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Just a reminder...

"Hospitalizations", "ICU admissions", & "deaths" attributed to COVID-19 are all a subset of the total # of "cases" - and as such are subject to the case definition which only requires a "+" test result (with or WITH symptoms) usually within previous 30 days.…

So, if you had a "positive" test result on admission to hospital for emergency heart surgery, etc. - and NEVER had or developed symptoms during your entire hospital stay - you would be classified as a "COVID-19 Hospitalization".
If you had a "+" test result & then died of traumatic injuries after an accident, committed suicide, or were already on death's doorstep & were expected to die imminently from cancer - yet had absolutely NO symptoms of COVID-19 - you would still be classified a "COVID-19 death".
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/09/2021…
Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books | James Joyce | The Guardian…

#fractal #joyce #evidence #books #structures
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Uber driver this morning told me he arrived in the UK from Ethiopia 14 years ago. What surprised you most, I asked. ‘All the food! In Tesco’s in Earls Court! And people were politely taking it to the checkout! People are so polite here!’ #perspective
So we talked about his boyhood in Tigré province. ‘You know why we’re good at running? Because the nearest village is miles away, and if you don’t run with a message for your uncle you get a slap!’
‘I ran a marathon when I got here. In 3 hours 15’ When he finishes his shift, he told me, he was off to his second job at the post office.
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@fordnation & @celliottability
You need to provide some #perspective
You have only found less than 300 cases of the "Oh-so-scary" UK variant from Dec. 26 to today....
...out of over 130,000 positive tests in that same time period.

You have stated that you are testing the sickest as you feel that those are more likely to give positive test results for variants - BUT still have come up with less than impressive numbers.

The Ontario Ministry of Health's own report on variants does not show any alarming trends either - as shown below and here:

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Ravi was an abuser, sexual predator, sex trafficker, and rapist.

Guess who enabled an entire culture that included the common practice of these evils?

Johnathan Edwards, George Whitefield, & all the other slave master theologians many of you adore & champion.

Chattel slavery & chattel slave culture included the following common practices:

1. Rape (often led to victim birthing rapist’s child)
2. Molestation
3. Forced incest (“breeding” was often done among a single African family)
4. Sex trafficking
5. Kidnapping
6. Forced adultery
Just wanted to share some realities with you all to help you discern some self-righteous posturing that you will likely witness in the coming days...
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@fordnation & @celliottability
You have created a #CultureOfFear for the people of Ontario.

We know that variants and mutations are a normal and EXPECTED course for viruses - and does NOT increase their pathogenicity or mortality.…

We know that there have been thousands or variants circulating for MANY months.…

We know that the focus on variants started when the UK used a less-than-concerning academic article in the BMJ to justify their new draconian measures in mid-December.

You did NOT need to jump on that bandwagon.

Creating fear of "variants" seems like a desperate last measure to keep the fear of the "pandemic" going and keep the attention away from the irreparable harm YOUR reaction to it has caused to our:
- mental health,

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One has to wonder why the virus has NOT ravaged the homeless in Toronto...?
...why it HASN'T run rampant through the ubiquitous crowded apartment buildings in Toronto where people have not only had to share hallways, elevators, and laundry rooms - but have been...
1/... Image
...essentially confined indoors in those buildings with hundreds of strangers for more time than they have ever spent previously?

Even PRIOR to the mask mandates - this was NOT a problem!

Could it be that this virus carries the highest risk for...
...the elderly WITH multiple co-morbidities AND who are cohorted with similar high risk individuals (i.e. LTC) - and the risk to the remainder of society is extremely low?

Oh wait...we have been saying this all along...
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$PYPL 💳 #PayPal’s Revenue Surges in Strong Finish to Blockbuster Year…

Now just replace that with $TSNP soon to be $HMBL #HUMBL and you'll get a taste of our EOY P.R‼

#Perspective : PayPal IPO was for 5.4 million shares at a share price of $13 (determined the previous evening by Salomon Smith Barney, their investment bank), for a total of $70 million. The valuation of the company was about $800 million @ the time.
$TSNP #HUMBL #perspective
It took from july 1999 product launch to june 2011, "10yrs" for PayPal to reach its first 100 million users, how long will #HUMBL take😎 ?in the same 10yr span PayPal reported 315mil in payments per day, how long will #HUMBL take😎?
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„I call for civil disobedience on part of parents

Infants..not allowed in Daycare
nor visit anyone
lonely young ppl

We parents are committed to THEIR well-being
We are the engine
Our tax money PAYS for pensions [& #everything else]“

2/x What is NOW needed is #perspective and #balance

This is only possible through #compassion and #empathy

If one lacks both #compassion and #empathy,
then one should immediately #resign from influencial positions of power where such attributes are prerequisites of their role
One of my favourite researchers is Dacher #Keltner

What do you notice here?

