooftop. Hospital staff and patients are evacuating the structure.
Standby for updates!
⚠️🇺🇸#UPDATE: “Those in the area should close windows and avoid the smoke condition”-NYFD

- St. John’s Hospital is the only full-service hospital on the Rockaway Peninsula
- No word yet on injuries; working to get that information now
- Majority of the fire is now extinguished
⚠️🇺🇸#UPDATE: Fire extinguished at St. John’s Hospital

New footage shows the fire was concentrated on the 11th floor rooftop of the structure. Patients can be seen being evacuated at the end of the video.
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#Yemen #Sanaa:Target Aramco facilities and #Saudi military bases September 5, 2021
The official spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, @army21ye , announced the following statement:

1- In response to the aggression crimes against Yemen,
#Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out the "seventh deterrence balance" operation .
By targeting vital installations and military bases belonging to the Saudi enemy as follows:
2- *#Aramco facilities in #Rastanura in #Dammam, eastern #SaudiArabia , were targeted with
eight #Sammad3 drones and a ballistic missile (#Zulfiqar).
3- *#Aramco's facilities in #Jeddah, #Jizan and #Najran were bombed with five Badr ballistic missiles and two #Sammad3 drones.
The operation has successfully achieved objectives .

4- The #Yemeni armed forces warn the
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RIVERSIDE California shelter
🤍Meet: Barley #A1638503. Our hearts broke when we met Barley. His owner left him at the shelter 8/25 & never looked back. Barley sits in his kennel & cries. Please share him for reputable rescue or loving PERMANENT adoptive home.
I am a neutered male, 103.00 lbs, black and tan German Shepherd Dog.
I am estimated to be about 6 years old.
I have been at the shelter since 08/25/2021…

Email 📧: or
Phone ☎️: 951-358-7387

Rescue desk:
Email 📧:

Shelter address 🏢: 6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, California 92509
Monday - Saturday 10-4pm
Open to the public from 1-3:30pm

Adoption fees are based on length of stay:
✔️ 1-15 days $105
✔️ 16-30 days $55
✔️ Over 30 days $20
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A very #urgent matter to be made known to #Hindus Please RT for wider reach.
In a sudden development on Friday, the TN government has said that it is taking over Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore from August 13, 2021 and that it would appoint its own thakkar.
Talking to
the Mylapore Times on Saturday morning, N C Sridhar, who has been a trustee of the temple for several years and been organising the utsavams round the year said that “this is an arbitrary and unjustified decision” and that he would fight this out in the court.
T R Ramesh,
president, Temple Worshippers Society and an activist who has been fighting the wrongs of the HR & CE said that he would work closely with Sridhar to prevent this hostile takeover.
According to him, the Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple as per scheme CS 593 of 1922 and subsequently
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#URGENT Tunisian parliament in session, we adhere to legitimacy, reject coup, says Parliament Speaker Ghannouchi
President Saied's decisions do not serve democracy or pluralism, reflect thirst for control of state institutions, says Tunisia's parliament speaker
Tunisia's parliament head Rached Ghannouchi accuses UAE media of pushing for coup, targeting Ennahda movement
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Usain Bolt may have hung up his spikes in 2017, but the Tokyo #Olympics are the first summer Games in 17 years not to feature the incomparable Jamaican sprinter
Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway has won the men's triathlon at #Tokyo2020 in an #Olympics race that began with a false start after a boat blocked some athletes from entering the water.

Jack Yee of Britain took silver and Hayden Wilde of New Zealand took bronze ImageImageImageImage
Australian seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore's dream of winning #Olympics surfing's first gold medal ends in shock defeat.

Gilmore was bundled out by unheralded South African Bianca Buitendag. The exit has opened up the field for USA world number one Carissa Moore ImageImageImage
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Police frequency, [08.07.21 17:43]
BREAKING! NYC: Rescues taking places on major NYC expressways, multiple subways.
Rescues taking places on major NYC expressways, and multiple subway stations amid heavy rains and flash flood warnings with tropical storm.

