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Choosing a niche is central to your success, whether that be the content you provide, your services or affiliate products you promote.

Here are 6 tips to help you choose a niche:


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@DigiPromoteme #1 Go With Your Passion

Choose a niche that you are passionate about.

If you are interested in a particular topic or industry, you will be more motivated to learn more about it and provide value to your audience.

Above all you will stick with it.
@DigiPromoteme #2 Do Your Research

Before deciding on a niche, research the market to see if there is a demand for your chosen topic.

Look for potential customers, competitors, and influencers in that niche to see if there is enough interest to support your business.
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Varias personas ganan más de 5000€/mes con su tienda de Ecommerce.

Pero el 99% de las personas que crean una tienda en línea lo de fondo sin un objetivo real.

Te explico parcialmente cómo crear tu tienda Ecom en 60 segundos.

🧵HILO🧵 Image
🌀 Para iniciar su tienda online, empiece por elegir su nicho. Identifique un segmento de mercado que suscite interés y responda a una demanda. Ya sea ropa, productos de belleza o aparatos electrónicos, ¡encuentra tu pasión y aprovecha-la! 🔍📦
#Niche #Passion
🌀 Una vez que haya elegido su nicho, cree su tienda online. Muchas plataformas le permiten construir su sitio web fácilmente, como Shopify, WooCommerce o BigCommerce. ¡Personaliza tu tienda para que sea atractiva y fácil de usar! 🛒💻 #TiendaEnLínea #Plataforma
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As a professional who helps startups find funding, I often ask my clients to talk to me as if I were a prospective investor.

I've compiled a list, and in this thread, I'll share the top 15 things startup founders should AVOID saying to investors.

#startupadvice #investorpitch
1/ "We don't have a clear revenue model yet, but we'll figure it out eventually."

Come on... no investor wants to hear this! Have a solid plan for generating revenue from the start.

#startupadvice #revenuemodel
2/ "We don't have any competition."

None? Not at all? Every startup has competition, even if it's indirect. Do your research and be prepared to discuss your competitive landscape.

#startupcompetition #knowyourmarket
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Thread🧵- How I Got 2.6 Million Pageviews Yesterday By Using Google Trends and Google Top Stories

#NicheSite #SEO #onlinemarketing #WebsiteTraffic #SEOExpert #digitalmarketing #LinkBuilding #Backlinks #Link #Outreach Image
1/ Attention all #contentcreators and #digitalmarketers! Do you want to skyrocket your website's traffic and get more #pageviews? I've got just the trick for you.
2/ By using #GoogleTrends and Google #TopStories, you can tap into the power of search engines and put your content in front of millions of people. Are you ready to learn how I did it?
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I've seen SO many #Niche sites, including many "gurus" get absolutely destroyed recently.

Including @AdamEnfroy

adamenfroy com sites that were doing really well are now down 50-90%.

How can you survive?

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He also ranked crazy high for extremely high-paying affiliate posts for a while.

But now it's all gone to dust.

Even 1 of my sites went from 1.4K Clicks to 5 Clicks Per Day.

What are you doing about this? What is there even to do?

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Experiment with new niches and broaden your audience.

Creating multiple niche sites can help you to recover losses.

👉 Here's the Small Plan 👇
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Looking to work in a high-competition #niche but scared?

Let's make it easy for you :)

For instance - Vape Pens (vaping)

You should never start with high competition, narrow it down to the low KD #keywords.

let's say you found as biggest .. (1)
competitor; search it in #ahrefs Site Explorer and use #KD max 10 in the filter and position max 10.

You will have a list of super easy keywords but wait! you already knew it right?

This is where most of us make mistakes ⚠️
To make project plan further easier ..(2)
Search for any affiliate KW (good money/decent volume) in google.

Now look for sites which are relatively new and have very low RD.

