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And so lets talk about BODY ODOUR. I was moved to do this based on my encounter with a woman on a Monday morning. I saw the woman and her son stranded while waiting for a bike hence I decided to help them down the road. As she entered my vehicle, it was the smell of #BodyOdour.
Wow! I had to increase the intensity of my AC to help dilute the smell. What will make a woman emit #BodyOdour on a Monday morning?

On this woman's case, she must have worn her cloth more than once except she didn't take her bath which is very much unlikely.
What other factors are responsible for BODY ODOUR? Come along with me!

Personal hygiene could be responsible so also is the weather, especially in this part of the world that there is a temperate region.

There are many factors that contribute to your unique #BodyOdour.
Some people have stronger body odours than others and no two people have an identical #BodyOdour.
Like your genetic makeup or your fingerprint which remains unique to you alone and no other person out of the 7 billion people on planet earth has your fingerprint, your #BodyOdour is 100% unique to you.
Other causes of BODY ODOUR include excessive emotional sweating which varies from one person to another.

There are two types of sweating: thermal sweating and emotional sweating.

The primary purpose of thermal sweating is to regulate your body temperature.

Your eccrine sweat glands produce the sweat needed for thermal sweating.

Emotional sweating is linked to stress and anxiety and is one of the most influential causes of #BodyOdour.

Anxiety is caused by excessive worry or fear of the unkwown. It is known by fast heart rate.
Other causes of anxiety which results in emotional sweating include public speaking, taking a test or examination, attending an interview, fear of payment of outstanding and due fees such as school fees, exam fees and other obligations.

Emotional sweat comes from your apocrine glands and is usually excessive. The reaction between your apocrine sweat and your skin bacteria results in significantly more unpleasant #BodyOdour than in the case of thermal sweating.
In other words, the reaction between the bacteria on your body and the sweat on your body is what results in #BodyOdour
Your daily routine and clothing,
infrequent showering, lack of deodorant, and unclean shoes and clothing can all affect the potency of your body odour.

This is why cleanliness is the first step to curbing #BodyOdour.
Showering twice a day is the best. Wear your clothes once and afterwards wash it. Let every cloth and underwear you wear be a clean and fresh one.

There is no dignity in having a #BodyOdour. Infact, it repels people from you and they will rather avoid associating with you.
For emphasis, to help keep #BodyOdour at a minimum remember to bathe regularly (twice a day), wear fresh clothes made from breathable materials and wear deodorant every day.
You may not go for deodorants & designer perfumes that are as high as N20,000 & above but there are some that are within the range of N1,000 & N4,000

You must do everything possible to smell nice. Smelling nice attracts people to you & emitting #BodyOdour repels people from you
Your feet, groin and armpits are home to the largest concentration of apocrine glands. These areas also have very little ventilation, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and decompose your sweat thereby causing #BodyOdour.
Your diet can also enhance #BodyOdour. What you eat has a lot to do with the smell your body produces.

Some foods are difficult for your body to digest and they also feed the bacteria that causes body odour.

Watch what you eat if you are determined to get rid of #BodyOdour
Keep an eye out for sugary sweets and sauces, hydrogenated oil (commonly found in most junk food).

Excessive consumption of dairy products, eggs, meat and some spices are foods that can boost #BodyOdour.
You must not forget that these food aid body fat hence it is profiting to do away with them. It keeps your body healthy, keeps you fit and makes your body void of fat. Body fat too can bring about #BodyOdour and you can watch out for that with friends that you know are fat.
Even if you are fat, you can check this out with friends who are fat. I'm aware that body fat is sometimes genetic but there is something that can be done about it. Doing away with starchy foods and other sugary stuffs can help keep your body in shape and help reduce #BodyOdour.
Your genetics affects #BodyOdour.

The way you smell is fundamentally based on your genetics.
People of different ethnic backgrounds also tend to sweat different amounts. For example, generally speaking, people from East Asia tend to sweat less and have less #BodyOdour than people from Africa and Europe.
Again, the common bacteria on your skin love the sweat from your body and when the bacteria feed on and decomposes it, the process produces a recognisable & unpleasant sweaty odour.

Your hormones & stressful situations trigger sweat production in your apocrine glands.
Your #BodyOdour can be helped. Wear fresh and clean clothes, wear a perfume and deodorant, avoid sweet and starchy foods and take your bath twice a day.

#BodyOdour is normal but you don't need to resign to fate. You can reduce it and perhaps eliminate it if yours is strong.
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