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INVESTMENT TIPS -- With Nzekwe Gerald Uchenna


Nigeria's economic recovery programmes have necessitated a radical shift from total dependence on government for job to self-employment.
One such attractive area for self-employment is snail rearing. It is a great money-spinning business that can provide a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals.
Sadly Nigerians inclination to go into business in the fields where thousands have already made their fortune has led to the ulter neglect of such lucrative area of snail farming in Nigeria or export at international market.
Snail rearing is a business opportunity which is overlooked because most people feel it can never be a source of wealth.But the truth is if you can give in the sacrifice it requires, you will definitely see that I have shown you how you can make more money even at your backyard.
Aside that, some people also felt and have the conception that snail farming can never be regard as a business because people can easily pick up snail in the farms after rainfalls for consumption without setting them up as a business.
And yes its true but to what extent are you reserving their existence, they deserve life and thats why we have to take charge to make it a source of livelihood. Thats the reason why animal husbandry like poultry farming, piggery and fishery are more popular,...
and the approach people today have given the snail farming has made them a subtenant means of living in Africa. The bitter truth you need to know is that the opportunities in snail rearing by far outweigh its challenges or problems.

Snail farming in Nigeria requires capital and not a smaller one but a reasonable one as the building of the pen can vary from one form to another and the working capital may be low, compare to other animal husbandry like poultry, fishery,..
cattle rearing,goat farming etc.
This is so because snails feeds are very native, national or local. However,Snail farming business in Nigeria is a type or kind of agricultural ventures that if one ventures in it diligently and patiently,he/she would not have any cause to regret.
The basic truth is that snails are in high demand and its as well very much demanded in the international market which is as a result of its high level of protein and less cholesterol. So if you think your market is not on demanding scale as you expect,...
you can as well take your level to the exportation one where it is high n demand, if you visit malls in UK or the USA, there are there in good packaging and are on their demanding list, so why are you not gonna be involved in the snail rearing.
Snail business is not thriving in Nigeria as it is in Australia,Ghana,South Africa and the UK, yes , its on high grounds of commercialization there and thats not to leave Nigeria behind to not make it a boom, as am putting it down that Nigeria is really in a great deal lagging...
and lacking behind in the production of snails ,so am imploring you my dear reader to take the risk in rearing of snails even in your very backyard.
One thing you should know about snail farming (Heliciculture) which is the process of raising land snails specifically for ...
human consumption or use is that, snail rearing is as simple as ABC.

Many who are into snail farming in Nigeria are also unwilling to let others know about the farming methodology. The techniques are often shrouded in secrecy.But the plain truth is that snail farming is so easy.
The only thing the snails may constantly demand from you is your attention and care. They hardly fall sick. You don't have to buy their food and you may not have to spend much to create an abode for them. The beauty of it all is that the snails reproduce rapidly.
Snails produce hundreds of eggs which hatch into snails.
It is also possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. This is made possible bcus of the availability of very highly prolific ACHATINA species of snails,which lay 200-400 (2-3 times a year)

Snails are very sluggish in movement and due to this attribute it has traditionally been a symbol of laziness. Snails are usually found in the forest or bush areas and are very active at night ...
and you will be amazed to see snails eat like they never do, very very active creatures and as well they are regarded as pest to farm crops , so what is it that you need to know of their bye products?

This is the outer and harder part of the snail which the snail uses as protection from their predator or from danger. Most times or sometimes, snail shell can be used for traditional medicine, ornament or beads, decorations,...
cowries or for local tools. Its been in the system for donkey years and many have made more money in the both exportation and sales locally of the shell of snails.

These are the reproduced part of the snail (snail eggs) which will gradually transfer into adult snail. What am about to tell you looks ridiculous but its the truth as Most people eat snail eggs or snail caviar; it is sometimes put into soups or ...
been prepared for the sole aim of consumption, but for business purpose, it is advisable to preserve your snail eggs for reproduction so as to have a great deal of breeds in the future.
The eggs are as well medicinal which controls the level of cholesterol in the body and ...
reduce the risk of catching a stroke, as researchers said. Not medically proven but its medicinal.

