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My thoughts are with the brave people of Lebanon voting in the first election since #BeirutExplosion.
They deserve change.
They deserve not be ruled by an Iran-backed militia
They deserve a better future.
And yes, #Hezbollah is fighting for survival.
For the first time, I saw his followers on Twitter asking people to turn up and vote.
God forbid, are you worried guys?
Sadly, but not surprising, reports of chaos and corruption dominating #LebaneseElections
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Lee Anderson, who attended #antisemitism awareness training after being an active member of a FB group in which other members supported Tommy Robinson & promoted Soros conspiracy theories. He also who signed a letter using the antisemitic conspiracy theory of "cultural Marxism". ImageImage
In 2012, Nadine Dorries labelled footballers ‘overpaid’, ‘over-sensitive’ & ‘swearing cry babies’, & in 2020 Boris Johnson refused to condemn supporters who booed England, Priti Patel said she was against ‘gesture politics’, & Lee Anderson boycotted England games in the Euros.
Confused moronic culture war populist nationalist Tory MP Lee Anderson confirmed that he refused to watch England in the #EURO2020 final because he was boycotting their matches over the players’ decision to stand up to racism by taking the knee.…
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Nerd hour over the next couple of weeks will see me continuing my journey of learning Rust. What better way than writing your own HTTP server and doing a threat model whilst doing so? Image
I mean parsing dodgy web content ain’t all that hard, whats the worst that could happen right?
The project name shall be Archibald (the web server) and I've decided on posh naming and response conventions, such as:

404: I'm sorry old chap
403: I say!
200: Tally ho!
500: Oops-a-daisy
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So if I've understood this correctly, Ukraine has locked down roaming for Russian and Belarus.

Belarus, however, still allows network roaming for Ukrainian devices.

It is only a slight exaggeration to say that Ukrainians can now track the movement of Russia's armed forces just by geolocating the bluetooth earbuds that Russian soldiers stole in Ukraine.
Now this is public we can cross check to see how sophisticated Russian OPSEC is.

If they are any good then Russian NCOs will start shouting at their conscripts and we will see these devices being rapidly switched off.

That window on Russian movement will then get switched off.
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Not the most adventurous suit/shirt/tie combo from @David_Speers tonight.
I'm not really a fan of shades of purple or maroon for the tie when you're wearing a navy or Blue Suit.
#QandA Image
A better suit than usual from @Barnaby_Joyce tonight.
Not quite enough shirt cuff for my money.
Still referring to 'the Ukraine', though. 🙄
#QandA Image
Neat hair and a classy suit/shirt/tie combo from @JEChalmers tonight.
Just enough makeup to avoid shine without looking like a clown.
The tie would sit better with a tie bar. #JustSaying
#QandA Image
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Here's the before and after for Bryan. Working for RT for years. Looks like something happened recently? @27khv have you had a change of heart working for RT? Please tell us about the change of bio 🙏 you haven't really tweeted much since the invasion by Russia of Ukraine. ImageImage
Normally so vocal about everything and anything.
Apparently still interested in "facts and objectivity", laughably. Alien concepts in Russia Today for years. 😂 Bunch of charlatans. Also how does @Dunphy_Official feel now asking this eejit onto the podcast? I wonder. 🤷‍♂️
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@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The Thank you Kevin for the invitation an great conversation! Will share some references to the topics we touched on. First of all, here is the flagged link to the grassroots autopsy work of the german Patholgists ih helped with:…
@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The Here is my reference to the gold standard virus "isolation" done for gammaretroviruses from patient tissue, just to get rid of noise. Note that the consensus primers just have about 86% homology to the silverman vp62 XMRV lab-chimera. @DrJudyAMikovits🌹
@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The @DrJudyAMikovits Here is the FDA Paper confirming the contamination of cell lines and then speculating on improbable clinical consequences. Yet, imho the design of analytics and presented data doesn't allow for that conclusion.
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Folks, sharing some thoughts on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. Thoughts have been floating about in my head ever since this thing flared up yet again, some weeks ago and now with the military part of it a week old, I feel emboldened enough to tweet.
But one thing I wish to make absolutely clear right at the onset, I am NOT going to be talking much about the military operations as such. There already are enough handles doing a great job on that, for both sides!