I searched for - "0 nicotine disposable vape" and found doing pretty good despite low DR.. (3)
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Our new paper @PNASNews is addressing a long-standing question in #ecology, #biodiversity sciences and #conservation biology:
How do multiple #species #coexist in fragmented landscapes?

A 🧵on multispecies coexistence:… (1/7) Image
2/7 Spatially #fragmented #landscapes are very common, both naturally & through human activities.

In such landscapes, a combination of local survival and #colonization of empty habitat patches is key to species' regional persistence. Image
3/7 However, ecological #theory on species coexistence has so far largely focused on local communities.

By integrating #coexistence theory and #metacommunity theory, we propose a mathematical framework to understand multiple species' coexistence in fragmented landscapes. Image
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Want to INCREASE the ad revenue 💵 on your #blog?

Here’s an easy approach that’s working well for me…
Advertisers take a lot of different factors into account when determining how much to pay you for your traffic:

-traffic location (US is best)
-device used (desktop > mobile)
-traffic source (Chrome is best)
-the context of the page
-ad viewability
The technique I’ll describe impacts the last factor: ad viewablity.

Advertisers want to ensure their ad is SEEN on the readers screen.

And the longer readers spend on a page, the higher the odds your ads have to refresh = the more they’ll earn for you
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[#Thread] Le temps est une ressource précieuse et devant l'impossibilité d’être à jour en permanence dans la crypto, je vous propose quelques alternatives.

Objectif : #Optimiser le temps du quotidien au profit de la #crypto

N'oubliez pas prendre du temps pour vous 🧵⬇️ Image
#Optimiser le trajet voiture

Perso, c’est l’une des façons qui me permet d’optimiser le + de temps.

Durant ces trajets et selon la durée, il faut adapter la longueur du #contenu. Essayez d’avoir un temps de contenu similaire au trajet pour éviter les coupures. Image
Voici quelques chaînes en audio selon la longueur de votre trajet :

- 10/20 min: @DocMarmott
- 20/25 min: @CryptoMatrix2@cryptoastblog@PowerHasheur@MonsieurTK
+ 1 h: @LeJournalDuCoin avec ses Podcast & émissions régulières

Préparez vos émissions avant de partir. Image
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I asked for 150 likes and 50 retweets. You guys gave me 286 likes and 77 retweets. Let me blow your mind on how easy it actually is to run a Google Ads agency that brings the most important thing in the agency business - results for your clients.

THREAD 🧵 (1/19)
In order to run a Google Ads #agency we need a few things:

- A niche
- A vertical
- An acquisition strategy
- Knowing how to set up a #GoogleAds campaign for your client which brings results sustainably.

Since I want to make this thread as bulletproof as possible, let me give you a foolproof way on how to make this work for you - even WITHOUT any previous knowledge.

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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

@threadreaderapp "COMPILE"
#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.

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Last day of #Microbio19 and #antibioticmakers session! Chair @kate_duncan and #ECMForum CoChair @Becca_McHugh introducing the morning session and first speaker
First speaker #antibioticsmakers #microbio19 is @NadineZiemert discussing her lab's work on novel tools and methods for #genomemining for prioritizing which biosynthetic gene clusters to follow up on for novel #bioactives #discovery
Nadine @NadineZiemert shows automated tools to find new antibiotic targets, and many other cool tools for screening genomes on antibiotic related info
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Born & raised in #Fanar #Lebanon, a tiny country in the middle east with a lot to offer. I always had a positive outlook on life maybe because of the culture or values🤷‍♀️.
If you don't know #Lebanon or a #lebanese then you should start mingling 🤣
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS
I grew up surrounded by a loving, joking & tough type of family that always support each other even amidst fighting. You can imaging being 4 kids in different age groups can cause a lot of fights growing up 😂 #siblingsfight #family #VoicesIWS
I have my issues🤷‍♀️! I always wanted to prove myself & make my family proud(2nd child). A pressure that was just in my head; they were always proud of us. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor or an army officer like my dad. Let's just say I changed my mind! #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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