This is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails, gastropod mollusks thats looks sticky and semen like color. It is jelly in nature. Apart from the part of snail which is been consumed as food,...
another important part of the snail is the snail slime. Snail slime contains 91-98% water. The slime is filtered multiple times to increase its concentration and ensure its purity.
The Snail slime could be used for various purposes which are as follows :
For traditional medication; long ago, snail slime was traditionally used medicinally from ancient Greece to the middle Ages internally against gastrointestinal ulcers, and in the form of syrup, to soothe a cough.
Though now, some people believe in it healing capability and still also use it. You will not also believe that our medical folks in the field are as well using them as therapy in drug creations.
Use for cosmetics;
if you do not know, now you know It now that snail slime is used for cosmetics and it has numerous benefits. Know that most of these cosmetics snail slime are usually extracted from a snail variety known as Cornu Aspersum (previously Helix Aspersa).
Snail slime is filled with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, antimicrobial and copper peptides, which are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial for the skin.
Though, these properties help to protect the snails skin from damage, infection, dryness and UV rays and likewise beneficially to human skin.
For serums, facial masks, moisturizers and fading creams-; Snail secretion filtrate is widely used in Korean for beauty products.
And these secretions have a neutral look, smell and texture. Snail mucin can be used to treat dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks, acne and rosacea, age spots, burns, scars, razor bumps and even flat warts.
It can also be used for anti-aging properties that it aids to kindle the development of collagen and elastin. It protects skin from free radicals, soothe skin, repair damaged tissues and restore hydration.

Having discussed the by-products and the usefulness of snails, lets quickly look at the health benefits of snail

These are the nutrients and vitamins that are been provided by snail for body regulations.
Snail contains choline (an important water-soluble vitamin). This choline is known to be required in building and maintaining healthy cell membranes, protecting the liver from fat accumulation, help transport triglycerides from the liver,...
has the ability to break down fat so it is useful to prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and also essential for the fetus and infants to help the growth of the brain, therefore, the baby should drink breast milk that rich in choline.
Snail contains high levels of magnesium; which is needed for more than 325 enzymatic reactions, together with been involved in the synthesis of fats, proteins and nucleic acids, neural activity, muscle contraction and relaxation, cardiac activity and bone metabolism.
Snail is high in selenium which are important minerals and nutrients that fights diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It is also powerful antioxidants that help to prevent the aging and hardening of tissues through oxidation.
Selenium minerals can be found in every cell of the body, which is mainly in the kidneys, liver,Spleen, pancreas,and testes.

Snail contains Omega-3 fatty acids which is very useful for preventing diseases related to the heart because Omega 3 can make arterial organ becomes ...
more elastic than that, Omega 3 can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

This Omega 3 is also good for improving eye sight.
In 100 grams of snails also contained 100 UI Vitamin A that is good for the eyes.And also good in the development of Children brain memory.
Omega-3 is very good to advance our brain health because it affects the growth of cell membranes in the neurological system in the brain. In addition, omega 3 can improve memory so it is suitable for those who often forgetful.
Lastly, Children who frequently consume omega 3 it is very good to help the physical and mental development of children.
Snails contain high percentage of protein (12-16%) and irons (45-50 mg/kg) they are low in fat and also contain almost all the amino acids needed by humans.
Snail meat has a high medicinal value known to control hypertension and its blue liquid is used in stopping excessive bleeding from open wounds.


It is one thing to think of a business plan, it is also another thing to be determined to set it up and nurture it till it grows.
To set up a snail farming business in Nigeria,..
you must be determined and be sure that this is what you want to do.
No business is easy,not even Snail farming. Remember when you are determined, you loose procrastination. The zeal must be there before you start any business as this will drive you in making your plans workout.

In setting up a snail farming business in Nigeria, you must setup a perfect business plan for it.
A good business is one that has a business plan which is why I always use to emphasize on this when letting down a guard.
A business that has a business plan is one that has the high potential of succeeding well. It is so because a business plan entails the amount of capital you intend to start with, your estimated gain, the amount of money you intend to spend in purchasing of equipment ...
or building your facilities, the number of snail youre starting with, etc, plus your marketing strategies. When all these are documented, it will give you an insight of the direction your business is heading to; that is if you are gaining or losing in your snail farm business;
Another good reason why you should have a good business plan is because whenever you are in need of a loan,a good business plan would back you up to secure a loan from investors because the investors could see you as being serious and having a good insight into the snail business

You should determine the scale and the amount of money you intend to start your snail farming business with. Do you want to start the snail farming small or do you want to start big? These are among the questions you should have an answer ...
to before you start.
Some people start with a huge capital,While others start with little capital then as time goes on,they put in more snails as the profit grows.
It depends on the size of your pocket.
The good thing about snail farming is that you can start it with low capital.