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/31/2020…
Sensemaking Reconsidered: Towards a broader understanding through phenomenology - Jörgen Sandberg, Haridimos Tsoukas, 2020…

#understanding #sensemaking
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/13/2020…
The Real Reason Americans Aren’t Quarantining…

#COVID19 #usa #PandemicResponse
Biden Thinks He’s Tough on China. He’s Just Complacent.…

#china #usa #politics #power
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* #Gratitude*
I keep a "memory jar" for each year wherein I write in brief the best moments of my life & lessons learnt. Even a small event which taught me something goes in it .
I strongly believe in " No regrets, only lessons learnt ".
( That's handpainted by me! :) )
Occasionally when I have a rough day or when I am elated , I go through the chits one by one savouring the lessons learnt . It keeps me grounded. Makes me realise I am blessed to have had so many #memories & grown as a person and that life is beautiful !! 😇
Things that happen to us, just happen. It is we who perceive it to be good or bad as per our emotions at play. It is then that practising gratitude becomes of utmost importance for we need to realign our thoughts towards #positivity& #contentment & steer away from negativity.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/07/2020…
The Pandemic's Biggest Mystery Is Our Own Immune System - The Atlantic…

#pandemic #system #immune #mystery
In northern China, scientists have found what may be the 2 billion-year-old birthmarks of Earth's first supercontinent…

#china #geological #earth
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In case you missed the live this morning, 🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out."
Put a twist on it, Episode 9
Relationships & Perspectives 4

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:….
📺Watch on YouTube:

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🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."
Put a twist on it, episode 8
Relationships & Perspectives 3

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:….
📺watch on YouTube:

The people you travel with in life will determine how far you travel -@Omojuwa
The people around you will determine if you want to take the extra step or stay in mediocrity -@Omojuwa
Your relationship fuels ur perspective, be intentional about ur relationships this week.
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Happy New Month, welcome to the month of perfection.

Watch the Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin (Transparency).

Theme for July:
Put a twist on it episode 1.

Subtheme for the week: Perspectives.

Watch using any of the links below:

Background Instrumental: Ayo by @tope_alabi_ ft @TYBELLO

Thanks to my awesome team:
Content developing and harmonizing : God Almighty, @F_Feyikemi

#wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaymotivation #wednesdayvibes #motivationalvideos #motivation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/27/2020-2…

New Geometric Perspective Cracks Old Problem About Rectangles…

#geometry #perspective
Detecting Regions At Risk for Spreading COVID-19 Using Existing Cellular Wireless Network Functionalities - IEEE Journals & Magazine…

#detection #network #coronavirus #regions #wireless #cellular
The Dudes Who Won't Wear Masks - The Atlantic…

#coronavirus #masks
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At @MountVernon.
DYK: #GWMountVernon is owned & maintained in trust for the people of the US by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private/non-profit organization.
Join me & help preserve George Washington's home & legacy.
👉… Image
Get ready for a #TwitterTour

The mansion is closed due to #Covid19, but perhaps a 📷 or two from the grounds of the home of America’s first president, George Washington, & perhaps the most visited historic home in the USA: Mount Vernon @MountVernon in Virginia.
#StayTuned! ImageImage
Ok... let’s get started.
A #TwitterTour of Mount Vernon #GWMountVernon @MountVernon 🇺🇸 to follow…
Thread. The home of George & Martha Washington & the most popular historic home in America.

Note: The mansion itself is temporarily closed but check out: Image
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
Total Confirmed cases rising, at falling rates (look at the counterfactual numbers!). Active COVID cases growing at 4.7% - so doubling every 15 days.
The compound daily growth rate = 12.18% (falling slowly... but surely)
7Day moving average - daily cases & daily deaths.
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The #IMF says the "Great Lockdown" recession will likely be the worst since the Great Depression. Global economy projected to shrink by 3% in 2020. By contrast, in January, the IMF had forecast a global GDP expansion of 3.3% for this year. Details in chart below. Table: @IMFNews
IMF: Partial global rebound to 5.8% in 2021 “assumes the #pandemic fades in the 2nd half of 2020, & that policy actions taken by countries are effective in preventing widespread firm bankruptcies, extended job losses, & system-wide financial strains.” #WEO
How does your country fare in the latest #IMF projections for 2020 & 2021?… @IMFNews #economies #GDP #finance
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MT GLOBAL MARKETS Momentum & Sentiment Recap as of 21Feb20 wk8 thread 1/n

all eyes again on headline risk COVID-19 ...

• surprise spike in South Korea the tech hub, spike in Italy, hence, a second global supply chain uncertainty wave just started

• RiskOFF
2/n the supply chain disruption is mostly felt in the flight to US$ vs almost anything else, but last week some previous outliers MXN, JPY, HKD caught up, and KRW got hit of course. here is a 2020 YTD heatmap of FX/US$
3/n core Risk Gauges Bonds, Credit spreads and VIX heatmap: after the initial fear 1st weekend Feb, market sort of shrugged it off, and now we see a 2nd wave. wider credit spreads is more concerning, and a global central bank liquidity / rate cuts are on the cards
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Here's a little perspective for everyone bashing Corbyn over this election result:

Tories lost 3 successive times:
1997 = 165 seats
2001 = 166 seats
2005 = 198 seats

Corbyn's election
2017 = 232 seats
2019 = 202 seats

Not bad considering Brexit and the MSM wall of hate.
The point I am making is that Corbyn's socialist Labour is not as toxic as people are making out. The Tories did worse in those elections, and the last one was after the Iraq war, which must have puzzled Tory voters as much as we are puzzled about people voting for Johnson.
I think it's safe to say that people are just unpredictable. Politicians pitch their case and the people pick a side. Labour lost this time badly, which was a shock. Not so much the time before, which was a shock for the Tories. The next election will be on different issues.
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