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Abhinavagupta, the most exalted Kashmiri in recorded history, was a descendant of Atrigupta, who had come to Kashmir from Madhyadesa (present day UP/MP) 200 years before the great Shaiva Acharya was born. #Justsaying
To be clear, I am not virtue-signalling and appealing for some superficial truce on Twitter. I couldn't care less. But it needs to be said that our contemporary regional identities are colonial vestiges and not worth losing sleep over.
That is not to say that our ancestors were a dull grey monolith with no cultural diversity. But the substratum of Dharma, which is like the circulatory system ensured that no part remained isolated from others. Our civilization is quintessentially holistic.
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1/ Ce matin, le hastag antisémite sijetaitunjuif a fait son apparition dans les tendances au top de Twitter France. Regardons ensemble qui a lancé cette insulte à la langue Française
2/ En regardant le volume des tweets, on s'aperçoit que ce hashtag a été lancé hier soir vers les 21h et a connu une accélération ce matin.
3/ La 1re chose que l'on remarque en regardant le graphique des interactions est la communauté en haut à gauche. Elle a participé activement mais n'interagit pas avec les autres communautés.
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1/2 - #JustSaying - but as of now, the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) has killed more than 10 times the Americans killed in the attacks of 9/11. That is 10 times. 9/11 resulted in the death of just under 3,000 people. Coronavirus has killed, so far, just in the #US 36,576.
2/3 #US regime defence (offense) spending against "terrorism" has been in excess of 7 TRILLION USD since 9/11. On pandemic research, healthcare, and such, the spending by the US regime has been significantly less with the current emperor @realDonaldTrump cutting funding to the
3/4 US CDC by huge amounts since his ascension to the Whitehouse Throne. Now the US has cut funding to the WHO.s already killed 10 times as many Americans.

So based on this warped logic of the #US regime, fighting an "enemy" - i.e. "terrorism" requires 10 times as much
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We do NOT routinely use serology to diagnose or even confirm past infection with ANY respiratory virus. Even influenza. Few labs may still use complement fixation tests, but they require acute and convalescent serum and a good supply of antigen. Why would we start now? #COVID19
Serology for respiratory viruses is an epidemiology tool. We know that infections and reinfections occur throughout life. This renders diagnostic serology almost useless. I’m yet to work with a respiratory virus that induces life long, lasting immunity in the host.
As a virologist who works with respiratory viruses, I’m completely baffled by this obsession and the narrative that serology is going to be the answer we’re looking for in this pandemic.
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Singapore's contact tracing app is now open-source under the name OpenTrace…
The manifesto and the white paper are available on their website
Since the beginning, Singapore did an awesome job. They were the first to create and deploy an app, they designated it with privacy in mind, the app was optional, the code is now open source. This is how things should be done and this professionnal job should be applauded.
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"We’re not going back to normal."

1/ This thread is a glimpse into how globalist powers plan to make pandemics a part of our daily lives as a means of control for generations to come. What you do with this info is your individual choice. I am merely the messenger.
2/ This virus outbreak has disrupted the entire world. To be frank, that was "The Plan".

If we don't educate ourselves & spread awareness now about why it happened and what's coming up next, our peaceful nations, prosperous, independent lives & freedoms may be lost... forever.
3/ This thread consists of exerts from a recently published MIT Technology Review(March 17, 2020) by Gideon Lichfield.
Here is the link to the full review for reference:…
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Dear academics - Please avoid the following phrases during #COVID19. Thread 🧵1/

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat @PhD_Balance @AcademicChatter
❌"It's a great time to work on coding/writing/etc."

For some, working from home has challenges such as child care, mental health struggle due to social isolation, etc., which make it MORE difficult to work. Stating "it's a great time to work" is NOT inclusive. 2/
Alternative phrasing:

✅"There are opportunities for remote work available to help you continue your research while #socialdistancing."