When selecting a land for starting your snail farming business, select lands that are plain with adequate shade and the soil should not be waterlogged. It must be balanced and it should not be too dry, and also it must not be acidic.
If possible, the most desirable and recommended type of soil for snail farming is sandy-loamy or loamy soil with low water holding capacity. The reason why you need a good loamy soil for rearing your snail is because snails derive calcium which is used for forming its shell ...
from the soil and it also gets its water from the soil and lays its eggs on soil. So therefore, Snails cannot be reared on concrete floors.

If you intend to construct and rear your snail in a snail pen, tank or drum and not on an open place or farm, then you are still on point.
This method is highly recommended,bcus you will keep a close watch on your snail ..
and they also wont be able crawl away in different direction. When constructing this pen, tank or drum, or even in trampolines, it can be high or low fenced. For those of you who intend to construct a high fenced pen,...
the walls should be a dwarf wall with bricks of about 1.5m high built all around it and it should have wire gauze at the top. You should try to prevent ants or insects (who are snails predators) by digging some trenches around the underneath or foundation of the fence and ...
pour some engine oil on it; this will help in prevent the gathering of ants or insects. This same application goes for those constructing low fenced pens. If you intend to construct a concrete floored snail pen; you should cover the ground of the soil with soil, (loamy soil) ...
to give the Snails a better condition.

NB: it is better and highly recommended that when constructing your snail pen (house for your snail), you build a pen that has a bare soil on the floor, and not cement it. Put fresh leaves or damp the soil to make the snail feeling at home.

After constructing your snail pen, now its time to stock it with snails.
When getting your snails, you should select snails that are fresh; they should also have hard shells without Damage,Patches or Nodes on the Surface.
Also look for the ones that are sexually matured which weigh heavily.
There many species of nails in Nigeria. And they are;
> Zebra Nerite snail
> Tracked Nerite snail
> Horned Nerite snail
> Sulawesi snail
> Pond snail
> Apple snail
The best species are known as;
• Achatina Fulica,
• Achatina Achatina
• and the Archachatina Marginata.

but for rearing snail, it is better and highly recommended that you get the Achatina Achatina (also known as Giant Ghana Snails or Giant Tiger land Snails).
The reason why it is recommended that you rear Achatina Achatina snail species is because it is big in nature, and most especially, this snail can lay many eggs up to over 100,000 each year.
This kind of massive reproduction is good snail farming business in Nigeria.

Like I wrote before, rearing snail or snail farming is really not costly which is why it is a good business to venture into, feeding your snail is really not costly because snail feeds on fruits, sweet potato, cassava tuber, soya bean, maize chaff,...
Palm kernel, fish, meat, tomatoes, cocoyam, pawpaw, cucumber and leaves,Plantains, bananas, cabbage, lettuce and guava fruits.
As you can see, Snails are animals that are not really selective of foods. Just make sure that whatever fruit or food you are giving them is salt free..
that is, it has no salt.
But the simple way I have discovered in composing their meal shall be revealed to you below, all you need to do is enter the market and make your composition.

So for a 50 kilogram meal, you can use:
• 25 kg of white or yellow maize
• 5 kg of soya beans
• 5 kg of wheat offals
• 3 kg of groundnut
• 2 kg of Palm kernel cake
• 3 kg of fish meal
• 6 kg of Bones that have been burnt or ashed
• 1 kg of lysine and monotoline ,
these are vitamins premixes.

After this you grind and bag it .
this can be given to the Snails either moistened Or dry as it.

I hope I have been able to help you this far, if you feel like having a one on one consultation, feel free to contact me privately....Wink

Just because we having been saying that snails dont fall sick as much or that snails are easy to manage does not mean you should not take care of your snail.
There is much mortality in snail, as it is in other animal husbandry too.
You should remember to take adequate care of your Snail.
Put in mind that it is your business and source of income and dont just treat it anyhow. Know when to provide it food.
Feed your Snails regularly morning and night with drinking water and also avoid mixing with Salt,.
mixing fruits and tuber leaves.
Always try to frequently clean the feed and water dishes and give them good water.

Also Earthworms added to the soil help keep the pen clean.
Snail eggs hatches between 3 to 6 week, this si due to the environmental situation .
After hatching, the baby snail stays in the soil for 2-5 days. Then the baby should be put in a separate pen to give it available space to grow. Moreover,...

