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Congressman John Lewis once said “Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic.”

What makes you hopeful? Seriously. Share it!

If you’re like me, you could use a few reasons to keep your head up.

Here are 50 reasons to stay hopeful from the past 3+ years.
50. On Jan. 28, 2017, thousands showed up to airports in support of Muslim families impacted by Trump’s unconstitutional #MuslimBan.

That night, a federal judge in NY issued a stay allowing people stranded in airports to temporarily avoid deportation.

📷: Stephanie Keith/Getty
49. Much to the dismay of Donald Trump, #Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars, making it the first non-English language film to win in the 92 years of the Academy Awards.

📷: Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images
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Going to say this and be done with it.

For all the Black men #onhere that find themselves badgering Black women like Oprah for allegedly not targeting white men enough for sexual abuse via #MeToo...have you ever asked yourselves why aren't you doing the same for your own group?
Like it is so damn easy to keep trying to tell Black women what to do when it comes to an issue that is impacting them by both Black and white men...but for some reason, there are men in our community who are trying so hard to act like sexual abuse is a racial dispute. It's not.
Rather than waste your energy on cherry-picking Black women who you feel should be only talking about white men who sexually abuse...why aren't you slapping yourself upside the head on how dumb you sound that you have chosen to make this issue a false sense of racial justice.
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Sorry, but a @TMZ article that merely claims @Chicago_Police spoke to Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage (with zero evidence backing up the reporting) isn’t enough for me. I need to see pictures and video of those two before I stop worrying about them.

In #SurvivingRKelly, @Chicago_Police were accused of having insiders that help R. Kelly. @TMZ also appears to be reporting in a way that favors R. Kelly. How are we to be sure Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage are okay based on hearsay from R. Kelly’s camp alone? We need evidence.
I understand Azriel Clary may not want to see to her family. I can live with that. But can we see a video of her saying it herself? Why hasn’t she been seen in any videos or pictures since 2016-2017? Why wasn’t she at R. Kelly’s b-day party? Why does it seem like she’s missing?
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The Lady Gaga apology is disappointing. I like the action of removing the song from streaming, and I'm in her corner as far as the Oscar race, but if she was going to wait that long to make a public statement, it could've been so much stronger
And when I say "wait this long," I'm not referring to the past two weeks-ish. I'm talking years. There are plenty of rope-a-dopes who can claim ignorance of R's allegations until very recently and I'd believe them. She is not one.
I DO believe it's possible she was insulated from the discourse on Twitter surrounding the #SurvivingRKelly airing, possibly working on a new project or getting each strand of her hair individually dyed to match her Globes gown or whatever she was doing. So I don't mean this week
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“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”

- Zora Neale Hurston

Happy belated birthday, beloved ancestor. 🙏🏾
A reminder that as much as folks love to appropriate Zora Neale Hurston’s words today, she died penniless in a nameless grave.

She refused to shut up about the neoliberal “niggerati” of her day.

made her the target of attacks that, sadly, ultimately proved successful.
I wonder how much personal insight Zora had into the niggerati of her day that lead her to deeply understand the hypocrisy and harmful impacts of folks she called out.

I wonder what she couldn’t share because they definitely sought her ruin.

We’re not repeating that cycle.
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So I watched #survivingRKelly last night and one reoccurring event for most of the ladies were they were aspiring singers and dancers promised heaven and earth by R Kelly. Don't I know that shit.
I met a lotta "influential", "top" artists in the game when I first started and they promised to help me out. I believed, of course, and I started hanging out with em...
They told me I was special and I had a lotta talent and potential. So I started drinking with em, clubbing, late nights at the studio, all in the hope of getting em to "help" me out...cos, I was special, you know😂
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Folks have been tweeting about the complicity of folks who work(ed) w/ #RKelly like @ladygaga or Jay Z. Can we add some accountability calls for @macklemore & @RyanLewis whose 2012 song Thrift Shop says “Probably shoulda washed this, smells like R. Kelly's sheets (Pisssssss)”
By #accountability here I mean public acknowledgement that they made light of & profited off R. Kelly’s documented abuse of minors? Perhaps donating some profits for that song to sexual assault prevention organizations? #SurvivingRKelly #MeToo
And before yall be like “omg it was so long ago/a joke” In a 2013 interview about the lyric Mack said: “R. Kelly to me is the G.O.A.T. of R&B. I wrote that line in 2008 when that line was actually relevant. [If I meet him], I’m gonna be like, ‘Man, I’m so sorry’...He’s a genius.”
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I’ve created a timeline to put the disappearance of #AzrielClary into perspective for anyone worried about her after watching #SurvivingRKelly. She hasn’t been seen since 2016. If you have any info that may help me update this timeline, let me know. Tell us where she is, @rkelly!
Timeline sources:

∙Azriel tweets that she met R. Kelly

∙Friend claims Azriel is Kelly's "live-in girlfriend"…

∙Azriel filmed at R. Kelly concert in 2016…
Timeline sources (cont.):

∙Sheryl Mack releases statement to Tasha K. mentioning Azriel… (deleted statement: )

#SurvivingRKelly premieres…

∙Azriel's odd YouTube post in past tense
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If one more white person I’ve tells me they tweeted about #RKelly before seeing my thread...