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#WednesdayWagner Since today the @MetOpera is broadcasting "Das Rheingold", let's talk about the Tarnhelm leitmotif. As you know, the Tarnhelm is the piece of gold made by Mime that can convert you in whatever other thing/person you want #COVID2019 #StayAtHome Image
#WednesdayWagner The idea of this leitmotif is to create a transformation in the harmony: you can see a set of 3 chords with a common pitch. This common sound is bound by others that move in opposite directions (by semitones except the last upper movement) #COVID2019 #StayAtHome Image
#WednesdayWagner The key aspect is that the harmony is undefined until the very end. The two first chords can be analysed in different tonalities (indeed, this is a mediant relation), but the last link is the one establishing the key (B Major in this case) #COVID2019 #StayAtHome
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Surgeon General Jerome Adams: "I hope you will help us communicate this to the American people…” #MockingbirdMedia #EnemyOfThePeople @BenKTallmadge @BabeReflex_8 @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo @2xwide_dreaming @TheLastRefuge2 @themarketswork
Full press briefing: Big plans rolling out tomorrow for workers and employers. After our president spoke at the beginning all the press wanted to know was if HE had been tested....beyond ridiculous
Sidenote and Unsolicited Advice. Don't where a chinazi jacket while giving an update on the Wuhan Virus #JustSaying
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Great. Who the hell is that? The key to collapse the Dawood network once and for all.

He tried to take a self-inflicted dirt nap to delay extradition since July of last year....
By October the network was being rolled up ...
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I don't like the term Hinduphobia. I don't like the term Islamophobia too. Having said that Hindus have genuine grievances and if using terms like Hinduphobia is the only way to get attention in the identitarian west so be it. But they won't care about Hindus #JustSaying.
But yes like I said a few days ago. In the west the only good Hindu is a meek Hindu. A Hindu that won't speak up for his own religion, his identity, his beliefs, his culture etc. Let the woke white folks or their appointed brown progressive reps decide Hinduism for a billion +
But yes Hinduphobia is a funny term. The Hindu community has to realise that in a world dominated by Abrahamic memeplexes of monotheism or secularism their plural memeplex is very hard to digest. But we have a guide in Swami Vivekananda. Just do it like he did it.
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Me: I should work on <important project for a client>
Twitter: The Clearview AI Android app is available
Me: Change of plans

Let see what I can find 1/n
To be honest, I don’t expect something cool. Without credentials I will be probably stuck very quickly 2/n
As mentioned by @Gizmodo in their article, Clearview can be intsalled on the Vuzix smart glasses 3/n
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Yo @ben_stockton in your piece on IQOS, Professor Johanna Cohen is described as the "director of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at John Hopkins University."
You neglect to mention that Dr. Cohen is "Bloomberg Professor of Disease Prevention at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health." That is how she is described on the Hopkins website. Why leave out the Bloomberg designations? #justsaying
You have this disclaimer in the piece: "The Bureau’s Smoke Screen project, scrutinizing the tobacco industry which kills millions a year, is funded by an NGO, Vital Strategies, which is in turn funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies."
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BREAKING: not famous former RE teacher & privileged white man (who is part of the problem) pokes fun at lived experience of very successful former Lewisham schoolboy @IanWright0

#losethebooths #exclusions
For those who have been blocked or excluded from Mr Bennett’s feed I attach the tweet that made me 🤦🏼‍♂️

Blocking on socmed can be valuable to prevent trolling but when it also prevents valuable discourse it also prevents the opportunity for growth & learning
My self-esteem doesn’t depend upon me being right all of time.

On the contrary I think therefore I can change my mind as new information & evidence comes to light.

Further, I quite often want to be wrong...
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Culinary union says Bernie Sanders wants to "end" their health care.
Translation: Warren won't endorse a campaign where booing Hillary Clinton or other Democrats is a thing. Seems important comrades.
Chapo Trump House and co. are to blame for a lot of progressives defecting from Sanders 2016 to Warren 2020.
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My Governor is creepy. #justSaying
& creepy.
This garbage sounds like a way too long political commercial.
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My lil research on US’s E-11 A crash~Taliban~Iran~Pakistan (no surprise there!)

1️⃣As early as Jan 1st wk, there ws intel that Iran’s elite paramil unit— Quds Force,ws training Talibani men to use MANPADS (portable shoulder fired air def sys) & EFPs (explosively formed
EFPs (explosively formed penetrators). This is y US state sec POMPEO hd accused Iran of sabotaging US’s peace talks with Taliban earlier this month.