Male and female snails fertilize each another, after mating which may take several hours, they lay their eggs in depressions under logs or fragments. Though they start laying white eggs 8-12 months when they are sexually mature,..
it usually takes up to 1½ to 2 years to grow to adulthood.
A well matured snail should have a thick, harder and if possible big brim/shell.
10) OTHER ISSUES REGARDING SNAIL FARMING ( Include Possible Pests and Diseases) :

You should look out for possible pest or disease that could harm your Snails.
Parasites, nematodes, trematodes, fungi, and micro arthropods can attack snails,...
and such problems can spread rapidly when snail populations are intense. Also look out for and prevent rats, mice, moles, skunks, weasels, birds, frogs, toads, lizards and walking insects. Another thing is solider ants as when they sting them,..
they hide in their shells and die off gradually, never allow a dead snail to stay longer in the pen as that will cause lots of fungus and pathogens to start breeding. These are pests that could harm your snails.

When your snails are all matured, harvest them for selling, Do not sell your snail when it is not yet mature.
It is advisable not to harvest all the Snails all at once, So as to keep some for breeding and to serve as base stock for your snail farm.

Sample your Snails to available buyers who might be interested.
Market your snail to market women, Hotels, Restaurants and also Joints.
But before you Harvest your Snails Or Sell them, do a market research to know how much Snails cost in the market.
This will help you know the price to which you will be selling yours; so as not to sell above the normal price or below the normal price.

Snails too are sometimes affected by diseases.
Below are some of the diseases of snails you may want to be familiar with :

> Operculum detoriation: holes, loss of operculum
> Snail inactivity
> Loss of tentacles or small tentacles
> Hole in the shell
> Thin and fragile shell
> Body disformation
> Detoriation of shell and operculum
> Discoloration in new shell
> Intoxications
> Rough shell surface in new shell parts
> Reproduction problems
> Irregular growth of the shell
> Egg problem
Now you see; setting up a Snail farming business has a lot of advantage from having a low cost in setting up to easy management.
Snail farming business in Nigeria is among the lucrative agricultural business opportunity that most people who knows the worth are embarking now.

Let me show you how to start Snail farm with 100 Snails.


Total cost of constructing the pen
(Snail house) N10,000.

Free since it's you.
Cost of buying breeder snails called point of lay @ N400 each ( 100 Pieces) #40,000.
Bear in mind that, you could even get it at a cheaper price if you are buying it from a farm.

Transportation of 100 snails to your location.
Let's even put it at #5000.
Cost of feeding 100 snails using special snail formulated feed #8,000/per 25kg bag.
This can feed the 100 snails for 3 months.
Meaning buying 2 bags needed before harvest of snails for sale will be #8000 × 2 bags = #16,000.
Note: this is optional.
Cost for buying fruits like pawpaw, watermelon for 6 months period ( #2,000) But you can get them free from fruit vendors or plant them by yourself.

TOTAL= N73,000
What it means is that, if you want to buy the Breading snails, Build a Snail house, Transport the Snails and also get the Snails foods, then everything can cost you between #73,000 - #75,000)

In Summary, #73,000 - N100,000 is enough to set up a Snail Farm Business in Nigeria.

During harvest, if you had bought 100 snails, when each snails is expected to lay eggs at least twice in 6 months and each snail can lay 100 - 300eggs at a time.
You can multiply 100 by 100 that is 10,000 eggs in total, that's exactly what you are likely to get.
You can then sell off the Parent stock and start breeding the baby snails to maturity.

If you sell each parent snail fully matured at #700 you will make a sale of N70,000 for the one hundred parent stock .Which you still have about 10,000 grower snails to grow to maturity.

Please consider mortality of say about 20%, hence you will have 8000 young snails.
Even if you sell them for N100 each at harvest, that would be N100 X 8,000 snails = N800,000 Pure Profit!

And remember, it lay more than 100eggs in a Period.
hence I can categorically tell you that Snail Farming is the cheapest, easiest and the safest form of farming investment ANYBODY can start.

The Secret of making millions in any business is to master your game, dream big, differentiate yourself from competitors and work smarter.
So what Are You Waiting for? Start YOUR Snail farm Business TODAY

I Wish you all Success🙏

Appreciation: NGU Snail Farm Consult, Monrole Global Snail Cooperative and TDK Snail Farm

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