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1/ In tropical tribal democracies, especially in the so called #DRC, compension only makes sense if it can lead to a news story, an interview or photos on the front pages of journalists' social networks and profiles.
2/6 It is in this sense that a senior official in Kinshasa will feel more obliged to give his opinion on the treatment of migrants by #Morocco and #Spain, and will remain silent on the most recent massacres that have hit and continue to hit #Beni, #Irumu and #Mambasa.
3/6 The same goes for the so-called human rights defenders.
In spite of all this, we, the #Congolese of Kivu and Ituri, do not blame you for your asymmetry of compassion. We remain attached to the values of the Republic, to the Republic and to National Unity.
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L'actuelle campagne de haine qui sévit dans l'Est du #Congo n'est visiblement pas tout à fait spontanée. En témoignent cette story sponsorisée qu'@instagram soumet à l'utilisateur localisé dans la région sans qu'il n'ait rien demandé ni fait de recherche particulière au préalable
Son enregistré en studio, clip en qualité HD, séquences filmées au drone.. Refrain : "Attrapez-le, congolais attrapez-le. Tue-le, FARDC tue-le" Publiée vendredi, la chanson désigne les Rwandais comme ennemis. Elle est loin de connaître un succès phénoménal à ce stade, mais...
Elle s'ajoute aux dizaines de vidéos qui circulent sur WhatsApp et Twitter, véhiculant des messages de haine et des menaces contre les Tutsi, désignant des cibles, voire montrant/justifiant des lynchages. À terme, cela peut engendrer un mécanisme que l'on appelle "chambre d'écho"
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In light of ongoing events, it is interesting to look at data. M23 doesn’t seem to be a major source of civilian deaths in eastern #Congo since its return 2017. This doesn’t mean it isn’t illegal and committing violations galore, but it may nuance the current polemic a bit. Image
Obviously, @KivuSecurity covers violence no longer than since its establishment in 2017. It does neither include M23’s first life, nor its predecessors CNDP and RCD. Many of the latter can be found in the @UNHumanRights Mapping Report, alongside a wealth of crimes by others.
What does that mean? Is M23 your sympathetic liberation army next door? Certainly not. Although some of their claims are valid, insurrection should not be carte blanche to harvest impunity (as other armed groups in the past). Some current M23 likely took part in Kiwanja 2008.
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1. Pleased to finally share Team Bridgeway’s latest article @CTCWP on the ADF, this time looking at how last year, 2021, was the most transformative year for the Islamic State’s Central Africa Province. #Congo #Uganda…
2. Namely, 2021 saw the group transform in 7 major ways: surging in propaganda, producing beheading videos, beginning suicide operations, public outreach and da’wah, deepening foreign recruitment, exporting its terror abroad, and more frequent clashes with rival armed groups.
3. Meanwhile on the ground in eastern #Congo, the group’s areas of operation expanded exponentially, with it leaving almost 1300 civilians dead. This is almost three times the death toll of 2019 and more than a 50% increase over 2020’s total.
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇

Sequence count: 13,079

Updated 6/07/2022
BA.4/5 is rapidly🔥 increasing in the #UnitedStates!

Top5 BA.4/5 hotspots: #SouthAfrica, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Portugal and #Germany
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La #OMS eleva a 780 los casos (0 muertes) de #ViruelaDelMono en 27 países (fuera de los endémicos donde se alcanzó 1.408 casos sospechosos y 66 muertes)
Más casos en:
1⃣207, Reino Unido
2⃣156, España
3⃣138, Portugal
4⃣58, Canadá
5⃣57, Alemana
En lo que va de año, entre los países endémicos (1.408 casos sospechosos de #ViruelaDelMono y 66 muertes), la mayoría se detectó en la República Democrática del #Congo aunque también con más de una decena de contagios en Camerún, República Centroafricana y Nigeria.
Muchos pacientes de países no endémicos (no en Africa):
✔️erupciones cutáneas en zonas genitales y anales (sugiere el contacto sexual)
✔️detectados en consultas de salud sexual "involucran principalmente, pero no exclusivamente, a hombres que mantienen sexo con otros hombres"
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1. This is a very good @CrisisGroup report on the overall dynamics of the conflict in eastern #Congo and insanely informative, but its brief description of the ADF leaves a lot to be desired.…
2. For instance, talking about “factions” within the group adds unnecessary detail. While there is indeed an anti-IS splinter faction, it likely has less than 30 people, has not conducted an attack (as of May 2022), and one of its top leaders was arrested earlier this year.
3. Meanwhile, ADF proper has over 2,000 fighters, is one of the most active groups in all of #Congo, and alone killed 1300 people last year. Not to mention, it is unified in its leadership and allegiance to the Islamic State. The splinter is operationally irrelevant.
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L'Assemblea Generale #Onu ha approvato con 93 voti a favore la richiesta #Usa di sospendere la #Russia dal Consiglio dei diritti umani di Ginevra. Nella bozza di risoluzione - tra i co-sponsor c'è anche l'#Italia - si chiede di "sospendere il diritto della Russia di far parte👇 Image
del Consiglio" e si esprime "grave preoccupazione per la crisi umanitaria in Ucraina, in particolare per le notizie di violazioni e abusi del diritto internazionale umanitario da parte di Mosca".
Da notare i voti contrari: #Cina leva la maschera, non più astenuta, ma contraria.👇
Paesi contrari alla sospensione della #Russia:
🇧🇮 #Burundi
🇨🇫 #RepubblicaCentrafricana
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Dispatch from the Catplomatic Mission to the @UN:

1. Demand #SuspendRussiafromHRC as the UN is voting on it today.

2. Tweet to at least one human mission to the UN with the above hashtag. Here is a list of all of them on Twitter:…

t. #LoveYouStepan
@UN Last month 141 out of 193 countries in UN voted to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Countries that voted against were: #Belarus, #Eritrea, North Korea, #Syria and ofc #Russia. The countries that abstained from voting were: #Algeria, #Angola, #Armenia, #Bangladesh (1/3)
#Bolivia, #Burundi, Central African Republic, #China, #Congo, #Cuba, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, #India, #Iran, #Iraq, #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, #Madagascar, #Mali, #Mongolia, #Mozambique, #Namibia, #Nicaragua, #Pakistan, #Senegal (2/3)
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African Internationalism discussing Russia/Ukraine struggle as part of negating #colonial #capitalist narrative being spread to paint Russia as aggressor while exposing the US & other European imperialist powers role as instigator/orchestrator of crisis:

"It is no secret that White Power is working overtime to shut down any form of communication from #Russia to parts of the world - which means that most of the #propaganda churned out by the colonial capitalists goes uncontested."
"The same US #imperialism that was built on #slavery, #genocide, & colonialism, is now posturing as the moral & political authority of the world. The US colonial capital state murders African people inside the US every single day... Floyd, Locke, Taylor, & millions of others."
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The Islamic State has released photos from #DRC showing the ADF, or the Congolese branch of its Central African Province, renewing its allegiance to the Islamic State's new leader. It looks like, though still unconfirmed, Musa Baluku - ADF's overall emir - is in first two photos
Also looks like at least two ADF camps shown in the photos. Photos 1 & 2 are from one camp, 3 & 4 another. Shows the group coordinated from multiple camps to renew the pledge, despite being on the move after the joint Ugandan-Congolese intervention against it.
These are just a sample to show the camp distribution in the photos. IS released a total of 10 photos from #Congo and another 9 from the #Mozambique wing of ISCAP - all showing the fighters renewing their oaths of allegiance to Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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Yesterday, a Telegram channel associated with the #WagnerGroup posted a call for recruits:

"The Wagner Philharmonic has decided to take part in the Great World Concert and is holding auditions to select for its touring musical troupe."

A 🧵 on #Wagner & what the post reveals.
1. Some background: Russian #VDV Airborne #Spetsnaz commander Dmitry Utkin adopted the callsign "Wagner" in the first Russian incursion in #Donbas in 2014, a triple entendre indicating his position as "conductor" of off-book scouts and saboteurs now known as the #WagnerGroup.
2. Much has been made of Wagner's affiliation with neo-Nazi movements in #Russia. But the cultural weave of Russian mercenaries is more nuanced.

"Wagner" also refers to the German composer's valorization during the #ThirdReich by Adolf Hitler & Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.
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#Somaliland and #Taiwan: The benefits


1/14. S/land and Taiwan have a lot in common such as both being a fully functioning democracies with volatile neighbours. Both are striving for international recognition and will not budge to threats or diplomatic pressure. Image
2/14. Somaliland brings a lot to the table. S/land’s strategic location in the Horn of Africa will give Taiwan a gateway into East Africa and beyond. Landlocked countries in Africa can benefit from this diplomatic move such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.
3/14. S/land will give Taiwan an important access to the Gulf of Berbera (Gulf Aden) where access to the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world can be established which will boost Taiwan’s export opportunities as well as a chance to make new friends in the region.
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1/n Beijing is trying to go green. ♻️🇨🇳

The push for #ElectricVehicles is paying off as sales increased by 160% in 2021


This has created fears of shortages in key metals such as nickel, cobalt and lithium.

#China #GeoNews #Economics
2/n The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers reported that plug-in hybrid sales more than doubled to 600,000 units in 2021.

That compares to the 480,000 which were sold in the #USA in the same year.

