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Watching the livestream of @LAW_witchhunt, before the meeting starts @ken4london turns to Graham Bash "you're Jewish?" He makes his speech first and then walks out "promised the kids I'd be home by 8..."
Leaving Tina Werkmann (who is she?) to introduce Jackie Walker and Graham Bash to the crowd. It's a bit sad really, the night before her expulsion hearing she wheels out Graham. You can imagine how his speech goes blah blah "I'm Jewish and it's all a smear" blah blah blah
Tina says "On that glorious day in 2015 I don't think anyone expected we'd take the @uklabour Party, take society, straight away..." and "Jeremy Corbyn has always been unacceptable not just to the right wing not just of the party but to the people who run society"
By the way Tina's German which is part of why it's so cringeworthy listening to her rail against the "attempt to redefine what is antisemitism actually means" she says it's part of a "slow coup" blames Jeremy for taking the campaign too seriously with adoption of @TheIHRA
According to Tina @DerbyChrisW is the "only one who dared to speak up for Jackie which is why he's been unfairly suspended", they convey their "best wishes" to him. At that point she introduces Ken "Hitler" @ken4london
It's very difficult listening to Ken's droning voice and he doesn't say much of substance...he claims that it wasn't until "2016 that I first started hearing about allegations of antisemitism in the @UKLabour Party" he must have forgotten about his tenure as @MayorofLondon
Yay there he goes not even 6 minutes into his speech and we have our first mention of #Hitler, I'm going to keep a count of how many times he says it...
Once again "I referred to the deal struck by the Zionists and the Germans in 1933...and there's the @UKLabour MP @JohnMannMP with a camera crew" boos from the crowd "you can't have a proper functioning democracy where the media can spread lie after lie after lie"
I think he's forgotten this meeting is supposed to be about @DerbyChrisW and Jackie Walker he's only chatting about himself "Somewhere between 30 and 40 Jewish people came up to me on the streets saying what's going on? What's all this about?"
Ah apparently it's all because "I defended the Labour MP @NazShahBfd and they let her back in so it couldn't have been antisemitic" "When I was Mayor of London antisemitic incidents went down when @BorisJohnson took over they went up"
"Antisemitism was predominant 100 years ago" "now it's islamophobia" the classic divide the communities tactic in a race to the bottom pitting Jew against Muslim in an argument as to who is the worse off
He finishes having not mentioned Jackie or @DerbyChrisW once at a meeting that's supposed to be dedicated to them. They really need a better friend #JustSaying
Ooooh @DerbyChrisW has sent a message of support saying thanks to everyone, mention of Cable St natch. Owes Ken a debt of gratitude apparently. "Jackie Walker has spent her life attacking racism as well as being a victim of it" he says
Graham Bash stands up, he's trying to contain his feelings of anger apparently. Oops but Ken's already left, literally less than a minute after he's finished his speech and he's already done a runner.
"I think the accusations of antisemitism he [Ken] has had to endure are nothing short of obscene" Bash says
"with his suspension from the party the witch hunt has claimed a leading parliamentary ally of Jeremy"
"Chris has been suspended because he is one of the few who will speak out against the smears" (and because he booked a room to screen your girlfriend's dodgy film Graham)
"The charge was led against Chris by @tom_watson (boos from the crowd - as if he's Haman!) self appointed overseer of complaints of antisemitism in the party Tom Watson who only yesterday online in the independent was portrayed as the alternative leader of the labour Party...
Tom Watson who has set up a new New Labour group in the PLP, @tom_watson who is extremely unconcerned when it comes to racism against black people and Muslims he went along with all New Labour's anti terrorism and PREVENT measures..."
Now it's @margarethodge who's getting it in the neck, her complaints against antisemitic bullying against her are apparently rather unacceptable to this motley crew.
"Just think where we would be today if it wasn't for that sane voice of @JVoiceLabour" yeah if only...
"Remember who was leader before @jeremycorbyn? @Ed_Miliband who was Jewish and the main challenger to Ed? His brother @DMiliband also Jewish [bit of a dick move that if you ask me]...
"Jeremy was a threat to the right wing of the party because he was a socialist and because of his pro-Palestinian record a threat to supporters of the state of Israel, he becomes leader and suddenly Labour has a problem with antisemitism [bullshit someone calls from the crowd]
Now the Labour party is part of society...of course there are examples of antisemitism in the party but from my experience it is underrepresented in the party just as you would expect and just as the data reveals...
and what we are seeing is a pincer movement with sections of the right wing joining up with pro-Israel supporters and alot of this done by the way with the full support of the @JewishLabour an affiliated org of the party which is Zionist in its constitution and supports Israel"
"Why does this witch hunt matter? It is used to undermine the best leader this party has ever had, is a diversion from the fight against the Tories & their austerity, cos it is used to conflate antisemitism with anti Zionism &silence criticism of Israel and advocacy for
Palestinian rights and close down discussion on key historical issues and because it separates antisemitism from all other forms of racism and obscures the racism against blacks and Asians which structurally exclude them from power in society and in our party..."