2️⃣Talibs getting trained by Quds is not news to many. Bt majority of think tanks believed Iran wld not want to exacerbate
3/n exacerbate the situation.

3️⃣Talibs bonhomie with ISI is known to all including US. Bt ISI is close to IRGC funded Liwa Zainabiyoun grp too. As recently as 2018, IRGC hd recruited 1600 Pakistanis. That’s no joke. ISI claims itself to b one of the best int agencies yet the
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This appears to be yet another #HateCrimeHoax. Just like Jussie Smollett, media is breathlessly reporting that James Dees is a Trump supporter. Checked the police report and voter registration and, predictably, it's an unhinged Democrat with "anger issues"…
Start with the obvious morally bankrupt media selective omission: Dees is a registered Democrat.
But then when you start to read through the police report, you realize this was not at all a Trump supporter. It was an unhinged, very racist Dem with anger issues. Dees claimed he was going through a "really rough time."
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Seems that the latest #BashCorbyn frenzy is 'why doesn't he apologise?'


I want an apology from every member of the 2016 'Chicken Coup'.

I want an apology for all those members expelled for spurious reasons during the 2016 leadership election. 1/4
I want an apology from every LAB MP/'grand olde' spokes(wo)man who ever insulted a member.

I want an apology from every MP/party member who has ever told a lie about Jeremy Corbyn.

I want an apology from every MP/LPC/Councillor who didn't get fully behind the... 2/4
.... #GE17 or #GE19 Manifestos.

I want an apology from everyone who has pushed in the last two years for LAB to be a/the 'Remain' Party (I voted Remain).

I want an apology from every MP who credits only themselves for wins and blames only Corbyn for losses. 3/4
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This would be punishable by law under M-103 & Sharia Law if you replaced God w/Mohammad.

Need I remind you that the #ChalieHebdo massacre happened b/c a French satirical weekly magazine created cartoons that poked fun at Mohammad.

#Hypocrites abound.This world is Ass-Backwards.
Q: Why has Netflix's blasphemy of Jesus not been made a criminal offence like Islamophobia?

A: B/c we have the ability to decipher right from wrong, ignore the wrong & live a good life. We don't need laws to defend ourselves.


So there.

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Like it or not, the internal combination engines days are indeed numbered.…
One bit of good news with that... The Namisis EV (electric vehicle) is expected to have 1000 hp. Though has yet to come into existance.
Driverless is coming too. Mock it all you want... Give it 10-20 years. It's already started. #justSaying
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What a 🐂💩 article. Business insider has shown their true colors on this one.…
Let just stipulate the (likely heavily inflated) poll % are true. What it's is driving at already exists. There is background checks for purchasing fire arms, we have made massive strides to I proving the environment (e.g. juxtapose LA 1970 vs today)
Our election system is under attack. We are the United States of America, United STATES. We have popular votes already. One in each of the 50 states, which is then reconsiled nationally via the Electoral College. Why have states or a senate otherwise?
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How it is possible that @BorisJohnson is being investigated in the USA for potentially being compromised but nobody in the United Kingdom including the #bbcqt #media #Police have investigated this #crime #Brexit the #GeneralElection is days away #ReleaseTheRussianReport
The intrigue over a 'buried' probe into Russian spying deepened last night amid claims in security circles that it contains references to blackmail fears concerning Boris Johnson. #ReleaseTheRussianReport
One expert witness, who gave evidence to the ISC inquiry, has claimed privately to friends that he believes Boris Johnson was 'compromised' by a Russian businessman on a foreign trip in 2016
This is getting crazier 😱 #ReleaseTheRussianReport #GeneralElection2019 #GetJohnsonGone
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#dickbag worked.
When people are too eager, need an excuse, or are trying to cover their ass theyll do and say anything.

Not me.

I only use the truth.

When you have the truth, you bang the truth. When you have the law, you bang the law.

When you have nothing, you bang the table...
Why does everyone bang the table?

Now, instead of shade, a whole bunch of light is going to shine.

Gotcha #DickBag
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