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(1) 3.45am ET update. It's 9.45pm here in NZ but I'm pretty tired. Didn't plan to delve deeply into the incoming House results, foolishly assuming the usual info sources would be reasonably accurate but, I think the fakery & bias went up a notch this time. So it's been chaotic.
(2) This website has a few updating issues but for argument's sake, let's assume it's currently the most accurate.

As of this moment they have Ds at 214, Rs at 190, and 31 not called.
(3) That's a gap that's looking unassailable rn BUT I want to remind y'all that at 9pm, 11pm, and 1am that was in no way clear or sure enough to have called it for the Ds.

Further, there will be some recounts. Probably not enough to make the difference, but important to do.
(4) In any 2 year period, there are bound to be special elections, in which we'll do it all again.

There can also be events that turn out to be of such importance that a party's actual majority on key votes is not reliable.

But more importantly:
(5) The Senate is more important than the House bc of judicial & exec nominations.

I'm sure most D voters haven't grasped this fact. As we did before Tuesday, we can enjoy knowing how the American system of government works, & what is likely ahead for Ds.
(6) From the 1960s onward, the Ds have been stacking the SCOTUS and the circuit courts of appeal. They did this bc they knew their ability to win elections would gradually decline, and it has.

But Trump's GOP are un-stacking the courts. And it is going to burn.
(7) I predicted we'd have 57 Senate seats... currently looking like 55 or so, which is a phenomenal, historic victory against the odds.

We really did #DefyHistory. We got the BIG prize.

The House is only 2 years & it doesn't un-stack the courts, or exec branch officials.
(8) House investigations will turn up nothing of importance, bc as we all know, there is no there, there.

Got a subpoena? No problem. Just plead the 5th like Ds always do. Meanwhile, ACTUAL investigations are going on at the FBI, DOJ & OIGs in other agencies, which WE CONTROL.
(9) Any lunatic House bills can be stopped by the Senate or the President.

Besides, in an environment where more wheeling and dealing is needed, which side has the greatest negotiator Washington DC has ever seen?

(10) Obstructing and causing shutdowns will hurt Ds more than Rs and Trump.

My God ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be an entertaining spectacle to watch.

I admit, I don't live in the US, so it's easier for me to make light of it. I'm not thrilled, but I'm an optimist.
(11) The reasons why we lost the House* are complex.

(*We didn't lose it by much.)

In life, when faced with challenges, you can either sink or swim. There isn't really an alternative... I choose to make the best of things. Persistently negative people only hurt themselves.
(12) We will learn from our mistakes (few that they were, lol) and we will work even harder to expose the anti-American Ds... (although tbf they do a pretty good job of it themselves.)

The fundamentals are sound. Remember what we are up against; I'd say we are doing very well.
(13) And wow, I'm super excited for Governor-Elect DeSantis. The fate of Florida hung in the balance, and would have affected the whole country if we had lost it. The chance of more major hurricanes there in the next few years is high. And many other pressing issues.
(14) We fired Bill Nelson, Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill and many others. This is awesome, esp. for those affected the most by self-interested, dishonest Ds.

Lots of wins in the Senate and for Governors. Don't take anything away from their hard work.
(15) It took a long time to mess up America, & it will take more than two years to fix it. I'm prepared to wait. I'm one of the most patient Trump supporters on Twitter.

Bc of my professional b/g in govt, I could talk all night about the amount of power held in the exec branch.
(16) We control the federal exec branch & a number of state exec branches, incl TX & FL.

We control the Senate & increasingly, the fed judiciary. Or, originalism & textualism do. Just as the Framers intended. No more lawmaking by unelected judges, that's where we're heading.
(17) I believe the loss of the House will be temporary, & the brains trust of winners that now run the GOP will strategize all the ways we can exploit the situation to our advantage. I have no doubt about that. Watch.
(18) A great article from... The Daily Beast.😁👍

(19) Now, if you think my 4-hours-later-than-others concession was tardy, look at candidate Stacy Abrams, who is still holding out after 100% of precincts have reported, & she lost by 100k votes.😂

(21) So there's a real TN GOP and they have been taught to meme, like Pence, Mitch, Lindsey Graham, Hatch, and countless others. #ThankYouTrump

(22) If ur still feeling a bit down, u can always look at photos of Beto's election night event. Much like 2016 at the Javits Center. Where they scooped the broken glass ceiling-shaped confetti out of the machine, the fireworks were cancelled & Podesta stood in for Crooked.😭
(23) Good morning, Mr President!

What an excellent point: It is the Senate that approves trade deals.
(24) So true.
(25) When the President gives his press conference in the East Room at 11.30am (he usually runs a little late), he will explain all the reasons why this was actually a Big Victory.

Go to for the live feed and later transcript.
(26) Current status of the House at 7.52am, per

Ds 221
Rs 194
Still counting 20

So, even if we got all 20, which we won't they still win. And I'm still not worried, for the reasons stated above.

Wait for POTUS to speak. It'll be good.
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