Hang on a minute @jeremycorbyn literally just walked out of a meeting because @ChukaUmunna, the leading black politician of our generation, (sorry @DavidLammy) was there. He used to be a Labour MP but the was forced out by white, left wing, tossers like
Dare I say Graham Bash? I dare, Graham Bash
OK where was I? "I speak as someone who is Jewish and a proud founder member of @JVoiceLabour" Oh no I've already done that bit...but you know worth repeating
"As Ken pointed out it hinders the fight against antisemitism itself, it's odious the way fake allegations of antisemitism are being used for factional interest...they have tried to silence us they have failed and the level of support for the res on Palestinian human rights....
at conference is testimony to that" Not sure what that means but if you think that's bonkers listen to this next bit...
"When Jez won the leadership...we were fighting the state with threats from the generals [????] to overturn a democratically elected Labour govt, the media with relentless attacks and ridicule [well u cld have made it a bit harder for them], the Tories [well duh]...
The undemocratic structures and rules of the party with the right wing dominated compliance unit, another party within a party being used to suspend hundreds if not thousands of Labour members and then of course the PLP!!!
Shamefully refusing to accept the Party's overwhelming verdict, briefing against Jeremy, forcing a second leadership election another party within a party and fearing a Jeremy govt more than any Tory govt"
He may be bonkers but I have to say that he's a good speaker is our Graham. "we need to reclaim that same radical spirit and unity that won us the leadership of the party that long 3 1/2 years ago, we need to embody the spirit of those who have fought against oppression"
Which is ironic bearing in mind he's just spent the last 10 minutes slagging off literally everyone in British society as an enemy...anyway that's the end of him and now @TinaWerkmann stands up with a msg of solidarity from @KenLoachSixteen blah blah I make films blah blah
Wow Loach is really going for @margarethodge in his message, he demands answers arguing that 40% of her complaints weren't about real @UKLabour members adds "Calling the leader a fucking racist and antisemite also brings the party into disrepute" WOW ok, Loach is a wanker
And now it's the lady of the hour Jackie "slave trade" Walker she's crying before she even starts her speech because, you know, she's the victim, not just a victim, THE victim, you all know her schtick...
"The 10s or 20s or hundreds of articles that the British newspapers have been written against ALL inaccurate, not once, NEVER has one British journalist got on the phone and asked to verify their story...the @BBCNews has never done that, @itvnews @Channel4News never phoned...
to verify. My expectation is that in the next two days & on I will be pilloried, you will turn your radios on you will hear Jackie Walker is an antisemite, that she is a Holocaust denier, that she is unfit, that she's whatever not once will those people come to me for...
verification of their stories and certainly the kind of blanking of historical evidence..." can't wait to find out what she's on...about.
"I await the time when the @UKLabour is fit to have anti racists like me who reflect people from my background in it" Does she mean Jews?
"I am actually irrelevant, I have no power, I have no money, I don't have connections in the media, I have nobody to speak for me in Parliament and in that way I am the same as most @UKLabour members out there and I am proud..."
Apparently people suspended and expelled from Labour contemplated suicide and got in touch with Jackie. Some of them, their kids were called names in the playground. Shes ashamed of Labour that it has treated supporters in this way...by banning antisemites? Weird
"Every venue I go to runs risk of a bomb threat...I am scared when people approach me, the @UKLabour breached my data to the @JewishChron and allowed racists and fascists to attack me how dare they now put me up for tribunal!!!" applause someone's shouting "Disgrace" in the back
"Out of this I've written, with the help of a comrade a great play which has gone around the country from nothing, I started a campaign, when there was no organisational support"
"Now we even have the attention of some significant major theatre players. I have been part of the making of a documentary made on no money which has been received to acclaim by our most eminent Jewish directors [Spielberg?? Nah] @kosmoSFL and Mike Lee have said this is a great..