Thoughts are still disjointed. Let's see how it goes..
If you seek inputs on the military part of the campaign, this is one of the threads to follow, as well as a worthy handle to follow.
That said, let's get going with this monologue of mine!
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In this photo: people whose parents never told them “don’t talk to strangers”.

This is Balwyn North.

This area had the STRONGEST primary for #KooyongVotes’ incumbent in 2019.

If you know a doorknocker in this photo, ask how it went.

(Mon’s odds are 2.65 today. #JustSaying…)

This is week 2 of doorknocking.

We haven’t yet BEGUN to campaign.

I reckon we can PROBABLY activate 2,000 volunteers between now and the election.

Given the incumbent’s ability to secure “dark donors” - we’ll need all hands on deck.

Help here:
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One of the more bizarre talking points I’ve come across in the pro-Marcos echo chamber is that the family never stole a centavo of public money. If so, where’s the conviction? they ask.

I find this really strange for a number of reasons. 1/x
To begin with, aren’t you scraping the bottom of the barrel if the best argument you can offer is “Yes, but has s/he ever been convicted?” #justsaying 2/x
So much of the Marcos wealth has been ruled as ill-gotten and returned to the Philippine government. (There are some who will split hairs that ill-gotten is not the same as stolen, but for all intents and purposes the two are one and the same to the man on the street.) 3/x
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Here are 5 out 7 members of the cantonal government of St-Gallen, Switzerland, plus its chancellor. ImageImage
Actually, 86% of the population of St-Gallen are middle-aged white bald men with glasses and dark hair.
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Aha ;-) Whata flowery language. #justsaying Image
I wonder who the audience for the book are. "loud rituals", "pouring clarified butter into flames" "pecking order" "political power".hmm.
Such rituals exist even today-political or non political, including clarified butter or not. Suffice to say nothing specific to Kings. #AKST Image
Wonder if the writer has seen anything abt temples of Talakadu, hundreds of years before Chalukyas.
If temporary altars are expensive & difficult undertakings even for kings, were structural and permanent temples a cheaper alternative? Need comnon sense before writing!
#AKST Image
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And if things go *REALLY* well, poverty & racism will be eliminated, climate change will be tackled, everyone will gain access to sufficient food, clothes, shelter & healthcare, everyone will be enabled to think critically about inequality, & billionaires will cease to exist! 🤞
In January 2020, before the pandemic hit, we learned that the world’s 2,153 billionaires had more wealth than the combined wealth of 4.6 billion people who make up 60% of the planet’s population. If you think this is in any way fair, you need to see a shrink.
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#Servicetweet für @ChanasitJonas, #wissenschaftsfreiheit bedeutet auch laut @unihh nicht, dass man die Forderungen von querdenkennahen Initiativen unterstützen muss.
Zur Erinnerung: Querdenken ist die Bewegung, die zu einer Herabstufung der Pressefreiheit in Deutschland geführt hat und gegen Wissenschaftler:innen hetzt. #justsaying
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#OTD 1996 – Gene Kelly, 83, US performer, choreographer, director. (b. 1912)

When he was 8, his mother enrolled him and his brother in dance class. "We didn't like it, were always in fights with the neighborhood boys who called us sissies. I didn't dance again until I was 15."
#OTD 1996 – Gene Kelly, 83, US performer, choreographer. (b. 1912)

He was forced to leave College after the 1929 crash and Depression working to help his family. He later did pursue a career as a dancer, and dropped out of school. He made his Broadway debut as a dancer in 1938.
#OTD 1996 – Gene Kelly, 83, US performer, choreographer. (b. 1912)