Yall missing the point. The point is a racial trend. The point is societal silence on black survivors.
If you weren’t part of that silence I wasn’t talking to you, but maybe you should talk to your friends who keep @-ing me. Come collect all your people in my mentions saying off the wall shit. Keep doing your work rather than asking me to give you praise for on top of my own work.
If white people continue to only do their social justice work so that black women will be nice to them or thank them or whatever; if white folks only want to do good if they are recognized & acknowledged for it with unconditional praise, we’re never going to get anywhere.
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I can’t stop thinking about Azriel Clary because I see myself in her. Like her, I was a trained vocalist with big music-related dreams as a teenager. At 17, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with a huge artist. She was an easy target and R. Kelly knew that.
ICYMI: Azriel Clary is a young woman featured in the @lifetimetv documentary #SurvivingRKelly. She met R. Kelly at 17, eventually moved in with him, & hasn’t been seen 2 years since. She’s the only girl in the documentary still unaccounted for to this day. That really bothers me.
What’s even more troubling about Azriel Clary’s disappearance is how @Chicago_Police tipped off @rkelly’s team that her parents were headed to his studio to do a wellness check (as we learned in #SurvivingRKelly). That was earlier this year. Azriel hasn’t been seen in two years.
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I’m worried about Azriel Clary. Since #SurvivingRKelly aired, her YouTube (not updated since 2015) gets a new upload of an old video (source: ). Now TMZ is showing footage of her at an R. Kelly concert in 2016 (…).

Where is she now?
If Azriel Clary is still alive, why aren’t there any photos or videos of her taken after 2016?

Today is @rkelly’s 50th b-day & he is walking free while a teen he allegedly raped & kidnapped continues to go missing.

Why is he getting away with this?

Sharing footage of Azriel Clary in the past is not going to stop people from asking about her whereabouts in the present, @rkelly and @TMZ.

Where is Azriel Clary?

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Wow, that last #thread really took off. Let’s try another. I want to think with folks about how we can talk about #SurvivingRKelly outside the logic of the prison industrial complex.
Many of the people who responded to my last thread engaged in carceral logics saying some variation on “his ass should rot in jail” if not calls for his death. Are there other ways we can imagine justice, accountability and healing?
Prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba has said, as ppl raised w/ carceral logics it’s hard for us to imagine or desire alternatives. The #prisonindustrialcomplex has limited how we think about justice—even though other nations do things differently.
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I haven't been able to watch #SurvivingRKelly yet, but from what I've heard it confirms something I've been saying for a while - the Nassar case isn't an indication of the fact that we're doing better as a society, but rather, stands as a indication of how far we have to go. 1/
I'm not qualified to speak to the role racial dynamics in particular are at play here - but it's certainly something worth tuning our ears to hear from both experts and especially the victims. Instead, I want to contrast the idea of marginalized women in broader terms. 2/
I've heard it a lot this last year as I've accompanied @R_Denhollander as she is (rightly) honoured for her bravery and tenacity in bringing Larry Nassar to justice and holding USAG and MSU accountable - "Women are finally being believed - you've given them a voice." 3/
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This series is like a 6 hour horror film. & the scariest part is at the end when you realize that the horror still continues. So now it is on us, the viewers, to do something. Thank you to @dreamhampton & to all the survivors who spoke out. #SurivingRKelly…
People keep asking, "What's next after #SurivingRKelly?" I don't exactly know. But I'm sure many people smarter than me will have those answers. & I'll send them out as I get them. For example, my friends at @ColorOfChange right here...
This is another thing I recommend after watching #SurvivingRKelly. I'm on the advisory board of @iHollaback, an organzation that is working to end harassment around the world. They do great work. Please, read up on them & if you can donate and/or RT.
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It’s time to talk about why @rkelly isn’t in jail.