piece of work you need to see it, and you know how @UKLabour responded to that? They suspended the MP (@DerbyChrisW) who attempted to book a room for a film where only one participant isn't Jewish for a group that is a Jewish group on the grounds it was racist and antisemitic"
Oh my God she's sooooo boring
"I believe, because I was an antiracist trainer, that you can take someone who was spouting racist nonsense in the way that she is and you can change them through raising their awareness and we have to remember that's the important work that @JVoiceLabour and Labour Against Witch
Are doing" Which is an ironic message bearing in mind that she went into anti racist training being provided by @JewishLabour and sat there arguing against them, refusing to change her mind, not even being open to listening
"Tomorrow they are going to continue that devastation by nhaving constructed special terms for judging me, they are not going to be using @TheIHRA this thing that they fought for, they're not going to be using it. They're not going to use any academic definition why? They're
not going to use any definition that comes out of any book, why? I'll tell you why, because they wouldn't be able to condemn me. They have constructed something, a definition which is going to be about whether, in their opinion, people might be offended
if they heard what I said, the interesting thing about this, is when I heard that and i said well what people are they talking about? Are they talking about black people? When they're talking about people being offended are they talking about black people?
Are they talking about Socialist people? Are they talking about Palestinian people? Are they talking about other oppressed groups? Who are the people they're talking about where they're gonna judge who is offended?" Just fucking WOW
She goes on to claim that loads of new evidence was given to her in the last three working days that includes anti black racist material that she'll have to see in the hearing.
Ends by saying #Solidarity
Now @TinaWerkmann stands up and throws it open to the crowd for Q and A. I must say that this meeting has been marked by shouts from the crowd and boos against people in a way that is very rare indeed.
Question 1 comes from someone from Walthamstowe East @UKLabour addresses claimed leak from Jackie that her data was leaked to @JewishChron he is complaining that @JewishChron wrote an article about their branch meeting that was overly accurate and so they've complained Natch
Question 2 (same guy) emailed @PeoplesMomentum notifying them of his resignation over treatment of Pete Willsman, @DerbyChrisW and Jackie Walker. Oh that's it, I forgot Far Left people make statements rather than asking questions
Next up it's @RolandRance from JVL and yonks ago from @ZionistFed claims to be a member of @JewishLabour until corrected that he's actually from @JVoiceLabour #Oops he says "they're trying to scare us away from talking about #Palestine" but they can fight by speaking about it
So he's now talking about Israel and Palestine because apparently that's how you fight against antisemitism in @UKLabour hard left style
Tina calls for a woman to ask a question, she's saying that..."we need to stop this" "to hold them to account for defamation" "this cannot go on we live in a democracy we need to get rid of this Witch Hunt"
Another guy who's a member of the Labour International in Turkey and that Jackie and Chris have their full support. "If this hearing goes against you there's a very strong case that we need to take legal action" He reckons it would get a good crowdfunding response...
(because god forbid anyone there believes enough in their cause to pay for it themselves...)
Now it's Sarah something (American accent), mentions @Asawinstanley and needs everyone to win and drones on and you can tell my energy for this is waning now she's from Hampstead and Kilburn CLP and they were told not to push any motions in support of @DerbyChrisW and renew
efforts for Palestine and it's time to "call out leadership of Momentum cos not representing the grassroots"
Someone's complaining that they've had their hand up since the beginning and Tina just isn't call on them, (this is distinctly undemocratic comrade) Tina makes it clear that you can push any motion you like and not to believe the hype
Next speaker is the secretary of his local Unite branch, I think he said Brent Central CLP (if there is one?) they passed a resolution supporting Chris and were told they shouldn't have which is apparently quite scandalous, claims @LenMcCluskey is supportive of Chris's suspension
Says that @DannyUnite political organiser for UNITE said his UNITE branch as the exec committee didn't want anyone passing it and should show solidarity with @JennieGenSec
He adds was on a Palestinian delegation with @jonlansman & that in their WhatsApp group he challenged him on why he wasn't "Standing up" he claims Lansman wrote "Jackie Walker is an antisemite and leads the antisemites of this country...he went on to say @Marcwads isn't an...
antisemite but he deliberately disrupted the Chakrabarti report and therefore should be suspended (someone shouts out SCAB) and finally Pete Willsman is not in this category but he has behaved disgracefully and I will no longer support him...
so you see this is last Summer before @jonlansman has come out with even more the org is broken and my colleague here Michael moved at our @PeoplesMomentum ...a call for him to be removed as chair..."
Then adds "Let me just say @johnmcdonnellMP has fallen apart over this antisemitism witch hunt he has been on the media again and again saying it's a disgrace we will wipe it out he has let his left wing comrades down he hasn't lifted a finger to back Jackie or anyone else...
and we haven't got the leadership we yet need comrades fight on!"
Wow turns out that in public @jonlansman is talented at getting everyone except @UKLabour stalwarts to hate him and in private is great at getting @UKLabour stalwarts to hate him. Now he has the support of no one...
