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1/5 The armed forces of Azerbaijan went to provocation in #NagornoKarabakh. On March 25, they violated the line of contact in the Shushi-Lisagor section and occupied the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

#Armenia #Azerbaijan #Baku #Yerevan #Artsakh #Stepanakert #Shushi #Lisagor Image
2/5 The government of #Karabakh expects the peacekeeping forces of the #Russia to take steps to eliminate the #Azerbaijani violation. For days, 🇦🇿 has been spreading the lie that ammunition is being transported from 🇦🇲 to NK via the Stepanakert-Ghaibalishen-Lisagor mountain road.
3/5 It was a false pretext in order to carry out this provocation. Karabakh announced that, being surrounded for more than 100 days, this mountain road is being used to communicate with 4 villages of Stepanakert, Shushi regions.
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1/7 #Azerbaijan talking about the integration of #NagornoKarabakh continues terrorist acts agnst #Armenians. In the previous days the #Azerbaijani forces opened fire at the people carrying out pruning work in the vineyards of #Machkalashen community, MartunI region, NK. #Armenia Azerbaijani soldierMachkalashen, Nagorno Karabakh
2/7 There are no casualties. Agricultural works have been stopped. The villagers told Azatutyun r/s that the Azerbaijanis were not deterred by the presence of Russian "peacekeepers". The Russians were present in the vineyards, but 🇦🇿 fired from large-caliber machine guns. Azerbaijani soldierRussian peacekeepers in Nag...
3/7 Three days ago, Azerbaijan fired shots at people working in the vineyards of #Chartar in the #Martuni region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Agricultural works have not yet resumed in a part of the vineyards of Chartar.

The armed forces of Azerbaijan are hundreds of meters away. Chartar, Nagorno-Karabakh
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Today, Sergey Lavrov visited #Russia's faithful ally #Azerbaijan. #Putin really supported #Aliyev in arming the army and winning the war against #Armenia and #NagornoKarabakh.

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1/1 According to the #Stockholm-based International Peace Institute, #CSTO members Russia and Belarus are the first and third countries that supplied offensive weapons to Azerbaijan during the period of 2011-2020.
1/2 In those years, Azerbaijan received 67.2% of its imported weapons from Russia and #Belarus, which are declared allies of Armenia. During the same period, Azerbaijan imported only 2.9% of its ammunition from #Turkey.
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1. An attack was made on the #Azerbaijani embassy in #Tehran.
There are those who died during the repulse of an armed attack: the head of the security service of the Azerbaijani Embassy in #Iran, Orkhan Askerov. Two more guards were wounded.…
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin, quite formally and without much fanfare, ended an informal CIS summit. The leaders of the participating countries managed to visit the State Russian Museum on Tuesday.
There, #Putin tried to communicate with colleagues in an informal setting. It did not turn out very well, but he did not despair and continued to entertain the guests until the final. Communication with #Lukashenko has become a game of "deceive me" for Putin.
Everything that #Putin asked #Lukashenko yesterday received a positive response. In such a simple way, Lukashenko once again "dotted the i", promising full integration, troops, weapons and joint campaigns against the "enemy", and help everywhere and in everything, BUT later.
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Human Rights Watch has analyzed video showing the extrajudicial execution of at least 7 #Armenian POWs, apparently by #Azerbaijani forces.

"Killing soldiers who have surrendered is a heinous war crime." - @HughAWilliamson

Read more:…
The killings took place during fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces that broke out in mid-September, when Azerbaijan made incursions into Armenia and along the border.
The fighting was one of several breakdowns of the Russia-brokered 2020 truce that ended hostilities over the unresolved conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.
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If only armenians had preserved the Old City of #Yerevan, it would benefit civilization so much. Too bad they didn't want any turkic/muslim heritage present in their capital...
Out of dozens of mosques in Yerevan alone only one, Blue Mosque, was spared. ImageImageImageImage
Sad fate also awaited the once magnificent Palace of Sardars, residence of the rulers of Irevan Khanate. Known for its pavillion and mirror room richly decorated with ornamental and thematic compositions, murals and frescoes by #azerbaijani painter Mirza Kadim Irevani.