Developing story.
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⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: Numerous people shot following major car accident in Chicago, Illinois

#Chicago l #IL
Emergency personnel on scene confirm 8 gunshot victims following a collision on 83rd Street. Several streets are closed as police continue to respond.
More information to follow.
⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: 11 people shot following major car accident in Chicago, Illinois

#Chicago l #IL
The total gunshot victim count has now risen to 11. Multiple streets have been cordoned off as emergency personnel continue to respond.
More details are continuing to emerge!
@LoriLightfoot you surely have lost control of the city.
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⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT : Une forte explosion a été signalée dans un entrepôt du centre-ville d'Atlanta.

#Atlanta l #GA
Les pompiers demandent un renfort immédiat pour un grand incendie d'entrepôt qui a résulté d'une explosion. Un grand complexe d'appartements à plusieurs bâtiments 1/2
est en cours d'évacuation à proximité.
Mises à jour sous peu ! 2/2
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#URGENT - please sign.

The corrupt authoritarian philistine Tory Govt wants to impose a catastrophic 50% cuts to our genuinely world-beating Creative Arts subjects, Media Studies & Archeology at higher education level in England.

The deadline for the formal consultation is TODAY (6th May).

Anyone can respond, so please do so.

Below is the main section of my response - feel free to use it to inform your own response.…
Imposing a catastrophic 50% funding cut to our genuinely world-beating Creative Arts subjects, Media Studies & Archeology at higher education level in England is a philistine act of purely ideologically motivated vandalism that makes zero economic sense.
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Help Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary! 🐱🐶🐟🐑🐓🦃🕊️🦆🦚

In 2013, on her way to the slaughterhouse, Edith, the wonder sheep, pulled a “Mission Impossible” and managed to escape from “the death truck”. Hooray! All the planets aligned & eventually she was happily rescued 💚🥳
Weeks later,she became the 1st inhabitant & moral founder of Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary(Spain).For the last 8 years,LV has given a home,looked after&rehabilitated hundreds of lucky exceptions,like Edith,so called farm animals or invisible souls forgotten/condemned by the system
Unfortunately, many setbacks soon started to threaten the mission and the lives of its rescues.
In 2018 Leon Vegano had to put an end to all the rescue missions, visits and the possibility of having resident volunteers living at the Sanctuary.
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Let's be clear, the United States Corporate Government does NOT represent the people or our well being...THey showed today that as a single united front, they can pass a massive "stimulate the rich" bill with barely 1/4 (if they had left alone the qualifications for the..
stimulus money!) goes to us...and im not seeing a single post about where the rest of that money is going!!!!!!!!!! Cause it damn sure isnt going into monthly ubi that a country who puts its people first would be doing as so many other countries have that arent as wealthy as
wealthy as us..and it isnt going into a fund for homeowners to use to get caught up on their missed payments because my veteran family is still set to lose our home April8th if we dont come up with the 90k they demand or atleast the 30k we need to reduce it enough to even b able
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#URGENT: US intel report finds Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) responsible for approving Khashoggi assassination
2/ From @jeremyherb:

The US intelligence report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi says that that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was responsible, saying he approved the operation to capture or kill Khashoggi.
@jeremyherb 3/ “We assess that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” the reports executive summary states.
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#URGENT | Blast reported in residential building in central Bordeaux, France

#BREAKING | Blast in central Bordeaux reportedly leaves at least three injured

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#URGENT | Explosion reported near Israeli embassy in #Delhi

Footage not far from the scene of the explosion
#BREAKING | Indian and Israeli security services consider blast near embassy to be attempted terror attack