Oh my lord I now hear the unmistakable voice of Elleanne Green! Herself suspended awaiting an expulsion hearing as a result of @mishtal work on Palestine Live. She says Palestine is suffering right now and it's all nothing compared to them
She also went to The Globe theatre to see a play (do we care??) It occurs to me that no one on the platform has spoken for aaages, they haven't actually been asked any questions
She says "We're gonna burn their fucking house down" er...OK
I guess Tina also noticed the panel have been quite so she gives Jackie the floor, she feels "sick to her stomach" but I lost concentration and am not sure why, does she need a reason?
"This isn't about racism it's about power" Isn't racism all about power? Exerting power over other people? Structures of power? Hierarchical systems? etc ad infinitum
Andrew Rizer (I think) calls for the expulsion of Tony Blair. Claims he'll join the @UKLabour if that happens.
Heckling form the room someone's really pissed off he's not being called on to speak, who is it???
There's a call from the floor that "We've reduced ourselves to identity politics", Jackie nods strongly which is ironic bearing in mind that everything she's said for the last few years has been based on her identity
Here he is the complainer finally got the mic, I think his name is Adrian, "Why you all in this party? It's just a monstrous thing it's not going to take you anywhere it's a bourgeois party...it's not calling for revolution...second point is I haven't heard anyone talk about..
the existence of this so-called Israel which is actually a theft of the land of Palestinian people it was taken from them by force, violence, ethnic cleansing terrorism in 1948 and going on today...until this so called Israel is ended, until Palestinians get everything back...
If you're supporting the existence of Israel you're part of the problem" goes on until at the end says we need a revolution. People sort of clap a little bit. He has a posh voice, I speculate a private school in his history
Oh boy we've really moved onto a discussion of Zionism now, new speaker, "anyone who discusses evil policies of Israeli state is called an antisemite"
WOW Tony Gratrex is there speaking now! Asks Jackie if he can give her a hug before he leaves. @mishtal told us all about him in his Palestine Live report
New speaker reels off the names @IanAustinMP @RuthSmeeth @jessphillips and says he lives in the heart of the beast because all those MPs have constituencies around where he lives in the Midlands. The crowd, all booed louder with every MPs name he spoke
He's kind of rambling, I think he said @JennieGenSec has breast cancer? If I've heard that right heart goes out to her. Speedy recovery.
Now he's saying he met with @DerbyChrisW the day he was suspended and that he was visibly shaken by what happened to him, that he doesn't go to the House of @HouseofCommons anymore because he gets baited whenever he goes
A few of them are going to @DerbyChrisW constituency office tomorrow to strategise, says they've "got a lot of shit on @tom_watson" to use
Pam Blakelock from @DaWNLabour says "In our @PeoplesMomentum we were split 6/6 in a motion to support @DerbyChrisW so the left mobilised across three constituencies to support Chris so they now have a network of Momentum members" Not sure I give a shit at this point Pam...
"The whole left movement since Stalinism is in disarray" WOW WOW WOW she just made me wasting this whole night in front of youtube worthwhile, thank you Pam Blakelock for that little nugget!!
Mark Lewis now there speaking, droning about comrades or some such, Jackie Walker actually looks how I feel right now. Cation contest please, something along the lines of 'are these really the people I'm standing with nowadays' (but wittier)
You know this is why the left lost the Spanish Civil War, they were too busy chatting about solidarity while the fascists were busy killing. Then again they did learn from that defeat...
Thank God Tina has just said she's gonna bring in Jackie and Graham to round off the meeting, we're on the home straits people, it's almost over!!! She begs for money says the meeting cost them £1500 and wants her money back
Graham is talking about Tony Blair now trying to rally them back together after they've just spent over an hour tearing into each other. On Israel: "When I was 19 I became a socialist internationalist...I deny the legitimacy of state where I have a greater right to live as a Brit
Jew than a displaced Palestinian...Israel should be a state of its citizens...that is the correct formulation in my opinion...Israel should be a state of all its citizens...and if that is in breach of @TheIHRA that Israel is a racist endeavour and I do say that then so be it"
And Jackie ends her comments with "when you have race being something where someone's really upset...is we need to remember that the politics of race is the politics of power and that's where it links to class & the neo-liberals want us to talk about being upset
...they don't want us to talk about the lack of representation and the marginalisation black and Muslim muslim members have...I think people need to go back and read Macpherson & really understand what structural racism means"
That's kind of weird coming from someone who's devoted herself to calling Jews "these people" and telling them they're not victims of structural racism in a party whose members are filling a room talking about Jews and how they're lying to Parliament about antisemitism...
OK so it's good night from her with a final "#solidarity" and Tina asks everyone to give more money and tries to flog socialist merchandise (I shit you not) so it's good night from them and goodnight from me! #Solidarity and bring back #Stalin apparently
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