#GreenPlanet #ElectricVehicles
3/n China's auto sector grew at a lukewarm rate of 3.8% last year.

And Beijing has been proactive in promoting electric vehicles and has extended subsidies that were due to expire in 2020.

The push for #ElectricVehicles in #China has led to a shortage of important metals.
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🇬🇶A partir del 2003, #GuineaEcuatorial dejó de ser uno de las selecciones más débiles de África: fue a buscar a sus descendientes que jugaban en España.

Pero después se entusiasmó y reclutó también brasileños y colombianos... y explotó la polémica.

¡Abrimos hilo!👇 Image
#GuineaEcuatorial jugó su primer partido en 1975 y, hasta 2003, jugó con futbolistas locales. Era apodado "Basilé Nacional" y era considerada una de las selecciones más fáciles de vencer en el continente.

En esa etapa, no pudo clasificar a ninguna Copa Africana. Image
🇪🇸 "¿Y si vamos a buscar a nuestros descendientes que juegan en España?", se preguntaron en la Federación.

Así empezaron a formar su primer gran equipo con nombres como Iván Zarandona, Rodolfo Bodipo, Sergio Barila y los hermanos Edjogo-Owono. Image
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This is the story of an oak forest, right from where it’s born. The story of a landscape. It’s a long thread, but think about this first: The oaks that I’ll show you here might even live to be over 200 years old. Got 10 minutes? #2020forest Image
It was the Autumn of 2019, the last autumn before the pandemic. But at that time we we didn’t really know it. I got my bike and crossed the border at Ibardin, then making my way down the mountain pass towards Urruña, in the french part of the Basque Country. Image
My idea was to get to Biriatu, then continuing up the Bidasoa river to get back to Bera, my village.
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“With subsidies and a protected home market, CATL became extremely profitable… The effort has also made #China a giant in electric car #batteries. China has 14 times the #EV battery-making capacity of the U.S… CATL holds one-third of the global EV battery market.”🤔
“CATL’s biggest rival globally is LG, with a one-quarter share. At one time, CATL also faced a tough rival at home. BYD, based in the city of Shenzhen, boasted a big-name backer, the investor Warren E. Buffett.“ #China #competition #EV #batteries
“Unlike CATL, which has invested heavily in #lithium-#cobalt #batteries, BYD bet on traditional lithium batteries… BYD is now exploring production of its own lithium-cobalt batteries. But CATL is also manufacturing more batteries now w/o cobalt…”🤔 #EV #ESG #compliance #Congo
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Wood Mackenzie #COP26 briefing: 6 Oct 2021

"Mission impossible"

"delivering the base #metals to meet [#NetZero 2050] pathways strains project delivery beyond breaking point from people & plant to financing & permitting."…
Nov 6, 2021 "The 19 million tonnes of additional #copper that need to be delivered for net-zero 2050 implies a new La Escondida must be discovered & enter production every year for the next 20 years."…

Escondida mine. (Photo: BHP) 👇
"Even if you focus on just one of the obstacles bringing new copper supply online – the time it takes to build a new mine – and leave aside all other factors, #NetZero 2050 has zero chance."

#COP26 #4IR #technology…
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Rivers carry the living impressions of civilisations that have settled on their banks since the dawn of time, are home for unique flora and fauna. How can we better understand and protect them? #Vigilife has launched the #30sentinelrivers program with #eDNA. A thread 1/n ImageImage
By building an international network of partners and sharing #eDNA know-how, #Vigilife is establishing long term #monitoring programs, which will become a precious tool for safeguarding freshwater biodiversity.
1. The #Amazon: born out of the drying up of an inland sea, I am one of the longest rivers in the world. Together with my tributaries, I contain nearly 20% of the #biodiversity of all the rivers on earth and play an essential role in the global water cycle. Image
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The research titled ‘The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Teachers’ was conducted by Turkish #Maarif Foundation in 25 countries across the #world to understand how the teachers and school administrators have been affected by the #pandemic. Image
After analysing the responses, 5 main #themes emerged by how the teachers and school administrators react to the #Covid19 Pandemic, which changed the all #education. Here is the thread with the findings from the research, and more will be discussed at the #IstanbulEducationSummit
The coping strategy is the most dominant main theme used by the participants to manage the challenges faced during the #pandemic. There are also subthemes under the coping strategy such as turning into an opportunity, crisis management, #adaptation, #occupation, #solidarity, etc. Image
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Only a "colorblind" person would ask such a stupid question.

"African Americans are an ethnic group of America with total or partial ancestry from any of the Black racial groups of Africa. ... On average, African Americans are of West/Central African and European descent, and
... also have Native American ancestry.
African-Americans are more genetically diverse than previously thought

"A new study shows that African-Americans are more #genetically diverse than scientists had previously believed."…
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