He starred in Pal Joey (1940) bringing in film offers. Film debut For Me and My Gal (1942) * DuBarry Was a Lady * Cover Girl * Christmas Holiday * Anchors Aweigh * The Pirate * Three Musketeers * Words and Music
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Please explain to me how AAP policies are dramatically different from Modi's... Modi runs the biggest Commie bribery scam of 6000 pa to 10cr farmers.. Kejri is not even peanuts so far compared to that ONE SINGLE scam of Modi..
So far.. AAP runs just a Sr Municipality... To compare Kejri's doles to Modi's Caste-Group-based- votebank scam doles is absolute moronery... Modi directly BRIBES farmers, Muslims, Soshit, Vanchit..
And the beauty of this massive Farmer dole scam is that each installment is given just a month before every major round of elections... Thats why its a direct BRIBE and nothing else...
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Am digitalen christlicher Gesundheitskongress hat als Referent auch Eckart von Hirschhausen teilgenommen. "In Kirchen liegt das "Heilende"", sagte der Arzt und Kabarettist oder besser Christliche Kabarettist. #JustSaying
Über den christlichen Gesundheitskongress haben Antiklerikale Autonome OWL mal einen Text verfasst und zwar 2014.…
Der Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker erkannte die diesjährigw Teilnahme im Rahmen des Fachfortbildungszertifikat für Heilpraktiker*innen an, weil zertifiziert.
Interessant, gelle?!
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I saw this and apart from the deviousness of Kejri, the following struck me: Vishwas says that Punjabis will NEVER accept a Hindu CM because Punjabi's worldwide will not. Punjabi is an emotion! So let me understand this. Sikhs are a majority in one state and they will NOT accept
a non-Sikh Leader. Kashmiris have a Muslim majority SO of course they will NOT accept a Hindu CM. Nagaland has a Christian majority so of course they will have to have a Christian CM. But, Hindus, who are in a majority in India are supposed to and HAVE accepted..
a Parsi COAS, a Jewish General who helped win a war, Sikh COAS, Sikh Presidents and PM, Christian power behind the PM's throne, sundry Christian CMs because ... because we are supposed to show our secular credentials all the time?
I love the fact that Hindus are like this.
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Welcome to Social Media!
Where a non-existent controversy / outrage is just one photoshop / filter away!!
Jai Ho!!
Iss hafte ke liye yehi sahi. Weekend par pata nahi kaun sa naya controversy aa jayega!
Btw, Photoshop is the forte of the Brown Panted Ones.
Don't believe me?
Well try and find the torso of the Brown Panted One standing next to the lady receiving her medal 🤣
Here's another Brown Panted Warrior with a MAGICAL Rifle - One that looks like the bastard child of two different rifles, but casts the shadow of something else altogether!!
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I valet och kvalet.
Starta en tråd där jag förklarar allt om elmarknaden; prissättning, rimlig elräkning mm
Eller en om sex.
Eftersom elmarknaden är rätt sexig så kör vi på den för allra största tillfredsställelse! 😜
Jag höll en presentation imorse på temat ”varför är elen så dyr?” så kan köra förspel därifrån och så strippa fram några läckra exempel på fylliga elräkningar från fina twittan!
Elmarknaden är avreglerad sedan 25 år tillbaka. El handlas på ett antal marknader. NordPool känner de flesta till. Det är marknaden för el i ”sladden”. Den för konsumenter viktigaste är ”day-ahead”. Köpare och säljare lägger bud på förmiddagen dygnet före leverans.
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What is the importance of the vote? What's the big deal over the Voting Rights Act? Didn't the US always make it easy for Americans to vote?

Don't know about the Voting Rights Act?

Glad you asked. #GladYouAsked
Second only to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 1965 Voting Rights Act is the most EFFECTIVE federal policy in the history of the United States. This law was earned through the blood, sweat and lives of many, many people, and is the battle of a lifetime.
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@HengartnerMP Well, you have already started practicing manipulation, deception, deprivation of options & domination @HengartnerMP
By making statement your intent is to "help people with mental health problems"
Convention on Rights of Persons with disabilities is new nondiscrimination treaty
@HengartnerMP So I understand, people don't yet realise their unconscious domination, manipulation, deception, deprivation of options.
They may actually believe there is such a thing as inferior people to them, people whose mentality needs "help" becoming as their own, purportedly superior one
@HengartnerMP That's common, in fact it's the norm, throughout the history of post colonial western social development: the prior social development was on basis of an assumed "natural order" of inferiority and superiority, where the inferior obey the superior, and the superior rise in status
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When Cristopher Columbus arrived in 1492, it's estimated that 5 million to 15 million people lived in North America.

The number declined sharply to fewer than 238,000 by the late 19th century. #genocide #ThanksgivingDay
Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas but Leif Erickson first landed on Canadian shores almost 500 years before Columbus arrived in the Bahamas.

Erickson was converted to Christianity by King Olaf I in what is now Norway.
Columbus Day is a national embarrassment for the US.

No country should ever celebrate genocide.

Christopher Columbus is a man who created disposition and genocide of millions of Natives in America.
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