#Yerevan ImageImageImageImage
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(1/3) The situation is extremely tense. Starting at 1:00pm, the enemy resumed intensive rocket and artillery attacks along the entire border from #Sotk to #Goris, targeting peaceful settlements, as well.
(2/3)The building & vehicle of Federal Security Service of #RussianFederation carrying out a humanitarian mission in combat zone were also hit by heavy artillery fire.This is another evidence that,despite the stat-ts of official Baku,#Azerbaijani AF don't distinguish btwn targets
(3/3) Along with the missile strikes, the #Azerbaijani units have also resumed attempts to advance their positions. The #ArmedForces of the Republic of #Armenia are taking all necessary measures to adequately respond to the enemy.
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‼️There are battles in the area of the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor in #Artsakh. The #Azerbaijan’i Armed Forces have approached the village of Yehtsaoh and are trying to take up a position on a hill adjacent to the road. Battles are fought using a mortar.
There are wounded on the Armenian side.
Earlier today, the secretary of the Security Council of Armenia stated that Azerbaijan's demand to change the route of the Lachin corridor is illegal.
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🧵Once again: #Hays AKA #Armenians could never occupy #Karabakh alone, withiout #Haykakan AKA #Armenian terrorists from USA, Lebanon and first of all without the #Russia|n elite forces from Kostroma, Pskov and the 366 army unit..
Here's the evidence: A. Nevzorov @NevzorovAG, brave #Russian journalist, mentions mercanaries from Pskov, #Russia, in his report on the "bravest person I've ever met in my life - #Azerbaijani Vezir Orujov" killed in the fiercest battle in Agdara, 1993
We, Azerbaijanis, follow what's happening in #Ukraine with pain in our hearts and tears in our eyes. 💔😢🇺🇦💙💛
But as an Azerbaijani I'm extremely happy when I see Russian losses, especially when I see the killed #Russians from Pskov and Kostroma.
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Update Kaukasus.
Zwischen #Armenien und #Azerbaijan hat es erneut schwere Zwischenfälle gegeben.
Beide Seiten werfen sich Provokationen vor.
So wurde ein #Azerbaijani Grenzposten mit einer Granate angegriffen.
Der armenische Angreifer habe aus "Eigenmotivation" gehandelt...
Dennoch, selbst wenn nicht auf offizieller Ebene "befohlen", sorgen solche Vorfälle natürlich für rasant steigende Spannungen.
Die russischen Friedenstruppen verhafteten den Angreifer sofort und brachten ihn zum Verhör.
Sowohl Baku als auch Jerewan fordern seine Auslieferung
#Armenien wirft der Azerbaijanern unterdessen vor, christliche Stätten zu schänden oder zu vernichten.
#Azerbaijani verbreiteten selbst Videos, wie sie mit Militärfahrzeugen Kreuze im #NagornoKarabakh abreißen und runter werfen.
Eine schwere Provokation gegenüber Armeniern.
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1/History lessons will guide knowledgeable leaders to make right decision& take a course of action in favor of their nations’ peace &prosperity/amity with neighbors, instead of enmity!
@presidentaz @bayramov_jeyhun @AzerbaijanMFA
@trpresidency @RTErdogan @MFATurkey
@IsraelMFA ImageImageImageImage
2/Those mentally-deranged authority-figures who followed warmongers/cia mi6, faced a deplorable terrible-fate! #Iraq
#Israel hustle & bustle in accordance with CRIMINAL warmongers’ policy to set a fire in the region will raise anti-Semitic incidents..
3/..innocent ordinary #Jews! @IsraeliPM
#Turkey's expected to play a productive role not destructive!
#Iran/#Azerbaijan scenario cannot distract world attention from US/cia #War_Crime/Genocide in #Afghanistan through its terrorists/#Taliban..
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#Khankendi city means “village of the Khan” since it was founded by Ibrahim Khalil Khan.
#Khankendi was renamed by Soviet government.
After regaining independence #Azerbaijan🇦🇿 returned the real name to its historical land.
#KhankendiNotStepanakert ⤵️ ImageImageImageImage