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Sumber Dananya dari mana Pak, mohon diperjelas. Penyusunan APBN selalu berbicara dari sisi Belanja Riil tidak pernah berbicara dari sisi Pendapatan Riil Negara dan Defisit Anggaran selalu menjadi Cara untuk bermain-main dengan besaran Belanja dan Hutang @asboedionoid #hening
Saya punya saran : dalam menyusun APBN sebaiknya dimulai dari Besaran Pendapatan Negara { Pajak, PNBP, Deviden BUMN, Bantuan LN (Bukan Hutang), Hibah } setelah itu kemudian disusun Belanja Negara termasuk DAK dan DAU untuk Daerah @asboedionoid #hening
kemudian buat UU yang mengatur APBN ~ Tata Cara Penetapan APBN tidak boleh berdasarkan Defisit melainkan berdasarkan Pendapatan Riil Negara demikian juga berlaku kepada setiap Propinsi, Kabupaten dan Kota harus lebih memperhatikan Pendapatan Asli Daerahnya @asboedionoid #hening
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#URGENT #Nov23 // Yesterday #Nov22, 16 Venezuelan minors -whose ages range from months to 14 years old- and nine Venezuelan women were deported by the Trinidadian authorities, hours before their habeas corpus hearing.

@RefugeesIntl @Refugees @DRC_ngo
#Nov23 // According to lawyer Nafeesa Mohammed, the children and women entered Trinidad and Tobago a few days ago, being arrested by the authorities and taken to a police station. Because of the conditions of detention, one of the children became ill.

@Refugees #WhereAreThe16
#Nov23 // The children have family members in Trinidad and Tobago who are legally registered. However, State officials refused to accept the documents, including birth certificates, that demonstrated such links.

@RefugeesIntl @Refugees @DRC_ngo
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LIVE UPDATES | Unrest continues in #Philadelphia, police warn about looting

#SputnikUpdates #PhiladelphiaRiots
#URGENT | Police report widespread looting taking place amid #PhiladelphiaRiots

#SputnikUrgent #Philly
UPDATE | Police reportedly use pepper spray, batons on 52nd Street in Philadelphia

#SputnikUpdates #PhiladelphiaRiots
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Have you noticed how the people making the arguments for a hard or no-deal #Brexit aren’t formally connected, but sound similar?
And have you noticed how none of their arguments seem to be a positive thing for the #environment?
There’s one very good reason why.
All those pushing for market deregulation and for the #UK to enter into trade deals that could be catastrophic for the #climate are connected
As a new map from DeSmog shows, there is a large network of lobbyists and campaigners based out of offices in and around Westminster’s
55 Tufton Street – with ties to climate science denial on both sides of the #Atlantic – that is now calling the #Brexit shots
Tufton Street Network
The map shows around 2,000 connections between the supposedly separate groups in the network, all operating around #Tufton Street.
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A suicide bomber blew himself up in the city of Iskenderun, in the southern state of Hatay, Turkey.
Video of the moment the terrorist detonated himself
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#URGENT | Fuel oil tank #explosion causes a major fire in a residential area in #Beirut, reports say

#SputnikUrgent #Lebanon
UPDATE | Videos of the explosion's aftermath in #Beirut have appeared online. According to preliminary data, there are several victims and they are receiving help from medical workers from the Lebanese Red Cross Society

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
UPDATE | Lebanese Army soldiers and civil defence volunteers have started to evacuate people from nearby houses. Firefighters are working at the scene

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
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#Urgent #Attention
#CambridgeAnalytica's ex-CEO Alexander #Nix banned from running companies for 7 years !!!!!!

For ????? #Manipulating & #Rigging #Elections & #Votes ! 7 years ???????????
WHAT ???? No new & fair #Elections underway ?????
Alexander Nix ran the #UK political consulting company, which was linked to Donald #Trump's US presidential campaign in 2016.
#Facebook #CambridgeAnalytica Data Mining
Cambridge Analytica's former boss can't be a business director for seven years.
That's it ???????????????????
James #Martin/#CNET
Former #CambridgeAnalytica CEO Alexander #Nix has been banned from running limited companies for seven years, the #UK #govt said in a release.
He ran the data analytics and political consulting firm as it got embroiled in #scandal in 2018
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