A #SurvivingRKelly related thread.
Since @lifetimetv aired a 6 part documentary titled #SurvivingRKelly, we learned @rkelly:
—married a 15 year old
—repeatedly targeted teens
—has a network of support (including police)
—keeps his victims isolated and under his control, in groups
—still currently victimizes girls
Some say @rkelly runs a “sex cult,” but #SurvivingRKelly producer, @dreamhampton, tweeted that it operates “like a sex-trafficking ring.” Source: . A claim in a book about R. Kelly from an anonymous author & survivor also mentions “a sex-trafficking ring.”
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Thread for my white #feminist friends (of all genders)

Content: Sexual violence, racism

There is a racial divide on social media regarding #SurvivingRKelly
Most black folks I know have posted about the docuseries in the last few days (thankfully black people in my networks are expressing support of the victims of sexual abuse & coercion though their posts suggest to me that is not the case with their entire friends network)
In contrast, nearly all white folks I know are not even acknowledging the docuseries, the #RKelly conversation, nothing. This divide/contrast reminds me that white people are not required to know what’s happening to and among black folks.
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CW: thread about

❌ predator protection,
❌ rape apologists
❌ black trauma as entertainment

vs watching #SurvivingRKelly for

✅ the community love and/or
✅ bearing witness and/or
✅ learning about predator behavior from the mental health experts in the series.
You don't have to consume trauma.

Black or any.

And I think it's smart to warn against consuming gratuitoo black trauma for glorification's sake.

But that's not what this show is *about* just because it CONTAINS it.
It's an opportunity, first and foremost, for the survivors to be heard and for us to bear witness.

These two things are of Paramount importance. For the Black community, all our Black cultures and the world at Large.
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anyone who hasn’t been a teenage girl probably doesn’t understand how completely routine and ubiquitous it is for teenage girls to be preyed on, courted or groomed by much, much older men
i’m not talking about just aged 18 or 19 either
i mean, look at roy moore, ffs. but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s “alabama backwardness” either. it’s everywhere
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Layers of complicity.

The bodyguards are silent.
The backup dancers are silent.
The other victims are terrified.
The comedians turn it into a joke.

We laugh and keep buying the records.
We disbelieve & defend.
We ask why they don't leave.

I mean I *could* say I was young and dumb and that's why U didn't believe them at first.

That I thought they were gold diggers.

Even a fan.

But I'm a survivor. It was part denial if my own story, part being asleep at the wheel.
And I feel like we can't look at ourselves and see how we are sytemucalky brainwashed to support predators, that our society and sub-culture are set up to boost rape culture, that our country roots are awash in the blood...

What are we doing.
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YES WE BLAME THE VICTIM. You can't just keave. Especially if 👏🏾he 👏🏾controls 👏🏾your 👏🏾money.

I had to leave so much behind.

So many sentimental and valuable things. One small suitcase as if going on a quick trip. #SurvivingRKelly
Just imagine you have to pack a bag big enough to start over, small enough not to look like you're running so the abuser will sign off on the trip.

And I was lucky. #SurvivingRKelly
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1. I’m going to drop some quick receipts on this #SurvivingRKelly program, to remove any doubt that this is just a proxy to promote anti-Black male racism. Now don’t be fooled by all the Black faces they have in the forefront. Let’s break down who’s REALLY behind this (Cont)
2. One group that’s behind #SurvivingRKelly is Black Women’s Blueprint. This is another LBGT organization that pretends to be for Black justice. On their social media, they were using the R Kelly show to push their “why Black men rape” propaganda. Now who funds this group? (Cont)
3. Black Womens Blueprint is funded by a white organization called the Daphne Foundation. On their website, they are FURTHER promoting anti-Black male rhetoric. Now who are the white people who run this organization? (Cont)
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1. Thread on the noxious BS of “y’all after R. Kelly because racism.” I’ve seen folks #onhere saying that #SurvivingRKelly is somehow racist because it is not a documentary about White men who also abuse.

For y’all feelin that way, keep the ancestors out your mouth forever.
2. What these snarky threads really reveal is that, for some men, even rape is about the MEN more than about the WOMEN (and men and girls and boys) they rape.

Here’s how I know:
3. They stay on about “whatabout Woody Allen?” And they stay listing names (many of whom have already faced criminal consequences, but whatever on that). Here’s the list they DON’T highlight:

The survivors.
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#SurvivingRKelly has dredged up the odd & misplaced resentment many adult men still feel toward the teen girls of their youth who “dated” grown men. 🤔
I put dated in quotes bc that’s not actual dating, but grooming and predation.
But however many times we have this convo, the main sentiment is, “Man, the women (!!!) in my HS were only checking for grown men, not me 😡” not “The girls at my HS were often preyed on by grown men.”
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