Although there were no Armenians or Russians in Khankendi in 1813, in 1847 there was a house and an Armenian church inhabited by 80 Armenian and 52 Russian families. Nevertheless, in 1847 the settlement was officially named Khankendi on the maps of Russia #KhanendiNotStepanakert Image
Shaumyan-turning it into Stepanakert. Shaumyan was renowned amongst Khankendi’s Armenian population for being the organizer of the Anti-Azerbaijani massacres. #KhankendiNotStepanakert #KarabakhisAzerbaijan⤵️
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Thread 🧵 on foreign news outlets in the period of the #FirstKarabakhWar reporting on advancement of Armenian troops deep into Azerbaijani territory and mass atrocities the population’s exile which they’ve caused. 1/10
The @guardian article describes #Armenian advancement into #Zangilan district of Azerbaijan. Despite of the UN’s call to stop the offensive, Armenian forces continued. The #UN officials rejected a death toll of 3.000 and reported that at least 10.000 have been killed. 2/10 Image
Description of Azerbaijani civilians being massacred in the snowy mountains near #Khojaly. What’s horrible is that the Armenian soldiers didn’t just enter the city and massacred civilians but they’ve also chased the civilians who were trying to hide in forests. 3/10 Image
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Not only has the #Azerbaijani regime desecrated the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral they’ve also destroyed apartment buildings around it… making it impossible for #Armenians to return. The building in red is the one I lived in back in October 2019 with my host family… #StopAliyev
A video of #Azerbaijanis destroying this ethnically cleansed #Armeniam neighborhood.
Another video of #Azerbaijanis destroying this ethnically cleansed #Armenian neighborhood in #Shushi.
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Exiled #Azerbaijani blogger Mahammad Mirzali, who survived a knife attack in March, has reported on receiving new threats after calling for peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan in an interview to Armenian broadcaster @CivilNetTV, reports @RFERL:…
Mirzali, who runs a video blog critical of the Azerbaijani authorities, was stabbed at least 16 times on March 14 by a group of unidentified men in downtown Nantes, France, where he lives in exile. He received multiple wounds but survived the attack:
"French authorities must ensure that Mirzali and other exiled bloggers and journalists can exercise their right of free expression without having to fear for their lives,” @gulnozas
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Update Kaukasus.
Die Lage zwischen #Armenien und #Aserbaidschan bleibt extrem angespannt.
Es heißt, armenische Grenzsoldaten hätten ein Zeltlager der aserbaidsch.Soldaten überfallen und diese vertrieben.
Baku schwor "Rache" und nahm 6 Armenier gefangen.
Mehr im Thread 👇
Beide Seiten kommentieren den Vorfall ganz anders.
#Azerbaijan erklärte, etwa 60 armenische Soldaten hätten 6 aserb.Soldaten überfallen, mit Schlagstöcken geschlagen und aus ihren Zelten an der Grenze vertrieben.
Der Vorfall habe sich auf dem aserb. Territorium ereignet.
#Armenia sieht es anders. Es wurde erklärt, dass die #Azerbaijani Soldaten die Grenze überschritten und ihr Lager auf dem armenischen Territorium aufgeschlagen hätten.
Ihre Vertreibung sei also angemessen gewesen und sei bewusst ohne Einsatz von Schusswaffen erfolgt.
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Die Lage im Südkaukasus bleibt weiterhin extrem angespannt.
#Azerbaijani Truppen sind mehrere Kilometer ins armenische Kernland vorgerückt und machen bislang keine Anstalten, wieder abzuziehen.
Auf dem Video soll das Vorrücken kleinerer aser.Kampftrupps zu sehen sein.
RUS schickte bereits Einheiten seiner 102. Basis in die Region.
Die 102. Basis in Gyumri ist die russische Auslandsbasis in #Armenien .
Verhandlungen zwischen aserb.Truppen und russ. Friedenssoldaten, die bereits vor Ort sind, hätten bislang zu keinen Ergebnissen geführt.
(2/7) Image
#Azerbaijan erklärte in diesem Zusammenhang, dass die russ. Maßnahmen unnötig seien.
Man habe keinen Konflikt mit Armenien. Es gehe nur darum, "den Grenzverlauf genauer zu bestimmen".
Es gebe keinen Grund zur Sorge.
#Armenien #Azerbaiyán
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#Armenian Churches of #Baku

