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This game was as cold as Pennsylvania is right now. The offense moves but cant seal the deal. It's shooting blanks. Anyways, we're a day late, but here is a thread of utter crap.

Cowboys vs Colts Thread starts meow:
Nice little run here on the pull by Tyron and Williams. Everybody else blocks down, gets a push and Zeke picks a bit up here. Rico gets a good wash of the edge defenders inside. First play of the game is a success.
This triggered me during the broadcast. Colts IDL times this up (a bit early) and luckily Williams is able to wash him out wide. Sua-Filo, who hasn't really played extremely well since his first start, gets beat by the hands of the defender. Over-extends and loses the block
Looney had a rough game. The Colts made things difficult often putting both tackles in the A-gap. Looney gets puts on skates and Dak does well to shake right and find the dump off to Zeke, who goes over the top and almost gets himself flipped. Stay healthy brother.
*Garrett clap*

5-Wide. Verticals on the outside paired with outs from the slot and a stop by the inside receiver. The zone circles are more for show. This looks more like a match-zone look. Doesn't make sense for Leonard to be manned up on Beasley
Even when in cover 3, the corner on Gallup, especially lined out wide left, plays up and carries from the inside vertically. Chance they could have been man there and 3 on the trips side, but I still can't get past the fact they'd put 53 on 11 without help from 29 man to man
Felt this was a bad read by 4 here. Looks as if it should have been OTT to the outside shoulder. 17 gets even with the corner quickly. Don't think 4 trusted he'd.... gallop... past the defender for the traditional over the shoulder deep ball. If 17 stops and drives he gets this
Delayed handoffs worked well in this game. This play may not go anywhere if Looney doesn't hit the initial defender. Tyron attempts to discard him but doesn't shove him inside far enough. Does well to flip and get downfield to take 53 out of the play
1st and 10. Bunch trips to the right brings a Cover 3 look. TE drives inside to attempt to influence the flat defender initially. Gallup attacks vertically at the corner. Beasley goes quick flat. Colts run Sky, bringing the safety to the flat. EASY PITCH AND CATCH. Comes off read
I, for the life of me, cannot understand how you can move the ball down the field so easily and then on the 4th down play go with 3 TE's, bringing 10 into the box. This is probably a TD but IDL long arms Looney, which keeps him from sealing at the second level.
'Twas inevitable. The Olawale drop. GREAT. CALL. LINEHAN. That hurt to say. Gets all 22 defensive eyes following 21 as 49 sneaks oppo behind LOS.

To score in the red zone you SPREAD THE FIELD TO RUN and you COMPACT THE FIELD TO THROW. Like this. Say whatever. This needs caught.
Love seeing this from Schultz. Sits down in the chair to plant towards the sideline. Body lean before the cut allows for separation when a receiver doesn't have the agility to gain throw athleticism. Beasley does this well to supplement his ability to change direction.
Someone let me know where the hold is on this play. Watch all five linemen and let me know. Because they called one here, and I just don't see it.
This is really an incredible play by Jarwin. And either a bad read or a ton of trust by Dak. Jarwin fights to cross the face of the DB but instead is able to shield him from the ball as he drives back toward LOS. Able to extend outside his frame and make the catch
The offensive line crushes this rep, winning their 1v1 matchups across the board. Looney picks up the T/E stunt while Collins stays wide to pick up the blitzer. Redmond finishes his defender to the ground and Tyron hold up. 4 comes off right and Jarwin just WANTS it more here.
This is covered immediately. This is a bad play. This was a panic throwaway. #CowboysNation your quarterback saw the screen was covered and instead of tossing OB he attempts to wait it out. Throws it at a lineman's feet and is lucky referees are bad at their jobs.
And for the Dak apologists that refuse to see any wrongdoings, I highlighted the area he could have thrown to in blue. And even Dak haters could admit that he could hit that area.
I am supremely confident that even I could have gained a yard or two on this run. Good accuracy shown by Redmond to secure the block on the pull. Gaethers almost makes an incredible play from the opposite side. Schultz does a great job disengaging and getting to 53
Go ahead and blame this sack on the offensive line. It took the defense right around 3 seconds to get home and NOBODY is open, because every route is MOF at the sticks or vertical. Dak doesn't throw intermediate middle. You can't beat zone without any vertical stretch. Too easy
When teams run base alignment 8-12 yards off there should be a hitch/corner/flat combo check and they should be getting the ball out quickly. The NFL is increasingly throwing shorter and the Cowboys need to do it more. Get the ball to 19 quick and let him win YAC opportunities.
I heard a lot of "lead him" talk here, but I don't necessarily think that was the best option. I think he should have put it on a rope so the defender could have no influence. If he leads him, and more specifically puts any more air under this 35 has a chance to recover.
Unfortunately, this was called back due to a Looney hold. Jarwin uncovers earlier, but Dak holds for Beasley, IMO, because of the supreme confidence he has in him to get open and come down with a pass on a crucial 4th and 2.
I have absolutely zero clue why he didn't pull the trigger here. He loads back and actually starts the throw before pulling it down. If he didn't have freakishly large hands this probably ends in a fumble. I'm at a loss. Throw this low and away toward the numbers to Beasley
I cut more up, but I just can't take it anymore. Onward and Upward to the Bucs.
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