@jojoh888 Good Lord. These people are an embarrassment to the humanity🤦🏻‍♀️

These vegan, hipster, socialist, LGBT, polygamous, stoner, atheist, white hating liberals wonder why we can't stand them

It's not that we disagree with their lifestyle,
It's cuz they constantly force it upon us 😠
Look libs, cuz we don't have the same outlook on life doesn't give you the right to force it on us

There's plenty of alt-lifestyle conservs, but they don't demand we agree with them

We can't take her rant seriously cuz libs see no problem murdering kids seconds before birth 😥
What makes it worse is that you force your lifestyle on us by lying thru MSM propaganda, ignoring facts you don't agree with, cheating in elections thru voter fraud & refusing voter ID (ie the 95k illegal voters uncovered in TX), you violate our Constitution & tried a coup....
Simply cause you lost. Every day there's some new abuse of Constitution that libs are 100% ok with cause it's happening to conservatives.

Just look at what's happening to the President. Violated nearly all of his rights with fabricated BS & libs don't care, because it's Trump
While we disagree with you, you absolutely despise us. You libs literally want us murdered... Why? No law, no Constitutional right matters if it gets in the way of the liberal agenda.

Imagine if we did half the stuff the left does to obama... We'd already be in a Civil War
And the sad thing is, libs don't even see their own hypocrisy, intentional or not Idk

Owning guns is a Constitutional Right, abortion is not. You demand we give the 2A up to "save lives", but ignore facts that gun control causes more crime (Chicago, CA), while killing babies
More hypocrisy

Demanding socialism
You call for higher taxs for the rich when they already pay for nearly 82% of taxes paid while most of the population doesn't pay taxes at all. Hell they even get a tax refund!

And when lib "leaders" owe millions in back taxes, you say nothing
Your "leaders" are worth 100s of millions, own multiple homes, more 💵 than they know what to do with on a $174k a year salary & you have no problem w/ this?

Districts they represent are 3rd world ghettos w/ 💩💉 garbage & disease everywhere, some don't live where they represent
Then there's the ridiculous identity politics & racism
Racism was nearly gone til obama used Ident pol to divide our nation, racism exploded. The amount of anti-white hate & antisemitism is insane & most libs see it as good & accept it, blaming everything on "whitey".. Everything
It's unbelievable how dems were able to completely fool & oppress minorities, especially blacks

GOP was literally created to abolish slavery, dems started a Civil War to keep it

Not 1 dem voted to give blacks rights & instead of physical, they use economic slavery.. For votes
Just look at any city that's been under dem control for decades. Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore, San Francisco, Flint, Detroit the list goes on. Rampant poverty, high crime & Super rich politicians & they blame it all on Republicans & whites, yet they still keep getting "elected"
So rich white politicians get away with anything, if they're dem. Just look at hillary, she rigged an election, paid for a fake dossier, runs the largest fake charity in history, 💵 laundering, used her job to sell out & betray the country, colluded w/ Russia

Libs are OK with it
But what has President Trump done? He's brought hope to the middle class & flyover country, a place libs say should have no say in elections

He's fought for us, saved the economy & done more for minorities in 2 years than dems have in ½ a century

All while fighting off a coup
I could go on forever about double standards, how conservs are persecuted & why it's ok to shred our Constitution, as long as it's against people libs hate

If they can do it to Trump, what keeps it from happening to you? If we don't defend our rights now there won't be any later
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