Labeled as red dots (south to north)
1) Holy Mother of God in the Inner City (Icheri Shehir)
2) Saint Gregory the Illuminator
3) Saints Thaddeus & Bartholomew
4) Holy Resurrection Chapel in the cemetery
5) Holy Translators in Haykashen (Ermenikend)
The Church of the Holy Mother of God was located in Baku's Walled City (Icheri Shehir). It was built in 1797-1799, although a church has been mentioned here as early as the 13th century in Armenian and Persian sources. It was destroyed in 1992 and a cafe stands in its place.
You can see the #Armenian Church of the Holy Mother of God again here in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, standing next to #Baku's infamous #MaidenTower.
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Some “responses” by #Armenia to #Azerbaijan’s goodwill gestures since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅ Deploying saboteurs to #Karabakh, who killed & wounded Azerbaijani civilians & soldiers

✅Secretly sending Armenian servicemen to Karabakh via “#Lachin Corridor” disguised as civilians... 1/
✅Refusal to share maps of 100s of thousands of #landmines planted in #Azerbaijan during nearly 30 years of occupation

✅Continuation of belligerent, revanchist rhetoric and introduction of anti-Azerbaijani resolutions in Western parliaments via Armenian lobby... 2/
✅Looting and burning #Azerbaijani villages & towns before the scheduled withdrawal

✅Stealing artifacts from churches, museums, etc., including, among others, the #Khudavang Monastery and #Shusha Carpet Museum... 3/
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Just read the @sfchronicle article by @RepAdamSchiff & @RepSpeier. First, during decades in Congress, these esteemed politicians have never said a single word about illegal occupation of 20% of #Azerbaijan’s lands by #Armenia & 1 million forcibly displaced #Azerbaijanis. 1/13
Invasion, total ethnic cleansing & nearly 30-year-long occupation of #Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory by #Armenia was well-documented, incl. by @UN Security Council resolutions and successive US administrations, starting with #Clinton Administration. 2/13
Brutal massacres against #Azerbaijani civilian population by Armenian troops, incl. the #Khojaly Genocide of 1992, which @HRW called the #largest massacre in the conflict#, are also well documented. 3/13
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1) Let’s talk about #Nakhichevan - a lost homeland. ImageImageImageImage
2) The the name "Nakhichevan" in #Armenian literally means "the place of first descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount #Ararat. Armenian tradition says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah. Image
3) The region was at the center of the ancient Kingdom of #Armenia (858 BC-428 CE). During the invasion by Sassanid #Persian Shah Shapur II (r. 309-379) he removed 2,000 Armenian and 16,000 #Jewish families from #Nakhichevan (360-370 CE). ImageImage
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Updates #NagornoKarabakh .
Auf den Territorien, die an #Azerbaijan übergingen, häufen sich weiter Schändungen armenischer Grabstätten und Denkmäler.
#Armenians sehen sich in ihren Befürchtungen bestätigt und erklären, dass Karabach niemals unter aser.Kontrolle kommen darf.
#Azerbaijani Soldaten rechtfertigen die Schändungen mit den Worten "Sie taten uns vor 30 Jahren das Gleiche an".
Diese "Rechtfertigung" mag für sie logisch erscheinen, widerspricht jedoch den Behauptungen von Aliyev, dass #Armenians in Karabach nichts befürchten müssen.
Baku bereitet sich unterdessen auf eine Siegesparade vor.
3000 Soldaten sowie zahlreiche Militärtechnik sollen daran teilnehmen.
Zudem sollen auch "Trophäen" gezeigt werden...also armenische Technik, die in den Kämpfen erbeutet wurde.
#NagornoKarabakh #Azerbaijan
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On Nov. 25, #Armenia handed the #Kalbajar district back to #Azerbaijan, in line with the Nov. 10 agreement, which also ended the 44-day-war in #Karabakh. Here is a THREAD
Thus a 27-year-long illegal occupation of #Kalbajar came to an end. Tens of thousands of forcibly displaced #Azerbaijani residents of Kalbajar will finally be able to return home.
The invasion and total ethnic cleansing of #Kalbajar by #Armenia in early April 1993 was one of the most crucial moments and darkest chapters in the #Armenia-#Azerbaijan conflict.
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