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1. #News ~ President Trump blasts Democrats' declaration of constitutional crisis as 'PATHETICALLY UNTRUE'…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #WALKAWAY
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ Sen. Tom Cotton gives a glimpse of Arlington National Cemetery through the eyes of the Old Guard…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Military
#History #Respect #Honor #Vets #Veterans #Salute
3. #News ~ Exclusive: Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan talks securing the border, handling North Korea and China…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
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(1) 3.45am ET update. It's 9.45pm here in NZ but I'm pretty tired. Didn't plan to delve deeply into the incoming House results, foolishly assuming the usual info sources would be reasonably accurate but, I think the fakery & bias went up a notch this time. So it's been chaotic.
(2) This website has a few updating issues but for argument's sake, let's assume it's currently the most accurate.

As of this moment they have Ds at 214, Rs at 190, and 31 not called.
(3) That's a gap that's looking unassailable rn BUT I want to remind y'all that at 9pm, 11pm, and 1am that was in no way clear or sure enough to have called it for the Ds.

Further, there will be some recounts. Probably not enough to make the difference, but important to do.
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(1) Obama tried to GIVE AWAY 10 AIRCRAFT CARRIERS to the UN.

Admiral Mike Rogers told Obama: "GFY."


(2) Admiral Mike Rogers is a major HERO, up there with Trump.

It was Rogers who approached Trump to ask Trump to run for president.

Rogers made it VERY clear to Trump that the military would have Trump's back.

Rogers made it clear that around 6,700 elite Powers that Be...
(3) ...would be quickly killed by the US Special Forces if anything happened to Trump, regardless of who may do it.

I've heard this same number from another source.

I had long given up on the idea of humans saving America and the world.

THANK YOU Rogers, Trump and Deplorables!
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Good morning! TODAY is one for the #History books!
Check this out!
5:5 = 55 days
55 Days between Q "HOSTAGE RELEASE." post and TODAY!

Looking at you #Iran!

@POTUS #MAGA #QArmy #WWG1WGA #Hostages #HostageRelease #KAG
noticed on the tarmac for the NK hostages welcome home, Engine Q74... so... here is #QAnon post 74. For what it's worth.
@POTUS #MAGA #QArmy #WWG1WGA #Hostages #HostageRelease #KAG
Noticed on the tarmac for the NK hostages welcome home, Engine Q74... so...

Q post 74. 47 post Q.
[Think Mirror 74]

Both mention Alice. Be vigilant. False Flag warning? Thoughts?
@POTUS #MAGA #QArmy #WWG1WGA #Hostages #HostageRelease #KAG #QAnon
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It was not signed!💥BOOM💥 Guess who called it out @SecPompeo 🇺🇸He also mentions two secret parts of the #IranDeal did we ever see those? AND that Iran never considered it legally binding. 🔎 @tracybeanz for catching Pompeo connection!
MSM will tell you that ending #IranDeal will hurt negotiations with #NorthKorea in fact it’s the opposite and Pompeo knew it in 2015 “the countries will learn that misbehavior is tolerated” 🇺🇸 Not anymore🇺🇸…
Dear @JohnBrennan @brhodes @JohnKerry
“The JCPOA is not a treaty or an Executive Agreement and is not a signed document...It reflects a political commitment”
That’s from YOUR department.
So really this is just a break-up.
#IranDeal #ThankYouTrump
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Donald J. Trump was elected to be @POTUS
He promised to put #AmericaFirst!
14mos later we have....
•100 percent vote by UN Security Council to sanction North Korea.
•41 percent decline in illegal southern border crossings
2) #AmericaFirst
•97,482 illegal immigrant arrests, 70 percent convicted of additional crimes, 52,169 expelled

•Adopted a resolute policy on Afghanistan

•Advocated for practical tertiary education

•Appointed an Education Secretary who is correcting abuses of Title IX
3) #AmericaFirst
•Appointed an Interior Secretary to improve forest management and expand users of public lands

•Approved the Keystone pipeline

•Called for international support of Iranian protesters
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(1) I #resisted following the March for Our post-birth Lives but some of the photos are too good not to share. In this one, a proud American NRA member who happens to be black peacefully protests the idiocy. Arguably, he has more at stake than most of the kids marching.
(2) If given the chance, I can make a very strong case for African Americans and "people of color" benefiting from this administration more than other groups. But the Left isn't interested in hearing it and resorts immediately to the expired race card.
(3) As @Dloesch is constantly telling us, black males are one of the groups, if not the group, most affected by gun homicides, especially in certain large cities, that have coincidentally been held by Democrats for many decades, and are supposed gun free zones (aka killing zones)
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(1) Religious freedom thread.

"the law [...] doesn't just apply to protect popular religious beliefs: it does perhaps its most important work in protecting unpopular religious beliefs, vindicating this nation's long-held aspiration to serve as a refuge of religious tolerance"
(2) That quote is from Justice Gorsuch and is referenced in a WaPo article:…
(3) Like the right to keep and bear arms, the right to religious freedom is a part of the US Constitution that promotes your freedom whether you partake of the subject matter or not. A non gun owning, non religious American still needs these protections.
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